October 19290Cover DesignAlexander Kachinsky
October 19295Editor's Desk
October 19297The Hand Of The Month
October 19299The Vanderbilt SystemEly Culbertson
October 192912ReputationsF. C. Benham, Ph.D.
October 192913Mr. Work And Mr. WhiteheadA Bewildered Reader
October 192914Finer Points Of Defensive PlayNils M. Wester
October 192916Goulash, No Rhyme And No ReasonElmer H. Phillips
October 192916High Bridge, A PoemMary Carolyn Davies
October 192917Reading Concealed HandsWilbur C. Whitehead
October 192918Place Aux DamesMadeleine Kerwin
October 192919Two Call Conventional Minor-Suit BidEdgar D. Hayman
October 192920Pre-Emptive Bids At Auction And ContractTheodore A. Lightner
October 192922They Say The Unofficial Observer
October 192923CartoonA CartoonH. T. Webster
October 192924Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 192928The Farce Of Championship TournamentsCol. Frank A. Cook
October 192929I ChallengeSidney S. Lenz
October 192930Bridge World Events
October 192935The English Bridge World
October 192937Qualifications That Make An ExpertGeorge Reith
October 192939A Tribute To The CulbertsonsRalph J. Leibenderfer
October 192940Second Thoughts Of A PlayerLee Langdon
October 192941Misconceptions Concerning Ace ShowingE. V. Shepard
October 192946Mystery Problem - Find The Missing Hand
October 192947The Bridge World Problems
November 19290Cover Design (Wood Cut)Frank W. Peers
November 19294FrontispieceHarold C. Richard
November 19295Editor's Desk
November 19297The Hand Of The MonthEly Culbertson, Nils M. Wester and others
November 19299Contract Bridge HarmonyWalter Beinecke
November 192911Why I Prefer The Vandurbilt SystemMrs. T. Charles Farrelly
November 192914A Bird's-Eye View Of Contract SystemsWilliam J. Huske
November 192917Forcing Bids At AuctionWilbur C. Whitehead
November 192919Man Valuation vs. Hand ValuationEly Culbertson
November 192919Psychology Vs. TechniqueEdward Pope
November 192921Doubles And Redoubles At AuctionOmar E. Mueller
November 192923Homer NodsTravis White
November 192926InterviewAn Interview With W. E. Talcott
November 192927Mathematics Of The Small SlamOswald Jacoby
November 192928Fallacies Of Ace-ShowingTheodore Lightner
November 192930ConventionsMorton Wild
November 192931Bridge Made EasyMadeleine Kerwin
November 192932Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 192936World Of CardsEly Culbertson
November 192941Contract vs. Auction Bridge "No Bid"
November 192943Bridge In Duplicate
November 192945Bridge By Radio
November 192946Bridge In Clubs
November 192947English Bridge World
November 192948Bridge In BooksEly Culbertson, Josephine Culbertson, Louis Joseph Vance
November 192953With Readers And Writers
November 192956With Teachurs And Writers
November 192958Solution Of The Mystery Problem
November 192962In The World Of Problems
December 19294FrontispieceHarold S. Vanderbilt
December 19295Editor's Desk
December 19297Experts at Their Best and Worst
December 19299Underlying Principles Of Bidding ConventionsHarold S. Vanderbilt
December 192913Premium Vs. Penalties In ContractEly Culbertson
December 192916Defensive Bids In AuctionWilbur C. Whitehead
December 192918The Two Club SystemDavid Burnstine
December 192919Work's Simplified CountA. B. Patterson
December 192922Subconscious Vs. Formalistic ValuationTheodore W. Gibson
December 192924The Science Of The Honor Point SystemLelia Hattersley
December 192926Money PlayersMorton Wild
December 192927Why The K. W. C. Adopted The ChallengeGeorge Reith
December 192929Some Bridge League NightmaresGeorge Reith
December 192931Bridge In Clubs
December 192932Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 192936The World Of Cards "According To Hoyle"Ella G. Pimm
December 192939Bridge In DuplicateBridge In Duplicate (including The Vanderbilt Cup Contest, The American Bridge League Tournament, And Sidelights)
December 192943Scoring The Vanderbilt TournamentLieut. A. M. Gruenther
December 192946The Makeup Of The Winning Team
December 192948Bridge By Radio
December 192950Views and Reviews
December 192952Bridge In Homes, The Fatal HandSidney S. Lenz
December 192956Problems And Their Answers
December 192962Letters
January 19302FrontispieceFrontispieceEly A. Culbertson
January 19303Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
January 19307Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and Worst
January 193011Milton C Work's System of Contract BiddingWalter F. Wyman
January 193016Psychology in Slam BiddingWaldemar von Zedtwitz
January 193018Wreckes on the Rocks of DistributionHarry B. Raffel
January 193019Contracting MethodsE. V. Shepard
January 193022Thou Too, BrutusLouis Dussere
January 193023A Plea for Teaching Bridge in SchoolsThaddeus Walker
January 193024Bridge and the DiehardsJohn L. Balderston
January 193026English Sea-side BridgeA. N. Morgan
January 193027Some Suggested Additions To The "Challenge Bid"Theodore A. Lightner
January 193028The Art of False-cardingXavier Bailet
January 193032Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 193036World Of CardsThis Debauched GenerationWilliam J. Huske
January 193039Bridge In Duplicate
January 193041English Bridge World
January 193043
January 193044News Of Clubs
January 193045IDYLLMorton Wild
January 193046Good and Bad Card HoldersJ. W. F. Dillies
January 193047New English Contract LawsGeorge Reith
January 193049Believe It Or NotDavid Burnstine
January 193050A Neat False CardJohn H. Law
January 193052Tragedies and Farces in the Wake of the Bridge Craze
January 193055In The World Of Problems
January 193062Letters
February 19302FrontispieceMilton C. Work
February 19303Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
February 19304Experts at Their Best and Worst
February 19306Passing GoulashesGratz M. Scott
February 19308Combining Culbertson, Vanderbilt And WorkR. A. Jenkins
February 19309Forcing Two-Bids In ContractTheodore A. Lightner
February 193013Wanted. A New SystemScott A. Miller
February 193014The Mind's EyeTravis White
February 193016Firing Blank CartridgesSir Derrick J. Wernher
February 193018The ChallengeMilton C. Work
February 193020An Unusual Squeeze And End PlayWilbur C. Whitehead
February 193021A Reply To Mr. PattersonT. H. Avery
February 193022The Combination System In ContractV. F. Boland
February 193023Money TestA. E. Manning-Foster
February 193024Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193026World Of CardsAspects Of PiquetGeorge S. Hellman
February 193029Bridge And Military ScienceLieut. Edward A. Routheau
February 193031News Of Clubs
February 193032Bridge By Radio
February 193033Bridge In Duplicate
February 193034Bridge Abroad
February 193037Bridge On The Lecture Platform
February 193038In The World Of Problems
February 193046Letters
March 19302FrontispieceMrs. Leila Hattersley
March 19303Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
March 19305Experts at Their Best and Worst
March 19307In Justice To Ace-ShowingHarold S. Vanderbilt
March 19309Differences Between Auction And Contract BridgeEly Culbertson
March 193012Rudiments Of Contract BridgeNeal O'Hara
March 193013Mr. Whitehead Lectures In Paris
March 193015The Contract Language Of InferencesDr. E. L. Roberts
March 193018Auction Fourth-Hand BidsLouis Dussere
March 193020A Significant QuestionnaireFrank E. Bruelheide
March 193022The Relief Of Strong OppositionGeoffrey Mott-Smith
March 193024Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193029Three To One Chance Of RubberXavier Bailet
March 193030Winning Goulash PassesLeila Hattersley
March 193034Eastern Championship Events
March 193035Scoring The Eastern ChampionshipLieut. A. M. Gruenther
March 193036With Writers And Teachers
March 193037News Of Clubs
March 193038Bridge For TwoMilton C. Work
March 193040In The World Of Problems
March 193046World Of CardsEly Culbertson
March 193047Bridge In Churches
March 193047Famous Card HandsBasil Dalton
March 193049Bridge Abroad
March 193052Letters
April 19302FrontispieceWilbur C. Whitehead
April 19303Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
April 19306Wanted-A Common DenominatorW. H. Gharrity
April 19309PsychologyMorton Wild
April 193010The Forcing System Under Acid TestEly Culbertson
April 193013Experts at Their Best and Worst
April 193015The Opening Lead Of A SingletonGeorge Kling
April 193017Bridge In Schools
April 193018I Acted Too HastilyS. M. Arndt
April 193019You Know The GuyMorton Wild
April 193020The Notrump Point CountGeorge Reith
April 193021Notes On LawsGeorge M. Hosack
April 193022Helping The Gods Of DistributionWilbur C. Whitehead
April 193023Average With A VengeanceE. V. Shepard
April 193024Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193028Thu Culbertson (Forcing) System ExplainedRobert M. Brannon
April 193033News Of Clubs
April 193034Duplicate Bridge Events
April 193036Bridge On Radio
April 193038Bridge Abroad
April 193040Views and Reviews
April 193043In The World Of Problems
April 193044April Competition
April 193045Answers To February Problems
April 193048Honor RollFebruary Honor Roll
April 193050Letters
May 19302FrontispieceRalph J. Liebenderfer
May 19304Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
May 19305Experts At Their Worst
May 19308Vulnerable BiddingTheodore A. Lightner
May 193011Is Standardization Possible?Ralph J. Liebenderfer
May 193011The "Finesse Or Drop" ProblemJames E. Cox
May 193012Abstract Mathematics And The ShuffleEly Culbertson
May 193012The Culbertsons Versus Reith-SchenkenGeorge Reith
May 193014Two HandsPaul W. Black
May 193016The Theory Of And Responses To A Forcing Two-BidEly Culbertson
May 193017Diehards, Remember BalaamD. J. Wernher
May 193019The Culbertson Simplified System Of Card ValuationRobert M. Brannon
May 193024Pro et Contra
May 193027Views and Reviews
May 193028Modern Principles Of Auction BridgeRalph R. Richards
May 193030Forcing System And "Club Convention" CombinedTheron R. Strong
May 193031The Ten Thousand Dollar Auction HandLelia Hattersley
May 193033Bridge On Ships
May 193034News Of Clubs
May 193038Duplicate Events
May 193040Bridge Abroad
May 193041Our Problems
May 193042Solutions To March Problems
May 193045Solutions To April Problems
May 193047Honor RollMarch Honor Roll
May 193050Letters
June 19302FrontispieceMaurice Maschke
June 19304Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
June 19306Experts at Their Best and Worst
June 19308Mr. Dubb's Crazy QuiltWalter Dreyfus
June 193011Concerning Bridge ProblemsR. F. Foster
June 193012Views and Reviews
June 193020SuperstitionMorton Wild
June 193021Honor To Whom (Honor) Points Are DueNina Baldwin Orthwein
June 193023My Attitude On The Forcing Two-BidWilbur C. Whitehead
June 193024In The Seats Of The MightyRobert M. Brannon
June 193027Some Thoughts On Card ValuationTheodore A. Lightner
June 193028Response To Partner's Opening Bid Of OneE. C. Wolfe
June 193030Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193036The Professor Does His StuffRobert M. Brannon
June 193040Modern Principles Of Auction BridgeRalph R. Richards
June 193042Bridge Abroad
June 193046Bridge On Ships
June 193047Club News And Duplicate Events
June 193051The Laws Of Progressive Contract
June 193052Reith-Schenken Team Defeats The CulbertsonsEly Culbertson
June 193054Another QuestionnaireF. E. Bruelheide
June 193055Our Problems
June 193058April And May Honor Roll
June 193060World's Champion Problem Solver
June 193061Letters
July 19302FrontispieceFrontispieceGeorge Reith
July 19304Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
July 19305Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and Worst
July 19308The Pass As A Forcing BidTheodore A. Lightner
July 19309More About Valuing NotrumpGeorge Reith
July 193011Deschapelles And Vienna CoupsHenry P. Yaeger
July 193012The Defending HandEly Culbertson
July 193015Jay Gould Had The Right DopeWilbur C. Whitehead
July 193016The KibitzerMorton Wild
July 193017Are There No X-Rays?Dr. Paul Herrmann
July 193019Modern Principles Of Auction BridgeRalph R. Richards
July 193022The Professor Does His Stuff (Again)Robert M. Brannon
July 193026A Basis of StandardizationDr. G. C. McKinney
July 193028Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193032With The Wits and Nitwits of the Press
July 193034World Of CardsThe Devil's Picture BookF. Vogt
July 193037Bridge On Ships
July 193038With Our Lecturers And Teachers
July 193040Views and Reviews
July 193044Does Bridge Playing Break Or Make The Happy Home?Gladys Oaks
July 193046The Art of False-cardingXavier Bailet
July 193049America vs. Britain
July 193052Club News And Duplicate Events
July 193057Our Problems
July 193061Honor RollHonor Roll-June and Balance Of May
July 193063Letters
July 193064Directory of Lecturers And Teachers
August 19302FrontispieceH. T. Webster
August 19304Editor's DeskMilton Work and Wilbur C. Whitehead
August 19306Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
August 19309Contract's Triumphant Team-Of-Four
August 193013The Strange InturludeRobert M. Brannon
August 193015Side Lights On FinessingH. W. Sibert
August 193017The Logic Of ContractT. N. Winslow
August 193020National Bridge Association Officially Launched
August 193022Changes In The Work-Wyman-Richards SystemVictor R. Smith
August 193024Important Changes In The Work-Wyman-Richards SystemA Staff Writer
August 193026The Asbury Park TournamentShepard Barclay, George Reith, Victor R. Smith, Wilbur C. Whitehead, and Officious Observer
August 193033The Elementary SqueezeE. H. Barber
August 193034Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193040The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
August 193042America Vs. Britain
August 193045Views and Reviews
August 193046A National Bridge TourF. E. Bruelheide
August 193048Club News And Duplicate Events
August 193050Bridge On Ships
August 193051Jimson Vs. BridgeMorton Wild
August 193053Writers, Lecturers And Teachers
August 193054World Of Cards
August 193055Correcting Col. Bullur's "Bull"E. V. Shepard
August 193056Our Problems
August 193062Letters
September 19302FrontispieceWaldemar von Zedtwitz
September 19304Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
September 19306Experts at Their Best and Worst
September 19309Distribution And Higher StrategyEly Culbertson
September 193012Bidding Methods With Advanced ScoreWaldemar von Zedtwitz
September 193014Culbertson Team Keeps Bridge PrizeNew York Times
September 193015What Price OfficialG. M. C.
September 193016Psychic And Slam Echoes From Asbury TournamentTheodore A. Lightner
September 193018A Plea For The Low Penalty DoubleSidney Ives, III
September 193019A Kingdom For A Good LeadWalter Malowan
September 193020Laguna BridgeR. P. Dow
September 193022Duplicate Team MatchesLieut. A. M. Gruenther
September 193024Has Contract Become Standardized?Victor R. Smith
September 193026Work-Wyman-Richards System Of Contract Bidding, Official Report
September 193028Two Widely Misunderstood Methods In The Forcing SystemE. C. Wolfe
September 193030Pro et Contra
September 193035The Ace-Queen-Ten FinesseH. W. Sibert
September 193036The Professor Does His StuffRobert M. Brannon
September 193039In The World Of GamesElizabeth Clark Boyden
September 193040Writers, Lecturers And Teachers
September 193044The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
September 193047Views and Reviews
September 193049Modern Principles Of Auction BridgeRalph R. Richards
September 193051England Versus AmericaCaliban
September 193053Bridge On Ships
September 193054Experts at Their Best and Worst(Poets Not Players)
September 193056Problems
September 193060Entre Nous
October 19302FrontispieceAmerican and English Teams
October 19304Editor's Desk
October 19305American Team Wins International TitleEly Culbertson
October 19307Experts At Their WorstSome Hands From The English Match
October 19309The Match Through The English Press
October 193010American Team Accepts Second Challenge
October 193011Some Swings In Second Challenge Match, Asbury Park TrophyT. A. Lightner
October 193013Distribution And Higher StrategyEly Culbertson
October 193018A Proposed Count For ContractGeoffrey Mott-Smith
October 193020Four-Card Versus Three-Card Normal SupportL. D. Hinman
October 193022Opening Suit Bids Of Two Forcing BidsE. C. Wolfe
October 193024Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193026Views and Reviews
October 193028Point Counts And DistributionO. M. Lamon
October 193030Two Famous Bridge ProblemsJ. W. Cromwell, Jr.
October 193032Slam Bidding At ContractMajor C. F. MacKensie
October 193035News and Events
October 193036I Can't Play Anything ButEllis O. Jones
October 193037In The World Of GamesHarold Thorne
October 193038The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
October 193041Problems
November 19302FrontispieceA British Cartoon
November 19304Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
November 19306Some Hands From Crockford's MatchWaldemar von Zedtwitz
November 19306Experts at Their Best and Worst
November 19309American Team Thrice Victorious, Returns Home
November 193013Comment From The British Press
November 193014The Philosophy Of CardsEmanuel Lasker
November 193015Our Editor Of Pro Et Contra Through British Eyes
November 193016The Culbertson Rule-Of-EightWilliam J. Huske
November 193018Must You, Really?Wilbur C. Whitehead
November 193019The Old And New Almack's Club
November 193020Conventions
November 193021Guess Vs. Test!Walter Dreyfus
November 193024The IncentiveStanley Arndt
November 193025Every Man On His Honor Contest
November 193028Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193030Writers, Teachers And Lecturers
November 193032Club News And Duplicate Events
November 193035Views and Reviews
November 193040The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
November 193042Our Problems
November 193052The World Of Games
November 193055Entre Nous
December 19302Rarely A Slam Without A ForceSidney Ives, III
December 19304Editor's Desk
December 19306Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
December 193010Rising To The OccasionRalph J. Leibenderfer
December 193011Digest Of Three Feature Showing SystemsWalter Dreyfus
December 193013Title Holders Score Impressive VictoryShepard Barclay
December 193014The Double As Seen By The AuthoritiesWilliam J. Huske
December 193016Teachers Should Be Local SolonsE. V. Shepard
December 193018When Contract Duplicate Bridge Went To England
December 193019Acquiring A Bridge SystemRalph R. Richards
December 193020The Melting PotE. H. Barber and S. I. Slack, Jr.
December 193022Message To The American PeopleA. E. Manning-Foster
December 193024Echoes From The Anglo-American MatchJack Dalton
December 193025Conformity In Card ValuationEdith Hazen Tiers and Francis Kingsley
December 193027Relative Bidding ValuesR. F. Foster
December 193030Plus Or MinusEdward Pope
December 193031Teachers' Convention In December
December 193032Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193035FrontispieceE. V. Shepard
December 193036Bridge Abroad
December 193041Club News And Duplicate Events
December 193042The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
December 193045Problems In Offensive PlayHenry P. Jaeger
December 193046Views and Reviews
December 193047Why, A PoemH. D. Northrop
December 193048World's Champion Solvers
December 193052Our Problems
December 193056In The World Of GamesPierre Bellanger and Elizabeth Clark Boyden
December 193063Entre Nous
January 19310The Bridge World Supplement
January 19312FrontispieceTheodore A. Lightner
January 19314Editor's Desk
January 19316Experts at Their Best and Worst
January 19318Raising Partner's Suit BidMilton C. Work
January 193111Five Do's And Don't's Of ContractEly Culbertson
January 193112Mr. Avery Versus Mr. Husks
January 193115The Hand Of The Four DeucesWm. C. McKenney
January 193116A Dramatic Ending At ClevelandEdward C. Wolfe
January 193118An Unparalleled Winning RecordG. M. C.
January 193119Some Of The Winners At Cleveland
January 193120Vanderbilt Trophy Story
January 193121A Successful Pre-EmptElizabeth B. Banfield
January 193122Contract DoublesH. B. Raffel
January 193124Bridge In BostonW. Cleveland Cogswell
January 193125The Match Through The PressShepard Barclay
January 193130Pro et Contra
January 193132Bridge Abroad
January 193138Club News And Duplicate Events
January 193141Views and Reviews
January 193144Our Problems
January 193150Entre Nous
February 19312FrontispieceWalter F. Wyman
February 19314Editor's Desk
February 19316Experts at Their Best and Worst
February 19317Mr. George Reith At His Level Best
February 19318ReminiscencesElizabeth Clark Boyden
February 193110Culbertson Modern Theory Of LeadsLewis Osborn
February 193113Cannot We Accept Defeat Gracefully?Frank England
February 193114Boy! Page John W. GatesEli Sanger
February 193115In The Interest Of ScienceT. H. Avery
February 193116And Regarding The Work SystemWalter F. Wyman
February 193120Blow Your Own Horn!Mrs. Prescott Warren
February 193121Club News And Duplicate Events
February 193124Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193128Views and ReviewsEly Culbertson
February 193134Our Problems
February 193138Entre Nous
March 19312FrontispieceMr. and Mrs. Carl T. Robertson
March 19314Editor's Desk
March 19315Experts at Their Best and WorstEdward C. Wolfe
March 19318Regarding The Forcing SystemTheodore A. Lightner
March 193110Culbertson Modern Theory Of LeadsLewis Osborn
March 193113On Various Bridge War Fronts
March 193114Coups At Bridge ExplainedGeorge S. Coffin
March 193116Views and Reviews
March 193118Finessing And The Theory Of ProbabilityJohn M. Nell
March 193119The Calls Of The "Light" Brigade (a Poem)E. Sefi
March 193120Replay Duplicate BridgePaul B. Galer
March 193121A Contract LessonMrs. Prescott Warren
March 193123Two Joint Conventions For Teachers And Advanced Players
March 193124Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193128Honor Roll
March 193131Our Problems
March 193135News and Events
March 193138Entre Nous
April 19312Contract Bridge For Beginners With Culbertson Forcing System As StandardNellie Robnett
April 19312FrontispieceJosephine Culbertson
April 19314The Editor's DeskEly Culbertson
April 19315Experts at Their Best and WorstEdward C. Wolfe
April 19316The Early Stages of BridgeVictor R. Smith
April 19317The Lessons From The Bennett Murder TrialEly Culbertson
April 19318Don't Make The Dummy Good!E. Huning
April 19318Opening Bids Of One Notrump VulnerableTheodore A. Lightner
April 19319Ethics And Etiquette Of BridgeM. Mallet Prevost
April 19319The Joint Conventions
April 193110Two-Fisted Bridge Player Is Freed As Reporter Takes Role Of Lawyer
April 193111And Regarding The Forcing SystemWalter F. Wyman
April 193112Why Not Another Treaty Of New York?W. H. Gharrity
April 193114The Rebuttal To "G. M. C." ReviewerJ. Y. Underwood
April 193115Revaluing The Opening Hand In Support Of A TakeoutWilliam J. Huske
April 193116The Distributional Two-Bid And The Rule-Of-FiveRobert K. Clifton
April 193117Progressive Contract BridgeLieut. A. M. Gruenther
April 193118The Jump OvercallScott K. Wainwright
April 193119P-sour PsychicsSidney Ives, III
April 193120Punch Explains Psychic BiddingLondon Punch
April 193121The Bridge Players' Providence Intervenes
April 193122England Vs. AmericaCaliban
April 193123How To Behave With A New PartnerThe Dummy
April 193124Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193130News and Events
April 193132Honor Roll
April 193133Our Problems
April 193138Entre Nous
May 19312FrontispieceA Group of Boston Bridge Leaders
May 19314Editor's Desk
May 19315Experts at Their Best and Worst
May 19317Regarding The Work And Forcing SystemsTheodore A. Lightner
May 19318Feminine Fashions (A Poem)E. Sefi
May 19319The Miracle Of StandardizationLelia Hattersley
May 193110To Finesse, Or Not To FinesseE. V. Shepard
May 193111Finding The Game-Going TrickJohn D. Bibb
May 193112The Art Of Underleading AcesRalph A. Cash
May 193114The Psychic Double ReverseStanley Arndt
May 193115That Singleton In Declarer's HandArthur N. Cowperthwait
May 193116Author's Highest RewardG. M. C.
May 193118Difficult Hands At BridgeEdward C. Wolfe
May 193120Don't Jeer, Boys, The Poor Devil Is TryingEdward A. Moree
May 193121Bluffing At ContractLieut.-Col. A. D. Jameson
May 193122Bridge AbroadFabyan Mathey
May 193123Views and Reviews
May 193124Pro et Contra
May 193126The Culbertson National Studios
May 193126The Joint Conventions
May 193127Mr. Culbertson's Lectures
May 193127The National Bridge Association
May 193128News and Events
May 193132The Bridge World Sponsors New Duplicate Board
May 193133Our Problems
May 193136Honor RollHonor Rolls
May 193138Entre Nous
June 19312FrontispieceRobert Frederick Foster
June 19314Editor's Desk
June 19315Experts at Their Best and Worst
June 19317Culbertson LeadsEly Culbertson
June 19319The Eleven RuleJames E. Cox
June 193112More About The Jump OvercallRobert K. Clifton
June 193113A Ten Thousand Mile Bridge TourF. E. Bruelheide
June 193114The Lecture Tour And The Press
June 193116Million Player World's Championship Tournament Planned
June 193117The Miracle Of StandardizationElizabeth Clark Boyden
June 193118Mr. Culbertson's Lecture Tour
June 193120Replay Duplicate With Some Novel FeaturesDon Southgate
June 193122False-Carding With Northwest Mounted PoliceH. B. Dart
June 193122This Contract Business In LondonLondon Punch
June 193123Major Lambert's Club
June 193124Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193126News and Events
June 193131Honor Roll
June 193132Views and Reviews
June 193136Our Problems
July 19312FrontispieceGratz M. Scott
July 19314Editor's Desk
July 19318In Memoriam, Wilbur C. Whitehead
July 19319Higher Strategy And Bridge PsychologyWillard S. Karn
July 193111Elder Statesmen And Minor Luminaries AmalgamateEdward F. Moree
July 193113Hot Shots From The Front
July 193116Last Minute Bulletin
July 193117From The War Front
July 193118News Item
July 193119What The Advisory Council Failed To State
July 193120Why We Did Not JoinEly Culbertson
July 193121A Radio Talk By Mr. Culbertson
July 193123Sidelights Of The Great Bridge War
July 193124A Challenge To The Advisory Council And Mr. Lenz
July 193125Million Player Worlds' Championship Arouses Interest
July 193126The Law Of Average (a Poem)E. Sefi
July 193127Culbertson-Work Teachers' Conference Highly Successful
July 193129Give Me Contract's Magic CarpetEdward F. Moree
July 193130The Panicky FeelingEly Culbertson
July 193131An Unbiddable SuitRalph A. Cash
July 193132Pro et ContraWaldemar von Zedtwitz
July 193135Views and Reviews
July 193137News and Events
July 193143If (a Poem)William Talley Elliott
July 193143Mr. Culbertson Was Right
July 193144The Eleven RuleR. F. Foster
July 193145Entre Nous
July 193147Here And There Among ClubsA. L. G.
July 193149Our Problems
August 19312FrontispieceLondon Humorist
August 19314Editor's Desk
August 19316Higher Strategy And Bridge Psychology II: Slam BiddingWillard S. Karn
August 19318Mr. Whitehead Buried In France: As Dr. Walker Saw HimDr. Thaddeus Walker
August 19318Mr. Whitehead Buried In France: There Was A ManLelia Hattersley
August 19319Mr. Whitehead Buried In France: What We Owe To Mr. WhiteheadE. V. Shepard
August 193110Did Homer Nod Once More?Theodore A. Lightner
August 193111A Bit Of Defensive StrategyArthur N. Cowperthwait
August 193112The Overcall Of An Opening BidWilliam J. Huske
August 193113Approach-Not DriveEly Culbertson
August 193114Debunking BridgeG. M. C.
August 193115The Truth About SouthF. W. Thomas
August 193116Why A Contract SystemLeonard R. Gracy
August 193117Bridge PestsRobert M. Brannon
August 193119Charts Clarify Bidding SituationsMilton Bardach
August 193120The Big HandJ. Y. Underwood
August 193121Solution (A Poem)Margaret E. Sangster
August 193122Double With Caution!Harry B. Raffel
August 193123In Defense Of PokerJoseph E. Doran
August 193124Pro et ContraWaldemar von Zedtwitz
August 193126Safety PlaysOswald Jacoby
August 193127The Game That Girdles The Globe
August 193129American Whist Congress
August 193130Bridge Players Desire Standardization
August 193133Bridge Abroad
August 193135Honor Roll
August 193136Here And There Among Clubs
August 193138Our Problems
September 19312FrontispieceLady Doris Rhodes
September 19314Editor's Desk
September 19317Experts at Their Best and Worst
September 19319Slams With A Partial ScoreTheodore A. Lightner
September 193110To Finesse Or Not To FinesseArthur Wales
September 193112Pivot TournamentsEdward W. Faith
September 193113The French "Bridge"-PlafondPierre Bellanger
September 193115Hands From The Masters' GameTheodore A. Lightner
September 193119Pre-Emptive Bids At ContractJohn D. Bibb
September 193120Avoiding The Impending SqueezeC. Ogrianovich
September 193121Honor Table Rhymed (A Poem)Mary C. Joyce
September 193122The Three-Headed Bridge MonsterGeorge Sturgis Coffin
September 193123Temporary DenialsMrs. F. H. Calhoun
September 193124Million Player Tournament, A Bridge OlympicEdward A. Moree
September 193126One Of The Thirty-Five BillionNewman Lee Fitzhenry
September 193128Pro et ContraWaldemar von Zedtwitz
September 193132News and EventsIndividual Play For Karn Gold Cup
September 193133News and EventsLady Rhodes' Contract Bridge School
September 193135News and EventsAmerican Bridge League Congress
September 193137News and EventsA Knight Rides ForthSidney Ives, III
September 193139News and EventsCulbertson System Voted Standard
September 193142News and EventsTwo Early Fall Conventions
September 193143Here And There Among Clubs
September 193145Our Problems
September 193148Winning Problem Solvers
September 193149Honor RollJuly Honor Roll
September 193152Thf Early Stages Of BridgeCommander W. C. Faus, U.S.N.
October 19312FrontispieceR. R. Richards
October 19314Editor's Desk
October 19316Experts at Their Best and Worst
October 19319The New Official Two-BidTheodore A. Lightner
October 193111Novum OrganumWaldemar von Zedtwitz
October 193112Bridge MisinformationLouis Dussere
October 193113Echoes In Partnership LanguageLewis W. Saxby
October 193114To Finesse Or Not To Finesse, IIArthur Wales
October 193115Don't Give Up The Ship!John D. Bibb
October 193116What Is Wrong With The Mathematics Of Distribution?Dr. E. Reed Whittemore
October 193119Keeping The Bidding OpenTheodore A. Lightner
October 193122Later Procedure Of Takeout DoublerRalph A. Cash
October 193124CartoonBridgeWebster
October 193125Donor Wins Own Gold CupWilliam J. Huske
October 193129The Individual Schedule Used At DealLieut. A. M. Gruenther
October 193131The Dubbells At The Breakfast Table
October 193132Pro et ContraWaldemar von Zedtwitz
October 193135Bridge News
October 193142Wait And SeeHubert Phillips
October 193144When Yank And Briton Met
October 193146Freak Distribution Vs. ProbabilitiesClyde E. Love
October 193147Knotty Law Points DecidedGeorge M. Hosack
October 193150Views and Reviews
October 193151Here And There Among Clubs
October 193153Our Problems
October 193157Fundamental Principles Of BiddingCommander W. C. Faus, U.S.N.
November 19314FrontispieceSidney S. Lenz
November 19315Mr. Lenz Accepts Challenge
November 19317Eli Baba And The Forty ThievesG. M. C.
November 19319World Bridge Olympic To Be Played On April 1st
November 193110Vanderbilt Cup Contest
November 193112American Bridge League Tournament
November 193113First New Jersey Championship
November 193115Opening Of Deschapelles Club, An Event
November 193116Culbertson Teachers' Fall Conventions
November 193118Hints On Winning Bridge PlaySir John Rhodes
November 193120End Plays As Game MakersJohn H. Law
November 193122Mr. Burnstine Introduces A New SystemEly Culbertson
November 193123A Four Million Card DealE. A. Moree
November 193126Fun In Fooling AdversariesNewman Lee Fitzhenry
November 193127Squeezes At Bridge ExplainedGeorge Sturgis Coffin
November 193128How To Be A Good PlayerR. R. Richards
November 193130Part-Score Vs. Vulnerable Game BidE. W. Pratt
November 193131Anxious MomentsB. H. Davies
November 193132Aids To Memory Of Culbertson SystemJ. M. MacAdam
November 193133The Rule Of Eight In Actual PlayMrs. Lelia Hattersley
November 193135Three Generations Of BridgeEleanor Hostetter Mulvaney
November 193139Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
November 193143Experts at Their Best and Worst
November 193145Pro et ContraWaldemar von Zedtwitz
November 193148Our Problems
November 193151Bridge In The Daily Press
November 193152Bridgiana
November 193154Editor's Desk
November 193156The Early Stages of Bridge
December 19314FrontispieceDouglas Paige
December 19315Bridge Battle Of One Thousand One Hands OpensWilliam J. Huske
December 19318The Proposed New "C" Penalty Scoring For ContractEly Culbertson
December 193110Sims Team Wins Vanderbilt CupW. W. Fentress
December 193114Anglo-Austrian Matches In LondonColonel G. G. J. Walshe
December 193118The Metropolitan Press ChampionshipEdward A. Moree
December 193124How We Organized The Great TournamentsMillard P. Kaiser
December 193127Cutting In On A World-Wide GameEdward A. Moree
December 193129Systems Played At The Vanderbilt Tournament
December 193130New Jersey Tournament ResultsWalter Malowan
December 193131Interesting HandsHoward Schenken
December 193132Who Originated The "One Over One?"Theodore A. Lightner
December 193133The Philosophy Of CardsEly Culbertson
December 193134Some New Contract ConventionsPaul Gould
December 193135Contract Bridge Versus HomeworkWilliam Wolf Jackson
December 193138Ambrosia Or Ham And EggsW. H. Gharrity
December 193140Bridge In HollandDr. Emanuel Lasker
December 193143Here And There Among Clubs
December 193145Views and Reviews
December 193146Pro et Contra
December 193148Experts at Their Best and Worst
December 193151Bridge In The Daily Press
December 193152Bridgiana
December 193153Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
December 193156Our Problems
December 193159Editor's Desk
December 193162The Early Stages of BridgeCommander W. C. Faus, U.S.N.
