Absolute Doubles - The Scanian Way

Item ImageAbsolute Doubles - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Four
by Mats Nilsland
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56 pages. Paperback.

In these days of modern bridge, you can't expect to have the auction to yourself very often. Bridge has become a highly competitive sport, and to overcome the opponents' nuisance bids and pre-emptive maneuvers you need good countermeasures. The best there is, is the double. Ever since the take-out double was invented, doubles have been used to convey information to partner, rather than raising the stakes. And the situations where such doubles are used are constantly increasing. Still, to most bridge players a double is for penalties unless we have agreed to use it for something else. In this volume, Mats Nilsland reverses the definition of the double, instead saying "Double is for take-out unless defined otherwise." That opens many new roads to travel, and the same time giving your side lots of opportunities to sort out various hand types and strengths. There's no doubt about it: the future of bridge belongs to the take-out doubles. Absolute Doubles-the Scanian Way is volume four in a series of convention booklets about new ideas in bidding and play-Swedish Expert Methods-presented by some Swedish bridge experts, living in the province of Scania.