1NT, 2NT & Weak 2Major Openings

Item Image1NT, 2NT & Weak 2Major Openings
Wizard of Oz Bridge Series - Book 2
by Melih Ozdil
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272 pages. Paperback.

468 hands prepared for these three chapters are an excellent source for bridge players and teachers. Includes: Responses to 1NT Opening - 126 hands; Dobi Double - 30 hands; Landy - 36 hands; Defense Against Weak 1NT - 36 hands; Defense Against Weak 1NT - 36 hands; Responses to 1NT, After Natural Overcalls - 78 hands; Responses to 1NT, After Conventional Overcalls - 30 hands; If Opponents Double Our 1NT Opening - 24 hands; If Stayman is Doubled - 24 hands; If Opponent Interfere Over Our Transfer Bids - 12 hands; Responses to 2NT Opening - 36 hands; Weak 2-Major Openings - 36 hands. Melih Ozdil represented Turkey in World, Olympic and European Bridge Championships as a player as well as team captain and is the winner of 42 National championships in Turkey and 2 ACBL National Championships. He won bronze medals in 2005 European and 2006 World Open Team Championships.