December 193165Honor RollOctober Honor Roll
January 19320Divisionals Covering All Phases Of Culbertson-Lenz Match
January 19324FrontispieceGuests at Match
January 19325Bridge Battle Of Century Nears CloseWilliam J. Huske
January 193219Bridge News From Various Cities
January 193222Inferential Forcing BidsRalph A. Cash
January 193223Bridge In MexicoCarlos Diaz Ceballos
January 193224Inter-City Bridge In National CompetitionRussell J. Baldwin
January 193226Effective Weapons In Contract BridgeWalter Malowan
January 193228Two Psychic Socks Unhorse The HorsemenEdward A. Moree
January 193231Three Hands From Recent PlayTheodore A. Lightner
January 193233Psychics And Psychocidals
January 193236CartoonMaster's Bridge Is Falling Down (a Cartoon)
January 193237Some Interesting Hands In Play By A. H. Peron
January 193238Get Wise To The PostulatesM. O. Sale
January 193239Naval Strategy And Tactics At The Bridge TableRear Admiral Douglas E. Dismukes
January 193240Winning Bridge--Rubber Vs. DuplicateB. N. Katzen
January 193242The Penalty Of A ReputationB. H. Davies
January 193243Bridge In The Daily Press
January 193246Our Problems
January 193248Bridge In Canada
January 193251Experts at Their Best and Worst
January 193257Pro et Contra
January 193259Views and Reviews
January 193260Editor's Desk
January 193266The Early Stages of Bridge
February 19324FrontispieceCulbertson Wins Long Bridge Match With Lenz
February 19325Culbertson Players Win Bridge EpicRobert Murray
February 19329Bridge Makes The Front PageWalter Lister
February 193211Peeking Through The ScreenRobert Neville
February 193214As England Saw The Match, "Goulash"
February 193215The Official Goat Of The "Official" SystemG. M. C.
February 193216CartoonBridgeWebster
February 193217Headlines Exposes Hoax
February 193219When 5,000,000 Kibitzers Tuned In
February 193221Golf Champion A Bridge FanWilliam Warne
February 193225Technique Of Honor-TricksEly Culbertson
February 193227How A Southern Editor Views The Match
February 193228Artificial ConventionsG. Melville Smith
February 193229The Short Card CountClifford H. Peek
February 193231A Disastrous PsychicE. G. Lawford
February 193232The Joys Of Teaching Contract--A TragedyV. Aylesworth
February 193233Penalty Scoring In ContractEdward P. Hyde
February 193234The Defense Against Squeeze PlaysA. H. Peron
February 193237Psychic LeadsJohn M. Nill
February 193239A Few Cheering AnecdotesFrank Crowninshield
February 193242A Lesson From Duplicate, The Master TeacherJohn D. Bibb
February 193243Psychic Bids At ContractO'Connor de Cordova
February 193244Athletic Bridge, Unethical PlayersAl Simon
February 193244Why Strong Requirements For Defensive Takeout Doubles?C. E. Graves
February 193245Bridge In Canada
February 193248Experts at Their Best and Worst
February 193255Pro et Contra
February 193257Editor's Desk
February 193260Winning Problem Solvers
February 193261The Early Stages of BridgeCommander W. C. Fazes, U.S.N.
February 193264Our Problems
February 193268December Honor Roll
March 19324FrontispieceColonel Beasley Arranges Anglo-American Matches
March 19325The Eastern TournamentWalter Lister
March 19327Ohio State Tourney Draws 1400 PlayersGeorge G. Whitehead
March 19329Playing Bridge With Mrs. CulbertsonWilliam J. Huske
March 193213The Eastern Team-Of-Four ContestTheodore A. Lightner
March 193216Humor And Tragedy In BridgeWalter Malowan
March 193218Abolish Bargain RatesScott K. Wainwright
March 193220Brainless BridgeC. Paul Ray, Jr.
March 193221And They Can't Even Play Against Each OtherEdna E. Oaksmith
March 193223Bridge For Street CleanersStella Crossley Ward
March 193225Teaching The Culbertson System To RoyaltyMrs. Francis J. Kernan
March 193227India Drove Lenz To BridgeFred C. Kelly
March 193231Duplicate Contract At Yale
March 193233How Many Different Hands Can Be Dealt?
March 193235The Forcing TakeoutA. W. Bond
March 193237Bridge In Canada
March 193241London-Vienna Players Meet At DuplicateColonel H. M. Beasley
March 193247Interesting "Test" HandsTheodore A. Lightner
March 193249To Finesse Or Not To Finesse, IIIArthur Wales
March 193252Newmarket Team Defeats Sims
March 193253Views and Reviews
March 193257Pro et Contra
March 193259Editor's Desk
March 193261The Early Stages of BridgeCommander W. C. Fazes, U.S.N.
March 193262Our Problems
March 193265Huge Entry List For World Bridge Olympic
March 193268Honor RollJanuary Honor Roll
April 19324FrontispieceSome College Bridge Stars
April 19325World Bridge Olympic Smashes All RecordsRobert Murray
April 19327Dutch, German And British BridgeA. F. Stapleton-Harris
April 193210CartoonBridgeWebster
April 193211Bridge Keeps Apartment Houses FilledEdwin Victor Westrate
April 193214Inter-Collegiate Club Tournament Results In Triple TieLouis H. Watson
April 193217300 Tables Of Contract At University Of UtahHarry L. Guss
April 193219Michigan Campus Goes Bridge MadCarl Forsythe
April 193219Raritan Club Wins Rutgers TournamentHenry W. Bagley
April 193221Boston Bridget Talks
April 193225The Boston Chess ClubW. Cleveland Cogswell
April 193227The Deal "One Over One"Louis H. Watson
April 193229A Defect In The Score SheetB. H. Davies
April 193230Everything Was Wrong, PartnerM. M. Phillips
April 193231To Finesse Or Not To Finesse, IVArthur Wales
April 193235The Value Of A GameJames E. Cox
April 193237A Suggestion For The New Code Of RulesF. M. Urban
April 193239Making Assurance Doubly SureJohn D. Bibb
April 193240Bridge Rules In Rhyme
April 193241Waving In The BreezeE. Sefi
April 193244Strip PlaysF. W. Clarke, Jr.
April 193247The Approach-Forcing System Of ContractR. R. Richards
April 193249The Culbertson Cult In EnglandHerbert Lawrence
April 193250Bridge In The Daily Press
April 193251Editor's Desk
April 193253Pro et Contra
April 193255Experts at Their Best and Worst
April 193258Bridge In Canada
April 193261Our Problems
April 193263Views and Reviews
April 193266Bridgiana
May 19324FrontispieceCharles M. Schwab
May 19325American Bridge Olympic Oct 7th 1932
May 19327History Made in World Bridge OlympicRobert Murray
May 193212Bridge CartoonWebster
May 193215The Olympic Leak and the Front PageWilliam J. Huske
May 193217Princeton Club Wins Play-Off
May 193219A Bridge House PartyGrace C. Buschmann
May 193221Inter-Club Tournament at IndianapolisHarlod L. Ross
May 193223Bridge In ClubsWill C. Weng
May 193227Florida State Bridge League Holds First Annual TournamentFrank Walker
May 193229American Whist League Congress
May 193231Ohio State TournamentRussell J. Baldwin
May 193233Two Psychics and a Delayed Spade Bid Produce GameW. O. Carver, Jr.
May 193235A Strip and HosannaEdward A. Maree
May 193237The Correct Use of the Penalty DoubleOswald Jacoby
May 193239Part-Score TacticsLouis H. Watson
May 193242Is Bridge A Sport?Walter Malowan
May 193245Converting Inference Into InformationRichard L. Frey
May 193247The Goulash - Hand No. 16George L. Bilzer, Jr.
May 193248A Poet's Reaction
May 193252Editor's Desk
May 193255Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
May 193257Bridge in Canada
May 193261Pro Et Contra
May 193263Bridge Abroad
May 193267Experts at Their Best and Worst- World Bridge OlymEly Culbertson
May 193272Our Readers' Post Mortems
May 193276Bridge in the Daily Press
May 193278Views and Reviews
May 193281Our Problems
June 19324FrontispieceCrockford's No. 1 Team
June 19325International Bridge Match AssuredWilliam J. Huske
June 19329World Bridge Olympic Winners NamedRobert Murray
June 193217Olympic Game In Munich
June 193219New England Championship TournamentRoger M. Nesbitt
June 193221Annual Congress Of The American Whist League
June 193223The New Ohio State ChampionsRussell J. Baldwin
June 193225Famous Bridge Battle Re-EnactedF. Winfield Smith
June 193227Westchester County Championship TournamentWalter Malowan
June 193230Bridge In Latin-AmericaRobert Neville
June 193233International Bridge Code In Sight
June 193235Bridge In ClubsWill C. Weng
June 193238The Modern ShakespeareO'Connor de Cordova
June 193239Fits And MisfitsLouis H. Watson
June 193241Howell Match Point PlaySamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193243The Famous FoursomeClinton S. Cook
June 193245Editor's Desk
June 193247Bridge In Canada
June 193250Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
June 193252Experts at Their Best and Worst
June 193257Views and Reviews
June 193263Pro et Contra
June 193265Our Problems
June 193267The Ladies And Contract Bridge (a Poem)Edgar A. Guest
July 19324FrontispieceFrontispieceMr. John G. Saxe
July 19325U.S. Bridge Association Will Bring Order From ChaosRobert Murray
July 19329British Players Determined to Best U.S. Contract Experts
July 193210National Press Club Stages First Annual Contract MeetFrank B. Lord
July 193211American Bridge Olympic, Oct. 19, 1932Robert Murray
July 193212CartoonBridgeWebster
July 193213The Four Horsemen and a Long HikeWilliam J. Huske
July 193220The Culbertson System of 1933Ely Culbertson
July 193221The Time Factor in BridgeEly Culbertson
July 193222Count! Count! Count!Samuel Fry, Jr.
July 193224Lament of the Woman Called WestMajor James Vaughan
July 193225Editor's Desk
July 193227Would You Defend That WayLewis W. Sarby
July 193228Gentlemen of Bridge
July 193230Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
July 193234Bridge Across the Atlantic
July 193237Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
July 193239Pro et Contra
July 193241Our Problems
July 193244Views and Reviews
July 193245Honor RollHonor Roll
August 19324FrontispieceMr. and Mrs. Ely Culbertson
August 19325American Whist League TourneyRussell J. Baldwin
August 19328American Bridge Olympic Hands Replete With Thrills
August 19329U.S. Bridge Association Hailed By PlayersRobert Murray
August 193210Bridge Among Woodstock's ArtistsWalter Malowan
August 193211Why I Dropped The Forcing "One Over One)"Ely Culbertson
August 193213A System And Its ApplicationG. M. C.
August 193215An Expert Debunks A Popular FancyTheodore A. Lightner
August 193217Mr. Sims' Variations Of The Approach-Forcing SystemLouis H. Watson
August 193218Mr. Burnstine's Variations Of The Approach-Forcing SystemLouis H. Watson
August 193221Honor Trick Requirement FormulasC. K. Bryan
August 193223Good Defense An Art, Writer AssertsSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193226Introducing Contract GolfJames S. Manion
August 193227News And Notes Of Bridge Clubs
August 193228Editor's Desk
August 193229Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
August 193232Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
August 193237Pro et Contra
August 193239Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
August 193241Experts at Their Best and Worst
August 193243Our Problems
September 19324FrontispieceFrontispieceMr. F. Dudley Courtenay
September 19325Culbertson Players Sweep Tournament at Asbury ParkRobert Neville
September 193210CartoonBridgeWebster
September 193211American Bridge Olympic Winner Will Receive Additional Grand Price Robert Murray
September 193212U.S. Bridge Association Schedules 21 State TourneysRobert Murray
September 193213Southern New England ChampionshipSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193214The Conneut Lake TournamentRussel J. Baldwin
September 193216Playing for the Masters' Gold CupLouis H. Watson
September 193217The EvidenceF. Dudley Courtenay
September 193223Grand SlamTheodore A. Lightner
September 193224Bridge Invades the Summer CampusCarl S. Forsythe
September 193225How Bridge Cards Are MadeLewis Copeland
September 193228In Defense of the LadiesWalter Malowan
September 193230Characteristics of a Tricky NatureSidney W. Little
September 193232His Hand Proved Too Big for HimEdward P. Hyde
September 193233Testing Dealing SystemsLeonard R. Gracy
September 193234The Great Vienna CoupF. M. Urban
September 193236The Surprise Attack in BridgeFrank Walker
September 193239Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
September 193240Editor's Desk
September 193243Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
September 193247Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
September 193249Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
September 193251Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
September 193253Views and Reviews
September 193255Our ProblemsSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193259Bridge Across the Atlantic
September 193261The Last Word
September 193262Our Readers' Post-Mortems
September 193264Honor RollJuly Honor Roll
October 19324FrontispieceFrontispieceDr. Maurice J. Lewi
October 19325American Bridge OlympicRobert Murray
October 19325New Jersey and Maryland TourneysRobert Murray
October 19329Mr. Work Wins Jersey Coast Title
October 193211The Individual Championship
October 193212The Opening Two-BodOswald Jacoby
October 193213The Story of Two PsychicsWalter Malowan
October 193214Defensive Jump OvercallsBeirne Gordon, Jr.
October 193215Where the Expert Has an AdvantageSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193216Splendid Inferential BiddingRichard L. Frey
October 193217Double Is Key to Slam BidW. O. Carver, Jr.
October 193218Bridge in an Institute of CorrectionA Former Inmate
October 193219Overcall in Opponents' Bid SuitJacob A. Cantor, M.D.
October 193221Clorinda Will Never UnderstandB. H. Davies
October 193223Don't Give Up the ShipF. W. Clarke, Jr.
October 193225To Finesse or Not to Finesse, VArthur Wales
October 193227CartoonBridgeWebster
October 193228A Nightmare Rubber Ends HappilyOswald Jacoby
October 193229Two Major CatastrophesSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193231As Shakespeare Might Have BidWalter M. Merkel
October 193232Two Thrilling Squeeze PlaysB. N. Katzen
October 193234Never Finesse Against PartnerJohn D. Bibb
October 193236Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
October 193237Editor's Desk
October 193241Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
October 193245Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
October 193247Experts At Their Worst
October 193250Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
October 193253Bridge Across the Atlantic
October 193256Views and Reviews
October 193257Bridge in Canada
October 193260Our Problem Contest
October 193264The Last Word
November 19326FrontispieceFrontispieceWilliam J. Huske
November 19327Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
November 19329The Scoring and Revoke Laws of the International Contract CodeHarold S. Vanderbilt
November 193214CartoonBridgeWebster
November 193215The New Laws and Their EffectEly Culbertson
November 193217The New Laws of COntract BridgeJosephine Culbertson
November 193219Vanderbilt Wins Own TrophyRobert Neville
November 193223Sims Team Saved by von ZedtwitzWalter Lister
November 193225Impressions of the Vanderbilt TournamentCharles C. Vogelhofer
November 193227The American Bridge OlympicRobert Murray
November 193232San Francisco's First Interclub MatchAdolph Meyer
November 193234Raising the Standard of EthicsShepard Barclay
November 193236The Birth of DuplicateMilton C. Work
November 193238The Factor of ControlLouis H. Watson
November 193241Psychic Bidding With a PurposeA. G. Figgins
November 193242How I Figure Match PointsA. E. Dobereiner
November 193244Editor's Desk
November 193247Bridge in Canada
November 193249A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
November 193253Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
November 193255Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
November 193258Bridge Across the Atlantic
November 193263Views and Reviews
November 193265Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and Worst
November 193273Pro et Cetera
November 193275Our Problem Contest
December 19322Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
December 19324FrontispieceCrockford's Club
December 19325Sixth American Bridge League Tournament
December 19329American Olympic Winners Named
December 193213Where Society Leaders Meet The Bridge ExpertsV. H. Riorden
December 193215Crockford's Team Wins Bermuda Bridge Contest
December 193218The New Laws Of Duplicate Contract BridgeLieut. A. M. Gruenther
December 193224The Unbeatable Team-Of-FourOswald Jacoby and Walter Malowan
December 193225The Greatest Fallacy In Bridge HistoryEly Culbertson
December 193233How To Be A Good Bridge PartnerJosephine Culbertson
December 193235CartoonBridgeWebster
December 193238Two Unusual ConventionsOswald Jacoby
December 193239Suburbs Cry For Bridge ReformJ. C. Oestreicher
December 193241A Lesson In PsychicsRichard L. Frey
December 193243Editor's Desk
December 193246Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
December 193251Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
December 193253Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
December 193257Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
December 193259Bridge AbroadWalter Malowan
December 193263Our Problem ContestSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
January 19334FrontispieceFrontispieceCount Sigmund von Brockdorff
January 19335Second World Bridge Olympic Scheduled to be Held On April 1st
January 19337The New Laws Governing Duplicate Contract BridgeLieut. Alfred M. Gruenther
January 193311The Cuban ChampionshipJose Raul Capablanca
January 193312The Eastern Tournament will begin February 27th
January 193313The Challenge Match for the Asbury Park TrophyWalter Malowan
January 193315How Experts Improve Upon the Mathematical CountEly Culbertson
January 193322Many New Developments Analyzed at Convention
January 193324CartoonBridgeWebster
January 193325The Making of a Bidding SystemJosephine Culbertson
January 193327Bridge Players I KnowJanet Krantz
January 193329Sign Off BidsEly Culbertson
January 193330The New Duplicate Laws Undergo Their First TestRussell J. Baldwin
January 193332A Reply to Mr. CulbertsonGeorge Reith
January 193335Money ContractG. M. C.
January 193339Origin of Playing Cards
January 193345New Light In Eternal DarknessJ. C. Oestreicher
January 193347Let's Go PsychicHerbert G. Moore
January 193348Editor's Desk
January 193351Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
January 193354Bridge AbroadWalter Malowan
January 193357Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
January 193361Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
January 193365Views and Reviews
January 193369Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
January 193372Honor RollHonor Roll
January 193373Our Problem ContestOur Problem Contest for 1933Samuel Fry, Jr.
February 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
February 19334FrontispieceFrontispieceMrs. George U. Harris
February 19335All Set for Eastern Championships
February 19336The Grand White House CoupJ. C. Oestreicher
February 19339New Duplicate Code Agreed upon
February 193311International Match Set for June
February 193313World Bridge Olympic Date Set
February 193314CartoonBridgeWebster
February 193321The Tricky Knave of ClubsWater Malowan
February 193323No More Shootin' at the MoonEdward A. Moree
February 193325The "Passing" ReviewArthur J. Raumann
February 193328Recording Tournament PlayDr. E. Reed Whittemore
February 193330Contract Aids Trained NursesMrs. Florence H. Fitch
February 193332A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
February 193337Editor's Desk
February 193339Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
February 193343Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
February 193345Hands Across the SeaWalter Malowan
February 193348The Newest in Bridge WorksWilliam J. Huske and Louis H. Watson
February 193353Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
February 193356Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
February 193360Slams And Bouquets
February 193361Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 193364Honor RollHonor Roll
March 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
March 19334FrontispieceMr. S. Stanwood Menken
March 1933540 Nations To Be In World OlympicWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
March 19337The Trial Of Contract BridgeJ. C. Oestreicher
March 193310A Meeting Of GiantsG. M. C., Jr.
March 193311VulnerabilityEdwin J. van Etten, D.D.
March 193313P. S. He Didn't Get That CertificateBewildered Student
March 193315Looking Ahead In The BiddingLouis H. Watson
March 193317What Makes The Dub?Samuel Fry, Jr.
March 193318When Youth Meets Youth, Look For Bidding SpreeWalter Malowan
March 193319Light On The Blind LeadsM. O. Sale
March 193334Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
March 193336Editor's Desk
March 193338Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
March 193343The Small-Town FanE. D. Nethaway
March 193345News
March 193349Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
March 193353Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
March 193356Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
March 193359Slams And Bouquets
March 193361Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193365Honor Roll
April 19334FrontispieceThe Spirit Of The World Bridge Olympic
April 19335Eastern Tournament Sets Records
April 19338The Winning Of A ChampionshipFranklin E. Bailey
April 19339How Hollywood Taught Me BridgeEly Culbertson
April 193311World Awaits 1933 Bridge OlympicWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
April 193313Record List Vies For New England TitlesRoger M. Nesbitt
April 193315Tournament EthicsGeorge Reith
April 193316A Bridge Columnist's LamentRobert Neville
April 193317Bridge In Chicago's Hall Of Science
April 193319Various Notrump ResponsesLouis H. Watson
April 193321Strength-Showing BidsSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193322A Wineless, Songless Stag ClubHerbert G. Moore
April 193323Feminine LogicElpay Fall
April 193324Otro ToroArthur N. Cowperthwait
April 193325Thrills That Abound In ContractW. O. Carver, Jr.
April 193327A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
April 193330Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
April 193333Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193335The Small-Town FanE. D. Nethaway
April 193336Editor's Desk
April 193338Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
April 193340Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
April 193344Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
April 193347Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
April 193351News-Events
April 193356The Newest in Bridge Works
April 193360Slams And Bouquets
April 193361Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193363Honor Roll
May 19332FrontispieceFrontispieceIgnace Jan Paderewski
May 19333Culbertsons Leave This Month to Arrange International Match
May 19334What the U.S.B.A. Is Doing
May 19336CartoonBridgeWebster
May 19337When I Forgot the Blue BookEly Culbertson
May 19338Not Very Vital StatisticsWill C. Weng
May 193311A Bid That Cost $80,000William J. Huske
May 193311At Last--A Reak Championship!Theodore A. Lightner
May 193313A Manual for SwindlersRobert Neville
May 193315Wild's Wilder Contract ProblemsMorton Wild
May 193317Protection--Defensive OvercallsJames M. Magner, Jr.
May 193319Gentlemen of BridgeGentlemen of Bridge by BridgeWalter Lister
May 193322Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
May 193324Editor's Desk
May 193325The Newest in Bridge Works
May 193327Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
May 193332Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
May 193333Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
May 193334Hands Across the SeaWalter Malowan
May 193335News
May 193340Reading, Ruffing and Arithmetic
May 193341Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193344Honor RollHonor Roll
June 19332FrontispieceFrontispieceCharles M. Schwab
June 19333Last Steps Taken to Assure Real International Bridge Competition
June 19336The Record of the American Team
June 19337Olympic Games in 52 CountriesWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
June 193310Choosing World Olympic HandsOswald Jacoby
June 193314CartoonBridgeWebster
June 193315Why's and Wherefore's of the Bid That Made a Million SlamsLouis H. Watson
June 193317Rank Ranking of the RankersG. M. C.
June 193319Mechanics of the Simple SqueezeCaptain E. T. Barco
June 193321A Diet of Cake Without Any Steak
June 193322Rear Guard Duty in ContractC. C. Read
June 193324We, the PeopleLee Margot Goode
June 193326Painless Bridge DentistryLloyd S. Ackerman
June 193328The Logic Behind the Bridge LawsAlice Phelps Martin
June 193330Pro et CeteraLouis H. Watson
June 193332Editor's Desk
June 193335Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
June 193339News
June 193344Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
June 193345Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
June 193347Hands Across the SeaWalter Malowan
June 193349Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193352Honor RollHonor Roll
June 193353Among the Bridge Teachers
June 193355World Olympic Hands
July 19332FrontispieceSigning The International Contract
July 19333English And American Champions To Battle For Schwab Trophy July 17th
July 19335A Preliminary List Of Qualifiers For The Grand National Championships
July 19337Norwegians Tie With Americans For First Place In Bridge Olympic
July 193313Bridge World Players Win Both Major Contract Events At American Whist League Congress
July 193314A Fatal DiscardEly Culbertson
July 193315Bad Guess Or Bad Play?Theodore A. Lightner
July 193317Conventional And Unconventional And Indefensible Four-Notrump BidsLouis H. Watson
July 193319Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
July 193321Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
July 193324Editor's Desk
July 193326Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
July 193329Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
July 193330Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
July 193333World Olympic Hands-9-16
July 193337News
July 193339Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193342Honor RollMay Honor Roll
July 193343The Newest in Bridge Works
August 19332FrontispieceFrontispieceThe Victorious Americans
August 19333How We Beat the BritishEly Culbertson
August 19339First Franco-American Plafond Match
August 193312Americans Beat Mundy's Direct System Team
August 193313Conneaut Lake Tournament
August 193313New Champions of Southern New England
August 193314Detroiters Win World's Fair Championship
August 193315The 1933 American Bridge Olympic
August 193316Who Won What at the Whist League Congress
August 193318Kibitzing Mister KulbertsonLeslie L. Steindler
August 193319Unusual StrategyWalter Malowan
August 193321Slightly Complex Simple SqueezesCaptain E. T. Barco
August 193323Pro et ContraLouis H. Watson
August 193325Editor's Desk
August 193326Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193327A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
August 193331Gentlemen of BridgeWalter Lister
August 193333Bridge in CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
August 193335Hands Across the SeaWalter Malowan
August 193337Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
August 193344Honor RollJune Honor Roll
September 19334FrontispieceThe Mr. and Mrs. of Contract
September 19335Big Swings In The Anglo-American Match For The World Championship
September 19339The Anglo-American Match As Seen By The British Press
September 193313Only Three Hundred Points Decide Big Event At A B L TournamentRobert Neville
September 193314Olympic Committee "Passes" To U. S. B. A.William B. Tower, Jr.
September 193315U.S.B.A. Matches To Be Held In OctoberGeorge Reith
September 193316And They Call It A System!G. M. C.
September 193319A Tournament For Teams Of TwelveNorman Maul
September 193322Very Indirect Slam InferencesLouis H. Watson
September 193323Earmarks Of The Double SqueezeCaptain E. T. Barco
September 193325Those Inferential ForcesSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193327Can You Count Up To Thirteen?Travis White
September 193329The Professor Looks At LyingA. G. Figgins
September 193333Editor's Desk
September 193335Penalty Doubles And "Flag-Flying"L. D. Hinman
September 193341Pro et Contra
September 193342Among The Bridge Teachers
September 193345Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
September 193348Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
September 193350The Small-Town FanE. D. Nethaway
September 193352Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193358Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
October 19332CartoonBridgeWebster
October 19333The Science Of The Safety PlayEly Culbertson
October 19337Tricks Of The Tournament TradeWaldemar von Zedtwitz
October 193310The Vanderbilt Club ConventionRobert M. Brannon
October 193314The Humble Origin Of WhistCatharine P. Hargrave
October 193319Plotting The Double SqueezeCaptain E. T. Barco
October 193322Burnstine Places First And Miss Murdoch Second In Individual Masters' Event
October 193327Reith Replaces Sims As Champion Of Jersey
October 193328A Statistical Post-Mortem On The Late Individual Championship FracasGeorge Reith
October 193330U.S.B.A. Contests Under Way In Forty States
October 193331Two Hands From The TournamentHoward Schenken
October 193332Vanderbilt Championship Attracts Strong ArrayLieut. A. M. Gruenther
October 193333New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
October 193336Editor's Desk
October 193339Bridge Partners I Have MetLeonard R. Gracy
October 193341Three Studies In Super-DefenseWalter F. Wyman
October 193343Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
October 193345Pro et Contra
October 193347My Bridge DiaryEly Culbertson
October 193351Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
October 193355Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
October 193358Among The Bridge Teachers
October 193362A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
October 193365Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193369Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
November 19336CartoonBridgeWebster
November 19337Time ValuationEly Culbertson
November 193310The Vanderbilt Cup Tournament
November 193312The Contract Bridge Blue Book Of 1934
November 193313How To Win With WinslowCharles S. Lochridge
November 193316An Open Letter To Ely CulbertsonTom Hanes
November 193317Inexpert Expert BridgeGeorge Reith
November 193320Plans And Predictions For The Fourth OlympicWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
November 193321How Laws Are MadeRussell J. Baldwin
November 193324Four Types Of Three-BidDavid Burnstine
November 193325The Slam Double ConventionTheodore A. Lightner
November 193326The Four-Five Notrump Convention Is Not IllegalWilliam J. Huske
November 193327The Fallacy Of The Portland Club's DecisionEly Culbertson
November 193329How To Run A Handicap TournamentA. J. Ferres
November 193331U.S.B.A. City Champions
November 193333A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
November 193336Editor's Desk
November 193339Pro et Contra
November 193343New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
November 193347Among The Bridge Teachers
November 193349The Newest in Bridge Works
November 193351Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
November 193357Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
November 193361Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
November 193363Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193367News
December 19337The Opening HandEly Culbertson
December 193310The Vanderbilt Cup Tournament
December 193314Reminiscences Of A Bridge RegicideW. L. Cary
December 193317Afterthoughts Of A Vanderbilt Axe-VictimEly Culbertson
December 193319Bidding With A Part-ScoreSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193322Contract WhistGeoffrey Mott-Smith
December 193324A Little Common SenseE. M. Lagron
December 193326Qualifiers And Near-Qualifiers For The U. S. B. A. National Championships
December 193328The First U. S. B. A. Regional Tournament
December 193329Heart-Failure Hands From The New Hampshire TournamentGeorge S. Coffin
December 193331Whist Club Approves Slam Conventions
December 193332Concerning A. E. Manning-FosterWalter Malowan
December 193334Pro et Contra
December 193336Editor's Desk
December 193338The 1934 World Bridge Olympic
December 193339New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
December 193341A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
December 193343Paragraphs
December 193345Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
December 193346Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193349News
December 193350The Newest in Bridge Works
December 193351Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
December 193353The Teaching Profession
December 193355Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
December 193361Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
January 19345The A.B.L. Winter Tournament
January 19349Players Quit In Protest Agains Conduct Of Winter Tournament
January 193411The First Grand National
January 193415The Forth-Four Regional Championships
January 193418On Certain Fine Points of the GameGeorge S. Kaufman
January 193420The Culbertson System of 1776Robert M. Brannon
January 193423The Old YearWilliam J. Huske
January 193427Olympic Response Reflects Rise Of "Unknowns"William B. Tower, Jr.
January 193428Valuation vs. IntuitionGeorge Reith
January 193431The Golfers Call it a "Drive"Comte G. de Bellefonds
January 193433The Duple-licate GameG. M. C., Jr.
January 193435The Hall SystemAlbert H. Morehead
January 193436Editor's Desk
January 193439Ely and Buller Exchange Withering Words
January 193442Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
January 193444Aces, Aces Everywhere, Nor Any Right To BidE. Sefi
January 193445The Plafond ConspiracyWilliam J. Huske
January 193447New Tricks for Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
January 193449Pro et Contra
January 193451Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and Worst
January 193453The Teaching Profession
January 193455Paragraphs
January 193457Hands Across the SeaWalter Malowan
January 193460Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193465Bridge in the New York ClubsWill C. Weng
January 193470News
February 19340News
February 19345Page Experts Vanquish Regional Champs At U. S. B. A. Grand NationalMalcolm Logan
February 193411Bridge As A SpectacleWalter Lister
February 193413Grand National Hands
February 193419The Miami Biltmore, Tournament
February 193420The Reign Of HoyleCatharine P. Hargrave
February 193423How To Apply Time Valuation In The Choice Of The Opening LeadEly Culbertson
February 193426To Bid Or Not To Bid In Reverse OrderLieutenant Frank F. Yeager
February 193427How To Win A Knock-Out MatchEdward Hymes, Jr.
February 193428Bad Breaks Or Bad Bridge?Oswald Jacoby
February 193430When Not To Use The 4-5 Notrump ConventionTheodore A. Lightner
February 193432What Are The Odds?Arthur Stein
February 193437Editor's Desk
February 193438Why I Dislike The Approach-Forcing SystemCaptain Ewart Kempson
February 193440Bread Upon The WatersTravis White
February 193443The Eastern Championships
February 193444Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
February 193446New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
February 193448A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
February 193452Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 193455News
February 193457Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
February 193459Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
February 193462Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
February 193464Paragraphs
February 193469The Teaching Profession
February 193471The Newest in Bridge Works
February 193472Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 19345How Bids And Plays Are BornEly Culbertson
March 19349The Real Team-Of-Four MatchMilton C. Work
March 193410Work Adds Two 1934 Championships To His Record
March 193411The Bath (Bawth) Coup (Kugh)Leonard R. Gracy
March 193412The Common Sense SystemJoshua Crane
March 193417Sixes And SevensSydney I. Rusinow
March 193420The Post-Hoyle EraCatharine P. Hargrave
March 193423Cooperation In DefenseGeoffrey Mott-Smith
March 193425The Footnote SystemE. L. Freeland
March 193426The Actual Value Of Low-Card TricksDr. Harold W. Sibert and Charlton Wallace
March 193428The Vanderbilt Club ConventionRobert M. Brannon
March 193432In Defense Of NotrumpWalter Malowan
March 193434Gentlemen Of BridgeBen Ames WilliamsWalter Lister
March 193436Editor's Desk
March 193439The 1934 World Bridge OlympicWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
March 193445New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
March 193448Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
March 193451Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
March 193454Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
March 193455Some Little Known Manifestations Of Contract ParanoiaSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193457News
March 193460Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193465Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193467Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
March 193469The Teaching Profession
March 193470Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
April 19345A New Honor-Sequence LeadSydney Rusinow
April 19346Traps, Snares And PitfallsA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19349That Queen PlayWalter F. Wyman
April 193410Unaccustomed As Am
April 193412What Are The Odds?Arthur Stein
April 193415When Is A New System?G. M. C.
