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Bridge Dictionary

Our bridge dictionary includes over 1500 entries with technical terms, bridge slang and jargon, notation, and illustrative examples.

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Bridge World Standard

Bridge World Standard is the standard system developed by The Bridge World magazine based on the preferred methods of leading American experts. The system is ideal for use by impromptu or casual partnerships and as a basis for discussion by those who wish to formulate their own system. It is also used as a framework for problems in the magazine's monthly Master Solvers' Club contest.

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Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated

The Kaplan-Sheinwold bidding system was created by Edgar Kaplan and Alfred Sheinwold during the 1950's. This page presents the last version of the K-S system that Edgar Kaplan wrote.

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Tournament Scoring and Reports

A description of the common scoring methods in competitive bridge and an explanation of how The Bridge World presents its reports. This page also includes an imp scale.

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A section devoted to weird, wild and wacky material. This section features puzzles, mysteries, and articles for bridge friends, lovers of arcana, pursuers of special interests, and anyone intrigued with a particular facet of the game of bridge.

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Bridge Links

A directory of links to other bridge web sites.

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This section presents additional reading and reference material.
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