What Bridge World readers say about the magazine

“ No player who is interested in stretching the limits of his understanding of bridge should be without The Bridge World . . . If you really want to learn and enjoy bridge and develop your mind, this is one of the greatest bargains available. You will learn just as you would from teaching lessons with a good pro, or from playing up and observing what is happening at the table. Developing the mind-set and thought patterns of the expert bridge player in yourself is a difficult, gradual, incremental process, not for the timid, impatient, or easily discouraged. It is well worth it...
It will stretch your mind, help you to see how the experts reason, provide fine commentary on the major matches in the world, introduce you to interesting new methods, and offer fodder for thought in improving the way the game is run.
I am in their debt as the recipient of a fine publication these many years. You certainly should try it. ”

      —Craig Senior, Bridge World reader

“ I learned how to bid by reading The Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club. ”

      —Bobby Goldman, 5-time world champion

“ I personally began subscribing five years ago, well before I made life master. I now am a threat to win any regional event I play in; I credit The Bridge World with a lot of that. It's especially helpful in declarer play—by seeing themes several times in the magazine, you can get them right the first time when playing the hand. The articles are well-written and entertaining. I eagerly await each new issue, giddy when I see it in my mailbox. And the quality has kept on and even improved; they have a new section which is great for improving players; I believe it's a worthwhile purchase for both the expert and the advancing player. ”

      —John Mayne

“ I'm a subscriber and read each issue cover-to-cover. Great stuff and it is amazing how much what I learn from the hands has improved my game and results. Three regional flight A knockout and Swiss Team wins in the last year. ”

      —David Anding

“ If bridge is the greatest addiction (and it is), then The Bridge World is my monthly fix — pure unadulterated pleasure in an irresistible read. ”

      —Zia, bridge superstar

“ Indispensable for anyone who wishes to stay current on the theory & practice of tournament bridge. ”

      —John Swanson, bridge writer & world champion

“ A variety of avenues are open to the student of bridge wishing to improve his game. Certainly, however, one of the least costly, most worthwhile and quite entertaining options is The Bridge World magazine. As a subscriber since the late '70s, I credit a large portion of my bridge growth to The Bridge World. The Master Solvers Club aided me in learning how to bid and in understanding expert judgment. Test Your Play helped lessen partner's fear when I was in charge of dummy. Reports about top-level competition and columns like You Be The Judge made me realize that experts can, and do, make errors. Now I can—and have—beaten the experts on occasion! Any serious competitor should not consider going without their monthly copy of The Bridge World. A treasure of a publication while in Edgar Kaplan's able hands, Jeff Rubens has admirably continued the tradition of excellence. My thanks to all at The Bridge World for every page! ”

      —Peggy Kaplan

“ . . . provides intense ongoing contact with readers. ”

      —Games Magazine

“ Most top players would rate The Bridge World as the #1 bridge magazine in the world . . . devoted to helping players improve their results by stressing common sense and the development of useful thought patterns, as opposed to memorization and use of complicated rules. ”

      —Ron Klinger, author

“ I love your magazine. I've been a subscriber since 1958. I've subscribed to others also, but none compare. ”

      —Elaine Walker

“ There are dozens of magazines about bridge worldwide; but for historical richness, variety of material, and technical excellence, none of them can match The Bridge World. Throughout the magazine's 70 year history, its editorial staff, comprising some of the great names in bridge journalism, has chronicled the game's progress with skill, taste and humor. ”

      —Frank Stewart, syndicated columnist

The Bridge World's constant high level of analysis, debate, humor, and enthusiasm have contributed to my love of the game. ”

      —Romaine Gerould, Bridge World reader

“ For me, The Bridge World is the best publication ever. It's a must read. Anybody interested in playing this beautiful game at a higher level should get on the subscription list, pronto. ”

      —Eddie Kantar, bridge champion & personality

The Bridge World has always been fantastic. For twenty years, I did not play bridge because of other obligations--wife, kids, dog, house, job, the usual story. During that period of absence from the game, reading The Bridge World kept alive my interest in the game. The topics, the level, and the clarity of the text make it an invaluable resource for me.
The Bridge World is a step above fantastic. Thank you for all of your efforts. ”

      —Jim Dooley

“ Reading my first Bridge World magazine in 1949 I was impressed with its sophistication and its presentation. It was the best then and continues to be the best now. Thank you Sonny, Albert, Edgar and Jeff (and others) for keeping the tradition going! ”

      —Bobby Wolff

The Bridge World is the only indispensable publication for the self-critical player who truly seeks to improve. ”

      —Jay Segarra

“ Best bridge magazine. ”

      —Joseph Lichtig


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