April 193417Leading Against A SlamSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193419The Genealogy Of BridgeR. F. Foster
April 193420A New Method Of Scoring For Duplicate TournamentsVictor R. Smith
April 193424World Bridge Olympic Championships Won In Hungary And AmericaWilliam B. Tower, Jr.
April 193432How You Should Have Bid And Played The World Olympic Hands
April 193437The Eastern Tournament
April 193439Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
April 193440A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
April 193442New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
April 193446The Teaching Profession
April 193449News
April 193451Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
April 193453Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193454Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193458Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
April 193460The Newest in Bridge Works
April 193462Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
April 193464Paragraphs
April 193469Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
May 19345What Price Overcalls?A. Moyse, Jr.
May 19348Obscurity In The LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 193411The Policy Of Suit-ShiftingLouis H. Watson
May 193413There Ain't No Sitch BiddingSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193414How Bids And Plays Are BornEly Culbertson
May 193417A Psychic Bid
May 193418Fixed By PalookasA. Mitchell Barnes
May 193421Careless DoublesWalter Malowan
May 193422The Etymology Of Partnership LanguageR. F. Foster
May 193424Why I Like The Approach-Forcing SystemCharles L. Eastgate
May 193427What Are The Odds?Arthur Stein
May 193429Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 193431Gentlemen Of BridgeWalter Lister
May 193433The Newest in Bridge Works
May 193434Paragraphs
May 193437The Teaching Profession
May 193438A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
May 193441New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
May 193446Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193451Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
May 193453News
May 193457Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
May 193459Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
May 193462Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
May 193464Entre Nous
June 19345A New Suit Preference PlayHy Lavinthal
June 19347Ultra-Artificial BiddingBen Ames Williams
June 193411Psychic SuicideTheodore A. Lightner
June 193413Unethical LadiesGeorge Reith
June 193417Proposed Changes In The LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 193418Opening Notrump BidsAlbert H. Morehead
June 193421Leading From A Three-Card SuitSydney Rusinow
June 193423Exploiting The Enemy's FearEly Culbertson
June 193425Paragraphs
June 193427A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
June 193429Editor's Desk
June 193430New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
June 193433Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193438Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193440The Teaching Profession
June 193442The Twelve Best Players In EnglandJoshua Crane
June 193443Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
June 193446News
June 193449Bridge In CanadaJohn W. Jacobson
June 193451The Newest in Bridge Works
June 193453Bridge In The New York ClubsWill C. Weng
June 193456Peeks And WhispersMadeleine Kerwin
July 19345The Principle Of PreparednessEly Culbertson
July 19347The Suit Pattern SignalHy Lavinthal
July 19349Psychopathic CasesRobert Darvas
July 193411How To Mix A ProblemA. P. Sheinwold
July 193413Winning Knockout PlayWaldemar von Zedtwitz
July 193415A Linnaean Treatise On KibitzersWilliam R. Dodd
July 193419Proposed Changes In ScoringGeoffrey Mott-Smith
July 193421What Are The Odds?Arthur Stein
July 193423An Era Of Peace And RedoublesR. F. Foster
July 193425Why I Like My PartnersWalter F. Wyman
July 193428The Philosophy Of The Correct BidFrank F. Yeager
July 193433Painless HandicappingV. Aylesworth
July 193434Suggestions For A Standard SystemFrank E. Bourget
July 193435The Great Revenge
July 193437Paragraphs
July 193439Responding To Opening Two-BidsEdward G. Ingram
July 193440Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193442New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
July 193445Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
July 193447Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193451News
July 193456Entre Nous
August 19345The First Duplicate GameMilton C. Work
August 19348The Human Side Of Milton C. WorkWalter F. Wyman
August 193413Milton C. Work As Seen By His PartnerOlive Avery Peterson
August 193414The Whist League Congress
August 193417The American Bridge League Summer Tournament
August 193418How To Bid Distributional Grand SlamsJohn T. Westbrook
August 193421The Principle Of PreparednessEly Culbertson
August 193424How To Mix A ProblemA. P. Sheinwold
August 193427Aces On The Left Of KingsLieutenant Frank F. Yeager
August 193428The Colossal Four NotrumpBurton R. Manser
August 193429Bidding Systems In EmbryoR. F. Foster
August 193431Paragraphs
August 193433What Are The Odds?Arthur Stein
August 193435New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
August 193439A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
August 193443Editor's Desk
August 193444Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
August 193446Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193450Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193452News
August 193454Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
August 193456The Newest in Bridge Works
September 193451934 A. B. L. Champions
September 19346Assault, Battery, Shouts, And Murmurs Of The American Bridge League's Fourth Annual Summer Tournament
September 19348Selected Hands Of The A B L Tournament
September 193412The Economy Of HonorsEly Culbertson
September 193415Advanced False-CardingRichard L. Frey
September 193417Use And Abuse Of The 4-5 NotrumpSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193419Ladylike ContractElpay Fall
September 193421Paragraphs
September 193423Don't They Shoot Men Like Lincoln?Charles D. Nethaway
September 193428Editor's Desk
September 193430Horatius At The BridgeHalsey G. Meyer
September 193432Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
September 193435New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
September 193437A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
September 193441The Discovery Of DistributionR. F. Foster
September 193443Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193447Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193449Entre Nous
September 193451News
September 193455Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
October 19343Attacking Trump EntriesEly Culbertson
October 19345Tempo As An Instrument Of DeceptionSydney Rusinow
October 19347Cooperative DoublingRichard L. Frey
October 19349The Purple CowGeoffrey Mott-Smith
October 193411Brilliancy UnrewardedOne of the Brilliant
October 193415Tangled TournamentsCharlton Wallace
October 193418Four-Odd For A Minor GameGeorge Reith
October 193421Ask The SwamiSwami Amoyse
October 193429Paragraphs
October 193432New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
October 193435A Beginner's NotebookSaul H. Kirschenbaum
October 193439Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193449Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 19343The Schwab Trophy Match
November 19345A Bridge Book In EmbryoEly Culbertson
November 19347Nightmares Of A Tournament DirectorGeoffrey Mott-Smith
November 19349A "Natural" Brain-TicklerRichard L. Frey
November 193410Procrastination: The Soul Of TechniqueA. P. Sheinwold
November 193415The Dark AgesA. Moyse, Jr.
November 193416A New Slam ConventionJohn T. Westbrook
November 193419The Eye For ColorGeorge Welcyng
November 193422Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
November 193424New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
November 193426Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193433Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193452Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
December 19345Why The Best Man LosesCharles T. Kennedy
December 193412O Tempora!A. P. Sheinwold
December 193416The Tweed CoupTravis White
December 193418High Lights Of The Schwab Trophy MatchEly Culbertson
December 193423The 1934 Vanderbilt
December 193425Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
December 193430The Meaning Of A ReverseSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193433Paragraphs
December 193434Editorial
December 193437Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193442New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
December 193445Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193447Current Events
December 193451Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
December 193453New Books On Bridge
January 19355At Last, A Culbertson-Sims Match
January 19359Ruff-Discard DiagnosisA. Mitchell Barnes
January 193511Two Notrump As A RebidA. Moyse, Jr.
January 193512Testing Pair SchedulesJacques L. Ach
January 193516The Declarer's RuffersEdward P. Hyde
January 193519Exceptional LecturingEdward C. Wolfe
January 193521A Bridge Robot
January 193523Semi-Two-SuitersTheodore A. Lightner
January 193526The ABL Tournament
January 193529This Game Of TowieWilliam J. Huske
January 193531Hex, OC and R. T. C.George S. Coffin
January 193536The Doctor Looks At ContractDr. Harold Hays
January 193538Editorials
January 193540Experts at Their Best and WorstExperts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
January 193543Paragraphs
January 193546Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193551New Tricks For Old-timesAlbert H. Morehead
January 193555New Books On Bridge
January 193558Current Events
January 193560Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 193562Entre Nous
January 193564Percentage HandicappingWilliam J. Paul
February 19355The New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
February 19358The Forcing RaiseAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 193510The Colossi Gird For Battle
February 193512The U.S.B.A. Grand National
February 193513U.S.B.A. Regional Champions
February 193514Addenda On Howell LuckRussell J. Baldwin
February 193517Ace PlaysWalter F. Wyman
February 193521Unsung Squeeze PlaysCecile Guthrie
February 193523Hand-Making As An Aid To PlayLouis A. Lawrence
February 193525Dual-Bid PercentageGeoffrey Mott-Smith
February 193527Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 193530Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193532An Inter-League Conference About Masters' Points
February 193533New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
February 193536Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
February 193540Paragraphs
February 193541New Books On Bridge
February 193542Current Events
February 193545Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
February 193548The Doctor Looks At ContractDr. Harold Hays
February 193554Entre Nous
February 193556I See By The Papers
March 19355The Distributional NotrumpEly Culbertson
March 19359Culbertson Vs. Sims
March 193511The Adverse Master TrumpAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 193513The U.S.B.A. Grand National
March 193516The Eastern Tournament
March 193517All Sides VulnerableDick Frey
March 193519King PlaysWalter F. Wyman
March 193523The World Olympic Hands
March 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
March 193529New Laws And Scoring
March 193529Editorial
March 193530New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
March 193533Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193535Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193539Paragraphs
March 193542Current Events
March 193547Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
March 193549I See By The Papers
March 193556New Books On Bridge
April 19353The Grand Opening
April 19355Culbertson-Sims Hands
April 19358The New Two-Bid RuleEly Culbertson
April 193511The New Laws: Pro And ConGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 193515The New Laws: Why And WhereforeHarold S. Vanderbilt
April 193517Two Four-Card SuitsTheodore A. Lightner
April 193519InterviewRichard L. Frey: Bridge ChampionGeorge W. Beynon
April 193521Queen PlaysWalter F. Wyman
April 193524The Olympic Champions
April 193528The World Olympic Hands
April 193532The Eastern Tournament
April 193534New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
April 193536Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193540Paragraphs
April 193542Editorial
April 193544Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193549I See By The Papers
April 193551Police News
April 193552Current Events
April 193555New Books On Bridge
April 193559Bridge Goes To School
May 19355A Statistical Post-Mortem On The Culbertson-Sims Match
May 19358Hands And Bon Mots Of The Culbertson-Sims Match
May 193515My Days With CulbertsonRobert M. Brannon
May 193517Rabbits And DogsDick Frey
May 193519More Queen PlaysWalter F. Wyman
May 193521The New LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 193523Paragraphs
May 193524When Not To Hold UpSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
May 193529Uncle Bill On Match PointsA. Moyse, Jr.
May 193530Getting The JumpMitchell Barnes
May 193532New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
May 193536New Books On Bridge
May 193538Current Events
May 193541Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193545Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
May 193548Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 19352Editorial
June 19355Why Force?Ely Culbertson
June 19358Jack PlaysWalter F. Wyman
June 193513More Culbertson-Sims Hands
June 193516An Episode Of 1950 A.D.Edward P. Hyde
June 193519Tall TalesDick Frey
June 193521The A.B.C. Of ProbabilitiesRichard Holmes
June 193523Paragraphs
June 193525Set HandsJ. R. Marsh
June 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
June 193530New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
June 193533Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193536Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193539Skill vs. HonorsTom Stoddard
June 193540Current Events
June 193542A. W. L. Congress
June 193543Addenda On Two-SuitersEdward G. Ingram
June 193544I See By The Papers
June 193546Variety TournamentsE. Reed Whittemore
June 193547New Books On Bridge
July 19353The Bidding Of Semi-Two-SuitersTheodore A. Lightner
July 19356The Revised Suit Pattern SignalHy Lavinthal
July 19359Ten PlaysWalter F. Wyman
July 193512The Effect Of The New ScoringO'Connor de Cordova
July 193514Elective ContractLeonard R. Gracy
July 193517The New Five-Notrump BidM. Porter Walley
July 193519Tall TalesDick Frey
July 193521Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193523Culbertson Contract Bridge Convention
July 193524American Whist League Congress
July 193526New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
July 193530Death Of Carl T. Robertson
July 193532Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193535Current Events
July 193538Hands Across The SeaWalter Malowan
July 193540I See By The PapersGeorge Beynon
August 19351Editorial
August 19353Reaching For GameAlbert H. Morehead
August 19356Thinking Out The PlayDick Frey
August 193510Stripping Them DownF. K. Perkins
August 193514Do Four Aces Admit Failure?
August 193517Spot-Card PlaysWalter F. Wyman
August 193520Paragraphs
August 193522U.S.B.A. Announces Master Points Plan
August 193524Tall TalesDick Frey
August 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
August 193530A Garden Of VersesEthel Jacobson
August 193531New Books On Bridge
August 193534First Masters' Diplomas Issued
August 193536Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193540Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193543Current Events
August 193546I See By The PapersGeorge Beynon
September 19351Editorial
September 19353When Is A Raise Not A Raise? By Dick Frey
September 19356The Deuce You Say! By Alfred P. Sheinwold
September 19359Kindly UnblockCharlton Wallace
September 193511Honors Remain In Duplicate
September 193513Counting The HandsTheodore A. Lightner
September 193514CatherineRobert M. Brannon
September 193519More Spot-Card PlaysWalter F. Wyman
September 193522Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
September 193527First Masters Of BridgeGeorge W. Beynon
September 193529New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
September 193532Fall Contract Bridge Conventions
September 193535Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193537Tall TalesDick Frey
September 193540Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193543Asbury Park Tournament
September 193543Current Events
September 193547I See By The PapersGeorge W. Beynon
October 19355Good PartnershipAlbert H. Morehead
October 19358MurdersEdwin Victor Westrate
October 19359Count Before You PlayF. K. Perkins
October 193512BackfireAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 193516The Counter-SqueezeMichael F. Cassel
October 193517What I Know About HonorsAlbert H. Morehead
October 193521The Backstage Production Of The World Bridge Olympic
October 193523Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
October 193527Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193530Tall TalesTall Tales Contest EndsDick Frey
October 193532Activities Among Teachers
October 193534Awarding City Master Points
October 193536Paragraphs
October 193537The Jump Overcall Vs. The Takeout DoubleReese Coleman
October 193538If I'd The KingRoberta Anderson Hooper
October 193539Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193543Death Of Gratz Scott
October 193543Current Events
October 193545I See By The PapersGeorge W. Beynon
November 19355Algy Meets The KingAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 19359FinesseW. Reginald Lewis
November 193511Highway RobberySamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193513Two-Suited RebidsEdward G. Ingram
November 193515The Laws Of ForceWalter F. Wyman
November 193519Tops and BottomsDick Frey
November 193523Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
November 193526The Bridge Vox PopuliGeorge W. Beynon
November 193528Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193531Paragraphs
November 193533The Teacher's Point Of ViewOlive Avery Peterson and Nan P. DeWolf
November 193535Bridge By Radio
November 193536Crockford's Of Chicago Opens
November 193537Current Events
November 193539Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193542New Books On Bridge
November 193544New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
November 193548I See By The PapersGeorge W. Beynon
December 19355Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
December 19357Why No Merger?Albert H. Morehead
December 19359Truth TriumphantAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 193512All That GlittersCarl S. Uhrig
December 193513Bridge TournamentW. B. France
December 193514The Laws Of ForceWalter F. Wyman
December 193516Teaching BeginnersMrs. A. J. Grace
December 193518That Triple PlayMajor E. T. Barco
December 193520Tops and BottomsDick Frey
December 193526Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
December 193528How Hands Are MadeA. Moyse, Jr.
December 193530The National Drive For Master PointsGeorge W. Beynon
December 193532Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193533Current Events
December 193535Paragraphs
December 193537Master Teachers
December 193540I See By The Papers
December 193543New Books On Bridge
December 193544Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193548Readers' Forum
January 19365The Opponents' SuitSaxon Fairwood
January 19367Atlantic National Tournament
January 19368Industry Takes Up BridgeCharlton Wallace
January 193610The Jump RebidAlbert H. Morehead
January 193613Bridge A La Wrestlers
January 193616The New Duplicate LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
January 193618Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
January 193621Tops and BottomsDick Frey
January 193623Bridge For The Blind
January 193624The Hand That FailedA. Moyse, Jr.
January 193626Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 193628The Year In Contract Bridge
January 193629Bridge College Organized
January 193630Nothing But FirstsGeorge W. Beynon
January 193632Paragraphs
January 193634The Chicago Tournament
January 193637I See By The Papers
January 193641Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193644New Books On Bridge
January 193645U.S. Team Wins Radio Match
January 193648Readers' Forum
February 19365Asking BidsEly Culbertson
February 19369Devils And DragonsF. K. Perkins
February 193612The New Duplicate LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
February 193614Wild BridgeMorton Wild
February 193616The Laws Of ForceWalter F. Wyman
February 193619Paragraphs
February 193620Tops and BottomsDick Frey
February 193623New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
February 193625A New Field For Contract TeachersTheodosia V. N. Emery
February 193626Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
February 193628Current Events
February 193630Aces Drop Suit
February 193630Blind In Bridge Match February 11
February 193631Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193632New Books On Bridge
February 193633Experts at Their Best and WorstEly Culbertson
February 193636American Team Beats French
February 193637Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 19365Louis H. Watson Dies In New York
March 19367Jump Asking BidsEly Culbertson
March 193610Upside DownFrank K. Perkins
March 193613Ring In The NewSaxon Fairwood
March 193615Grand National, March 30
March 193616Atlantic Championships
March 193618Some New End-PlaysGeorge S. Coffin
March 193621Rulings On The Duplicate Code
March 193622Conventions On Pacific Coast
March 193626Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193628Tops and BottomsRichard L. Frey
March 193630Eastern Championships
March 193630Void-Showing Bid Eliminated
March 193630Western National Tournament
March 193631Current Events
March 193633Blind Players Win Match
March 193634The Fifth World Bridge Olympic
March 193638Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 19365Asking Bids In The Opponents' SuitEly Culbertson
April 19368Grand National Under Way
April 19369Red HerringsAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 193613The Grand Slam ForceJosephine Culbertson
April 193615Club Bridge, A SatireDorothy Rice Sims
April 193618Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
April 193620Systematized ReadingGodfrey Moore
April 193621The 1936 Olympic Winners
April 193623The 1936 Olympic Hands
April 193627Pacific Coast Conventions
April 193627Tenth Eastern Championships
April 193628Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193629New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
April 193631Tops and BottomsDick Frey
April 193633Paragraphs
April 193634Current Events
April 193635Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193638Chain Gang Gets Card Trickster
April 193639Triangular International Match
April 193641New Books On Bridge
April 193648Readers' Forum
May 19365The Two-Way Three-BidEly Culbertson
May 19369The AbacusFrank K. Perkins
May 193613The Grand National
May 193615EstheticsW. H. Gharrity
May 193617The Wages Of Sin
May 193618The Swami ReturnsSwami Amoyse
May 193619Them Wor The DaysWalter F. Wyman
May 193622Contract Bridge Conventions
May 193624Keeping Peace In The FamilyMabel and Richard L. Frey
May 193626Raymond Serves TeaSaxon Fairwood
May 193627Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 193629Tops and BottomsDick Frey
May 193632I See By The Papers
May 193633Current Events
May 193635Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193641Paragraphs
June 19365Bridge Vindicated
June 19367Haiti NightsDorothy Rice Sims
June 19369Safety AlwaysE. A. Knight
June 193612U.S.B.A. Summer Tournament
June 193613Clarifying Four NotrumpAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 193615On GuardFrank K. Perkins
June 193619New Books On Bridge
June 193621Prelude And SlamLee Margot Goode
June 193623A Way To Win Five Dollars
June 193625Par ContractF. Dudley Courtenay
June 193629Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
June 193631The Laws Of ForceWalter F. Wyman
June 193635Tops and BottomsDick Frey
June 193638U.S.B.A. Plans Big YearGeorge W. Beynon
June 193639New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
June 193642Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193643Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193648Whist League Tournament
July 19365The Major HandJohn T. Westbrook
July 19368Inevitable Standardization
July 193610Better Luck In PlayMelvin G. Faris
July 193613Are You An Owl?Hubbard Hoover
July 193614The Palooka LadderAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 193618Slams By MailA. Moyse, Jr.
July 193622Asbury Park Tournament
July 193623Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
July 193625A Little Correspondence
July 193627A Few PlaysE. A. Knight
July 193629New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
July 193631Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193632Family PrideLaila Culbertson Jarvis
July 193633Tops and BottomsDick Frey
July 193636The Latest Crockford's Club
July 193637Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193641Paragraphs
July 193643Current Events
July 193644The Point Of Master PointsGeorge W. Beynon
July 193646The Great Libel Case Ends
August 19365Cannon To Right Of ThemFrank K. Perkins
August 19369PsychologySamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193612Suit-Directing ConventionWm. E. McKenney
August 193615Better Team MovementsJacques S. Ach
August 193619Super SafetyMichael F. Cassel
August 193620Better Luck In PlayMelvin G. Faris
August 193624Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
August 193627Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193628Tops and BottomsDick Frey
August 193631Next Year's BridgeGeorge W. Beynon
August 193633New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
August 193637Current Events
August 193638I See By The Papers
August 193639Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193642Paragraphs
August 193648Readers' Forum
September 19365Logical ExtensionA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19367Cannon To Left Of ThemFrank K. Perkins
September 193611The Asbury Tournament
September 193613Charity BridgeGeorge Coffin
September 193614Modern Suit BiddingArthur N. Cowperthwait
September 193615Interlocking HowellsJacques L. Ach
September 193618Sitting BirdsCecile Guthrie
September 193619High-Brow StuffAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 193621The Two-Notrump ResponseEdward G. Ingram
September 193623Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
September 193625Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193627Tops and BottomsDick Frey
September 193631New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
September 193633Paragraphs
September 193635New Books On Bridge
September 193636Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193640Tournament DirectionGeorge W. Beynon
September 193643The Triangular Match
September 193645Current Events
September 193647Austrians Win At Stockholm
October 19365The West Juggles Asking BidsMaureen O'Brien
October 19368You're Fooling Me!George Coffin
October 19369The Gentle Art Of BurglaryFrank K. Perkins
October 193612The Tiger's TailSaxon Fairwood
October 193613The Dear Dead DaysGeoffrey Mott-Smith
October 193615The Trump LoserJohn C. Stablein
October 193617Bridge's ArkEly Culbertson
October 193619SpiceAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 193623The Plan's The ThingArthur N. Cowperthwait
October 193624End All Bridge ArgumentsLorin Nusbaum
October 193625Stepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
October 193628Tops and BottomsDick Frey
October 193631New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
October 193635Season's Plan Under WayGeorge W. Beynon
October 193637Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193639Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193643Current Events
November 19365The Sign-OffSaxon Fairwood
November 19367Bridge-WorkSamuel Block
November 19368International Control
November 193611Plot And CounterplotAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 193615Taking An AceNorman Frankel
November 193616Bridge Aboard The ArkEly Culbertson
November 193618A Household GameW. H. Steegar
November 193620Good Luck--PlusFrank K. Perkins
November 193623A. B. L. Winter Tournament
November 193624Choice Of Suits In The Responding HandJohn C. Stablein
November 193625A Fine PointGeorge Coffin
November 193626School DaysHarold Sharpsteen
November 193628Don't Fight The CardsWalter F. Wyman
November 193630The Proof Of The PuddingGeorge W. Beynon
November 193631Current Events
November 193633Tops and BottomsDick Frey
November 193638Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193640Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193644Paragraphs
December 19365Partners Two-SuiterTurner Hodges
December 19369I Ask YouA. S. Watson
December 193610Cut-Throat ContractS. B. Fishburne
December 193612The Vanderbilt Tournament
December 193613How Will They Split?Alfred P. Sheinwold
December 193616Easy AcesGeorge Coffin
December 193618Vital TricksFrank K. Perkins
December 193620A Coffee-House To End All Coffee-HousesStewart W. Bowers
December 193621Country BridgeE. A. Knight
December 193625New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
December 193627U.S.B.A. State ChampionshipsGeorge W. Beynon
December 193629Current Events
December 193631Tops and BottomsDick Frey
December 193634Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193635New Books On Bridge
December 193637Paragraphs
December 193641Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193645A Great Player DiesWilliam J. Huske
January 19373Feature ArticleBridge And The CrowdEly Culbertson
January 19376Feature ArticleGreat Lakes National
January 19377Feature ArticleI Encounter Mr. V.Dorothy Rice Sims
January 19378Feature ArticleHelen Takes A HandAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 193711Feature ArticleHow To Tell A Coup From A CoupeWalter F. Wyman and John Ely Burchard
January 193715Feature ArticleShould You Bid It?Saxon Fairwood
January 193719Feature ArticleThose Extra TricksFrank K. Perkins
January 193723Feature ArticleFrillsJohn C. Stablein
January 193726Feature ArticleDoctors Of BridgeAlbert H. Morehead
January 193728Feature ArticleIf Bids Could TalkArthur N. Cowperthwait
January 193731Feature ArticleBeware The GreeksMichael F. Cassel
January 193732Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 193733Tops and BottomsDick Frey
January 193736Paragraphs
January 193737Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193741Current Events
January 193742Feature ArticleAtlantic NationalGeorge W. Beynon
January 193746Readers' Forum
February 19375Feature ArticleJo-JotteEly Culbertson
February 19377Feature ArticleGreat Lakes Tournament
February 19379Feature ArticleBridge Without BloodshedAlan S. Watson
February 193710Feature ArticleScaramoucheStewart W. Bowers
February 193712Feature ArticleAn End RunGeorge Coffin
February 193713Feature ArticleHow To Tell A Coup From A CoupeWalter F. Wyman and John Ely Burchard
February 193718Feature ArticleBridge BrawlsFrank K. Perkins
February 193722Feature ArticleStepping Stones To SkillTurner Hodges
February 193724Feature ArticleHow Good Are You?
February 193726New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
February 193728I See By The Papers
February 193729Tops and BottomsDick Frey
February 193731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193733Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 193737Feature ArticleJimmy Makes The GradeGeorge W. Beynon
February 193738New Books On Bridge
February 193740Paragraphs
February 193742Feature ArticleCrockford's: A National Club
February 193744Current Events
February 193748Readers' Forum
March 19375Feature ArticleCulbertson System: 1937Josephine Culbertson
March 19379Feature ArticleSatan Takes A HandAlan S. Watson
March 193711Feature ArticleTragedy In South AfricaMichael Liebson
March 193713Feature ArticleRanking America's Bridge PlayersP. Hal Sims
March 193716Feature ArticleWin By Keeping The ScoreWilliam Allen Smith, Jr.
March 193720Feature ArticleAtlantic National
March 193722Feature ArticleA Number From One To TenGeorge W. Beynon
March 193724Ely Culbertson Says
March 193726Tops and BottomsDick Frey
March 193728Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193733Current Events
March 193735Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193736Feature ArticleLectures At Crockford's
March 193737Readers' Forum
March 193740Feature ArticleJo-Jotte Official Scoring
March 193741Feature ArticleJo-JotteEly Culbertson
April 19375Feature ArticleIllustrating '37 SystemJosephine Culbertson
April 19377Feature ArticleGrand National This Month!
April 19379Feature ArticleThe Perfect Player
April 193711Feature ArticleCruelty To Bridge HandsM. P. Coyne
April 193712Feature ArticleDon't Trust A BlondeF. K. Perkins
April 193714Feature ArticleThirteen-Card Suits Lose Value
April 193715Feature ArticlePutting On An ActAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 193717Feature ArticleJo-Jotte BiddingEly Culbertson
April 193718Feature ArticleA Couple Of Jo-Jotte HandsEly Culbertson
April 193721Feature ArticleA Card Renaissance
April 193723Feature ArticleFinesse ObligeGeorge Coffin
April 193724Ely Culbertson Says
April 193726Feature ArticleA New System--That's Different
April 193729Feature ArticleHow Aces Are Shown--And Shown Up
April 193730Feature ArticleWhat Makes A Bridge Club Go?
April 193732New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
April 193734Current Events
April 193735Feature ArticleA Standing "ACCEPTANCE"
April 193737Feature ArticleThe Olympic Is On April 7
April 193741Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193742Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193746Readers' Forum
May 19375Feature ArticleHow We Fought Beelzebub And MephistophelesRobert Darvas
May 19377Feature ArticleWho's A Dummy?Frank K. Perkins
May 19379Feature ArticleFinessesPierre Bellanger
May 193712Feature ArticleTo New TeachersMrs. Charles Geissler
May 193714What Do You Know?
May 193715Feature ArticleMore Cut-ThroatS. B. Fishburne
May 193717Feature ArticleThe Annual Joke
May 193718Feature ArticleThe Odd-Even SignalHarry W. Falk
May 193720Feature ArticleJo-JotteEly Culbertson
May 193724Ely Culbertson Says
May 193726Feature ArticleOlympic Hands Analyzed
May 193730Feature ArticleMaster Players And Master Points
May 193731Feature ArticleLet's Look At The RecordGeorge W. Beynon
May 193732Feature ArticleInternational Tournament
May 193734Current Events
May 193735Tops and BottomsDick Frey
May 193739Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 193740Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193745Paragraphs
May 193746Readers' Forum
June 19375Feature ArticlePitt's GambitGeorge Coffin
June 19376Feature ArticleThe Embarrassing ResponseTurner Hodges
June 19378Feature ArticleThe Truth About Master PointsGeorge Reith
June 193711Feature ArticleThe Strip-TeaseFrank K. Perkins
June 193713Feature ArticleResults And Hands From Grand National
June 193717Feature ArticleThree-Hand Jo-JotteA. M. Sobel
June 193721Feature ArticleMore Olympic Hands Analyzed
June 193724Feature ArticleInternational Tournament At Budapest
June 193726Feature ArticleDebate-Should Bridge Be Abolished? "No, Never!"C. P. Anderson
June 193727Feature ArticleDebate-Should Bridge Be Abolished? "Yessir,"Silas Bent
June 193729Readers' Forum
June 193730Current Events
June 193731Feature ArticleBehind The Scenes Of A TournamentA. M. Sobel
June 193732Feature ArticleProblemCharles J. Wissing
June 193733Feature ArticleThe Capture Of QuebecA. Gargoyle
June 193734Feature ArticleAnnual A. W. L. Congress
June 193735New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
June 193738Feature ArticleReviews Of New Books
June 193740Tops and BottomsRichard L. Frey
June 193743Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193745Feature ArticleDuplicate Laws Committee Meets
June 193746Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 19375Feature ArticleAustria Wins At Budapest
July 19377Feature ArticleBread And ButterFrank K. Perkins
July 19379What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
July 193710Feature ArticleContract Troubles--DoubledSamuel Block
July 193711Feature ArticleOlympic Winners Decided
July 193713Feature ArticleStrategy At Three-Hand Jo-JotteA. M. Sobel
July 193715Feature ArticleThe MayflowerA. Gargoyle
July 193716Feature ArticleShut Your EyesTurner Hodges
July 193718Feature ArticleTempoA. Moyse, Jr.
July 193719Feature ArticleA Hoax PlayJacob A. Cantor, M.D.
