Notrump In A Day - Student Workbook

Item ImageNotrump In A Day - Student Workbook
Bridge In A Day
by Patty Tucker
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61 pages. Spiral bound.

Notrump In A Day gives players a thorough grounding in how to bid and respond to Stayman and Jacoby Transfers. More importantly students will learn when to use each of the conventions. The workshop covers: Reminder of priority of contracts and the Opening 1NT bid; Responding to NT based on HCP; Stayman; Jacoby Transfers. Notrump in Day is the first in the new line of Bridge In A Day modular workshops released by Patty Tucker. The workshops, built on bridge logic as well as the rules, are designed by 1/2 day workshops but can be easily broken into 2-hour lessons if preferred. Designed by corporate training expert, Blakely Meyers, the materials have a professional new look that students love. "Patty Tucker's work is learning-focused and is carefully planned and crafted, so that transfer is taught directly, with Basics, Teacher Notes, Example Questions, Lots and lots of Hands-On Practice Opportunities, Reproducible Reference Charts and Worksheets, with outstanding graphics that will appeal to the visual learners, as well as the auditory ones. I especially like Patty's materials because they are centralized around student involvement, sufficient repetition, outstanding and appealing diagrams, graphs, and consistent reviews. Having her materials will be a bridge teacher's delight and a student's answer to learning bridge in a way that will endure over time and transfer to games and tournaments, instead of being forgotten as one walks out the door of the class. I highly recommend her work for both bridge teachers and learners of our most beloved game." -Brenda Manning