These problems follow the rules of bridge but do not have direct practical application. The small band of enthusiasts who enjoy grappling with such challenges includes a few eccentrics who believe that studying these examples improves at-the-table performance.

Unique Winner Challenge

Puzzle # 1 1965 Contest Problem #1

Puzzle # 2 The Case of the Doubleton Jacks

Puzzle # 3 Little Things Mean A Lot

Puzzle # 4 1965 Contest Problem #2

Puzzle # 5 A Simple Squeeze

Puzzle # 6 1965 Contest Problem #3

Puzzle # 7 Big Cassino and Little Cassino

Puzzle # 8 The Decision Squeeze

Puzzle # 9 Vise Squad

Puzzle #10 The Case of the Delayed Entry

Puzzle #11 1966 Contest Problem #1

Puzzle #12 Inferential Problem

Puzzle #13 1966 Contest Problem #2

Puzzle #14 1966 Contest Problem #3

Puzzle #15 Inferential Problem

Puzzle #16 A Miracle of Rare Device

Puzzle #17 The Eight of Swords

Puzzle #18 Inferential Problem


These oddball or unusual problems are open questions, old or new, in search of new or better solutions. Readers have already provided some answers or improvements on earlier results in several cases. You can try your own detective skills, then compare with what others have done. Perhaps you will be a new record-setter yourself.
We will continually add to the discussions and solutions as progress in solving each mystery occurs. To propose a solution, add information, or contribute to the discussion, click here to contact the Editorial Department.

Mystery #1: Slams with Minimal Trump Holdings

Mystery #2: More Than Meets The Eye

Mystery #3: Heaton's System

Mystery #4: Ulam's Problem Revisited

Mystery #5: Squeeze to Unblock a Suit

Mystery #6: The Fourteen Total Switches

Mystery #7: The Original Switch Problem


The articles that appear here are of merit, but are too weird, too wacky, too obscure, too narrow, too technical, or too long to be suitable for publication elsewhere.

Perfect Bidding by Don Kersey

TSAR by Jeff Rubens

A New Approach to Double Clash Squeeze by Xiaobo Zhang

The Bulgarian Squeeze, A Sure-Trick Problem by Manol Iliev

On Queen-Jack-Low opposite Ace-Fifth by Mark Thompson

Higher Order Throw-Ins by Johan Wastlund

King-Queen-Nine-Eight-Sixth Opposite Singleton Ten by Jon Matthew Farber

Theory of the Play of a Suit at Bridge by Joël Bradmetz

Unlimited Fit-Jumps by Dimiter Zlatanov

Beall Competitive Structure after a Two-Level Overcall by Ron Beall

A Little Night Arithmetic by Jeff Rubens

Bridge Rating System for Partnerships by John Curley

An Open Letter to the World Bridge Federation from Mike Becker

The World Bridge Federation's Response to Mike Becker's Letter

A Modified Long Suit Evaluator by Stig Holmquist

A Modified Long Suit Evaluator Updated by Stig Holmquist

REVEAL Controls by Marvin L. French

Still Not Cricket by J.J. Gass

One Diamond—One of a Major... by Denis Lesage

After a Major-Suit Opening by Denis Lesage

After a Major-Suit Opening, II by Denis Lesage

Limiting Opener's One Diamond — Two Clubs Sequence by Denis Lesage

ILLIZZAG, II by Denis Lesage

Fixing Puppet Stayman by Denis Lesage

Distribution Symbols and Signals by Bruce Watson

The Law of Total Levels by Aimin Yang

Trump Compound Squeezes by Aimin Yang

After Our One-Heart Opening by Denis Lesage

More-Efficient Responses to One Notrump by Denis Lesage

Finding Fits at a Lower Level by Denis Lesage

Superior Stopper Showing by Denis Lesage

The Quest by Frank Stewart

Puppet Without Garbage by Denis Lesage

Puppet Without Garbage, II by Denis Lesage

Some New Ideas Concerning The Law of Total Tricks by David Promislow

Breedge (and a variety of bridges) by Lukasz Pikier Sławinski

What is Signified by High-Card Points? by Andrzej Matuszewski

Minor-Suit Inventions in Detail by Allan DeSerpa

More Squeezes Against Extensions by Imre András

Transformer by Tuomo Väliaho

Toucan by Ron Beall


This section is devoted to weird, wild, and wacky material for bridge friends, lovers of arcana, pursuers of special interests, and anyone intrigued with a particular facet of the game of bridge.