July 193720Feature ArticleJetsamGeorge Coffin
July 193721Feature ArticleA New FreakCharlton Wallace
July 193722Feature ArticleMistakesCharles C. Vogelhofer
July 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen--Series I
July 193727New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
July 193730Feature ArticleNo More Entry FeesGeorge W. Beynon
July 193732Feature ArticleWhist League Congress
July 193733Feature ArticleThe "Well-Known Southerner" Replies
July 193735Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193736Feature ArticleNuts About BridgeAlan S. Watson
July 193738Current Events
July 193739Tops and BottomsDick Frey
July 193742Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193745Feature ArticleBridge Officials Married
July 193746Readers' Forum
August 19373Feature ArticleBridge Thinking Only Confuses You--Maybe!William Allen Smith
August 19375Feature ArticleDanger--Keep Out!Frank K. Perkins
August 19377Feature ArticleHands From Budapest
August 193711Feature ArticleFuture World Tournaments
August 193712Feature ArticleYou Are On A SpotTurner Hodges
August 193715Feature ArticleIf-BidsEdward P. Hyde
August 193717Feature ArticleDiamond Cuts DiamondC. J. Tjon-Aman
August 193718Feature ArticleStrictly UnethicalAlan S. Watson
August 193720Feature ArticleMy Experience With Asking BidsSam D. Holt
August 193722Feature ArticleAn Al-Legory In ScotchA. M. Sobel
August 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
August 193727Feature ArticleThe Reverse SignalE. K. O'Brien
August 193729What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
August 193730Feature ArticleNullo ContendereGeorge Coffin
August 193731Feature ArticleDuplicate DiscussionClaude V. J. Wolsch
August 193733Feature ArticleSuccess StoryGeorge W. Beynon
August 193735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193739Tops and BottomsDick Frey
August 193742Feature ArticleJo-Jotte In DuplicateJacques L. Ach and Charles T. Kennedy
August 193745Feature ArticleDeath Of Commander Liggett
August 193746Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193748Paragraphs
September 19375Feature ArticleBlock That Suit!Alfred P. Sheinwold
September 19378Feature ArticleSolutions--First Series (Problems Of The Queen)
September 193710Feature ArticleWhere Do We Go From Here?Turner Hodges
September 193713Feature ArticleTake Out InsuranceJ. C. Stablein
September 193715Feature ArticleTournament Director?-Bah!A. M. Sobel
September 193717Feature ArticleLucky BridgeF. K. Perkins
September 193720What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
September 193721Feature ArticleIf Bids Could TalkArthur N. Cowperthwait
September 193723Feature ArticleThe Boston Bridge PartyJeremy Claptrap
September 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
September 193727Feature ArticleBridge Thinking Only Confuses You--Maybe!William Allen Smith
September 193729Feature ArticleDepartment Store BridgeJ. Edward Morrow
September 193732Feature ArticlePair ProcedureGeorge W. Beynon
September 193733Current Events
September 193734Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193737Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193741Tops and BottomsDick Frey
September 193745Paragraphs
September 193747Readers' Forum
October 19377Feature ArticleTwo-And-A-Half SpadesSaxon Fairwood
October 193710Feature ArticleTime!Frank K. Perkins
October 193713Feature ArticleIn AmericaDr. Fritz Biermann
October 193714What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
October 193715Feature ArticleMore About BlockingAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 193718Feature ArticleCulbertsons Back In America
October 193719Feature ArticleBridge Thinking Only Confuses You--Maybe!William Allen Smith
October 193721Feature ArticleSolutions--Second Series (Problems Of The Queen)
October 193724Ely Culbertson Says
October 193726Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
October 193729Feature ArticleThe Squeeze CoupJay J. Lennon
October 193731Feature ArticleBurning IssuesGeorge W. Beynon
October 193733Feature ArticleContract Calendar
October 193734Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193736Tops and BottomsDick Frey
October 193741Feature ArticleCrockford's Clamps Down
October 193742Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193745New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
October 193748Readers' Forum
November 19377Feature ArticleA New League Appears
November 193710Feature ArticleRing In The NewWilliam E. McKenney
November 193712Feature ArticleLet The Trumps WaitSamuel Bader
November 193715Feature ArticleTwo NotrumpAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 193718Feature ArticleTemptationF. K. Perkins
November 193720Feature ArticleNew League Holds Tournaments
November 193721Feature ArticleVengeanceDr. Fritz Biermann
November 193722What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
November 193723Feature ArticleDon't Tell My WifeMajor J. Vaughan
November 193724Ely Culbertson Says
November 193729Feature ArticleNational Championships At Washington
November 193730Feature ArticleSolutions--Third Series, Problems Of The Queen
November 193733Feature ArticleVanderbilt Tournament, November 16-20
November 193734Feature ArticleExamining A Nation
November 193736Feature ArticleThe Hustlers Make News
November 193737Tops and BottomsDick Frey
November 193741Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193743Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193746Readers' Forum
December 19375Feature ArticleCulbertson System: 1938
December 19379Feature ArticleThe New League
December 193711Feature ArticleFarewell To WarfareGeorge W. Beynon
December 193712Feature ArticleReverse BiddingAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 193715Feature ArticleToo FamiliarJohn C. Stablein
December 193717Feature ArticleBridge SlanguageProf. Alexis M. Sobelowitch
December 193719What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
December 193720Feature ArticleInside The Ivory DomeWilliam Allen Smith
December 193722Feature ArticleA Country Girl's BridgeMame Riordan
December 193726Ely Culbertson Says
December 193729Feature ArticleThe Four Little BunniesGeorge Coffin
December 193730Feature ArticleA Question Of EthicsJeremy Claptrap
December 193731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193732Feature ArticleContract Bridge As An Instrument For Early Social AdjustmentHelen Berry Baker
December 193735Feature ArticleIn Praise Of Problems
December 193739New Books On Bridge
December 193741Readers' Forum
December 193742Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193746Feature ArticleHands From Australia
January 19385Feature ArticleThe Intermediate ZoneEly Culbertson
January 19389Feature ArticleThe Laconia CoupGeorge Coffin
January 193810Feature ArticleRuff And SluffJay Lennon, Jr.
January 193812Feature ArticleFirst A. C. B. L. Tournament
January 193815What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
January 193816Feature ArticleDon't Be BrutalF. K. Perkins
January 193819Feature ArticleModern Notrump BiddingArthur N. Cowperthwait
January 193821Feature ArticleOn Playing BridgeHenry C. Link
January 193822Feature ArticleThe Killjoy CoupGeorge Coffin
January 193823Paragraphs
January 193824Feature ArticleTwin MitchellsGeorge W. Beynon
January 193826Feature ArticlePost-Graduate SqueezesE. T. Barco
January 193829Feature ArticleRegarding A. C. B. L. MembershipWilliam E. McKenney
January 193830Feature ArticleNational Rating PlanA. M. Sobel
January 193832Feature ArticleThe Perfect SystemC. E. Floyd
January 193833Feature ArticleThe Worthless LegacyNorman Frankel
January 193836Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193840Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
February 19385Feature ArticleWhere To Bid GameEly Culbertson
February 193810Feature ArticleThe BreaksF. K. Perkins
February 193813Feature ArticleEastern Championships For February
February 193814Feature ArticleProgress Of The A.C.B.L
February 193815Feature ArticleMostly HeresyAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 193817Feature ArticleThe Opening LeadWilliam E. McKenney
February 193820Feature ArticleIt Pays To PassA. Moyse, Jr.
February 193823Feature ArticleWorld Bridge Olympic April 20
February 193824Paragraphs
February 193825Feature ArticlePictures
February 193826Feature ArticleWhat Are Ethics?Turner Hodges
February 193829What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
February 193830Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193832Feature ArticleThe Backwoods Of BridgeLouis N. Sarbach
February 193833Feature ArticleI. B. L. News
February 193834Feature ArticleCulbertson "WINS"
February 193838New Tricks For Old TimersAlbert H. Morehead
February 193842Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 193846Readers' Forum
February 193848Current Events
March 19385Feature ArticleBridge With Five Suits
March 19388Feature ArticleThe Wolfboro CoupGeorge Coffin
March 19389Feature ArticleFinding The Trump SuitEly Culbertson
March 193814Feature ArticleGiving The Show AwayAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 193818Feature ArticleDummy UpR. F. Foster
March 193820Feature ArticleWhen Not To Miss GameJohn C. Stablein
March 193822Feature ArticleMental GroovesF. K. Perkins
March 193825Feature ArticleAunt Kit Tries DuplicateR. H. Edney
March 193827What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
March 193828New Books On Bridge
March 193830Feature ArticleGame Values And Flag-FlyingArthur Wales
March 193834Paragraphs
March 193836Feature ArticleThe Viennese System
March 193837Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 193839Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193843Feature ArticleTournament Calendar
March 193844Readers' Forum
March 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
April 19385Feature ArticleFive-Suit Bridge Is Here
April 19387Feature ArticleThe First Question In Five-Suit Bridge
April 193810Feature ArticleFive-Suit Auction
April 193812Feature ArticleDamages: $1,000,000
April 193815Feature ArticleSlam Bidding SimplifiedJosephine Culbertson
April 193818Feature ArticleThree Big Tournaments On The Bill For April
April 193819Feature ArticleComing Master-Point Tournaments
April 193820What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
April 193821Feature ArticleThirteen-Our Friend!
April 193824Ely Culbertson Says
April 193827Feature ArticleCulbertson System Of Five-Suit Bridge
April 193828Feature ArticleAn Open Letter
April 193829Feature ArticleDiscardsAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 193832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193833Feature ArticleBetter RebidsJohn C. Stablein
April 193835Feature ArticleBack-Seat DriversFrances G. Tyler
April 193837Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
April 193839Current Events
April 193841Feature ArticleBarclay's RankingAlbert H. Morehead
April 193843Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
May 19385Feature ArticleChoosing The Best BidSaxon Fairwood
May 19387Feature ArticleWhy Not SimplicityGene Collett
May 19388Feature ArticleAces Win Vanderbilt Cup
May 19389Feature ArticleEcker Wins Masters Individual
May 193810Feature ArticleBoards Test Bridge Skill
May 193811Feature ArticleWhat Happened?Dick Frey
May 193814Feature ArticleThe King's GambitGeorge Coffin
May 193816Feature ArticleBidding For Our OpponentsSamuel M. Stayman
May 193818Feature ArticleA Unique Bridge LessonWinston Bell
May 193820What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
May 193821Feature ArticleTeachers Study Five-Suit
May 193822Feature ArticleSymposium On Five-SuitA. Moyse, Jr.
May 193825Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 193826Current Events
May 193828Feature ArticleLikes And DislikesHarry Seymour
May 193829Feature ArticleThoughtlessness!Frank K. Perkins
May 193831Feature ArticleAnalysis Of Olympic Deals 1-8
May 193835Ely Culbertson Says
May 193838Feature ArticleUnsafe Safety PlaysEdward N. Roberts
May 193839Feature ArticleDiscards As SignalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 193842Readers' Forum
May 193844Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 19383Feature ArticleStolen FruitsJohn C. Stablein
June 19386Feature ArticleExperts, Hah, Hah!A. Moyse, Jr.
June 19387Feature ArticleFools Rush InGeorge Coffin
June 19389Feature ArticleSuperstition, Slang, And SlamsSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193811Feature ArticleBrainstormsFrank K. Perkins
June 193813Feature ArticleCanadian-American Tournament
June 193816Feature ArticleChildren's Bridge Party
June 193817Feature ArticleUnusual Choice Of SuitsSamuel M. Stayman
June 193820What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
June 193821Feature ArticleDiscarding For TricksAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 193825Feature ArticleStrong Defensive BidsSaxon Fairwood
June 193828Feature ArticleAsbury Tournament Scheduled
June 193829Ely Culbertson Says
June 193831Feature ArticleWinners Of The 1938 Olympic
June 193833Feature ArticleOlympic Deals 9-16
June 193837Current Events
June 193839Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193843Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193845Feature ArticleRead Or Play?
July 19383Feature ArticleUneasy AcesAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 19386Feature ArticleGentlemen Of Bridge: Nate B. Spingold
July 19387Feature ArticleLuck And Skill At BridgeR. F. Foster
July 19389Feature ArticleFussy Two-SuitersFrank K. Perkins
July 193811Feature ArticleThat Extra TrickFrederick Schweer
July 193814Feature ArticleSuper-Par BridgeGeoffrey Mott-Smith
July 193816Feature ArticleAway With Rubbers!A. Moyse, Jr.
July 193818Feature ArticleA Director Turns PlayerA. M. Sobel
July 193820What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
July 193821Feature ArticleApplied PsychologyRobert Darvas
July 193824Feature ArticleMake 'Em SweatGeorge Coffin
July 193826Feature ArticleHow Do You Count 13?Arthur N. Cowperthwait
July 193827Feature ArticleThe League's First YearWilliam J. Huske
July 193828Feature ArticleThat Jump To GameSaxon Fairwood
July 193833Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
July 193834Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 193835Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193838Current Events
July 193840Readers' Forum
July 193842Ely Culbertson Says
July 193844Feature ArticleOlympic World Champions
July 193846Feature ArticleNew Events Scheduled At Asbury Tournament
August 19383Feature ArticleThe Caterpillar ClubJohn C. Stablein
August 19386Feature ArticleAsbury Park HighlightsAlphonse Moyse
August 193810Feature ArticleAre Safety Plays An Illusion?Terence Reese
August 193811Feature ArticleOh, Mr. Director!A. M. Sobel
August 193813Feature ArticleAlgy Takes A LessonAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 193816Feature ArticleGhosts Of AuctionF. K. Perkins
August 193818Feature ArticleSuicide SqueezeDick Frey
August 193821Feature ArticleBush League BridgeGeorge W. Beynon
August 193823Feature ArticleDr. Hyde PrescribesHarry Kobler
August 193824Ely Culbertson Says
August 193826Feature ArticleThe New Trump EchoAndrew C. Locke
August 193828Feature ArticleInternational Bridge League
August 193829What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
August 193830Feature ArticleCavendish Cub Cavils At Canine
August 193830Feature ArticleMrs. Farrelly Withdraws Suit
August 193832Feature ArticleBridge As An IndustryWilliam E. McKenney
August 193834Feature ArticleThe Appendix Movement
August 193836Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193838Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
August 193839Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193843Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
August 193844Feature ArticleThe Hoogli SystemJeremy Claptrap
September 19382Feature ArticleBridge Takes To The Open Air
September 19385Feature ArticleThe Blackwood ConventionEasley Blackwood
September 19389Feature ArticleThe Next Bridge WorldAlan S. Watson
September 193811Feature ArticleThey Call It DuplicateA. M. Sobel
September 193814Feature ArticleSnow White And The Seven FinessesGeorge Coffin
September 193816Feature ArticleThe Tentative DoubleAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 193819Feature ArticleAsbury Park TournamentDick Frey
September 193823Feature ArticlePushed By PopF. F. Holmes
September 193824Ely Culbertson Says
September 193826Feature ArticleBridge, Bidding, And The BookRobert M. Brannon
September 193829Feature ArticleThe Big Bad WolfF. K. Perkins
September 193831Feature ArticleCulbertson Lecture Tour
September 193832Feature ArticlePreferencesJohn C. Stablein
September 193834What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
September 193835Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
September 193836Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193839Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193841Feature ArticleCulbertson Teachers' Conventions
September 193841Feature ArticleMrs. Culbertson's Book A Triumph
September 193842Current Events
September 193844Feature ArticleThe Feud Ends--We Hope
September 193846Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
October 19383Feature ArticleTwo Chess Players Turn To BridgeBruno Grunewald
October 19387Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The ProfessorRobert M. Brannon
October 193810Feature ArticleWhy Choose?Alfred P. Sheinwold
October 193813Feature ArticleGone With The WavesHarold Sharpsteen
October 193815Feature ArticleOpening A TrumpHenry Woods
October 193819Feature ArticleThe Cardboard CourtBertha C. Dyers
October 193821Feature ArticleKing Of ClubsFrank K. Perkins
October 193823Feature ArticleThe Case Of The Coroner's VerdictDick Frey
October 193824Ely Culbertson Says
October 193826Feature ArticleThree NotrumpJohn C. Stablein
October 193829Feature ArticleBridge HandicapsPhilip Bernstein
October 193830Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193832Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
October 193833Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193835Feature ArticleBridge Pilot Tours Contract High Spots
October 193836Feature ArticleWinter National Plans Under Way
October 193837What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
October 193840Readers' Forum
October 193843Current Events
October 193844Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
October 193845Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
November 19384Feature ArticleRevenge Will Be SweetOlga Ross
November 19385Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson Three-Bid
November 19389Feature ArticleDopey Does His StuffGeorge Coffin
November 193811Feature ArticleCoffeeAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 193814Feature ArticleTwo GiantsRobert Darvas
November 193816Feature ArticlePlan Your PlayArthur N. Cowperthwait
November 193818Feature ArticleThe PathfinderJohn C. Stablein
November 193821Feature ArticleDeuces Wild At ContractR. F. Foster
November 193823Ely Culbertson Says
November 193826Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The Professor - Part IIRobert M. Brannon
November 193830Feature ArticleNational Tournament Returns To Cleveland
November 193831Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193833Feature ArticleEly Culbertson On A World Tour
November 193834Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
November 193836What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
November 193837Feature ArticleCulbertson Lecture Tour
November 193838Current Events
November 193840Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193843Readers' Forum
November 193845Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
December 19384Feature ArticleBridge!Samuel J. Allard
December 19385Feature Article90% BusinessAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 19389Feature ArticleWould You Take The Queen?Bruno Grunewald
December 193813Feature ArticleIsn't That Ducky?Dick Frey
December 193816Feature ArticleA Dream Comes True
December 193817Feature ArticleThe Mind ReaderFrank K. Perkins
December 193819Feature ArticleContract Bridge Is A DiseaseEllen Betty Brink
December 193822Feature ArticleHoogli On PsychicsJeremy Claptrap
December 193823Feature ArticleBridge For Young Folks
December 193824Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IIArthur N. Cowperthwait
December 193827Feature ArticleUnknown Champions
December 193828Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The ProfessorRobert M. Brannon
December 193831Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193834Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
December 193835Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193838What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
December 193839Current Events
December 193843Paragraphs
December 193845Readers' Forum
December 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
January 19392Readers' Forum
January 19394Feature ArticlePhotos From The National Tournament
January 19395Feature ArticleThe National TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19399Feature ArticleThe Great AmbassadorAlexis Sobelowich
January 193911Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
January 193916Feature ArticleHave A Heart--Take A Hand
January 193917Feature ArticlePractical BridgeFrank K. Perkins
January 193920Feature ArticleSo You Want To Bid A Slam!A. P. Sheinwold
January 193925Ely Culbertson Says
January 193928Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IIIArthur N. Cowperthwait
January 193932Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 193936Feature ArticleEuropean Vs. American BridgeRudolph Muhsam
January 193937Feature ArticleThe Blind Play Duplicate
January 193939Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 193941What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
January 193942Current Events
January 193944Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
January 193947Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
February 19392Readers' Forum
February 19395Feature ArticlePractical PlayFrank K. Perkins
February 19398Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
February 193912Feature ArticleAmerica's Card Party
February 193913Feature ArticleThe Sucker Wins--AlmostFrank W. Edlin
February 193914Feature ArticleBridge Is A Four Ring CircusS. M. Purdue
February 193916Feature ArticleThe One Notrump ResponseS. M. Stayman
February 193918Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IVArthur N. Cowperthwait
February 193921Feature ArticleVariety For Players
February 193922Feature ArticleDon't GuessJohn C. Stablein
February 193924Feature ArticleWatch Your Watch
February 193925Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
February 193927What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
February 193928Current Events
February 193930Feature ArticleQuit TalkingMichael Liebson
February 193931Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 193935Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 19392Readers' Forum
March 19397Asking Bids, by RequestA. P. Sheinwold
March 193912Practical BridgeFrank K. Perkins
March 193916The Second Annual Bridge Examination
March 193922Plan Your Play, Part VA. N. Cowperthwait
March 193925Covering the HinterlandGeorge W. Beynon
March 193928What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
March 193929Bridge by Color Charts
March 193930Current Events
March 193933World Olympic--World's Fair
March 193934Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 193940Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
March 193942Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 19392Readers' Forum
April 19397Feature ArticleCockeyed Cards And Cuckoo DealsRobert M. Brannon
April 193913Feature ArticleMore Asking BidsAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 193917Feature ArticleThe High-Low ConventionKenneth McM. Dickey
April 193918Feature ArticlePractical BridgeFrank K. Perkins
April 193922Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part VIA. N. Cowperthwait
April 193924Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
April 193928Feature ArticleHand Library--Teacher's Greatest Aid
April 193929Feature ArticleHoogli At DuplicateJeremy Claptrap
April 193931New Books On Bridge
April 193932Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
April 193935What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
April 193936Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 193941Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 193944Current Events
May 19392Readers' Forum
May 19397Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
May 193910Feature ArticlePractical BridgeFrank K. Perkins
May 193913Feature ArticleBridge EpisodeMaurie C. Bryan
May 193917Feature Article1939 World Bridge Olympic
May 193921Feature ArticleAlgy Comes BackAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 193925Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part VIIA. N. Cowperthwait
May 193928Feature ArticleThe Masters IndividualGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 193932Ely Culbertson Says
May 193934Feature ArticleRun Your Own OlympicJay Wheeler
May 193935What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
May 193938Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
May 193943Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 193949Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 193952Current Events
June 19392Coming Master Point Events
June 19395MagicRobert Darvas
June 19399Practival BridgeFrank K. Perkins
June 193912Sidelights on the OlympicGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 193915Bridge HomeworkJanice Green
June 193916Filling in for MargeR. H. Edney
June 193920The Second Annual Bridge Examination
June 193925Plan Your Play, Part VIIIA. N. Cowperthwait
June 1939291939 World Bridge Olympic
June 193934Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 193936What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
June 193938Current Events
June 193940Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
June 193942Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 193948National Master List
July 19395The Over-Ruff LeadAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 19399The Culbertson I KnewWilliam J. Huske
July 193913Action for the FractionC. E. Floyd
July 193915Plan Your Play, Part IXA. N. Cowperthwait
July 193918The Unsafety PlayRobert Willson
July 193920Practical BridgeFrank K. Perkins
July 193924Canadian-American Championships
July 193928Ely Culbertson Says
July 193931The Second Annual Bridge Examination
July 193937Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 193942Asbury Park Tournament
July 193946Laws and EthicsJosephine Culbertson
July 193948What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
July 193950National Olympic Winners
July 193953Current Events
July 193955Answers to "What Do You Know?"
August 19392Readers' Forum
August 19397Feature ArticleThe Culbertson I Knew, Part IIWilliam J. Huske
August 193912Feature ArticleMurder On The 7:55
August 193914Feature ArticleBridge In The SuburbsDick Frey
August 193917Feature ArticleOh, Hell!A. M. Sobel
August 193919Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part XA. N. Cowperthwait
August 193924Feature ArticlePart-Score BiddingMaurice Ellinger
August 193926Feature ArticleDeclarer's HeadachesFrank K. Perkins
August 193929Feature ArticleTeen-Age Tournament
August 193930Feature ArticleBridge In BrailleR. M. French, Jr.
August 193931Feature ArticleSnipingAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 193933Feature ArticleDouble DummyR. W. Wilson
August 193934Feature ArticleBlackwood On WheelsJames C. Vermeer
August 193938Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 193940Feature ArticleBridge Crossword PuzzleGeoffrey Mott-Smith
August 193942Feature ArticleThe Wrong MistakeE. A. Knight
August 193945Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
August 193947Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 193951What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
August 193953Feature ArticleInternational World Bridge Olympic Winners
August 193954Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
September 19392Readers' Forum
September 19396Special AnnouncementEly Culbertson
September 19399Through Darkest AsburyA. M. Sobel
September 193913The Coup DeluxeMajor W. W. Meldon
September 193916The Asbury TournamentA. Moyse
September 193922Plan Your Play, Part XIA. N. Cowperthwait
September 193924Double DummyR. W. Wilson
September 193925The Culbertson I Knew, Part IIIWilliam J. Huske
September 193930Ely Culbertson Says
September 193931Trump ManagementJohn C. Stablein
September 193935Passive ResistanceAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 193939What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
September 193940Dirty WorkFrank K. Perkins
September 193943Asbury Park Results
September 193944Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 193948Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 193950Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
October 19392Readers' Forum
October 19397Feature ArticleEly Culbertson Looks Back
October 19399Feature ArticleThe Grunewald CoupBruno Grunewald
October 193912Feature ArticleThe Villain Still Per-SuitorNils Ebne
October 193913Feature ArticleThe Simple ProbabilitiesH. F. Fillis
October 193916Feature ArticleIn Memoriam
October 193917Feature ArticleDefenseJohn C. Stablein
October 193920Feature ArticleHappy Birthday To Us!
October 193922Feature ArticleNational Winter Championships
October 193923Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part XIIA. N. Cowperthwait
October 193928Feature ArticleToo Proud To Count!Frank K. Perkins
October 193932Feature ArticleThe Culbertson I Knew, Part IVWilliam J. Huske
October 193936What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
October 193938Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 193943Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 193947Feature ArticleDouble DummyR. W. Wilson
October 193950Feature ArticleThe Birth Of A BookA. M. Sobel
October 193951Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
November 19392Readers' Forum
November 19399The DefeatRobert Darvas
November 193913The Dub's Complete Guide to Money-Making BridgeS. Tupper Bigelow
November 193917The Broom Straw MethodJohn C. Stablein
November 193921The Little More....A. Wolfers
November 193924McSlively Turns the TablesA. E. Armstrong
November 193926Marriage and BridgeNancy Sexton
November 193928A Squeeze ArtistBruno Grunewald
November 193931Hoogli on Bridge EtiquetteJeremy Claptrap
November 193933Dutch AdventureJames C. Vermeer
November 193935What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
November 193936Hold Hands at Pittsburgh
November 193939Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
November 193941Table Teacher for Contract Bridge
November 193942Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 193945Double DummyR. W. Wilson
November 193947Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 193952Current Events
November 193953Coming Master Point Tournaments
December 19392Readers' Forum
December 19397Feature ArticleThe Hands You Read AboutAlbert H. Morehead
December 193911Feature ArticleThe Super Unblocking CoupBruno Grunewald
December 193915Feature ArticleErrorJohn C. Stablein
December 193919Feature ArticleFundamentals Of Play: A Book Review
December 193920Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter IS. Tupper Bigelow
December 193923Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
December 193924Feature ArticleStrange Lives: An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
December 193928Feature ArticleComing Master Point Events
December 193930Feature ArticleThe Right Card At The Right TimeRobert Darvas
December 193933Feature ArticleLocating Key CardsC. J. Tjon-Aman
December 193936Feature ArticleLeads: A Book Review
December 193937Feature ArticleThe McSlively CoupA. E. Armstrong
December 193940Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 193944What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
December 193946Feature ArticleThink, Partner, ThinkFrederick Schweer
December 193949Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 193953Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
January 19402Readers' Forum
January 19407Feature ArticleThe National Championships
January 194011Feature ArticleSubtle SimplicityFrank K. Perkins
January 194014Feature ArticleMcSlively--Master PlayerA. E. Armstrong
January 194016Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge ScoringR. P. Ballou
January 194020Feature ArticleHave A Heart--Take A Hand!
January 194021Feature ArticleMore Bridge In The SuburbsDick Frey
January 194025Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapters II & IIIS. Tupper Bigelow
January 194030Feature ArticleStrange Lives: An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
January 194034Feature ArticleTimingJohn C. Stablein
January 194037Feature ArticleRulings At The NationalsA. M. Sobel
January 194040What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
January 194041Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194045Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194050Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
January 194053Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
February 19402Readers' Forum
February 19404Feature ArticleAnnouncement To Subscribers
February 19407Feature ArticleThe Drop Versus The FinesseW. H. Horbury
February 194011Feature ArticlePessimism PaysAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 194016Feature ArticleA Lion By The TailSidney S. Lenz
February 194020Feature ArticlePrecise Bidding, Part IJohn H. Upham
February 194024Feature ArticleBridge Teaching SimplifiedAlice Collins Moon
February 194025Feature ArticlePlan Your Play-Second SeriesA. N. Cowperthwait
February 194030Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter IVS. Tupper Bigelow
February 194034Feature ArticleStanding In Need Op EntriesC. J. Tjon-Aman
February 194038Feature ArticleGive The Guy A Chance!Frank K. Perkins
February 194042What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
February 194044Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194048Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194052Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
February 194053Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
April 19402Readers' Forum
April 19407Feature ArticleI'd Rather Be WrongAlbert H. Morehead
April 194011Feature ArticleThe AnalystStephen Weiss
April 194012Feature ArticleRebidding By The ResponderJohn C. Stablein
April 194015Feature ArticleIt Beats The DevilSidney S. Lenz
April 194019Feature ArticleOlympics, Major And MinorGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 194022Feature ArticleBirth And Death Of A Quick-Trick SystemRobert S. Burger
April 194024Feature ArticlePrecise Bidding, Part IIJohn H. Upham
April 194027Feature ArticleFinessing Against PartnerTerence Reese
April 194031Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money Making Bridge, Chapters V & VIS. Tupper Bigelow
April 194034Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
April 194039What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
April 194041Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
April 194043Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
April 194043Feature ArticleVanderbilt Cup Tournament
April 194044Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194047Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1939
April 194049Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 19402Readers' Forum
May 19407Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
May 19409Feature ArticleCompetitive BiddingJ. C. H. Marx
May 194014Feature ArticleThe CalculatorStephen Weiss
May 194015Feature ArticlePrecautionJohn C. Stablein
May 194018Feature ArticleThe Bridge Merry-Go-RoundF. E. Bruelheide
May 194020Feature ArticleThree Unusual Bidding ProblemsB. H. Davies
May 194022Feature ArticleWhitesnow And The Dwarf SevensOtto Steen
May 194024Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
May 194028Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man
May 194031Feature ArticleBridge For The Blind
May 194032Feature ArticleAfternoon Bridge TroublesHerbert R. Dix, III
May 194034Feature Article1940 World Bridge Olympic
May 194038Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter VIS. Tupper Bigelow
May 194042Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194048Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194052Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
May 194052What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
May 194053Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
June 19405Feature ArticleClarifying The BlackwoodEasley Blackwood
June 19409Feature ArticleThe SnarlerStephen Weiss
June 194010Feature ArticleIntercollegiate Bridge Tournament
June 194012Feature ArticleThe Sins Of The PartnersFrank K. Perkins
June 194015Feature ArticleDouble Dummy ProblemR. W. Wilson
June 194016Feature ArticleThe Game Called BridgeDave Deegan
June 194017Feature ArticleAll In Good TimeTerence Reese
June 194020Feature ArticleIntroducing Angus McSlivelyA. E. Armstrong
June 194022Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man
June 194025Feature Article1940 World Bridge Olympic
June 194028Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
June 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
June 194035Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter VIIS. Tupper Bigelow
June 194040Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194044What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
June 194046Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
June 194049Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 19405Feature ArticleThe Notrump ComplexR. R. Richards
July 19408Feature ArticleSouthern New England Tournament
July 19409Feature ArticleThe PsycherStephen Weiss
July 194010Feature ArticleSunk Like A Skunk!William Allen Smith, Jr.
July 194013Feature ArticleMcSlively Wins A TournamentA. E. Armstrong
July 194016Feature ArticleCollegiate BridgeElsie T. Matson
July 194018Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
July 194020Feature ArticleCulbertson For CongressmanA. M. Sobel
July 194022Feature ArticleLittle Red Hen Takes The CakeGeorge Coffin
July 194024Feature ArticleThe Bridge Mathematician,W. F. Stroh
July 194025Feature ArticleSqueeze And Pseudo-SqueezeTerence Reese
July 194028Feature ArticleAsbury Park Tournament
July 194029Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making BridgeS. Tupper Bigelow
July 194032Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
July 194036What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
July 194037Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194042Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
July 194044Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 19402Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
August 19405Feature ArticlePressureJohn C. Stablein
August 19409Feature ArticleWhat's My Name?Frank K. Perkins
August 194011Feature ArticleSuper-Contract BridgeCapt. John M. Ellicott
August 194016Feature ArticleThe ActressStephen Weiss
August 194017Feature ArticleSafety Plays At Trump ContractsTerence Reese
August 194020Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays For TopsA. E. Armstrong
August 194022Feature ArticleUp He Goes!
August 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
August 194028Feature ArticleDefender's Hold-UpC. J. Tjon-Aman
August 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
August 194035Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making BridgeS. Tupper Bigelow
August 194038What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
August 194040Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194044Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
August 194045Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 19402Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
September 19405Feature ArticleThe Asbury Tournament
September 194010Feature ArticleTournament Sidelights
September 194011Feature ArticleSpeaking Of SlamsA. Moyse, Jr.
September 194015Feature ArticleWhy Do They Do It?Geoffrey Mott-Smith
September 194018Feature ArticleSir, The Queen,Frank K. Perkins
September 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
September 194027Feature ArticleBridge Merry-Go-RoundF. E. Bruelheide
September 194030Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
September 194034What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
September 194037Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194040Honor RollHonor Roll For July
September 194041Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 19402Readers' Forum
October 19405Feature ArticleThe Smith Slam ConventionDavid Price
October 19409Feature ArticleThree NotrumpH. F. Fillis
October 194013Feature ArticleDepartment Of Vital Statistics
October 194014Feature ArticleThe Slam UrgeJohn C. Stablein
October 194017Feature ArticleReason It Out!R. R. Richards
October 194019Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
October 194020Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays A SystemA. E. Armstrong
October 194023Feature ArticleDon't You Believe It!S. Tupper Bigelow
October 194025Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
October 194028Feature ArticleEnd Plays Ad InfinitumNelson Mitchell
October 194030What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
October 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
October 194035Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 194039Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
October 194041Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 19405Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
November 19409Feature ArticleMr. ExpertJohn C. Stablein
November 194013Feature ArticleInstinct!Frank K. Perkins
November 194015Feature ArticleDrill Sheets Indispensable In TeachingNan P. DeWolf
November 194016Feature ArticleElimination PlayTerence Reese
November 194019Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesArthur N. Cowperthwait
November 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
November 194026Feature ArticleA Problemist At The Bridge TableR. Gray
November 194029Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194032Feature ArticleThe National Championships
November 194033What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
November 194034Feature ArticleNew Directors Of Culbertson National Studios
November 194035Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
November 194037Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 19405Feature ArticleHow To Drive Your Partner CrazySaxon Fairwood
December 19408Feature ArticleSuit AbandonmentA. E. Manning-Foster
December 194011Feature ArticleComment On The OlympicC. Th. de Booy
December 194015Feature ArticleThe Importance Of Small ContractsE. F. McGlachlin
December 194017Feature ArticleThe Bigelow Slam ConventionS. Tupper Bigelow
December 194019Feature ArticleThe Big OnesLawrence Weiss
December 194022Feature ArticleForcing Bids SimplifiedWalter N. Connors
December 194024Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194027Honor RollHonor Roll For October
December 194028What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
December 194029Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
December 194041Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
December 194043Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 19410Feature ArticleReview of Six Years in Contract BridgeEly Culbertson
January 19419Feature Article1941 Teachers' Conventions
January 194110Feature ArticleMore ExpertsJohn Stablein
January 194113Feature ArticleComment on the OlympicC. Th. de Booy
January 194116Feature ArticleThe 1940 Winter TournamentAlbert H. Morehead
January 194119Feature ArticleWe Meet the ProfessorRobert P. Willson
January 194123Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
January 194134Feature ArticleA Misunderstood Safety PlayDavid Price
January 194137Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194141Feature ArticleConditions of 1941 Contest
January 194142What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
January 194143Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194145Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
February 19415Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
February 19419Feature ArticleMr. Expert, IIIJohn C. Stablein
February 194113Feature ArticleMr. Dub's Summary of Contract Bridge for 1940James Coz
February 194115Feature ArticleThe Teachers' Convention
February 194116Feature ArticleMore Smith Slam HandsDavid Price
February 194119Feature ArticleDuplicate DealsWilliam Allen Smith, Jr.
February 194123Feature ArticleContract Bridge--A Phase of Adult Education
February 194125Feature ArticleMcSlively DefendsA. E. Armstrong
February 194128Feature ArticleOlympic in TrinidadGeoffrey Mott-Smith
February 194130Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
February 194137What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
February 194138Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194144Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194146Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
March 19415Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
March 19419Feature ArticleTwo End-PlaysR. Gray
March 194111Feature ArticleDefending With SignalsR. H. Edney
March 194114Feature ArticleThe Professor Lends A HandRobert M. Brannon
March 194115Feature ArticleThe Light NotrumpDavid Price
March 194119Feature ArticleMeet Mrs. McSlivelyA. E. Armstrong
March 194122Feature ArticleThe Direct Evaluation SystemJ. H. Deardorff
March 194126Feature ArticleAid For Britain Party
March 194127Feature ArticleThe Seat Of HonorWilliam Allen Smith, Jr.
