Major Suit Raises - The Scanian Way

Item ImageMajor Suit Raises - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume One
by Mats Nilsland • Anders Wirgren
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54 pages. Paperback.

Are you satisfied with your own bidding methods after partner's major suit opening when you have support for his suit? If not, or if modern bidding theory is one of your passions, this book is for YOU. It provides a totally new scheme for supporting partner's major suit, the Scanian Raises,which combines the concept of direct, non-informative bidding when game is you limit with more delicate approaches when you're in the slam zone and elaboration is needed. Most bidding systems forget that bridge is played by four players, and often--too often in the authors' view-give away information that let the defenders defend accurately when they would have had a much tougher time had the bidding been short and non-descriptive. And when it's "slam-time" the systems often aren't fixable enough to take care of the different hand types, e.g., differentiating two-suiters from balanced hands, singletons from voids, or minimum hands with good slam cards from hands that are stronger but not so suitable for slam. With the aid of the Scanian Raises you'll give your opponents more problems when defending against your games or part-scores, at the same time preserving your own chances of finding the good slams and avoiding the bad ones. Major Suit Raises-the Scanian Way is volume one in a series of convention booklets about new ideas in bidding and play-Swedish Expert Methods-presented by some young Swedish bridge experts, living in the province of Scania.