Notrump Bidding - The Scanian Way

Item ImageNotrump Bidding - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Two
by Mats Nilsland • Anders Wirgren
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64 pages. Paperback.

Notrump bidding-the Scanian Way describes the system the authors use after opening the bidding with one notrump. Though the basic conventions, Stayman and Jacoby transfers, are well-known to practically all bridge players, the treatment is new-and effective. Anybody reading this book will find many useful ideas, even if he or she doesn't intend to play the whole system. The series first volume Major Suit Raises-the Scanian Way, is written by Mats Nilsland and Anders Wirgren. Notrump bidding-the Scanian Way is the second volume in a series of convention booklents about new ideas in bidding and play-Swedish Expert Methods-presented by some young Swedish bridge experts, living in the province of Scania.