March 194130Feature ArticleI PassBarbara Hotchkiss
March 194131Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
March 194139Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194142Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1940
March 194144What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
March 194145Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194147Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
April 19415Feature ArticleAnything Can HappenJohn C. Stablein
April 19419Feature Article"If This Be Treason . . . "Dick Frey
April 194113Feature ArticleThe Free RebidAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 194118Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
April 194121Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
April 194125Feature ArticleCharacterStephen Weiss
April 194130Feature ArticleCard-Playing Survey
April 194131What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
April 194132Feature ArticleTeen Age BridgeMinna Iden
April 194134Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194138Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194141Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
April 194143Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
May 19415Feature ArticleOne Sunday AfternoonA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19419Feature ArticleHints For Distribution DetectivesDick Frey
May 194112Feature ArticleThe Double ReverseH. C. Pitkin, M.D.
May 194115Feature ArticleMasters Individual TournamentLee Hazen
May 194119Feature ArticleApplied PsychologyRobert Darvas
May 194123Feature ArticleMore Free RebidsA. P. Sheinwold
May 194127Feature ArticleThat Unerring Two-BidSir Derrick Wernher
May 194130Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
May 194137What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
May 194139Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194143Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
May 194144Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 19412Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
June 19415Feature ArticleUp With The Ace!Thomas Bigelow
June 19419Feature ArticleConnubial BridgeEly Culbertson
June 194111Feature Article"If The Trumps Hadn't Been Stacked..."Travis White
June 194115Feature Article1941 World Bridge Olympic
June 194119Feature ArticleSmith Solves A Bridge ProblemR. Gray
June 194121Feature ArticleMore Hints For Distribution DetectivesDick Frey
June 194125Feature ArticleThe Bull PenE. A. Knight
June 194130Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
June 194136Feature ArticleThe Cutest People Don't!Lucy R. Cragin
June 194139Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194142Feature ArticleComing Tournaments
June 194143Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 19412Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
July 19415Feature ArticleThey'll Never Give Up!Alfred P. Sheinwold
July 194110Feature ArticleKnights Of The Square TableR. W. Wilson
July 194113Feature ArticleElementary, My Dear WatsonDick Frey
July 194117Feature ArticleThe Same Sunday AfternoonAlexis Sobelowich
July 194121Feature Article1941 World Bridge Olympic
July 194125Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
July 194129Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
July 194134Feature ArticleWhat Our Readers Say About The New System
July 194139What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
July 194140Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 194145Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 19412Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
August 19415Feature ArticlePassive DeceptionAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 194110Feature Article1941 National Tournament At Richmond
August 194111Feature ArticleSpeaking Of OvercallsDick Frey
August 194116Feature ArticleSqueeze TechniqueM. J. Sullivan
August 194120Feature ArticleBlack MagicR. W. Wilson
August 194123Feature ArticleDummy, Dummy! Who's Dummy?E. J. Kahn, Jr.
August 194126Feature ArticleThe Awkward MitchellsLeslie E. Parker
August 194130What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
August 194131Feature ArticleThe Clock Goes OnW. H. Ricardo
August 194133Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays In HasteA. E. Armstrong
August 194135Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
August 194139Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194143Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 19414Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
September 19415Feature ArticleOverhaul Your OvercallDick Frey
September 19419Feature ArticleRubber BridgeR. Lederer
September 194112Feature ArticleFalse-CardingH. F. Fillis
September 194115Feature ArticleNew Aid for Directors
September 194116Feature ArticleTeaching--A Sham or a Science?Dudley Courtenay
September 194119Feature Article1941 Asbury Tournament
September 194125Feature ArticleThe Seamy Side of BridgeSam Fry, Jr.
September 194128What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
September 194129Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
September 194135Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194139Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 19415Feature ArticleHits, Runs And ErrorsJohn C. Stablein
October 19419Feature ArticleReminiscencesH. F. Fillis
October 194111Feature ArticleI Play With Experts!L. A. Anonymous
October 194114Feature ArticleNon-Biddable Suits And How To Bid ThemDavid Price
October 194117Feature ArticleSure TricksGeorge Coffin
October 194119Feature ArticleStolen JewelsR. W. Wilson
October 194121Feature ArticleBridge, Brawls And BonersA. Moyse, Jr.
October 194126What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
October 194127Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets His RevengeA. E. Armstrong
October 194129Feature ArticleWhat Would You Have Done?Stephen W. Wilson
October 194133Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 194136Honor RollHonor Roll For August
October 194141Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 19415Feature ArticleBut Is It Bridge?A. Moyse, Jr.
November 19419Feature ArticleAfter DinnerR. Gray
November 194112Feature ArticleNational Tournament At Richmond
November 194113Feature ArticleWhat Is A Slam?Charles H. Goren
November 194115Feature ArticleRed LightsFrank K. Perkins
November 194118Feature ArticleThe Etiquette Of ContractS. Alfred Jones
November 194120Feature ArticleThe Bigger They AreAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 194125Feature ArticleCactus Flat BridgeBrennon Witt
November 194127Feature ArticleMcSlively Has An AlibiA. E. Armstrong
November 194129Feature ArticleBridge: An Educational InstitutionThomas Sullivent
November 194131Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194134Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194138Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
December 19412Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
December 19415Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
December 19419Feature ArticleThe Always-Pass SystemAlbert H. Morehead
December 194113Feature ArticleBig GunsJohn C. Stablein
December 194116Feature ArticleDubs Aren't So DumbGeorge N. Lantz
December 194119Feature ArticlePeek BridgeH. M. Jalonack
December 194123Feature ArticleA New Strip VariationR. Gray
December 194126Feature ArticleMcSlively Asks For QueensA. E. Armstrong
December 194129Feature ArticleTake Your MedicineR. W. Wilson
December 194133Feature ArticleCo-Operation By The DefenseGeorge Baxter
December 194135Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194137Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194140Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 19422Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
January 19425Feature Article7% PreferredAlexander G. Spencer, Jr.
January 19428Feature ArticleThe National TournamentPeter Leventritt
January 194211Feature ArticleJackie Joins The ExpertsA. Moyse, Jr.
January 194217Feature ArticleNectarM. J. Sullivan
January 194219Feature ArticleAll-In BridgeS. J. Simon
January 194221Feature ArticleUnexpected AftermathJerome Scheuer
January 194223Feature ArticleMental Processes Of A MasterB. H. Davies
January 194225Feature ArticleTurbulent BridgeFred J. Perine
January 194227Feature ArticleContract By ContactSylvia Muntz
January 194229Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194233Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
February 19425Feature ArticleThe Culwood ConventionThomas Bigelow
February 194210Readers' Forum
February 194211Feature ArticleBetter Than A PeekRichard L. Frey
February 194215Feature ArticleWhat Is A Slam?Charles H. Goren
February 194218Feature ArticleMcSlively Proves His ArtfulnessA. E. Armstrong
February 194219Feature ArticleTricky TrumpsR. W. Wilson
February 194222Feature ArticleAnalyze The BiddingRobert W. Wilkes
February 194225Feature ArticleAre You A Good Partner?George Baxter
February 194227Feature ArticleTroubles Of The InexpertL. Graetz
February 194229Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194232Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
February 194233Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194238Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
March 19422Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
March 19425Feature ArticleThe Big Ones Get AwayDick Frey
March 19429Feature ArticleThe First GuessFrank K. Perkins
March 194213Feature ArticleHorse SenseJohn C. Stablein
March 194217Feature ArticleWhat Is A Slam? Part IIICharles H. Goren
March 194220Feature ArticleEqualizationIsabel Bernat
March 194223Feature ArticleIn The Supreme Court Of Contract Bridge
March 194229Feature ArticleThe Prodigal ReturnsL. A. Anonymous
March 194231Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194235Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1941
March 194236Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
April 19422Readers' Forum
April 19425Feature ArticleThe Eastern TournamentRichard L. Frey
April 194213Feature ArticleStrategy And TacticsJohn C. Stablein
April 194217Feature ArticleMore About The Culwood ConventionThomas Bigelow
April 194221Feature ArticleThe Sewing Circle Signs OffA. Moyse, Jr.
April 194228Feature ArticleA Matter Of CountingCapt. Ewart Kempson
April 194229Feature ArticleSunday Morning BridgeThomas Sullivent
April 194234Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194237Honor RollHonor Roll For February
April 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
April 194246Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 19422Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
May 19425Feature ArticleI Play BlackwoodGeorge N. Lantz
May 194211Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt TournamentAlbert H. Morehead
May 194215Feature ArticleBridge Across The BorderRobert P. Willson
May 194219Feature ArticleCount The Easy WayJohn C. Stablein
May 194223Feature ArticleThe Masters' IndividualRichard L. Frey
May 194227Feature ArticleHow I Lost The VanderbiltL. A. Anonymous
May 194230Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194233Honor RollHonor Roll For March
May 194235Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
June 19422Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
June 19425Feature ArticleJackie, The Giant KillerA. Moyse, Jr.
June 194211Feature ArticleA Little Of This And ThatRichard L. Frey
June 194217Feature ArticleIt Takes TwoAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 194222Feature ArticleNot GuiltyIsabel P. Wilde
June 194223Feature ArticleHow To CountJohn C. Stablein
June 194227Feature ArticleJettisoningM. J. Sullivan
June 194229Feature ArticleOver At My ClubMarie Wolf
June 194231Feature ArticleAuto-Bridge Card ValuesH. L. Stanton
June 194235Feature ArticleVienna Coup By DefenseDavid Price
June 194236Feature ArticleThe ExplorerR. W. Wilson
June 194238Feature ArticleApplying The "Law Of Symmetry"Victor J. Newton
June 194239Feature ArticleSplitting HonorsFrank England
June 194241Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194245Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 19423Feature ArticleStealing SecondAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 19429Feature ArticleOne WithoutRichard L. Frey
July 194214Feature ArticleTre-E-Mendous MovesGeoffrey Mott-Smith
July 194217Feature ArticleBidding By IndirectionAnonymous
July 194219Feature ArticleMrs. McSlively Makes A Grand CoupA. E. Armstrong
July 194221Feature ArticleContract BridgeRobert P. Knight, M.D.
July 194223Feature ArticleA Lesson For GingerR. W. Wilson
July 194225Feature ArticleMen Vs. WomenGeorge Lantz
July 194227Feature ArticleThe Case For The Close DoubleA. Moyse, Jr.
July 194234What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
July 194236Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
July 194237Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 194243Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194246Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
August 19423Feature ArticleThe Bug In Double RaisesRichard L. Frey
August 19428Laws and EthicsEly Culbertson
August 19429Feature ArticleGrandstand BridgeW. L. Lamkin
August 194213Feature ArticleLaughing Gas And The BlackbertsonPlus and "Minus"
August 194219Feature ArticleHands From PlayCaptain Ewart Kempson
August 194221Feature ArticleThe Tide That TurnedHorace Lytle
August 194225Feature ArticleBettor In A SlamR. W. Wilson
August 194227Feature ArticleBridge And The Fourth EstateAnonymous
August 194231Feature ArticleThe Case For The Close Double, Part IIA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194240Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194243Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 19423Feature ArticleSimultaneous Par ContestsTerence Reese
September 19426Feature ArticleResponding To A Two-BidThomas M. Fleming
September 19427Feature ArticleThe Boner BookR. Gray
September 194214Feature ArticleSlam MethodsThomas Bigelow
September 194219Feature ArticleThe Summer Tournament
September 194229Feature ArticleCommon Sense Pointers On Gin-RummyWalter R. Richard
September 194231Feature ArticleThe Responder's ProblemsA. Moyse, Jr.
September 194239Feature ArticleA Beautiful BidAnonymous
September 194241Feature ArticleThe Ten BestZopilote
September 194243Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For July
September 194247Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 19423Feature ArticleJackie Hits The JackpotA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19428Feature ArticleWhen In Doubt . . . Don'tRichard L. Frey
October 194211Feature ArticleSelecting The Trump SuitAlbert H. Morehead
October 194218Feature ArticleSimultaneous Par ContestsTerence Reese
October 194221Feature ArticleIntermediatesAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 194225Feature ArticleThe Blackwood Slam ConventionEasley Blackwood
October 194228Feature ArticleJust Like Shooting FishStephen Weiss
October 194232Feature ArticleTwinsR. W. Wilson
October 194235Feature ArticlePlay Ginsberg For KeepsAngus MacGregor Ginsberg
October 194237Feature ArticleMore About Slam MethodsThomas Bigelow
October 194241Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 194244Honor RollHonor Roll For August
October 194245Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 19423Feature ArticlePray Do,Richard L. Frey
November 19427Feature ArticleWhat's The Idea?Frank K. Perkins
November 194211Feature ArticleToo Little And Too LateJohn C. Stablein
November 194214Feature ArticleMr. Grandstand Plays DefenseW. L. Lamkin
November 194217Feature ArticleSingle Raise Vs. Light Takeout
November 194222Feature ArticleWho's Crazy?
November 194224Feature ArticleMathematical Frequency And The Bellanger TheoryBart Park
November 194227Feature ArticleAngus Takes The RapA. E. Armstrong
November 194231Feature ArticleWe Were Fixed!S. M. Rose
November 194233Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
November 194244Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For September
November 194247Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 19423Feature ArticleWhy Do We Do It?Alfred P. Sheinwold
December 194210Feature ArticleThe Distributional Two-BidLee Hazen
December 194213Feature ArticleDr. Caligari Takes To BridgeAnonymous
December 194215Feature ArticleThe Winter National TournamentAlbert H. Morehead
December 194219Feature ArticleMilady's ManualJane Abbot
December 194221Feature ArticleA Battle RoyalEly Culbertson
December 194229Feature ArticleSimultaneous Par ContractTerence Reese
December 194232Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
December 194243Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For October
December 194247Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 19433Feature ArticleSlightly Random HarvestGeorge S. Kaufman
January 19435Feature ArticleAnnouncing A New System
January 19437Feature ArticleIt Must Be MeGeoffrey Mott-Smith
January 194313Feature ArticleWhy Stop Half Way?R. A. Priday
January 194317Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets A SurpriseA. E. Armstrong
January 194320Feature ArticleThe OvercallLawrence Weiss
January 194323Feature ArticleI Get 'Em!Horace Lytle
January 194327Feature ArticleThe Female Of The SpeciesJane Abbot
January 194330Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194334Honor RollHonor Roll For November
January 194335Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
January 194347Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 19433Feature ArticleThe New LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
February 19437Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
February 19438Culling the ColumnsF. K. Perkins
February 194310Culling the ColumnsAlbert H. Morehead
February 194311Culling the ColumnsThe Four Aces
February 194312Culling the ColumnsFlorence Osborn
February 194313Culling the ColumnsRichard L. Frey
February 194314Feature ArticleSlam ConventionsEasley Blackwood
February 194321Feature ArticleBelieve The WorstAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 194326Readers' Forum
February 194327Feature ArticleThe "Zero" HandEdward P. Hyde
February 194329Feature ArticleBridge SuperstitionsRobert K. Brunner
February 194333Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
February 194341Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194347Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 19433Feature ArticleGibraltar Mystery, Part IR. Gray
March 19437Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
March 194314Feature ArticleIllustrating The New LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
March 194319Culling the ColumnsCharles H. Goren
March 194320Culling the ColumnsW. Howard Woolworth
March 194322Culling the ColumnsJosephine Culbertson
March 194323Culling the ColumnsWm. E. McKenney
March 194324Culling the ColumnsMaureen O'Brien
March 194326Feature ArticleSlam Conventions, Part IIEasley Blackwood
March 194331Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
March 194337Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194343Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 19433Feature ArticleFish TalesAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 19438Feature ArticleAcrimonyM. J. Sullivan
April 194311Feature ArticleHard LuckFrank K. Perkins
April 194315Feature ArticleSorry His LotGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 194319Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
April 194320Culling the ColumnsAlbert H. Morehead
April 194321Culling the ColumnsHarry Roth
April 194322Culling the ColumnsErnest W. Rovere
April 194324Feature ArticleMcSlively Outsmarts HimselfA. E. Armstrong
April 194327Feature ArticleSusan Learns DuplicateJohn R. Frye
April 194330Feature ArticleGibraltar Mystery, Part IIR. Gray
April 194336Feature ArticleSlam Conventions, Part IIIEasley Blackwood
April 194340Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194347Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 19433Feature ArticleJackie The GypA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19439Feature ArticleOptional RebidsJosephine Culbertson
May 194314Feature ArticleToo Much SystemGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 194318Feature ArticleThe Wrong 'UnM. A. Forrester
May 194322Feature ArticleShakespeare And BridgePhil Garland
May 194327Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
May 194328Culling the ColumnsCharles H. Goren
May 194329Culling the ColumnsWm. E. McKenney
May 194330Culling the ColumnsCharlton Wallace
May 194331Culling the ColumnsMaureen O'Brien
May 194332Culling the ColumnsShepard Barclay
May 194334Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194339Feature ArticleGibraltar Mystery (Last Of Three Parts)R. Gray
May 194346Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 19433Feature ArticleHistory Always RepeatsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 19437Feature ArticleHow Would You Play This Hand?F. K. Perkins
June 194311Feature ArticleShaughnessey's Last SlamR. W. Wilson
June 194315Feature ArticleA Gruesome RubberA. Moyse, Jr.
June 194322Feature ArticleIn Defense Of The "SUIT-OVER-SUIT" SystemSgt. Cecil L. Head
June 194325Feature ArticleMcSlively Hits A TripleA. E. Armstrong
June 194328Feature ArticleBridge And/Or MarriageAnonymous
June 194331Culling the ColumnsErnest W. Rovere
June 194332Culling the ColumnsRichard L. Frey
June 194333Culling the ColumnsG. Eloise Neil
June 194334Culling the ColumnsPhil Flattery
June 194334Culling the ColumnsThe Four Aces
June 194336Feature ArticleThe Horse Sense System, Brief Review B G. M. C.
June 194340Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194345Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 19433Feature ArticleBurglaryM. J. Sullivan
July 19435Feature ArticleNegative DiscardsLt. Karl E. Righter
July 19439Feature ArticleThe Perfect HandCharles Goosmann, Jr.
July 194313Feature ArticleOf Cabbages And KingsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
July 194317Feature ArticleAustrian And American BridgeRobert K. Brunner
July 194322Readers' Forum
July 194323Feature ArticleThe Opening NotrumpA. Moyse, Jr.
July 194331Feature ArticleBridge In WartimeJane Abbot
July 194334Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
July 194335Culling the ColumnsJosephine Culbertson
July 194337Culling the ColumnsMrs. E. B. Cooley
July 194338Culling the ColumnsFrank S. Eaton
July 194339Culling the ColumnsFlorence Osborn
July 194341Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194344Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 19433Feature ArticleNegative Bidding InferencesLt. Karl E. Righter
August 19437Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals
August 194313Feature ArticleThe Enemy Has EarsW. L. Lamkin
August 194317Feature ArticleMcSlively Makes An End-PlayA. E. Armstrong
August 194321Feature ArticleThe Rogues' GalleryPhil Flattery
August 194324What Do You Know?
August 194325Feature ArticleA Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous ThingSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194327Feature ArticleBlame It On The SystemJack Kushner
August 194329Culling the ColumnsMaureen O'Brien
August 194330Culling the ColumnsShepard Barclay
August 194331Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
August 194332Culling the ColumnsErnest W. Rovere
August 194334Feature ArticleThe Opening Notrump: IIA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194341Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194345Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 19433Feature ArticleAfter Notrump--What?A. Moyse, Jr.
September 19437Feature ArticleAmong My SouvenirsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
September 194312Feature ArticleSlam ConventionsW. J. Scheuneman
September 194313Feature ArticleJohnny Get Your GunRichard L. Frey
September 194317Feature ArticleSpots Before Your EyesFrank K. Perkins
September 194321Feature ArticleTechniqueCharles Goosmann, Jr.
September 194324Culling the ColumnsAlbert H. Morehead
September 194325Culling the ColumnsJack Kushner
September 194326Culling the ColumnsCharles H. Goren
September 194327Culling the ColumnsEly Culbertson
September 194329Feature ArticleBridge Club DubsJulius Schwartz
September 194332Feature ArticleCrazy EightsWalter N. Connors
September 194334Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194339Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 19433Feature ArticleWarning ResponsesLee Hazen
October 19438Feature ArticleOne Of Them Is WrongKarl E. Righter
October 194312Feature ArticleJoe And The A. B. E.Julius Schwartz
October 194317Feature ArticleTens, Nines And EightsAlbert H. Morehead
October 194321Feature ArticleThird Hand Not-So-HighWilliam J. Huske
October 194324What Do You Know?
October 194326Feature ArticleA Good GadgetRichard L. Frey
October 194330Feature ArticleThe What Is It DoubleH. L. Stanton
October 194332Feature ArticleWhat's New
October 194335Feature ArticleThe Advantage Of Being President
October 194338Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194341Feature ArticleMiniatures
October 194342Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 19435Feature ArticleThe Cuckoo CoupSidney S. Lenz
November 19439Feature ArticleClose Figuring
November 194310Feature ArticleThe Weak Notrump BidWalter Malowan
November 194314Feature ArticleCoffee NervesR. W. Wilson
November 194317Feature ArticleTwo-Bids In The VV SystemC. E. Van Vleck
November 194323What Do You Know?
November 194324Feature ArticleWhat's New
November 194327Feature ArticleSpeaking Of SqueezesA. Moyse, Jr.
November 194332Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194335Feature ArticleBridge Telecast
November 194337Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson Book
November 194338Laws and EthicsA. M. Sobel
November 194341Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194348Feature ArticleMiniatures
December 19437Feature ArticleCue-Bid VariationsSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194311Feature ArticleJackie's Set GameA. Moyse, Jr.
December 194316What Do You Know?
December 194317Feature ArticleLosing FitnessRichard L. Frey
December 194321Feature ArticleGet Yourself a PartnerLee Hazen
December 194330Feature ArticleBlack Jack BurglariesR. W. Wilson
December 194335Feature ArticleBridge Mathematics, If AnyAlbert H. Morehead
December 194339Feature ArticleKnock Rummy
December 194341Feature ArticleLondon BridgeEwart Kempson
December 194345Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194350Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194356Feature ArticleMiniatures
January 19442Letters From Readers
January 19445Feature ArticleOfficial Changes In The Four Aces SystemHoward Schenken
January 194411Feature ArticleClub Convention Slam HandsHarold S. Vanderbilt
January 194416Feature ArticleClose Figuring
January 194417What Do You Know?
January 194418Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
January 194424Culling the Columns
January 194425Feature ArticleCamouflageKarl E. Righter
January 194430Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194433Feature ArticleMcSlively Calls A PenaltyA. E. Armstrong
January 194436Laws and Ethics
January 194440Feature ArticleWhat's New
January 194441Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194448Feature ArticleMiniatures
February 19442Letters From Readers
February 19445Feature ArticleThe New Four Aces Two-BidHoward Schenken
February 194410Feature ArticleUpside-Down CardsWilliam E. McKenney
February 194412Feature ArticleJungle CatR. W. Wilson
February 194417Feature ArticleAdventures In CaliforniaZ. V. Smith
February 194420Feature ArticleTwo-By-Four BridgeHarold Gordon
February 194422Culling the Columns
February 194423Feature ArticleWhat's New
February 194425Feature ArticleBlackwood And CulbertsonFry and Hazen
February 194434Feature ArticleSimplified Scoring--Hooey!A. M. Sobel
February 194437Feature ArticleWhat The Critics Say
February 194444Culling the Columns
February 194445Feature ArticleClose Figuring
February 194448Feature ArticleMiniatures
March 19443Letters From Readers
March 19447Feature ArticleAnalyzed DuplicatesA. Moyse, Jr.
March 194413Feature ArticleThe Kings Have ItOlive A. Peterson
March 194416Feature ArticleUnique Is The Only Word For ItStephen White
March 194419Feature ArticleLaughs From The LawsWilliam E. McKenney
March 194422Feature ArticleThe Smother PlaySamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194423What Do You Know?
March 194424Culling the Columns
March 194425Feature ArticleMy Favorite PartnerWilliam J. Huske
March 194428Feature ArticleThe "Weak" Two-BidHoward Schenken
March 194435Feature ArticleCredit Where Credit Is UndueAlbert H. Morehead
March 194439Feature ArticleStandardized Bidding?G. M. C.
March 194440Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 19442Letters From Readers
April 19445Feature ArticleExceptions That Prove The RuleCharles H. Goren
April 194410Feature ArticleKanaka BridgeDon Von Elsner
April 194414Culling the Columns
April 194415Feature ArticleThose Overcalls!Nan P. DeWolf
April 194419Feature ArticleAngus Gets An AssistA. E. Armstrong
April 194422Feature ArticleAdvantage PlayingR. F. Foster
April 194423What Do You Know?
April 194424Feature ArticleLooking Behind The PercentagesSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194429Feature ArticleGintell--Another ViewWilliam R. Tatem
April 194433Culling the Columns
April 194434Feature ArticleThe Eastern Championships
April 194438Feature ArticleThe Unconscious DuckLee Hazen
April 194439Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 19442Letters From Readers
May 19445Feature ArticleThe Distributional DoubleFrank K. Perkins
May 19449Feature ArticleMatch-Point GlimmeringsCharles Goosmann, Jr.
May 194413Feature ArticleMisfits, Possible And ProbableA. Moyse, Jr.
May 194418What Do You Know?
May 194420Feature ArticleThe Finesse With EightStephen White
May 194422Feature ArticleZoology Of Contract BridgeCharles M. Daniels
May 194425New Books On Bridge
May 194426Feature ArticleIntroduction To Heaton's SystemAlbert H. Morehead
May 194428Feature ArticleThe Inept Mechanics Of DuplicateD. R. Perry Heaton
May 194433Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194439Culling the Columns
May 194442Laws and Ethics
May 194445Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 19442Letters From Readers
June 19445Feature ArticleBustsRichard L. Frey
June 194410Feature ArticleRovenly Meets The ExpertLeonard A. Watson, Jr.
June 194413Feature ArticleLamb ChopsR. W. Wilson
June 194417Culling the Columns
June 194418Feature ArticleDisadvantage Of Being An ExpertHarold S. Vanderbilt
June 194420Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
June 194424What Do You Know?
June 194426Feature ArticleThe Real All-AmericanIrwin H. Fisher and Charles Shapiro
June 194431Feature ArticleThe Hoyt Four-Club ConventionHamilton Taylor Hoyt
June 194436Feature ArticleAsk Mr. MallonEwart Kempson
June 194438Feature ArticleGood Grief!Virginia Allen Alderman
June 194440Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194448Culling the Columns
July 19442Letters From Readers
July 19447Feature ArticleWho Is The Boss?John C. Stablein
July 194411Feature ArticleGetting Into NotrumpAlbert H. Morehead
July 194416Feature ArticleMcSlively PsychsA. E. Armstrong
July 194420What Do You Know?
July 194422Feature ArticleHonest Vs. Tricky BiddingImpertinax
July 194427Feature ArticlePerfectionStephen White
July 194432Feature ArticleBridge Is A Game Of EthicsOlive A. Peterson
July 194435Feature ArticleCard MemoryR. F. Foster
July 194437Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194442Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 194446Laws and Ethics
August 19442Letters From Readers
August 19447Feature ArticleLight Doubling StandardsFrank K. Perkins
August 194412Feature ArticleThe Two-Notrump RebidAlbert H. Morehead
August 194415Feature ArticleBooby TrapsKarl E. Righter
August 194418Feature ArticleThe Opening LeadA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194424What Do You Know?
August 194427Feature ArticleThe Cross RuffStephen White
August 194429Miscellany
August 194435Feature ArticleThe Kibitzer
August 194436Culling the Columns
August 194439Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 19442Letters From Readers
September 19445Feature ArticleGetting To GameCharles H. Goren
September 194410Feature ArticleThe Roth-Stone "One-Over-One" System Of BridgeAlvin L. Roth
September 194415Feature ArticlePlay DeluxeJohn C. Stablein
September 194420Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
September 194426Feature ArticleThree-Handed BridgeAlbert H. Morehead
September 194428What Do You Know?
September 194431Feature ArticleHow To Play ContractMorton Wild
September 194433Culling the Columns
September 194434Feature ArticleAngus Makes A Vienna CoupA. E. Armstrong
September 194437Feature ArticleThe Ways Of LogicWalter N. Connors
September 194439Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 19442Letters From Readers
October 19445Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge BiddingEly Culbertson
October 194412Feature ArticleA Snake In The GrassEwart Kempson
October 194414Feature ArticleYou Cheat!Albert H. Morehead
October 194417Culling the Columns
October 194418Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals - A Worm's-Eye View
October 194422What Do You Know?
October 194425Feature ArticleRanking Of Bridge PlayersWilliam E. McKenney
October 194426New Books On Bridge
October 194428Feature ArticleMusic Hath CharmsL. A. Burleigh
October 194433Feature ArticleAre You A Good Partner?Olive Peterson
October 194437Feature ArticlePoetic JusticeFrances Tyler
October 194440Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 19442Letters From Readers
November 19447Feature ArticleChoice Of BidsEly Culbertson
November 194411Feature ArticleThe Customers Never WriteRichard L. Frey
November 194414Feature ArticleAll You Have To Do Is PassHelen Sobel
November 194418Feature ArticleThe Roth-Stone System--IIAlvin L. Roth
November 194425Feature ArticleMrs. McSlively DefendsA. E. Armstrong
November 194429Culling the Columns
November 194431Miscellany
November 194438Feature ArticleBridge ChestnutsWilliam J. Huske
November 194440Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 19444Letters From Readers
December 19447Feature ArticleChoice Of ContractsEly Culbertson
December 194414Feature ArticleHow To Remember CardsStephen White
December 194416Feature ArticleProblems In Defensive BiddingA. Moyse, Jr.
December 194420Feature ArticleHow To Win An IndividualJ. N. Meyer
December 194423Feature ArticleDeceitR. A. Priday
December 194426What Do You Know?
December 194429Feature ArticleImpossible!Enrique Lippstadt
December 194431Feature ArticleKing's GambitKarl E. Righter
December 194435Feature ArticleThose Sufficient BidsH. L. Stanton
December 194437Culling the Columns
December 194438Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194444Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 19453Letters From Readers
January 19457Feature ArticleThe 500-Point MythAlbert H. Morehead
January 194512Feature ArticleGuinea GoldGeorge S. Coffin
January 194514Feature ArticleBare AcesPaul Stern
January 194516Feature ArticleThe Kempson CoupEwart Kempson
January 194518Feature ArticleProtect That ContrackDon Von Elsner
January 194525Feature ArticleMcSlively Has A ChopperA. E. Armstrong
January 194529Culling the Columns
January 194532Feature ArticleThe Winter NationalsStephen White
January 194537Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194542Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 19452Letters From Readers
February 19455Feature ArticleRecognizing The Slam ZoneEly Culbertson
February 194510Feature ArticleUterR. A. Priday
February 194515New Books On Bridge
February 194516MiscellanyA Remarkable SqueezeJohn Bibb
February 194517MiscellanyThe Hand With A JokerO. W. Anderson
February 194519MiscellanyPercentages AgainBart Park
February 194520What Do You Know?
February 194522Feature ArticleThe Free BidAlvin L. Roth
February 194528Feature ArticleThe Non-Bridge AffairR. Gray
February 194538Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194544Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 19452Letters From Readers
March 19455Feature ArticleSome Cue-Bidding SafeguardsEly Culbertson
March 194510Feature ArticleJackie's Legal JoistA. Moyse, Jr.
March 194513Feature ArticleReopening The BiddingLee Hazen
March 194518Feature ArticleWatch Your DeucesRobert A. Cameron
March 194522Feature ArticleInternational BridgeKarl Righter
March 194526Miscellany
March 194531Feature ArticleReconnaissance PlaysEdward Hyde
March 194533Feature ArticleAngus Gives It The AxA. E. Armstrong
March 194537Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194543Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194548Culling the Columns
April 19452Letters From Readers
April 19457Feature ArticleRecognizing A Cue-BidEly Culbertson
April 194515Feature ArticleTiming Of Deceptive PlaysStephen White
April 194519Feature ArticleAn Old Slam System RevivedEdwin D. Martin
April 194524What Do You Know?
April 194528Feature ArticleOvercalls--From A Purely Logical StandpointAlvin L. Roth
April 194532Feature ArticleBridge In The Southwest PacificAxel Kaufmann
April 194535Miscellany
April 194538Culling the Columns
April 194539Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194544Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 19452Letters From Readers
May 19455Feature ArticleSome Problems Of The Responding HandA. Moyse, Jr.
May 194510Feature ArticleLeading Partner's SuitRobert A. Cameron
May 194514Feature ArticleAngus Pulls A Fast OneA. E. Armstrong
May 194518Feature ArticleA Problem On Every HandKarl E. Righter
May 194523Feature ArticleSabotageStephen White
May 194530Feature ArticleLuck And SuperstitionStuyvesant Wainwright
May 194532Culling the ColumnsHoward Woolworth and A. M. Sobel
May 194533Miscellany
May 194534Feature ArticleBook ReviewWaldemar von Zedtwitz
May 194536Feature ArticlePsyching In SafetyDouglas Steen
June 19452Letters From Readers
June 19455Feature ArticleA New Notrump ConventionSamuel M. Stayman
June 19459Feature ArticleTacticsA. Moyse, Jr.
June 194514Feature ArticleWhat Makes A Bridge ChampionAlbert H. Morehead
June 194519Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
June 194524Feature ArticleChinese BridgeGeorge S. Coffin
June 194527Feature ArticleThe New Underbid SystemStephen White
June 194530Feature ArticlePrelude To MurderFred L. Karpin
June 194535Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194540Culling the Columns
June 194543Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 19452Letters From Readers
July 19455Feature ArticleTotal-Point StrategyEly Culbertson
July 194512Feature ArticleRhine BridgeKarl E. Righter
July 194516Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets The WorksA. E. Armstrong
July 194520Feature ArticleQuite IndividualEwart Kempson
July 194523Feature ArticleHigh-LowAxel Kaufmann
July 194526Culling the ColumnsBruce C. Bell
July 194528MiscellanyTwo ProblemsPaul Lukacs
July 194529MiscellanyAn Improved SystemEd Sweet
July 194530MiscellanyThe Blackwood Coup
July 194531MiscellanyReport From RenoGeorge F. Shaw
July 194533Feature ArticleTwo Ways To Play ItRobert A. Cameron
July 194537Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194543Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 19450Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 19452Letters From Readers
August 19455Feature ArticleBidding Three-Card Major SuitsSamuel M. Stayman
August 19459Feature ArticleWhen to Lead from a TenaceAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 194514Feature ArticleSure TricksGeorge Coffin
August 194516Feature ArticleThe All-Western TournamentDouglas Steen
August 194520Feature ArticlePrecedentStephen White
August 194525Feature ArticleMore CucumberEwart Kempson
August 194528Feature ArticleBridgetime StoryAxel Kaufman
August 194530Feature ArticleI'm Giving Up BridgeFred L. Karpin
August 194534Feature ArticleDefenseOlive A. Peterson
August 194537Culling the Columns
August 194537Miscellany
August 194539Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 19452Letters From Readers
September 19455Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
September 194511Feature ArticleBids That Don't Fit The SystemStephen White
September 194513What Do You Know?
September 194514Feature ArticleThe Right SwindleAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 194519Feature ArticleLeading Partner's Suit IIRobert A. Cameron
September 194524Feature ArticleThe Mountain And The TitmouseL. A. Burleigh
September 194527Feature ArticleSinister SovereignsR. W. Wilson
September 194532Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194537Feature ArticleRiviera BridgeKarl A. Righter
September 194541Feature ArticleMcSlively Pitches A ShutoutA. E. Armstrong
September 194545Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 19452Letters From Readers
October 19455Feature ArticleTactical BidsStephen White
October 194510Feature ArticleLight-BeatersR. W. Wilson
October 194513Feature ArticlePost-Mortem Reports On The National Tournament
October 194516Feature ArticleCue-Bidding InferencesEdwin D. Martin
October 194521Feature ArticleStill More CucumberEwart Kempson
October 194524Feature ArticleDouble-Dummy DefenseRobert A. Cameron
October 194529Feature ArticleGin-Rummy Queries & AnswersWalter L. Richard
October 194531Culling the Columns
October 194534Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194539Miscellany
October 194544Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 19452Letters From Readers
November 19455Feature ArticleBig EarsFrank K. Perkins
November 19459Feature ArticleAfter The Second RoundStephen White
November 194512Feature ArticleMore About The National TournamentJerome Seheuer
November 194515Feature ArticleAngus Saves The DayA. E. Armstrong
November 194518Feature ArticleSome Forcing (?) SituationsSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194522Feature ArticleThe FifthR. W. Wilson
November 194526Feature ArticleThe Case Of The Card Called "X"H. L. Stanton
November 194532Feature ArticleThe Hawk And The BlanketGeorge T. Spillman
November 194539Feature ArticleThe Four-Club Roll CallF. Lester Simon
December 19452Letters From Readers
December 19455Feature ArticleWhen To UnderbidAlbert H. Morehead
December 194511Feature ArticleSuperstitionStephen White
December 194517Feature ArticleReport From BrooklynFred L. Karpin
December 194521Feature ArticleA DiatribeSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194524Feature ArticleOccupation BridgeKarl E. Righter
December 194527Feature ArticleAre The Books Wrong?Robert W. Wilkes
December 194530Miscellany
December 194535Culling the Columns
December 194538Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194543Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 19462Letters From Readers
January 19465Feature ArticleTime For A ChangeAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 194614Feature ArticleMrs. McSlively's Off NightA. E. Armstrong
January 194619Feature ArticleCard ReadingAlbert H. Morehead
January 194624Feature ArticleThe Very Pink Of CourtesyGuy Ramsey
January 194626Feature ArticleBidding Four-Card MajorsJoseph M. Barton
January 194630Feature ArticleW. J. Huske Dies
January 194631Feature ArticleThere'll Always Be A Bridge GameW. J. Huske
January 194634Miscellany
January 194638Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194641Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 19462Letters From Readers
February 19465Feature ArticleTheory Of Partnership BiddingTurner Hodges
February 19468Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
February 194614Feature ArticleThe Queen Of SpadesRobert A. Cameron
February 194619Feature ArticleEnd Of An Era
February 194621Feature ArticleThin SlicesEwart Kempson
February 194624Feature ArticleCard Reading IIAlbert H. Morehead
February 194629Feature ArticleBlue MartiniL. A. Burleigh
February 194633Miscellany
February 194636Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194642Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 19462Letters From Readers
March 19465Feature ArticleOpening In An Uneven GameAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 194613Feature ArticleStar (Un)BlockerRobert A. Cameron
March 194618Feature ArticleCorrect PlanningPaul Lukacs
March 194622Feature ArticleWhy Doesn't He Do This?Karl E. Righter
March 194626Feature ArticleElementary Card Reading IIIAlbert H. Morehead
March 194630Feature ArticleLindy BridgeLinwood A. Walters
March 194636Miscellany
March 194640Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194644Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 19462Letters From Readers
April 19465Feature ArticleIs It Really Necessary?S. Garton Churchill
April 19469Feature ArticlePitfalls Of Pair TournamentsDr. Alfred Zankl
April 194619Feature ArticleThe Sarge Vs. The ExpertsFred L. Karpin
April 194624Feature ArticleIt's Only A GameDavid Hilary Lang
April 194627Feature ArticleAngus Butches The BiddingA. E. Armstrong
April 194631Feature ArticleSure TricksGeorge Coffin
April 194633Feature ArticleShould I Lead Trumps?Karl E. Righter
April 194639Miscellany
April 194641Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194644Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 19462Letters From Readers
May 19465Feature ArticleDon't Take That Trick!Alfred P. Sheinwold
May 194614Feature ArticleNo Pain, No GainI. T. Sun
May 194617Feature ArticleFancy BiddingA. Moyse, Jr.
May 194625Feature ArticleThe Two-Way Two-BidR. H. Skinner
May 194629Feature ArticleThe Bodholdt Convention
May 194633Miscellany
May 194635Feature ArticleAverage Bridge WinsW. A. Lamkin
May 194637Feature ArticleOzarkanaGeorge H. Konen
May 194640Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194643Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 19462Letters From Readers
June 19465Feature ArticleAnything Can HappenKarl E. Righter
June 19469Feature ArticleWhy Use Blackwood?Stanley McComas and Easley Blackwood
June 194612Feature ArticlePlayers I Have Stumbled OverDavid H. Lang
June 194615Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
June 194619Feature ArticleUnblocks And CountermeasuresSaxon Fairwood
June 194626Feature ArticleMcSlively Calls His ShotsA. E. Armstrong
June 194630Feature ArticleThe Case Against "Re-Deals" In Duplicate GamesDr. Bruce MacKenzie
June 194635Feature ArticleTitmouse TriumphantL. A. Burleigh
June 194639Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194643Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 19462Letters From Readers
July 19465Feature ArticleBidding A Three-Card SuitAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 194611Feature ArticleSnapshots From A DuplicateWilliam Nye
July 194615Feature ArticleThe Crystal BallW. S. Holding
July 194618Feature ArticleMr. Pipp Goes Into A TranceL. M. Bidwell
July 194620Polling the Experts
July 194623Feature ArticleDon't Blame Your PartnerSidney Aronson
July 194627Feature ArticleEvaluation Of BidsJ. L. McMurphy
July 194631Feature ArticleCue Bidding For Grand SlamsEdwin D. Martin
July 194635Book ReviewsReview Of Ely Culbertson's "Duplicate" BookWaldemar von Zedtwitz
July 194637Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194642Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 19462Letters From Readers
August 19465Feature ArticleBidding Over A ShutoutHarry J. Fishbein
August 194612Feature ArticleThat Outside CurveFrank K. Perkins
August 194615Feature ArticleHalf A LoafS. J. Simon
August 194619Feature ArticleThe Kid Fights BackSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194623Polling the Experts
August 194627Feature ArticleWanted: Advice!Jerome Seheuer
August 194630Feature ArticleGrand SlamEdmund Phillips
August 194633Feature ArticleAn Outstanding BookJosephine Culbertson
August 194636Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194641Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 19462Letters From Readers
September 19465Feature ArticleHow Much Will It Cost?Karl E. Righter
September 194610Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals
September 194615Feature ArticleBidding A Three-Card SuitAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 194621Polling the Experts
September 194623Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays A HunchA. E. Armstrong
September 194626Feature ArticleThe Casting Of PearlsAnonymous
September 194628Feature ArticleTake All The ChancesPaul Lukacs
September 194630Culling the Columns
September 194632Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194637Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194643MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19462Letters From Readers
October 19465Feature ArticleEncoreJohn C. Stablein
October 194610Feature ArticleDouble TroubleT. A. Burton
October 194616Miscellany
October 194617Polling the Experts
October 194621Feature ArticleBidding A Three-Card Suit IIIA. P. Sheinwold
October 194625Feature ArticleThe Four Extra ValuesLt. Col. A. D. Jameson
October 194630Feature ArticleSure TricksGeorge Coffin
October 194632Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194638Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 194643MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19462Letters From Readers
November 19465Feature ArticleThe Suit-Preference InsanityAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 194612Culling the Columns
November 194613Feature ArticleMrs. Guggenheim And I Fight It OutW. J. McKnight, III
November 194615Feature ArticleDouble Dummy Problem
November 194616Feature ArticleIntercollegiate BridgePvt. Henry Brandt
November 194621Feature ArticleNotrump BiddingCharles J. Solomon
November 194625Feature ArticleEveryday ViandsDr. Paul Stern
November 194628Feature ArticleCucumber Does It AgainEwart Kempson
November 194631Polling the Experts
November 194634Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194639Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194644MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19462Letters From Readers
December 19465Feature ArticleThe "Sucker" DoubleP. M. Lusk
December 19469Feature ArticleNotes From A TournamentThe Bridge World Kibitzer
December 194615Feature ArticleThe Suit-Preference InsanityAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 194622Feature ArticleThe Trump SqueezeRobert W. Wilkes
December 194627Polling the Experts
December 194630Feature ArticleNotrump BiddingCharles J. Solomon
December 194635Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194639Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194645MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19473Feature ArticleJackie At The BatA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19479Feature ArticleCaveat EmptorJohn C. Stablein
January 194714Feature ArticleFour Remarkable HandsW. S. Holdine
January 194721Feature ArticleThe Proper Use Of Suit-Prefernce SignalsHy Lavinthal
January 194727Polling the Experts
January 194730Feature ArticleNotrump BiddingCharles J. Solomon
January 194734Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194737Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194744MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For October
February 19473Tournament ReportThe 1946 Winter National Tournament
February 194710Feature ArticleInternational Bridge
February 194716Feature ArticleSatisfactionJ. L. McMurphy
February 194719Polling the Experts
February 194723Feature ArticleAfter Partner Has PassedNan P. DeWolf
February 194725Feature ArticleDuplicate PersonalitiesLawrence J. Steinbugler
February 194727Feature ArticleThe Proper Use Of Suit-Prefernce Signals IIHy Lavinthal
February 194731Feature ArticleNotrump BiddingCharles J. Solomon
February 194734Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194738Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194743MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For November
March 19472Letters From Readers
March 19475Tournament ReportMasters Individual Tournament
March 194711Feature ArticleWhy I Like The 4-3-2-1 CountCharles H. Goren
March 194715Feature ArticlePerfectionJohn C. Stablein
March 194720Feature ArticlePractical BridgeAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 194727Feature ArticleFaint Hearts And Fair LadiesI. T. Sun
March 194732Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194736Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194741Honor RollHonor Roll For December
March 194744MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19473Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Tournament
April 19479Feature ArticleBidding Over A Takeout DoubleHoward Schenken
April 194715Polling the Experts
April 194719Rate Your Own Game
April 194724Feature ArticlePractical Bridge IIAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 194731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194734Honor RollHonor Roll For 1946
April 194735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194741Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 194743MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19473Feature ArticleIntercollegiate OlympicGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 19479Feature ArticleBunk At The Bridge TableA. Moyse, Jr.
May 194716Feature ArticleDefending Against A Two-SuiterTerence Reese
May 194718Feature ArticlePractical Bridge IIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 194724Feature ArticleBridge For BeginnersAnne Collins
May 194725Feature ArticleBridge On The 6:12Emmanuel Robison
May 194727Rate Your Own Game
May 194732Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194737Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194742Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 194744MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19473Feature ArticleDown Went McgintyArthur T. Brown
June 194710Feature ArticleThe Intercollegiate FinalsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 194715Feature ArticlePilow-Pals PartyJane Mohl
June 194717Polling the Experts
June 194720Feature ArticleNo More RubbersOswald Jacoby
June 194722Feature ArticleShuffle Along To Better HandsR. J. Myers
June 194725Feature ArticlePractical Bridge IVAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 194731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194736Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194741Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194743MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19473Feature ArticleWinning PlayJohn C. Stablein
July 19479Feature ArticleTwo Clubs Or Two Notrump?Samuel M. Stayman
July 194714Feature ArticleEntry Promotion De LuxeBruce C. Bell
July 194716Feature ArticleCue BidsLee Hazen
July 194720Feature ArticleHow To Lose TricksHenry Brandt
July 194725Rate Your Own Game
July 194731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
July 194741MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For April
August 19472Letters From Readers
August 19475Feature ArticleBunk At The Bridge Table IIA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194713Feature ArticleLast Nail In The CoffinB. Jay Becker
August 194716Feature ArticleThe Weak Jump ResponseLouis G. Scharf
August 194718Feature ArticlePlay 'Em To The HiltSidney Aronson
August 194722Feature ArticleIt Can't Be MadePaxton M. Lusk
August 194726Feature ArticlePractical Bridge VAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 194731Feature ArticleA Promise Is A PromiseHarry Bierman
August 194733Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194737Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 194742MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For May
September 19473Tournament ReportThe 1947 Summer National Tournament
September 19479Feature ArticleBlind SpotsTerence Reese
September 194711Feature ArticleA Horrible FateJ. W. Tallant
September 194713Feature ArticleSo That's How He Does ItIvy Oeschger
September 194718Feature ArticleAngus To The RescueA. E. Armstrong
September 194725Feature ArticleAddendumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 194729Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
September 194740MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For June
October 19473Feature ArticleHands We Love To HoldJohn C. Stablein
October 19479Feature ArticleThe Best Layed PlansOswald Jacoby
October 194712Polling the Experts
October 194717Feature ArticlePractical Bridge VIAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 194724Feature ArticlePercentage PlayFred L. Karpin
October 194730Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194734Book ReviewsThe Last Word In Odds
October 194735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
October 194741MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For July
November 19473Feature ArticleIn Praise Of The Culbertson Four-Five Notrump ConventionS. J. Simon
November 19479Rate Your Own Game
November 194715Feature ArticleShuffle Off To BuffaloSam T. McCarthy
November 194720Feature ArticleThey Love To BidNan P. DeWolf
November 194722Feature ArticlePractical Bridge VIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 194729Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194733Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 194739MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For August
December 19473Feature ArticleThe Immortal HandsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
December 19478Feature ArticleRebids By Opener After A One Notrump ResponseRudolph Eisner
December 194715Feature ArticleGarden Variety StrategyBernard L. Trippett
December 194721Feature ArticleThe 1948 Culbertson Teachers Convention
December 194722Feature ArticleGrand LarcenyCharles E. Eastgate
December 194724Feature ArticlePractical Bridge VIIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 194731Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194735Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
December 194742MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For September
January 19483Tournament ReportThe 1947 Winter National Tournament
January 194811Feature ArticleHisses And KissesJohn C. Stablein
January 194816Feature ArticleAn Open Letter To S.J. SimonAlbert H. Morehead
January 194818Feature ArticleAmong My SouvenirsWhitner Cary
January 194820Puzzle CornerA Challenge
January 194821Feature ArticlePlanning A Pseudo-SqueezeTerence Reese
January 194825Feature ArticlePractical Bridge IXAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 194831Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194835Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
January 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 194843MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19483Feature ArticleDuplicate GripesHenry Brandt
February 194810Feature ArticleAngus Carries The BallA. E. Armstrong
February 194813Feature ArticleTwo Supercilious KibitzersRobert Darvas and Norman de V. Hart
February 194817Feature ArticleThe Odds In Slam BiddingGeorge Rose Smith
February 194819Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 194826Tournament ReportThe Eucom Contract Bridge ChampionshipRobert S. Boyer
February 194829Book ReviewsA Magnificent Collection Of Hands
February 194830Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194835Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
February 194841MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 194847Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 194848Puzzle CornerDouble Dummy Problem
March 19482Letters From Readers
March 19485Tournament ReportThe Masters Individual Tournament
March 194813Feature ArticleThird Hand Not So HighRichard L. Frey
March 194817Feature ArticleA Debt Of HonorS. Tupper Bigelow
March 194822Feature ArticleMirageRobert Anderson
March 194824Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XIAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 194832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194836Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
March 194841MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 194846Honor RollHonor Roll For December
April 19483Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt TournamentHenry Brandt
April 19489Feature ArticlePar HandsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 194819Feature ArticleSpilled MilkI. T. Sun
April 194825Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 194833Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194837Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
April 194844Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 194846MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19482Letters From Readers
May 19485Feature ArticleInsults Plus InjuryWilliam Allen Smith, Jr.
May 194810Feature ArticleThe Sequence Reentry SignalCharles H. Goren
May 194814Rate Your Own Game
May 194820Puzzle CornerDouble Dummy Problem
May 194821Tournament ReportThe Eastern TournamentWilliam E. McKenney
May 194824Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XIIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 194833Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194837Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
May 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 194844MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19483Feature ArticleA Thinkin' And A Countin'Ivy Oeschger
June 19488Feature ArticleThe College ChampionsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 194812Feature ArticleWhy I Like The 4-3-2-1 CountDr. Paul Stern
June 194815Feature ArticleAngus Wins His SpursA. E. Armstrong
June 194819Feature ArticleChoosing The Contract At Matchpoint DuplicateRobert W. Wilkes
June 194821Feature ArticleWhat Is Card Sense?Herbert G. Moore
June 194824Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XIVAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 194832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194836Master Solvers ClubSamuel Fry, Jr.
June 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194844MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19483Feature ArticleHave You Been There Before?Terence Reese
July 19486Feature ArticleUp With The Queen?Henry Brandt
July 194811Feature ArticleUnderbiddingKay Polakow
July 194815Feature ArticleThe Cards Even UpGeoffrey Mott-Smith
July 194818Feature ArticleEven The ExpertsC. E. Dougherty
July 194820Feature ArticleThe Mad Bridge PartyP. M. Lusk
July 194824Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XVAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 194832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194836Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 194841Honor RollHonor Roll For April
July 194843MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19483Tournament ReportEuropean Championship At CopenhagenS. J. Simon
August 194811Feature ArticleWhy I Dislike The 4-3-2-1 CountA. Moyse, Jr.
August 194819Feature ArticleCulbertson Teachers' ConventionAlbert H. Morehead
August 194820Feature ArticleAn Ambiguous Situation In Squeeze PlayClyde E. Love
August 194823Feature ArticleSpeaking Of LuckJohn E. Losher
August 194825Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XVIAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 194833Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194836Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 194844MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19482Letters From Readers
September 19485Feature ArticleSuit Responses To One NotrumpEly Culbertson
September 194810Tournament ReportThe 1948 Summer NationalsAlbert H. Morehead
September 194829Feature ArticleThe New Bridge LawsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
September 194833Feature ArticleIndicitive ConversationRobert Boseray
September 194836Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194839Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 194844Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 194845MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19483Feature ArticleJump Bids In Minor SuitsEly Culbertson
October 19486Feature ArticleThe ClutchFrank K. Perkins
October 19489Feature ArticleClichesJohn C. Stablein
October 194813Feature ArticleTwo Fancy HandsAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 194817Feature ArticleSitting DucksI. T. Sun
October 194821Feature ArticleThe Linden FishS. Tupper Bigelow
October 194826Feature ArticleS.J. Simon On BridgeTerence Reese
October 194829Feature ArticleThose Were The DaysGeoffrey Mott-Smith
October 194832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194837Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 194843Honor RollHonor Roll For July
October 194845MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19483Feature ArticleThe Passed HandEly Culbertson
November 19487Feature ArticlePow Bridge Contests Part 1C. Th de Booy
November 194813Puzzle CornerA New Kind Of Inferential ProblemTerence Reese
November 194814Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XVIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 194825Rate Your Own Game
November 194833Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194838Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 194843MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19483Feature ArticleTwo Important Changes In The Culbertson SystemEly Culbertson
December 19488Feature ArticleA Letter From Charlie Goren
December 194812Feature ArticleTurner-Brown Still ScintillatesM. J. Sullivan
December 194817Feature ArticleSecond Round ControlsHenry Brandt
December 194823Puzzle CornerAnother Inferential ProblemTerence Reese
December 194824Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XVIIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 194832Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194836Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 194844MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19493Tournament ReportThe 1948 Winter National TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
January 194926Feature ArticleMcSlively Scores A KnockoutA. E. Armstrong
January 194930Feature ArticleTournament BridgeG. T. Humphries
January 194931Feature ArticleHer MajestyGeorge Coffin
January 194933Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 194938Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 194943Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 194945MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19493Feature ArticleThe UnexpectedJohn C. Stablein
February 19498Feature ArticleThe BowersStewart W. Bowers
February 194912Feature ArticleFour QueensA. Moyse, Jr.
February 194917Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XIXAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 194924Feature ArticleWhat Do You ThinkChris Hebert
February 194930Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 194936Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 194941Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 194943MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 19493Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
March 194923Tournament ReportThe Masters' IndividualAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 194932Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 194936Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For December
March 194943MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19493Feature ArticleThink! Think! Think!Geoffrey Mott-Smith
April 19497Feature ArticleThe Great HalEly Culbertson
April 19499Feature ArticlePsychic Bids On Three Card SuitsTerence Reese
April 194912Feature ArticleNo Night To HowlWilliam Allen Smith, Jr.
April 194917Feature ArticleThe Second Eucom ChampionshipsRobert S. Boyer
April 194922Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XXAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 194930Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 194939Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 194941MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19493Feature ArticleA Comparison Of Point CountsSamuel M. Stayman
May 19498Feature ArticleThe 1949 IntercollegiatesLuther A. Dittmer
May 194913Feature ArticleThanks You, Mr. GorenStewart W. Bowers
May 194915Feature ArticleHonor Tricks Vs. Point Count At Suit BiddingHy Lavinthal
May 194919Feature ArticleThe Chance Of A LifetimeI. T. Sun
May 194921Feature ArticleMystery Of The Lurking KingsGeorge S. Coffin
May 194922Feature ArticleThose Extra Ten PointsLeslie E. Parker
May 194925Feature ArticleA Helluva A GameRobert N. Blum
May 194929Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 194941Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 194943MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19493Feature ArticleUpsetsJohn C. Stablein
June 19497Feature ArticleSuch A Simple SystemC. E. Dougherty
June 194911Tournament ReportCanadian National TournamentS. Tupper Bigelow
June 194917Feature ArticleWrecked On The RocksGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 194920Feature ArticleFlexibility In BlackwoodGeorge N. Lantz
June 194924Feature ArticlePractical Bridge XXIAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 194932Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 194936Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 194942Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194943MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19493Feature ArticleThe Red Herring And OthersI. T. Sun
July 19498Feature ArticleA New Plan Of MatchpointingA. J. and B. Nielsen
July 194913Feature ArticleThe Anglo-American MatchEwart Kempson
July 194917Feature ArticleThe National And All-Western ChampionshipsRobert J. Marks
July 194922Feature ArticleNo Breaks For McSlivelyA. E. Armstrong
July 194925Feature ArticleHomemade OlympicsCarleton G. Howard
July 194927Feature ArticleThe Insolvents' ClubW. R. Dodd
July 194929Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For April
July 194942MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19493Feature ArticleCareless HandsJohn C. Stablein
August 19499Feature ArticleThe Americans In EnglandHarold Franklin
August 194916Feature ArticleBridge Made EasyKay Polakow
August 194921Feature ArticleMore Hands From The Western TournamentDouglas Steen
August 194925Rate Your Own Game
August 194934Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 194937Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 194943Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 194944MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19493Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
September 194925Feature ArticleTournament SidelightsCharles H. Goren
September 194928Feature ArticleWhat Price Fancy?Fred Odom
September 194932Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 194941MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19493Feature ArticleTricks On TimeSam Gold
October 19497Feature ArticleBridge And The LawS. Tupper Bigelow
October 194913Feature ArticlePlain And FancyI. T. Sun
October 194916Feature ArticleA Study In The Double SqueezeKay Polakow
October 194921Book ReviewsA Provocative New Book
October 194922Feature ArticleAll Wester And National ChampionshipsDouglas Steen
October 194927Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 194933Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For July
October 194941MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19493Feature ArticleBlocks And Stumbling BlocksRichard L. Frey
November 19498InterviewCulbertson On Canasta
November 194911Feature ArticleDidn't Know The Gun Was LoadedJohn C. Stablein
November 194917Feature ArticleLead ValuesJohn Brown
November 194921Rate Your Own Game
November 194928Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 194941Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 194942MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19493Feature ArticleFour Hands In NotrumpI. T. Sun
December 19499Feature ArticleThe StumblebumSidney S. Lenz
December 194914Feature ArticleA Case In PointsMortimer D. Goldstein
December 194923Polling the Experts
December 194928Feature ArticleLone Wolf At The Bridge TableAnonymous
December 194930Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 194934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 194942MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19503Tournament ReportThe Winter NationalsA. Moyse, Jr.
January 195015Feature ArticleTournament SidelightsCharles H. Goren
January 195019Tournament ReportThe Coronado ChampionshipsRobert J. Marks
January 195026Feature ArticlePoint Counter PointCharles H. Goren
January 195032Feature ArticleAn International MatchJohn C. Stablein
January 195035Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195040Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 195044Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 195046MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19503Feature ArticleOne Point At A TimeFred L. Karpin
February 195010Feature ArticleThe Thin Red LineGuy Ramsay
February 195014Feature ArticleAn Interesting HandRudolph Eisner
February 195017Feature ArticleDuelNorman B. Hasselriis
February 195021Feature ArticleAddendumTheodore A. Lightner
February 195024Feature ArticleInferential ProblemTerence Reese
February 195026Feature ArticleDouble TroubleAlexander Spencer
February 195030Book ReviewsCulbertson On CanastaJesse C. Beesley
February 195032Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195036Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 195043MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 19502Letters From Readers
March 19503Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195014Tournament ReportLife Masters Individual TournamentVick Frey
March 195022Feature ArticleTrapping ProhibitedKarl A. Righter
March 195028Feature ArticleA Master's DebtClaude C. Ramsay, Jr.
March 195030Feature ArticleAngus And The King Of DiamondsA. E. Armstrong
March 195033Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195037Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For December
March 195042MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19503Feature ArticleA Little LearningTerence Reese
April 19506Feature ArticleIfJohn C. Stablein
April 195011Polling the Experts
April 195017Feature ArticleWe The PeopleIvy Oeschger
April 195021Feature ArticleProblems Of DefenseGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 195023Feature ArticleThe 1950 IntercollegiateFelix J. Vondracek
April 195027Feature ArticleReport From Down UnderM. J. Sullivan
April 195031Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195035Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 195042MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19503Feature ArticleIt Ain't All ScienceAlexander Spencer
May 19508Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
May 195011Feature ArticleA Dull Run Of HandsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 195016Feature ArticleWho Has The Edge?I. T. Sun
May 195020Feature ArticleCrisis In JennyburgNathalie O'Brien
May 195022Feature ArticleSome Vanderbilt HighlightsHenry Brandt
May 195026Feature ArticleThe One-Loser Three-Suit SqueezeClyde E. Love
May 195029Feature ArticleThe Count Of FiveR. H. Skinner
May 195031Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195035Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 195043MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19502Letters From Readers
June 19504Feature ArticleDon't Expose Your HandsMarshall Miles
June 195012Feature ArticlePoint Count And Counter Point CountTheodore Lightner
June 195019Feature ArticleJackie Rides AgainA. Moyse, Jr.
June 195025Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195028Feature ArticleInferential ProblemRussell Roosen
June 195029Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
June 195034Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195039Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 195041MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19502Feature ArticleFourth Or Urge?A. Moyse, Jr.
July 19509Feature ArticleTown And Country CousinJohn Brown
July 195016Tournament ReportWomens Pair EventIvy Oeschger
July 195021Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195025Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
July 195032Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195037Honor RollHonor Roll For April
July 195039MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19502Feature ArticleAlertness: Pro And ConJerome Scheuer
August 195011Rate Your Own Game
August 195018Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekRobert J. Marks
August 195023Feature ArticleSomething New?K. Polakow
August 195025Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195031Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
August 195036Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 195042Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 195043MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19502Tournament ReportThe Summer Nationals 1950Fred L. Karpin
September 195020Feature ArticleTournament SidelightCharles H. Goren
September 195027Feature ArticleHand Of The WeekG. Eloise Neil
September 195029Feature ArticleBlackoutsJohn C. Stablein
September 195034Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195036Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For July
September 195043MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19502Feature ArticleProblems Of Bidding In NotrumpSamuel M. Stayman
October 195010Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekDouglas Steen
October 195016Feature ArticleSlam DoublesTheodore A. Lightner
October 195023Feature ArticleNegative Doubles In Competitive SituationsEverett F. Taft
October 195026Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195029Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
October 195034Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195039Honor RollHonor Roll For July
October 195040MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19503Feature ArticleThe Stayman ConventionSamuel M. Stayman
November 195013Feature ArticleHoratius At BridgeMarshall Miles
November 195020Feature ArticleAll The Tricks But OneHelen Sobel
November 195021Feature ArticleThis Swan Was A GooseTerence Reese
November 195024Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195030Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
November 195034Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195039Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 195041MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19503Tournament ReportWhat Would You Have Done
December 19507Tournament ReportFirst International Team Of Four MatchAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 195030Feature ArticleA Gulfstream IdyllCharles H. Goren
December 195033Feature ArticleSenseless SignalsRochester Hart Rogers, Jr.
December 195036Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 195039Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195044Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 195045MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19513Tournament ReportThe 1950 Winter NationalsA. Moyse, Jr.
January 195112Feature ArticleSave Your Confederate MoneyCharles H. Goren
January 195114Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 1Alexander Spencer
January 195120Feature ArticleThe Precise PlayDonald F. Howard
January 195125Feature ArticleThe Promotion Of Trump HonorsTheodore A. Lightner
January 195132Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195135Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
January 195139Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 195145Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195146MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19512Feature ArticleThe Heart Of The MatterI. T. Sun
February 195110Feature ArticleDoctor Down One, Bridge PsychiatristOtto Feuer
February 195113Puzzle CornerInferential ProblemRussell Rousen
February 195114Feature ArticleAll The Tricks But TwoMortimer D. Goldstein
February 195117Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 2Alexander Spencer
February 195125Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195130Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
February 195135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195142MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 19512Tournament ReportThe Northwest RegionalsJohn C. Stablein
March 195111Feature ArticleOne Touch Of ChicagoCharles H. Goren
March 195114Feature ArticleSharon And Mr. MoreheadS. Tupper Bigelow
March 195121Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 3Alexander Spencer
March 195128Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195137Honor RollHonor Roll for December
March 195139MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19512Feature ArticleBread Upon The WatersAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 19518Feature ArticleCouptastrophiesDonald F. Howard
April 195113Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
April 195121Feature ArticleThe IntercollegiatesFelix Vondracek
April 195124Feature ArticleThree In OneRichard L. Frey
April 195127Book ReviewsA New Historic BookAlbert H. Morehead
April 195131Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for January
April 195143MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19512Feature ArticleSome Recent HandsTheodore A. Lightner
May 19517Feature ArticleStrange Results I Have SeenArthur Glatt
May 19519Feature ArticleThose Roughing EntriesF. Fielding-Reid
May 195113Feature ArticleWind Across The LakeGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 195118Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 4Alexander Spencer
May 195125Feature ArticleMy First TournamentSue Snyder
May 195128Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
May 195132Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195136Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for February
May 195143MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19512Feature ArticleConversation PieceAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 195112Feature ArticleTake It Or Leave ItJohn C. Stablein
June 195117Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 5Alexander Spencer
June 195124Feature ArticleAlice In BlunderlandP. M. Lusk
June 195127Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195131Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
June 195135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195140Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195143MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19512Tournament ReportSecond Thoughts on the Bermuda ChampionshipsAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 195115Feature ArticleNotes From New ZealandL. M. McKillop
July 195119Feature ArticleAn Americans View Of The ACOL System Part 6Alexander Spencer
July 195127Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
July 195130Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195139Honor RollHonor Roll for April
July 195142MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19512Tournament ReportThe 1951 Summer NationalsA. Moyse, Jr.
August 195121Feature ArticleSome Inconsequentional Moments In WashingtonCharles H. Goren
August 195123Feature ArticleAt The Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
August 195126Feature ArticleSlightly Left Of CenterBernard L. Trippett
August 195130Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 195139Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195140MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19512Letters from Readers
September 19515Tournament ReportHands from the National Team ChampionshipsAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 195117Feature ArticleAustralia Offers World Par ContestM. J. Sullivan
September 195119Feature ArticleTake Your Places Please Part IJerome Scheuer
September 195127Feature ArticleHigh From DummyR. Gray
September 195131Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195134Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195144MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19512Feature ArticleWere You In The Right Section?Richard L. Frey
October 19518Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipTerence Reese
October 195112Feature ArticleNo Problem For HerWalter Duranty
October 195115Feature ArticleSome Thoughts On Two-BidsTheodore A. Lightner
October 195121Feature ArticleTake Your Places Please! Part IIJerome Scheuer
October 195128Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195140Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195144MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19512Tournament ReportThe US Team ChampionshipAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 195110Feature ArticleAre Experts At Their Best In Slam Bidding?A. Moyse, Jr.
November 195115Feature ArticleBertrand Russell Honors Ely Culbertson
November 195117Feature ArticleClubbed By The QueenDavid E. Wilder
November 195122Feature ArticleThe Defenders Don't KnowR. Gray
November 195127Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195130Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195137Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195143MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19512Tournament ReportThe 1951 International Team-of-Four Championship Part 1Julius L. Rosenblum
December 195110Feature ArticleThe Night Before ChristmasDaniel R. Howe
December 195111Feature ArticleThe Roth-Stone System Alvin Roth
December 195121Feature ArticleThe Gambit In BridgeJohn Brown
December 195127Feature ArticleNow I Can RetireEllis O. Keller
December 195130Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 195133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for September
December 195143MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19522Tournament ReportThe 1951 Winter NationalsA. Moyse, Jr.
January 195215Feature ArticleTheir Favoirte HandsRichard L. Frey
January 195219Tournament ReportThe 1951 International Team-of-Four Championship Part 2Julius L. Rosenblum
January 195231Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195234Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195243MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19522Tournament ReportLife Master and Senior Master JamboreeAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 195216Feature ArticleThose Blooming TricksDonald F. Howard
February 195221Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
February 195225Feature ArticleChallenge AcceptedArthur Glatt
February 195228Point-Count ColumnFred L. Karpin
February 195231Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195241Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195244MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 19522Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Cup TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195215Feature ArticleVanderbilt SidelightsAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 195219Feature ArticleTheir Favorite Hands Richard L. Frey
March 195225Feature ArticleThe Australiain Par-Point International ContestM. J. Sullivan
March 195231Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195234Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for December
March 195243MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19522Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
April 19528Feature ArticleSome Vanderbilt Post-MortemsHanry Brandt
April 195211Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
April 195212Feature ArticleThe 1952 IntercollegiatesGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 195216Feature ArticleThe Lucky HorseshoeThomas Wilson, III
April 195223Feature ArticleCouncil For The DefenseAlexander Spencer
April 195228Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195231Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195231Honor RollHonor Roll for 1951
April 195238Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 195242MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 19522Feature ArticleTrans-Atlantic Bridge Chat Part 1M. Harrison-Gray and A. Moyse, Jr.
May 195210Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count System IntroductionAlbert H. Morehead
May 195214Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest Hand 2
May 195215Feature ArticleThe Blackwood Theory Of DistributionEasley Blackwood
May 195221Feature ArticleChop SueyAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 195226Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
May 195231Feature ArticleCouncil For The Defense Part 2Alexander Spencer
May 195234Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195236Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for February
May 195245MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
June 19522Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
June 19528Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 2nd Installment
June 195214Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
June 195216Feature ArticleA Unique Squeeze PositionClyde E. Love
June 195218Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
June 195223Feature ArticleHelp Wanted! Several Situations OpenGeorge Straight
June 195228Feature ArticleTrans-Atlantic Bridge Chat Part 2M. Harrison-Gray and A. Moyse, Jr.
June 195234Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195238Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195246Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195247MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19522Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
July 195210Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
July 195212Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard Frey
July 195217Feature ArticleStyleEdmund Phillips
July 195221Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 3rd Installment
July 195230Feature ArticleA True ConfessionA. Moyse, Jr.
July 195232Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195241Honor RollHonor Roll for April
July 195244MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19522Tournament ReportThe 1952 Summer NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 195224Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
August 195227Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 4th Installment
August 195233Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 195244Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195245MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
September 19522Feature ArticleWhat's Happening To The Cue BidSidney Silodor
September 19526Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
September 195210Feature ArticleSome Cold Cuts from the NationalsCharles H. Goren
September 195213Feature ArticleSomething New In BiddingC. H. Fulwiler
September 195217Feature ArticleGhoulish GleeAlfred Sheinwold
September 195223Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 5th Installment
September 195230Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195243MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
October 19522Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipsMargery Belsey
October 195213Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
October 195218Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
October 195224Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 6th Installment
October 195234Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195245MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
November 19522Feature ArticleImpossible BidsMarshall L. Miles
November 19527Tournament ReportRegional in ParadiseDon and Frances Von Elsner
November 195216Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
November 195221Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 7th Installment
November 195227Feature ArticleI'm Through with Bridge BooksRobert L. Glaser
November 195230Feature ArticleOur Hat is Off--Part WayA. Moyse, Jr.
November 195231Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195244MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
December 19522Feature ArticleTwo Gems From the NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 19526Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
December 195211Feature ArticleThe Vanishing PalookaAlexander Spencer
December 195215Feature ArticleThe Compound SqueezeClyde E. Love
December 195219Feature ArticleA Surety ProblemGeorge Coffin
December 195220Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
December 195223Feature ArticleYou Too Can be a Bridge ExpertD. H. Lang
December 195228Feature ArticleEn PassantLt. Col. J. Tim Willis
December 195232Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 195236Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195241Honor RollHonor Roll for September
December 195244MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
January 19532Feature ArticleSome Hands From The World ChampionshipsTheodore A. Lightner
January 195311Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
January 195317Feature ArticleA Few Question MarksBernard L. Trippett
January 195325Letters from Readers
January 195327Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195331Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 195337Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195340Feature ArticleIf This Be ManiaRichard L. Frey
January 195342Feature ArticleReply From A ManiacTheodore A. Lightner
January 195345MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
February 19532Feature ArticleA Limit Forcing 2-BidEly Culbertson
February 19536Feature ArticleA New Takeout DoubleDr. F. Fielding-Reid
February 195310Feature ArticleKeep PunchingJohn C. Stablein
February 195315Feature ArticleAnalysis Of The Hand Of The YearCecil L. Head
February 195319Feature ArticleSuit-SwipersDouglas Steen
February 195321Feature ArticleA Tricky HandA. Moyse, Jr.
February 195324Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
February 195329Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195333Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
February 195334Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195341Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195344MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 19532Tournament ReportThe 1953 Vanderbilt TournamentA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195312Feature ArticleSecond Thoughts On The World Championship IAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 195319Feature ArticlePlaying Out Of The RoughGeoffrey Mott-Smith
March 195324Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
March 195332Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195334Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195340Honor RollHonor Roll for December
March 195343MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195348Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
April 19532Feature ArticleJackie The AdjudicatorA. Moyse, Jr.
April 19536Feature ArticleThe Opening 2-BidMyron Field
April 195310Feature ArticleSecond Thoughts On The World Championship IIAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 195317Tournament ReportThe Northwest RegionalsJohn C. Stablein
April 195322Feature ArticleA Brief ExcursionI. T. Sun
April 195327Feature ArticleIt's A Nice Clean Little GameDonald F. Howard
April 195332Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195337Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195337Honor RollHonor Roll For 1952
April 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for January
May 19532Letters from Readers
May 19534Feature ArticleObservations And Statistics On The International MatchWaldemar von Zedtwitz
May 195321Feature ArticleWhat's My Name?Paul M. Hummel
May 195325Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195328Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
May 195334Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195342MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
May 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for February
June 19532Feature ArticleThis Months Crime SheetAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 195311Feature ArticleThe Responsive DoubleAlexander Spencer
June 195316Feature ArticleObservations And Statistics On The International MatchWaldemar von Zedtwitz
June 195325Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
June 195331Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195334Letters from Readers
June 195335Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195343Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195346MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
July 19532Feature ArticleRate Your Own PlayTheodore A. Lightner
July 195310Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna and Marshall Miles
July 195316Feature ArticleIcyIvy Oescher
July 195320Feature ArticleThe Compound Squeeze IIClyde E. Love
July 195323Feature ArticleTheir Favoirte HandsRichard L. Frey
July 195329Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195334Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195342Honor RollHonor Roll for April
July 195343MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19532Feature ArticleThe New Asking BidEly Culbertson
August 195310Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 195327Feature ArticleA Tragedy To The World ChampionsEly Culbertson
August 195330Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195332Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 195342MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for May
September 19532Feature ArticleSomething About SqueezesPaul M. Hummel
September 19538Feature ArticleDelaying ActionsJohn C. Stablein
September 195313Puzzle CornerInferential ProblemRoy E. Campbell
September 195314Feature ArticleThe Hat-TrickAlexander Spencer
September 195318Feature ArticleA Gallery Of Weak 2-BidsBernard L. Trippett
September 195320Feature ArticleAn Open Letter To The State Department
September 195324Feature ArticleThe Ace vs. the KingCapt. Wayne G. Barker
September 195327Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
September 195329feature articleI Appeal To CaesarFrank Nolan
September 195332Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195336Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195345Honor RollHonor Roll for June
October 19532Feature ArticleThe Stone-Roth ControversyB. Jay Becker
October 195312Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding MatchA. Moyse, Jr.
October 195318Feature ArticleSome Controversial Hands from the Anglo-American MatchHarold S. Vanderbilt
October 195325Feature ArticleThe New Asking Bid IIEly Culbertson
October 195330Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195333Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195339Honor RollHonor Roll for July
November 19532Feature ArticleIn Defense Of The Roth-Stone SystemAlvin Roth
November 195310Feature ArticleRate Your Own PlayAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 195316Feature ArticlePrefernce BiddingTheodore A. Lightner
November 195324Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekMarshall Miles
November 195331Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match IIA. Moyse, Jr.
November 195337Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195340Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195344Honor RollHonor Roll for August
December 19532Feature ArticleHow to Play Against the Roth-Stone System, IMyron Field
December 19537Tournament ReportThe Winter NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 195320Feature ArticleThe New Asking Bid IIIEly Culbertson
December 195324Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match IIIA. Moyse, Jr.
December 195331Feature ArticleThe Debate On The Roth-Stone System
December 195336Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 195339Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for September
January 19542Feature ArticleHow to Play Against the Roth-Stone System, IIMyron Field
January 19548Feature ArticleDiamonds is a Girl's Best FriendGeoffrey Mott-Smith
January 195412Tournament ReportA Quartet of Hands from the Winter NationalsCharles H. Goren
January 195415Feature ArticleFurther toughts on preference biddingCecil L. Head
January 195419Feature ArticleThe King of Hearts Has No MustacheManuel W. Goodman
January 195422Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsRichard L. Frey
January 195426Feature ArticleThe Ubiquitous 5-4-3-1Bernard L. Trippett
January 195430Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match IVA. Moyse, Jr.
January 195436Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195439Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for October
February 19542Tournament ReportThe 1953 World ChampionshipsA. Moyse, Jr.
February 195412Feature ArticleRate Yyour Own PlayTheodore A. Lightner
February 195418Feature ArticleConfessions of an Occasional System PlayerFred L. Karpin
February 195425Feature ArticleThe Americans in EnglandTerence Reese
February 195430Feature ArticleI Fix the Little Old LadiesSterling Lanier
February 195434Feature ArticleWho Cooked This Mess?
February 195436Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195439Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195445Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195448Book ReviewsAn Excellent New Book
March 19542Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt TournamentAlfred P. Sheinwold
March 195415Feature ArticleJackie Plays the SystemA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195420Feature ArticleAn Ounce of ProtectionBernard L. Trippett
March 195426Puzzle CornerThe Judge Problems
March 195427Tournament ReportThe 1953 World Championships, IIA. Moyse, Jr.
March 195435Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195439Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for December
April 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
April 195410Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump OpeningStewart W. Bowers
April 195418Feature ArticleIncollegiate DoingsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 195423Feature ArticleWhy Use Force?A. F. Truscott
April 195428Feature ArticleThree-card Suit ContractsJules Tillles
April 195431Feature ArticleSquueze Gaining Three TricksClyde E. Love
April 195434Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195438Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195447Honor RollHonor Roll for January
May 19542Feature ArticleThe Jacoby Two-bidOswaold Jacoby
May 19547Feature ArticleRate Your Own PlayMarshall Miles
May 195412Tournament ReportVanderbilt High SpotsHenry Brandt
May 195415Feature ArticleTrump SqueezesAlbert H. Morehead
May 195419Feature ArticleFor Honey OnlyIvy Oescher
May 195425Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump Opening Part IIStewart W. Bowers
May 195431Book ReviewsThe New Culbertson Book
May 195433Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195436Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195437Honor RollHonor Roll for 1953
May 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for February
June 19542Feature ArticleThe Jacoby Slam MethodOswald Jacoby
June 19549Feature ArticleThe Costliest Bid in BridgeRichard L. Frey
June 195415Feature ArticleThe Fit Is Where You Find ItD. S. Franck
June 195422Feature ArticleHow Honest is Your Bridge Game?John L. Findlay
June 195424Feature ArticleDefensive Suit-playsR. Gray
June 195427Feature ArticleWheels Within WheelsA. Moyse, Jr.
June 195430Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump Opening Part IIIStewart W. Bowers
June 195434Feature ArticleThe Automatic Three-way SneerRobert A. Coan
June 195435Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195439Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for March
July 19544Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
July 19549Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
July 195419Feature ArticleFor Blackwoodians OnlyA. Moyse, Jr.
July 195425Feature ArticleDudsJohn C. Stablein
July 195426Feature ArticleThe Costliest Bid in Bridge, IIRichard L. Frey
July 195430Honor RollHonor Roll for April
July 195431Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195434Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195442MSC ForumA. Moyse, Jr.
August 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Play
August 19548Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #2
August 19549Feature ArticleBidding Over a Takeout DoubleSamuel Fry, Jr.
August 195413Feature ArticleIs There an Actuary in the House?Ivan Wichfeld
August 195415Feature ArticleFrom Here on Which Notrump?Bernard L. Trippett
August 195421Feature ArticleOff the Beaten TrackKay Polokow
August 195426Bits and PiecesOn to the NationalsWilliam Hanna
August 195430Feature ArticleHow Do you Speak to a Life Master?Martin Guilder
August 195432Feature ArticleSlaughter on Park AvenueAnonymous
August 195434Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195437Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for May
September 19542Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 195417Feature ArticleJ'AccuseWilliam Hanna
September 195420Feature ArticleThe Myth of the RedoubleTheodore A. Lightner
September 195425Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #3
September 195426Feature ArticleOff the beaten Track, IIKay Polokow
September 195430Feature ArticleSmidgeElliott S. Sears
September 195433Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195437Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195447Honor RollHonor Roll for June
October 19542Feature ArticleThe Woodson 2-way NotrumpWilliam B. Woodson
October 19546Feature ArticleUpside-down Defensive SignalsA. P. Sheinwold
October 195411Feature ArticleLeading from AcesA. Moyse, Jr.
October 195417Tournament ReportBritain Wins European ChampionshipTerence Reese
October 195422Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
October 195426Tournament ReportFun at FriscoIvy Oescher
October 195430Feature ArticleThe Reverse CoupGeoffrey Mott-Smith
October 195436Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195439Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for July
November 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
November 195411Feature ArticleChristmas SpecialPaul M. Hummel
November 195417Feature ArticleModern Bidding and the Bulldog SystemWilliam Hanna and Douglas Steen
November 195420Feature ArticleWhy Not Teach Them To Think?F. Fielding-Reid
November 195425Feature ArticleCompetitive GadgetsA. F. Truscott
November 195433Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195437Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for August
December 19542Feature ArticleBidding over a Takeout DoubleTheodore A. Lightner
December 19548Feature ArticleGeneral Principles of Tournament PlayAlfred Sheinwold
December 195416Feature ArticleYes or No?Edwin B. Kantar
December 195419Feature ArticleThe Gladiator Notrump MethodL. M. McKillop
December 195425Feature ArticleSharon vs. the SharksS. Tupper Bigelow
December 195433Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
December 195436Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #4
December 195437Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for September
January 19552Feature ArticleDynamic Responses to OvercallsEasley Blackwood and Stanley McComass
January 19558Feature ArticleBulldog Rides AgainMarshall Miles
January 195518Feature ArticleAn Adjunct to the Weak Two BidJoe I. McCabe
January 195522Feature ArticleThe World ChamionshipTerence Reese
January 195524Feature ArticleBridge-O-GramJo Paquin
January 195525Feature ArticleWhat's The Hurry?Clyde E. Love
January 195529Bits and Pieces
January 195536Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195538Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195539Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19552Tournament ReportThe 1955 World ChampionshipAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 195516Tournament ReportThe Life Master IndividualAlfred Sheinwold
February 195523Feature ArticleChanging FashionsGeoffrey Mott-Smith
February 195529Bits and Pieces
February 195534Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195537Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for November
March 19552Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Cup TournamentAlfred Sheinwold
March 195513Feature ArticleA Few Random MasterpiecesEdwin B. Kantar
March 195516Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 195528Bits and Pieces
March 195534Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195538Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for December
April 19552Feature ArticleThree Bids in the World Championship MatchTerence Reese
April 19555Feature ArticleInferential ProblemEdwin B. Kantar
April 19556Feature ArticleJackie Jousts with TexasAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 19559Feature ArticleThe Central States RegionalsAlan Bell and James A. Millard
April 195515Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195526Bits and Pieces
April 195532Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
April 195536Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 195536Honor RollHonor Roll for 1954
April 195537Honor RollHonor Roll for January
May 19552Feature ArticleDeceptive PlayAlfred Sheinwold
May 195511Feature ArticlePlease Make It EasyGuy Ramsey
May 195517Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship IVAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 195527Editorial
May 195528Bits and Pieces
May 195532Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
May 195535Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for February
June 19552Feature ArticleThe Weak NotrumpEdgar Kaplan
June 19556Feature ArticleA Little Book Larnin'Richard L. Frey
June 195510Feature ArticleCalypso
June 195511Feature ArticleTrial March for the European ChampionshipsTerence Reese
June 195515Feature ArticleThe Canadian ChampionshipCorti Boland
June 195518Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship VAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 195529Bits and Pieces
June 195534Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
June 195537Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for March
July 19552Feature ArticleLeading The NineMarshall Miles
July 19556Feature ArticleRate Your Own PlayEdwin B. Kantar
July 19559Feature ArticleJust Call SidWilliam Hanna
July 195512Feature ArticleA Hand for Percenteage PlayersPaul M. Hummel
July 195514Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship VIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 195525Bits and Pieces
July 195533Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
July 195536Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for April
August 19552Tournament ReportFrance Wins the European ChampionshipTerence Reese
August 19556Tournament ReportDay by Day Report of the European ChampionshipHarold Franklin
August 195514Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship VIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195526Bits and Pieces
August 195531Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195532Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
August 195536Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19552Tournament ReportThe Summer Nationals
September 195510Feature ArticleDay by Day Report of the European Championship IIHarold Franklin
September 195515Tournament ReportThe 1955 World Championship VIIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195527Bits and Pieces
September 195535Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
September 195538Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for June
October 19552Feature ArticleResponding to the Weak NotrumpEdgar Kaplan
October 19556Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
October 195515Feature ArticleDepending Against The Two-Way NotrumpHarold S. Hemrick
October 195520Bits and Pieces
October 195528Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
October 195531Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 195533Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195546Feature ArticleThe Great TabooAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 19552Feature ArticleRate Your Own PlayTheodore A. Lightner
November 19557Feature ArticleStayman VariationsRichard F. Kahn
November 195510Feature ArticleWhy and How To Play the Weak NotrumpRalph A. Cash
November 195514Feature ArticleAn Exceptional For of Compound SqueezeClyde E. Love
November 195518Feature ArticleThe Dynamite DoubleGuy Ramsay
November 195523Feature ArticleThe Great FixationSamuel Fry, Jr.
November 195526Bits and Pieces
November 195531Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
November 195535Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 195537Honor RollHonor Roll for August
December 19552Feature ArticleThe Golden Treasury Of BridgeGeoffrey Mott-Smith
December 19559Rate Your Own Game
December 195516Feature ArticleTo Err Is HumanJohn B. Hathorn
December 195520Feature ArticleResponding To NotrumpGlen A. Dye
December 195523Feature ArticleA British View Of American BiddingVictor Mollo
December 195526Tournament ReportCoronado: 1955William Hanna
December 195528Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 195531Bits and Pieces
December 195536Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 19563Feature ArticleEly Culbertson, An AppreciationAlbert H. Morehead
January 195611Feature ArticleRate Your Own DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 195616Feature ArticleReflections on the Weak NotrumpTheodore A. Lightner
January 195621Feature ArticleKey-Card BlackwoodJ. Edward Morrow
January 195624Feature ArticleOver At Gene's HouseWilliam Hanna
January 195627Bits and Pieces
January 195633Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
January 195636Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19562Tournament ReportWorld Championship DiaryTerence Reese
February 195611Tournament ReportThe 1956 World ChampionshipRobert Lattes
February 195619Tournament ReportLife Master IndividualAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 195622Feature ArticleWhen the Devil DrivesRichard L. Frey
February 195624Feature ArticleThe Weaker Suit For TrumpsFelix Vondracek
February 195625Bits and Pieces
February 195632Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
February 195635Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19562Tournament ReportBritain vs. America: Where the Points WentTerence Reese
March 195612Feature ArticleMasters At PlayHarold Franklin
March 195622Feature ArticleThe Minimum StyleTheodore A. Lightner
March 195626Pro et ContraJosephine Culbertson
March 195633Bits and Pieces
March 195636Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19563Feature ArticleJosephine Culbertson: 1898-1956
April 19567Feature ArticleJackie's JamboreeAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195613Feature ArticleThe Minimum Style Of Bidding, Part IITheodore A. Lightner
April 195621Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, Part IStewart W. Bowers
April 195625Pro et ContraAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195629Bits and Pieces
April 195636Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19562Feature ArticleDouble Raises In the MinorsEdgar Kaplan
May 19565Feature ArticlePush-Button BridgeDorothy Rice Sims
May 19568Feature ArticleOdds and EndsEdwin B. Kantar
May 195612Feature ArticleDrop the Other Shoe, Mr. S.Mortimer D. Goldstein
May 195617Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, Part IIStewart W. Bowers
May 195623Bits and Pieces
May 195629Pro et ContraAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 195634Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19562Feature ArticleOff the Beaten TrackK. Polakow
June 19566Feature ArticleAnother NotrumpArthur Glatt
June 19567Feature ArticleFurther Thoughts on the Weak NotrumpEdgar Kaplan
June 195611Feature ArticleShuffling--the Key To More Interesting HandsW. Walter Fox
June 195615Feature ArticleElks' MiseryGeorge Coffin
June 195617Feature ArticleMisused ConventionsRudolf Muhsam
June 195620Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, ConclusionStewart W. Bowers
June 195624Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 195629Bits and Pieces
June 195637Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19562Feature ArticleRadar, Sonar and SimilarRichard L. Frey
July 19567Feature ArticleMay I Get Into the Act?Samuel Fry, Jr.
July 19569Feature ArticleThe Prepared ResponseJohn B. Hathorn
July 195612Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
July 195617Feature ArticleSweet CharityManuel W. Goodman
July 195619Feature ArticleDon't Get Nervous, Mrs. SimsDavid H. Lang
July 195621Feature ArticleA Two-Way Two NotrumpNicholas J. Zampino, Jr.
July 195625Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 195630Bits and Pieces
July 195636Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19562Tournament ReportThe Summer National TournamentAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195611Feature ArticleTwo Interesting HandsWilliam Hanna
August 195613Tournament ReportItaly Wins European Title
August 195614Feature ArticleAlong the MississippiWilliam Hanna
August 195617Feature ArticleThis Business of CountingPaul M. Hummel
August 195622Feature ArticleMy Dubious Bridge LaurelsWalter Malowan
August 195625Bits and Pieces
August 195631Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 195635Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19562Feature ArticleItaly's Path To the World ChampionshipEric Jannersten
September 19569Feature ArticleHands From the National Team ChampionshipAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195620Feature ArticleTwo Interesting HandsEdgar Kaplan
September 195622Feature ArticleEnjoying Bridge With Sam Fry, Jr.
September 195623Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 195627Bits and Pieces
September 195633Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19562Feature ArticleThe Jacoby Transfer BidOswald Jacoby
October 19565Feature ArticleHow's Your Visualization? A New Type Of Quiz
October 195614Feature ArticleRubber Bridge Is An Easy GameMarshall Miles
October 195619Feature ArticleThe Too-Ubiquitous One-Over-OneCecil L. Head
October 195623Feature ArticleReparteeA. Nonymous
October 195625Feature ArticleEchoes From the Summer National TournamentAlbert H. Morehead
October 195629Bits and Pieces
October 195633Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 195637Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19562Feature ArticleTwo Pairs and A KickerHoward Schenken
November 19567Feature ArticleBidding Against A Shutout BidAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 195611Feature ArticleBut Where Was Farmer Brooks?Albert H. Morehead
November 195614Feature ArticleThe John Smith InvasionWilliam Hanna
November 195617Feature ArticleHow To Play Bridge With Your WifeRobert N. Blum
November 195623Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 195627Feature ArticleInferential ProblemNils Traane
November 195628Bits and Pieces
November 195635Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19562Feature ArticleNew ScienceEdgar Kaplan
December 19565Feature ArticleTreys? Bien!Richard L. Frey
December 19568Feature ArticleBlue MondayRobert H. Wilkins
December 195613Feature ArticleFootnote to a ControversyFrederic M. Wood
December 195613Feature ArticleThe Blackwood Five NotrumpTheodore A. Lightner
December 195622Feature ArticleThe Delayed Jump-ShiftJohn A. Tierney
December 195624Bits and Pieces
December 195631Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 195636Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19572Feature ArticleWhat's New?Richard L. Frey
January 19576Feature ArticleThe Drury Two ClubsE. Rutherford Murray
January 19578Feature ArticleThe "Good" and the "Very Good,"Fred L. Karpin
January 195711Feature ArticleAmerican Acol, Part 1Kenneth L. Lindsay
January 195717Feature ArticleThree For ThreePaul M. Hummel
January 195721Feature ArticleIs Modern Bidding Scientific?Vincent O. Remey
January 195724Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 195728Bits and Pieces
January 195735Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19572Tournament ReportThe 1957 World Championship, Part IAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 195710Feature ArticleWhen the Match Was OverEric Jannersten
February 195715Feature ArticleBidding Methods of the Italian Team
February 195716Feature ArticleAmerican Acol, Part 2Kenneth L. Lindsay
February 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
February 195727Bits and Pieces
February 195735Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19572Tournament ReportLife Masters IndividualEdgar Kaplan
March 19576Tournament ReportThe Senior Masters IndividualIvan Wichfeld
March 195710Feature ArticleAcol RevisitedBarbara Kachmar
March 195714Tournament ReportThe 1957 World Championship, Part IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 195722Feature ArticleBidding in the Club GameTom Fenwick
March 195725Feature ArticleAmerican Acol, ConclusionKenneth L. Lindsay
March 195728Feature ArticleDrop Dead, Mr. PercentageHenry R. Bungay, III
March 195729Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 195733Bits and Pieces
March 195736Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19572Feature ArticleHands from the 1957 Intercollegiate TournamentGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 19578Feature ArticleThank the CountRichard Kahn
April 195710Feature ArticleRare DeceptionTerence Reese
April 195712Tournament ReportThe 1957 World Championship, Part IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 195726Bits and Pieces
April 195734Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19572Feature ArticleReopening the BiddingAlan C. Bell
May 19577Feature ArticleReopening the BiddingSam Fry, Jr.
May 19579Feature ArticleHands from the 1957 Intercollegiate Tournament, Part IIGeoffrey Mott-Smith
May 195715Tournament ReportThe 1957 World Championship, ConclusionAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 195727Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 195733Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19572Feature ArticleA Few Minor WhalesRichard L. Frey
June 19578Feature ArticleExtra Tricks Are Gold At DuplicateJerome Scheuer
June 195713Feature ArticleBridgemanshipTerence Reese
June 195718Feature ArticleThe Weak Two NotrumpHarold S. Hemrick
June 195722Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 195727Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 195733Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19572Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekWilliam Hanna
July 19577Feature ArticleBidding the Opponents' Suit, Part IMarshall Miles
July 195713Feature ArticleThe Kaplan-Sheinwold System, A Preview of a New Book
July 195717Feature ArticleThe Delayed-Duck SqueezeClyde E. Love
July 195720Feature ArticleSubtractorHampton Stevens
July 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 195726Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 195732Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19572Rate Your Own GameAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195712Feature ArticleAsleep At the SwitchJerome Scheuer
August 195716Feature ArticleBidding the Opponents' Suit, ConclusionMarshall Miles
August 195721Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 195725Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195735Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19572Tournament ReportThe 1957 Round RobinRichard F. Kahn
September 19579Feature ArticleSome Interesting Hands from the Summer NationalsJohn Moran
September 195713Feature ArticleSome Also-Rans at the NationalsWilliam Hanna
September 195716Feature ArticleFun in PittsburghIvan Wichfeld
September 195719Feature ArticleThe Weakness of the Weak NotrumpHerman W. Filarski
September 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 195726Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195733Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19572Feature ArticleThe Six-Club BidWalter Malowan
October 19575Feature ArticleThe Third ForceCecil Head
October 195711Feature ArticleOur Two-Table IndividualPaul M. Hummel
October 195718Feature ArticleFreaks: Their Care and NurtureFrederic Ives Carpenter
October 195721Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 195723Bits and PiecesA. Moyse, Jr.
October 195735Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19572Rate Your Own PlayRichard L. Frey
November 19578Feature ArticleDouble-Dummy Challenge
November 19579Feature ArticleThe Roth-Stone Negative DoubleAlvin Roth
November 195713Tournament ReportThe Cosmopolitan CupAlbert Dormer
November 195721Feature ArticleNew Bridge Association Proposed
November 195722Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 195723Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 195732Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19572Feature ArticleThe British Bridge World Par ContestTerence Reese
December 195711Feature ArticleOur Double-Dummy Challenge
December 195715Feature ArticleThe Roth-Stone Negative Double, Part IIAlvin Roth
December 195721Feature ArticleDavid in the Lions' DenD. P. Barrett
December 195726Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 195729Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 195735Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19582Tournament ReportThe Winter NationalsAlbert H. Morehead
January 19588Tournament ReportHighlights in Los AngelesWilliam Hanna
January 195813Feature ArticleThe British Bridge World Par Contest, Part IITerence Reese
January 195821Feature ArticleWide Open in SpadesDavid H. Lang
January 195823Feature ArticleMr. Battleby Sees His PsychiatristVincent O. Remey
January 195826Bits and PiecesA. Moyse, Jr.
January 195830Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 195833Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19582Tournament ReportWorld Championship DiaryTerence Reese
February 19589Feature ArticleJackie and the Unusual NotrumpAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 195813Feature ArticleOur New Secret Weapon (GMS)
February 195818Feature ArticleAfterthoughts on the Winter NationalsIvan Erdos
February 195822Feature ArticleA Useful Adjunct to the Stayman ConventionAlfred S. Schechter
February 195826Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
February 195828Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 195834Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19582Feature ArticleCue-bidding, Western StyleDonald Oakie
March 195811Feature ArticleHow to Win at Duplicate BridgeMarshall Miles
March 195817Feature ArticleThree-Card RaisesKiffin Rockwell
March 195822Tournament ReportWorld Championship Diary, Part IITerence Reese
March 195828Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 195831Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 195835Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19582Tournament ReportThe World ChampionshipAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 19588Rate Your Own PlayEdwin B. Kantar
April 195813Feature ArticleThird- and Fourth-Hand OpeningsAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 195817Tournament ReportThe 1958 IntercollegiatesGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 195822Feature ArticleLament of a PanelistVincent O. Remey
April 195825Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 195827Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195833Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19582Tournament ReportThe 1958 VanderbiltAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 19588Feature ArticleHands Across the EquatorIvan Wichfeld
May 195811Feature ArticleThe Pseudo-Natural American System, Part INorman Squire
May 195819Feature ArticleThe Deciding FactorJerome Scheuer
May 195822Bits and Pieces
May 195830Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 195835Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19582Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
June 19589Feature ArticleTheory and PracticeCecil L. Head
June 195814Feature ArticleSuit-Preference SignalsSam Fry, Jr.
June 195819Feature ArticleThe Pseudo-Natural American System, Part IINorman Squire
June 195826Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 195831Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 195834Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19582Feature ArticleThe Silodor Two-Club BidSidney Silodor
July 19589Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekMarshall Miles and William Hanna
July 195813Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 195818Feature ArticlePlaying with an ExpertHarold Eisenstark
July 195821Feature ArticleWhat Is Cheating?Fred L. Karpin
July 195826Feature ArticleThe Cooperative CoupCecil E. Inman, Jr.
July 195829Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 195832Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19582Feature ArticleTo Be or Not To Be End-PlayedEdwin B. Kantar
August 19587Feature ArticleIn Defense of Pseudo-NaturalismHerman L. Feldman
August 195816Feature ArticleAcross the StreetLeonard A. Helman
August 195820Feature ArticleA Long Day's JourneyWilliam Hanna
August 195824Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 195829Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195834Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19582Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part 1Edgar Kaplan
September 195811Feature ArticleHow To Play Bridge with an Expert--Your HusbandEugenie Mathe
September 195814Tournament ReportThe 1958 Summer NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 195822Tournament ReportMiami HighlightsWilliam Hanna and Marshall Miles
September 195826Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195830Feature ArticleThe World Bridge Federation
September 195833Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19582Tournament ReportThe 1958 European ChampionshipAlbert Dormer
October 195812Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 195818Feature ArticleOur Thirtieth Year
October 195820Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IIEdgar Kaplan
October 195827Feature ArticleThe Night I Won the DuplicateDavid H. Lang
October 195830Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 195833Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 195839Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19582Feature ArticleA Re-examination of the Two-Over-One ResponseAlbert H. Morehead
November 195811Tournament ReportFishbein Team Wins Playoff
November 195812Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
November 195820Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IIIEdgar Kaplan
November 195828Feature ArticleThe New Roth-Stone Book
November 195831Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 195835Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 195839Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19582Feature ArticleBoogie Woojie Had a Great FallDon Von Elsner
December 19589Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
December 195812Feature ArticleThe Tale of the Second-HighestClyde E. Love
December 195818Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IVEdgar Kaplan
December 195824Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 195828Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 195833Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19592What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
January 19595Tournament ReportThe 1958 Winter NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 195911Feature ArticleNice Work at the NationalsRussell Roosen
January 195919Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, ConclusionEdgar Kaplan
January 195925Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 195932Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19592Tournament ReportThe 1959 World ChampionshipAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 19599Tournament ReportThe Far East ChampionshipJ. J. Reyes
February 195913What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
February 195916Feature ArticleDuffers' DelightsDick Zeckhauser
February 195920Feature ArticleL.O.L. vs. the MastersEdna Bartholomew
February 195924Feature ArticleThe Convention Is Out Of OrderRobert N. Blum
February 195927Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
February 195931Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 195936Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19592Feature ArticleShort-Suit Tries For GameEdgar Kaplan
March 19597Tournament ReportItaly vs. the Western All-StarsWilliam Hanna
March 195912Feature ArticleThe Secret of the Blue TeamCarl-Alberto Perroux
March 195917What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
March 195922Feature ArticleOff the Beaten TrackK. Polokow
March 195925Feature ArticleDown with the Fourth-HighestMyron Fleishman
March 195929Feature ArticleThe "New Idea" Contest
March 195931Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 195935Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19592Tournament ReportThe 1959 World ChampionshipAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 195910Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
April 195913Feature ArticleThe Direct Cue-Bid Used as a Takeout DoubleMike Michaels
April 195919What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
April 195923Editorial
April 195926Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 195929Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 195933Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19592Tournament ReportThe 1959 World Championship: Part IIIAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 195910Feature ArticleAmerican MethodNorman Squire
May 195917Feature ArticleRex BridgeEric Jannersten and Albert H. Morehead
May 195922What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
May 195928Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 195931Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 195934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19592Feature ArticleA New Approach to Slam BiddingEdgar Kaplan
June 195910Feature ArticleBidding Habits of the North-American Expert, ReviewedAlbert H. Morehead
June 195918Feature ArticleHighlights of the 1959 IntercollegiatesGeoffrey Mott-Smith
June 195923Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 195924What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
June 195933Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19592Tournament ReportThe 1959 World Championship: IVAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 19599Feature ArticleJackie Soars with SputnikAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 195913Feature ArticleThe Imp Scoring Table Must Be ChangedTobias Stone
July 195917What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
July 195923Feature ArticleBridge-ItAlvin Roth
July 195924Feature ArticleThe Devil to PlayHenry R. Bungay, III
July 195925Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekEdwin B. Kantar
July 195928Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 195932Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 195935Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 19592Tournament ReportThe Masters Team ChampionshipAlbert H. Morehead
August 19598Feature ArticleThe Law of Balanced DistributionJohn A. Tierney
August 195914Feature ArticlePlays Based on the BiddingJerome Scheuer
August 195919Feature ArticleBidding Habits of the North American Expert: II, ReviewedAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195924What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
August 195929Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 195934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19592Tournament ReportThe 1959 World Championship: VAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 195910Feature ArticleSome Swing Hands from the NationalsWilliam Grieve
September 195913Feature ArticleGoren's TV Series
September 195914What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
September 195922Feature ArticleBidding Habits of the North American Expert: III, ReviewedAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195927Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 195930Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 195933Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19592Feature ArticleAll Fifty-Two CardsMarshall Miles
October 19599Feature ArticlePlays of the MonthAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 195915Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipEgerton Lodge
October 195918Tournament ReportThe Keystone RegionalJohn D. McGervey
October 195921What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
October 195926Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 195930Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 195933Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19592Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
November 19599Feature ArticleEnemies Of Sound Bidding: The Weak Wonder BidsJohn C. Ten Eyck
November 195916Feature ArticleThe Bridegroom's Guide to Better BridgeDon Von Elsner
November 195920Feature ArticleThe Ripstra Defense Against the Weak NotrumpJ. G. Ripstra
November 195924Feature ArticleSimplified Version of the Roman Responses to BlackwoodStewart W. Bowers
November 195926What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
November 195930Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 195932Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 195936Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19592Feature ArticleThe End Is NearMike Michaels
December 19598Rate Your Own PlayMarshall Miles
December 195914What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
December 195919Feature ArticleStrategy on the Half-shellAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 195921Feature ArticleEnemies of Sound Bidding: The Weak Wonder Bids: IIJohn C. Ten Eyck
December 195924Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 195929Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 195934Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19602Feature ArticleHands from the Fall NationalWilliam Grieve
January 19606Rate Your Own PlayEdwin B. Kantar
January 196010Feature ArticleU.S. Teams in the First Bridge Olympiad
January 196011What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
January 196015Feature ArticleHow the Experts CountAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 196021Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196025Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196033Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19602Feature ArticleThe Great Bridge SchismAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196012Feature ArticleHow Holy Is the Point Count?Alfred P. Sheinwold
February 196017What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
February 196021Feature ArticleA Variation of the Grand Slam ForceM. M. Miller
February 196028Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196031Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
February 196034Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19602Feature ArticleMaster PlayTerence Reese
March 19609Tournament ReportThe Cavendish InvitationalAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196015What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
March 196020Feature ArticleThe "Free Bid" FallacyDonald Oakie
March 196027Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196032Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 196035Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19602Tournament ReportThe Spring NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 196010Feature ArticleThe Impact of Distributional StrengthGeorgio Belladonna
April 196013Feature ArticlePerspectiveSam Fry, Jr.
April 196017Feature ArticleThe Long Suit FetishGeoffrey Mott-Smith
April 196022Feature ArticleThe Strategy of Psychic Bidding, Part IBernard L. Trippett
April 196027What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
April 196031Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 196035Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19602Tournament ReportFrance Wins the Olympiad
May 19606Feature ArticleA British View of the OlympiadAlan Truscott
May 196015Tournament ReportThe Ladies' EventRixi Markus
May 196018Feature ArticleA Defensive QuizEdwin B. Kantar
May 196023What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
May 196026Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196030Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196036Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19602Feature ArticleWith A Little Bit of LuckMike Michaels
June 19608Feature ArticleJackie Joins the CommonwealthAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196012Feature ArticleThe Strategy of Psychic Bidding, Part IIBernard L. Trippett
June 196015Feature ArticleHands from the OlympiadAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196024What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
June 196030Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196033Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19602Rate Your Own PlayMarshall Miles
July 19607Feature ArticleTriumph at TurinHelene Camara
July 19609Feature ArticleAgony in ItalyD. A. Berah
July 196011Feature ArticleOur International TeamsJulius L. Rosenblum
July 196014Feature ArticleGo for All the Marbles!Lawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
July 196016What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
July 196021Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekEdwin B. Kantar
July 196024Feature ArticleThe Fundamentals of the Roman Club SystemGeorgio Belladonna
July 196027Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196031Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196034Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19602Feature ArticleThe Awkward RangeMike Michaels
August 19607Feature ArticleEchoes from the OlympiadAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196011Feature ArticleThe Asking Cue-BidFrederic I. Carpenter
August 196015Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge Is Easy!Della Lynn Hart
August 196018What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
August 196021Feature ArticleThe Strategy of Psychic Bidding, Part IIIBernard L. Trippett
August 196025Tournament ReportBulletin: Los Angeles Wins Inter-City Match
August 196026Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 196029Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196033Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19602Tournament ReportThe Inter-City MatchMarshall Miles
September 196013Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsEdwin B. Kantar
September 196021What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
September 196025Feature ArticleRepeat Performance
September 196026Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196032Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19602Feature ArticleCavendish Cave-InsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 19608Feature ArticleBath and Anti-Bath CoupsAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 196013Feature ArticleBridge in the SixtiesLawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
October 196020Feature ArticlePittsburgh's Roman ClubJohn D. McGervey
October 196025What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
October 196029Feature ArticleLetter from South AmericaD. A. Berah
October 196031Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 196035Master Solvers ClubMorton Rubinow
November 19602InterviewAn Interview with America's Greatest Bridge Player
November 19607Feature ArticleNever Say AlwaysAlan Truscott
November 196013What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
November 196017Feature ArticleBridge in the Sixties, Part IILawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
November 196025Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196029Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196033Feature ArticleA RebuttalAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196037Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19602Tournament ReportThe Second Inter-City Match: Los Angeles vs. New YorkAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196013Feature ArticleInternational Bridge Seminar reportedFlorence Osborn
December 196017Feature ArticleJottings from the Winter NationalsEdwin B. Kantar
December 196021What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
December 196024Feature ArticleBridge in the Sixties, Part IIILawrence Rosler, Roger Stern and Paul Allinger
December 196031Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 196033Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19612Feature ArticleMore Cave-Ins at the CavendishAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196111Feature ArticleFroth from the Fall NationalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
January 196114What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
January 196118Feature ArticleBridge in the Sixties, Part IVLawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
January 196123Feature ArticleNew Defensive Signals, Ethics and AsterisksMarshall Miles
January 196129Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196131Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19612Feature ArticleHow's Your Visualization?
February 196110Feature ArticleThe Maximum GuessMike Michaels
February 196115Feature ArticleKey PlayDon Horwitz
February 196119What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
February 196123Feature ArticleBridge in the Sixties, Part VLawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
February 196129Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19612Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
March 19617Feature ArticleSomething New from BritainNormart De V. Hart
March 196111Feature ArticleWeak Two-Bid--Boon Or Bust?Leonard Sheets
March 196115Feature ArticleMy Wife Plays BridgeLarry Weiss
March 196120Feature ArticleChinese DefenseCecil L. Head
March 196122What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
March 196126Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 196130Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19612Tournament ReportThe Spring NationalsEdwin B. Kantar
April 196115Tournament ReportThe 1961 World ChampionshipsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196123Feature ArticleSlam Bidding on Balanced HandsMilton M. Miller
April 196129What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
April 196133Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196138Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19612Tournament ReportThe 1961 World Championships: Italy Wins AgainAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 19619Feature ArticleThe Doctor's DiagnosisJeff Rubens
May 196119What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
May 196119Feature ArticleMy Favorite Hands from DenverMarshall Miles
May 196124Feature ArticleSlam Bidding on Balanced Hands, IIMilton M. Miller
May 196127Book ReviewsFour Outstanding Books, reviewedAlfred P. Sheinwold
May 196129Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196131Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196135Master Solvers ClubWilliam Grieve
June 19612Feature ArticleP.S.: We Lost the BoardLarry Weiss
June 19617Tournament ReportThe 1961 World Championships: IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196115Feature ArticleQuestions for the QuestionersFred L. Karpin
June 196118What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
June 196122Tournament ReportThe 1961 IntercollegiatesRoman L. Well, Jr. and Richard J. Zeckhauser
June 196129Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 196131Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196134Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19612Feature ArticleCavendish Cave-Ins, Series IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 19619Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekEdwin B. Kantar
July 196117What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
July 196121Feature ArticleBlock That Balance!James M. Leonard
July 196125Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196128Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19612Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
August 19619Feature ArticleThree Hands from the Life Masters PairsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196116Feature ArticleIgnorance SystemalizedEdwin B. Kantar
August 196120What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
August 196124Feature ArticleThe Mathematics of the New I.M.P. ScaleRobert T. McKearnan
August 196127Feature ArticleHow to Dominate Your PartnerVincent O. Remey
August 196131Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196134Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19612Tournament ReportThe Spingold Round-RobinEdwin B. Kantar
September 19619Feature ArticleAlong with the Also-RansMike Michaels
September 196114Tournament ReportAfterthoughts on the 1961 World ChampionshipsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196123What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
September 196126Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 196130Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196133Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19612Feature ArticleOvercalling on Four-Card SuitsMarshall Miles
October 19617Feature ArticleBridge at the Community Center: A FantasyLarry Weiss
October 196113Feature ArticleRefinements in Our Bidding SystemEdgar Kaplan and Alfred P. Sheinwold
October 196118Feature ArticleBridge ProbabililiesDr. N. Divinsky
October 196124Feature ArticleA Kibitzer's DelightMiller Quarles
October 196127What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
October 196130Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 196134Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196139Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19612Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipsAlbert Dormer
November 19617Feature ArticleFive-Board SlaughterTerence Reese
November 196111Feature ArticleWhy I Am a BachelorMarshall Miles
November 196115Feature ArticleLies That Made Us HappyR. W. Wilson and John Ivan, Jr.
November 196119What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
November 196123Feature ArticleRefinements in Our Bidding System: IIEdgar Kaplan and Alfred P. Sheinwold
November 196127Tournament ReportThe Houston Trials
November 196128Feature ArticleLet's Play Slap JackBeverly Amyx
November 196129Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196131Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196136Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19612Tournament ReportThe International TrialsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196116Feature ArticleHow We Outbid the ItaliansMajor L. C. Atchley
December 196123Feature ArticleThe First World Par ContestLawrence Rosler
December 196130What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
December 196133Feature ArticleSimply AmazingRichard L. Frey
December 196135Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19622Feature ArticleRate Your Own DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 19627Feature ArticleCavendish Cave-Ins, Series IVAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196214Feature ArticleAstro RevisitedLawrence Rosler, Roger Stern and Paul Allinger
January 196221What Do You Play and Why?Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone
January 196223Tournament ReportSouth American ChampionshipsD. A. Berah
January 196226Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196228Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196234Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19622Feature ArticleJackie the JournalistAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 19625Feature ArticleThe Two-Notrump ResponseFred L. Karpin
February 196210Feature ArticleSome Reflections on Third-Seat OpeningsMike Shuman
February 196214Feature ArticleTable Presence, or the Art of Being AlertMike Michaels
February 196220Feature ArticleThe Lost Art of OvercallingBarbara Tepper
February 196223Feature ArticleAstro ExtendedLawrence Rosler, Roger Stern and Paul Allinger
February 196228Feature ArticleOne Man's View of the San Francisco RegionalsHarold Simon
February 196232Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19622Tournament ReportThe 1962 World ChampionshipAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196219Feature ArticleFrom a Kibitzer's ChairOke J. Spendrup
March 196222Feature ArticleDefense, UnstandardizedMike Shuman
March 196227Feature ArticleLet's Keep the Bidding SimpleGeorge A. W. Boehm
March 196230Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19622Tournament ReportThe Spring NationalsMike Michaels
April 19628Feature ArticleA New Code Of Ethics?Marshall Miles
April 196217Feature ArticleSaved From SiberiaEdwin B. Kantar
April 196219Tournament ReportThe 1962 World Championship, IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196228Feature ArticleLow Lead from Three SmallTheodore A. Lightner
April 196232Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19622Feature ArticleDear EditorAlan Truscott
May 196211Tournament ReportInterim Reports on the Olympiad in FranceTerence Reese and Rixi Markus
May 196216Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
May 196222Tournament ReportThe 1962 World Championship, IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196231Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196233Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196238Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19622Feature ArticleBridge In WonderlandJeff Rubens
June 19627Feature ArticleToward Better BridgeLawrence Rosler and Roger Stern
June 196211Feature ArticleCandid Shots from CannesTom and Carol Sanders
June 196215Feature ArticleWatch Your Overcalls in PhoenixTony Adler
June 196216Tournament ReportThe 1962 World Championship, IVAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196227Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 196229Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19622Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekMike Shuman
July 196210Feature ArticleBridge In Wonderland, Part IIJeff Rubens
July 196218Tournament ReportThe 1962 World Championship, VAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196226Feature ArticleCommon Sense Bidding Over Takeout DoubleSue Camp
July 196228Feature ArticleThe System In ActionEdwin B. Kantar
July 196231Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196234Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196238Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19622Feature ArticleKantarbury TalesLarry Weiss
August 19627Tournament ReportWest Coast BattleFrederick B. Turner
August 196215Feature ArticleSan Francisco Slam ConventionAnita Davis
August 196217Tournament ReportThe 1962 World Championship, ConclusionAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196231Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196235Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19622Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of Limit Bidding, Part 1Larry Weiss
September 196211Feature ArticleMy Favorite Hands from MinneapolisMarshall Miles
September 196217Feature ArticleDeath of a Bridge ClubAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196220Feature ArticleThe Hangman ComethMike Michaels
September 196225Feature ArticleClarifying the ConventionsVincent O. Remey
September 196229Feature ArticleFight of the Month
September 196231Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 196234Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19622Feature ArticleRules, Regulations, and TribulationsFred L. Karpin
October 196210Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipEwart Kempson
October 196218Feature ArticleMinneapolis MisfortunesEdwin B. Kantar
October 196221Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of Limit Bidding: IILarry Weiss
October 196229Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196232Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 196237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19622Rate Your Own GameEdwin B. Kantar
November 19629Feature ArticleThe Four-Grand EveningRichard L. Frey
November 196214Feature ArticleThe Weak NotrumpMarshall Miles
November 196220Tournament ReportThe Pittsburgh RegionalJohn Lowenthal
November 196223Feature ArticleThe Case of the Calumniated ColumnistDaniel R. Howe
November 196225Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of Limit Bidding, IIILarry Weiss
November 196233Bits and Pieces
November 196237Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19622Tournament ReportThe Phoenix TrialsAlan Truscott
December 196212Feature ArticleA Twenty-Year-Old Quiz
December 196216Tournament ReportThe San Francisco Regional Open PairsFrederick B. Turner
December 196221Feature ArticleMiddle Lead from Three SmallR. G. Wilson
December 196224Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of Limit Bidding, ConclusionLarry Weiss
December 196232Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196238Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19632Feature ArticleThe Mark-Time BidAlvin L. Roth
January 19636Feature ArticleMy Psychiatrist and IMarshall Miles
January 196312Feature ArticleMy Phoenix FavoritesEdwin B. Kantar
January 196316Feature ArticleA Guided Tour through FantasylandHarold B. Guiver
January 196320Feature ArticleThe Columnist Calumniated AgainDaniel R. Howe
January 196324Tournament ReportThe Phoenix Trials, IIAlan Truscott
January 196333Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196336Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196339Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19632Feature ArticleResponding to One NotrumpSam Fry, Jr.
February 19637Feature ArticleOf Men and MachinesFred L. Karpin
February 196317Feature ArticleSkirmishing in DixieTom and Carol Sanders
February 196321Feature ArticleAre You a Worm?Alan Truscott
February 196329Feature ArticleAlvin Roth and IBarbara Kachmar
February 196332Feature ArticleFirst Industrial Par Tournament
February 196333Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196338Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19632Feature ArticleAnd They Shall FollowMike Michaels
March 19637Feature ArticleVariations of the Trump SqueezeMike Shuman
March 196312Feature ArticleThe Unfinished MatchHarold B. Guiver
March 196315Feature ArticleWe Raise on ThreeBigelow Orange
March 196319Feature ArticleLose to the Honors DoubletonS. I. Rubinow
March 196321Feature ArticleDefensive DownfallsFrederick B. Turner
March 196326Feature ArticleThe Columnist and A. C. EntwhistleDaniel R. Howe
March 196329Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 196332Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196337Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19632Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt FinalsAlan Truscott
April 196311Feature ArticleSt. Louis SidelightsMike Michaels
April 196314Feature ArticleTwo Hands, As OrderedEdwin B. Kantar
April 196317Tournament ReportThe 1963 IntercollegiatesLawrence Rosler
April 196322Feature ArticleThe Landy ConventionAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196328Feature ArticleDorothy and IBarbara Kachmar
April 196331Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 196334Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196337Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19632Feature ArticleThe Wonderland IndividualJeff Rubens
May 19638Feature ArticleThe World Championships: An Analysis, Part IRobert Conot
May 196315Feature ArticleSmall DoubletonAlan Truscott
May 196319Feature ArticleThe New Wonder BidsMajor L. C. Atchley
May 196323Feature ArticleWatson On PlayC. C. Ramsay, Jr.
May 196328Tournament ReportThe 1963 Intercollegiates, IILawrence Rosler
May 196333Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196338Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19632Feature ArticleCavendish Team MatchAlan Truscott and Alphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196311Feature ArticleA New Cue-BidEdwin B. Kantar
June 196316Feature ArticleSlaughter in SouthgateFrederick B. Turner
June 196322Feature ArticleThe Columnist Plays It SafeDaniel R. Howe
June 196325Feature ArticleThe World Championships: An Analysis, Part IIRobert Conot
June 196329Feature ArticleThe New FrontierLawrence Friedman
June 196331Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196333Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 196337Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19632Feature ArticleA Neutral View of the 1963 World ChampionshipHerman Filarski
July 19636Feature ArticleTo Talk of Many ThingsFred L. Karpin
July 196316Feature ArticleRate Your Own DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 196324Feature ArticleThe Aspro ConventionTerence Reese
July 196329Feature ArticleThe Case of Aspro Vs. AstroPaul Allinger, Roger Stern and Lawrence Rosler
July 196334Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196337Master Solvers ClubAlan Truscott
August 19632Tournament ReportThe 1963 World ChampionshipA. Moyse, Jr.
August 196313Feature ArticleOne Murder Is Worth Two FinessesBob Ewen and Jeff Rubens
August 196318Feature ArticleMake It Easy for PartnerMarshall Miles
August 196322Feature ArticleMisadventure in MacaoJose Le Dentu
August 196326Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196333Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19632Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsMike Shutnan
September 19637Feature ArticleLos Angeles LulusEdwin B. Kantar
September 196311Feature ArticleHow the Odds ChangeTerence Reese
September 196317Feature ArticleLuncheon At Willie'sMike Michaels
September 196322Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipHerman Filarski
September 196325Tournament ReportBritish Bomb Baden BadenRudolf Muhsam
September 196329Tournament ReportThe 1963 World Championship: IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196339Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 196343Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19632Feature ArticleCavendish Team MatchJeff Rubens and Alan Truscott
October 196313Feature ArticleCard CombinationsEdwin B. Kantar
October 196317Feature ArticleStoney and IBarbara Kachmar
October 196320Tournament ReportThe 1963 World Championship: IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196332Tournament ReportInternational Team Trials
October 196333Feature ArticleThe "Big Club" System reviewedA. H. Morehead
October 196336Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196341Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19632Feature ArticleImp Tactics for Match-Point PlayersEdgar Kaplan
November 19637Feature ArticleWasted BidsMarshall Miles
November 196312Feature ArticleRehearsal for New YorkTerence Reese
November 196318Feature ArticleThe Columnist Receives His A. B.Daniel R. Howe
November 196321Tournament ReportVenezuela Wins South American ChampionshipD. A. Berah
November 196325Feature ArticleExpert Is as Expert DoesHerbert C. Wilton
November 196328Tournament ReportThe 1963 World Championship: IVAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196336Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196339Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196342Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19632Tournament ReportThe International TrialsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196311Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
December 196318Feature ArticleThe Nightmare of SignalingTheodore A. Lightner
December 196323Feature ArticleOvercall vs. Takeout DoubleMike Michaels
December 196330Feature ArticleImp Tactics for Match-Point Players: IIEdgar Kaplan
December 196335Feature ArticleWe Never LearnFrederic M. Wood
December 196338Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196343Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19642Rate Your Own GameEdwin B. Kantar
January 19649Feature ArticleEthics, Huddles and ProtestsEdgar Kaplan
January 196417Feature ArticleThe Light-Light Opening BidsLes Atchlev
January 196426Feature ArticleNothing But NotrumpFrederick B. Turner
January 196430Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196432Feature ArticleOld Bids and NewArturo F. Jaques
January 196433Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196438Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19644Feature ArticleRate Your Own Dummy PlayMarshall Miles
February 196410Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
February 196415Feature ArticleThe Proper Care and Feeding of TrumpsMike Michaels
February 196419Feature ArticleA Lesson for the ColumnistDaniel R. Howe
February 196423Feature ArticleTwenty Years Ago and Now
February 196429Feature ArticleIndustrial Bridge AbroadSanford Wagner
February 196434Feature ArticleRaises of Opening Forcing BidsTheodore A. Lightner
February 196439Feature ArticleConventions and SystemsHerman Filarski
February 196443Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
February 196446Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19642Feature ArticleFirst Three Members Elected to Bridge Hall of Fame
March 19645Feature ArticleFour Spade-Five Heart DilemmaEdwin B. Kantar
March 196411Feature ArticleThe StumblebumSidney S. Lenz
March 196416Feature ArticleHandling the DummyFrederick B. Turner
March 196422Feature ArticleMrs. Ample's SneezeDorothy Hayden
March 196425Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
March 196431Tournament ReportThe 1964 World Bridge Olympiad, PreviewedSam Keheia
March 196434Feature ArticleSouth America in World CompetitionArturo Jaques
March 196437Feature ArticleLight Opening Bids RevisitedLarry Weiss
March 196443Feature ArticleArsenic and Old LaceMiller Quaties
March 196445Feature ArticleDear Bridge ColumnistLeonard A. Helman
March 196447Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196451Master Solvers ClubEdgar Kaplan
April 19643Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the TrialsEdgar Kaplan
April 196410Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Cup TournamentDorothy Hayden
April 196415Feature ArticleA Leading QuestionFrank K. Perkins
April 196419Feature ArticleThe Keatles and IBarbara Kachmar
April 196421Feature ArticleMore Slams on Fewer PointsGeorge Rosenkranz
April 196427Feature ArticleSlow Play and EthicsKenneth Konstam
April 196430Feature ArticleThe First BoardEdwin B. Kantar
April 196434Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
April 196439Feature ArticleThose Individual BluesDavid H. Lang
April 196443Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 196446Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19643Feature ArticleLittle Lil and the Big BoysDr. Julius Smith
May 19649Feature ArticleThe Long and Short of ItJournalist
May 196415Tournament ReportThe Oregon TrailRobert Hamman
May 196419Feature ArticleMaximal ExpectationJohn A. Tierney
May 196425Feature ArticleBidding over a Takeout DoubleTheodore A. Lightner
May 196430Feature ArticleMaster Points--the Vices and VirtuesThe Rev. Allen Hollis
May 196432Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
May 196438Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the Trials: IIEdgar Kaplan
May 196444Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196447Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19643Tournament ReportItaly Does It AgainAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196413Tournament ReportOlympiad DiaryEdgar Kaplan
June 196428Feature ArticleDouble-Dummies Of Olympic ProportionsAlbert H. Morehead
June 196432Feature ArticleIdle ThoughtsTannah Hirsch
June 196434Feature ArticleA Spectator's View of the OlympiadLee Hazen
June 196439Tournament ReportThe Women's OlympiadRixi Markus
June 196443Feature ArticleShould There Be a Time Limit In Tournaments?Richard Marek
June 196445Feature ArticleThe Olympiad As Seen by Other Players and Observers Jean Besse, Josef Vanden Borre, Kenneth Konstam, F. Warren Colbert and Paul Heitner
June 196458Tournament ReportFinal Standings of the Teams
June 196459Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19643Feature ArticleDefense in the OlympiadB. Jay Becker
July 19649Feature ArticleEdgar, Betty and IBarbara Kachmar
July 196413Feature ArticleCutting the CommunicationsRobert Conot
July 196417Feature ArticleLow Leads vs. HighDr. Jay Etkin
July 196419Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
July 196423Feature ArticleA Game with MartyBrooks Hughes
July 196425Feature ArticleThe Shorts Fight BackEdwin B. Kantar
July 196429Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the Trials, ConclusionEdgar Kaplan
July 196438Feature ArticleA Quiet Evening at HomeElaine Needel
July 196439Feature ArticleLittle Lil and the Big BoysDr. Julius Smith
July 196444Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196447Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196451Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19643Feature ArticleSeven Problems of PlayMarshall Miles
August 19647Feature ArticleWhat's the Point?Robert Conot
August 196412Feature ArticleThe Black SpadesProf. Nathan Divinsky
August 196415Feature ArticleThe Columnist Reports to the PresidentDaniel R. Howe
August 196419Feature ArticleChoosing the Trump SnitAlbert H. Morehead
August 196425Feature ArticleThe Trial of the Solvers' Club DirectorBob Ewen
August 196431Feature ArticleIsrael's Olympiad DebutTannah Hirsch
August 196434Feature ArticlePar Bridge, Present and FutureSanford Wagner
August 196440Feature ArticleFirst the Whisper, Then the ShoutOrval Swander
August 196443Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 196446Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196449Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19643Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
September 196413Feature ArticleLeading QuestionsTerence Reese
September 196417Feature ArticleCyborg and IBarbara Kachmar
September 196420Feature ArticleEnjoying the OlympiadJeff Rubens
September 196428Feature ArticleWhat's It Like To Be Married to A Bridge Expert?Mabel Frey
September 196429Feature ArticleAfterthoughts on the OlympiadJean Besse
September 196434Tournament ReportTournament of Champions at DeauvilleHarold Franklin
September 196442Feature ArticleThe Club Convention System of Bidding at Contract BridgeHarold S. Vanderbilt
September 196443Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196452Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19643Feature ArticleAsk Me, Partner!Edwin B. Kantar
October 19647Feature ArticleThe Devil and Daniel WebsterRobert Conot
October 196414Feature ArticleThe Mysteries of ProbabilitiesM. Bernard Goetz
October 196420Feature ArticleCrybabyJames M. Leonard
October 196425Feature ArticleSome Believe-It-Or-NotsAlbert H. Morehead
October 196429Feature ArticleThe Redouble: A New Look at An Old CallJack Marsch
October 196433Feature ArticleWhat Price Master Points?Audrey H. Thomas
October 196435Feature ArticleEnjoying the Olympiad: IIJeff Rubens
October 196441Feature ArticleA Shoulder to Cry OnFred L. Karpin
October 196446Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19643Feature ArticleHow Did We Get There?Frank K. Perkins
November 19647Feature ArticleCyborg Meets GeorgeBarbara Kachmar
November 196411Feature ArticleAverage-Plus Can't WinFrederick B. Turner
November 196416Feature ArticleYarn from the DistaffEugenie Mathe
November 196418Feature ArticleSaving PartnerTerence Reese
November 196421Feature ArticleWho Stole the Seat of Our Pants?Andrew Gabrilovitch
November 196424Feature ArticleInformation PleasesFred L. Karpin
November 196428Feature ArticleStacoby Over NotrumpPaul F. Zweifel
November 196433Feature ArticleJackie Takes OverAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196437Feature ArticleSome Things Never Change
November 196441Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196444Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19643Tournament ReportThe Second Bridge Battle of the Century, "Scientists" vs. "Traditionalists"
December 19645Feature ArticleThe Difference, A New Kind Of QuizEdwin B. Kantar
December 196410Feature ArticleConquest of the RegencyMarshall Miles
December 196414Feature ArticlePart-Score BiddingDorothy Hayden
December 196423Feature ArticleGeorge Meets CyborgFred L. Karpin
December 196429Feature ArticleFools Rush InEric Crowhurst
December 196433Feature ArticleA Bermuda HolidayDorsey W. Brooks
December 196438Feature ArticleCommon Errors in Bidding and PlayF. Lester Simon
December 196443Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196450Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19653Feature ArticleScientists vs. Traditionalists As Bridge Columnists See It
January 19657Tournament ReportThe Dallas TrialsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196517Feature ArticlePractice Makes Perfect PartnershipsAlan Truscott
January 196521Feature ArticleThe Bridge World Team Goes South--and SourFred L. Karpin
January 196526Tournament ReportThe London Times Invitation ChampionshipHarold Franklin
January 196533Feature ArticleOn Teaching One's Wife to Play BridgeRichard Marek
January 196536Feature ArticleFools Rush In: IIEric Crowhurst
January 196538Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196542Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196548Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19653Feature ArticleHands From DallasMarshall Miles
February 19657Tournament ReportThe Blue Ribbon PairsEdwin B. Kantar
February 196512Feature ArticleThe Shadow of SchenkenBarbara Kachmar
February 196516Feature ArticleLessons from the ExpertsLes Atchley
February 196521Feature ArticleEighth Place by a Nose Frederick B. Turner
February 196526Feature ArticleThe Lunik DoubleSterling Lanier
February 196530Tournament ReportThe Dallas Trials, IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196541Feature ArticleAn Expert Is An ExpertG. R. Salyer
February 196543Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196549Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19653Tournament ReportThe Scientists WinAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196518Feature ArticleScience on the UpgradeAlan Truscott
March 196532Feature ArticleObservations by Players, Team Captains and Committeemen after the Match
March 196536Tournament ReportThe British Selection TrialsHarold Franklin
March 196543Feature ArticleRuffs-'N-SluffsBrooks Hughes
March 196546Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 196548Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196550Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19653Feature ArticleDialogueEdgar Kaplan and Alphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 19658Tournament ReportThe Riviera Team-of-FourMarshall Miles
April 196514Rate Your Own GameEdwin B. Kantar
April 196521Tournament ReportThe South American ChampionshipArturo Jaques
April 196526Feature ArticleA Scientific ConclusionAlan Truscott
April 196540Tournament ReportThe Scientists Win: IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196549Bits and Pieces
April 196551Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19653Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt FinalAlan Truscott
May 19659Feature ArticleCleveland Close-upsEdwin B. Kantar
May 196514Feature ArticleThe Power of PerceptionWaldemar von Zedtwitz
May 196517Feature ArticleTurning PointsRobert Conot
May 196524Feature ArticleDialogue: IIEdgar Kaplan and Alphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196535Tournament ReportThe Scientists Win: IIIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196545Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196547Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196550Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19653Feature ArticleWhat Happened?Terence Reese
June 19656Tournament ReportThe 1965 IntercollegiatesWilliam Root, Lawrence Rosler and Jeff Rubens
June 196513Feature ArticleLittle Lil's Five QuestionsDr. Julius Smith
June 196518Feature ArticleA RebuttalMonroe Ingberman
June 196522Feature ArticleHow Some Big Ones Get AwayJose J. Reyes and Vicente Reyes
June 196526Feature ArticleThe Functioning of the Expert MindFred L. Karpin
June 196533Feature ArticleI Was a Loser in a Winners' GameOrval Swander
June 196537Feature ArticleLosers' Report from ClevelandPaul Heitner and John Lowenthal
June 196541Tournament ReportThe Southgate RegionalFrederick B. Turner
June 196546Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
June 196548Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196551Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19653Feature ArticleThe Scandal in Buenos AiresAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 19658Feature ArticleThe Case Against Reese and Schapiro
July 196512Feature ArticleRandom Deals from Buenos AiresRichard L. Frey
July 196518Feature ArticleSidelights on the 1965 World ChampionshipArturo F. Jaques
July 196521Feature ArticleDear Mr. MoyseBarbara Kachmar
July 196525Feature ArticleTest Your DefenseRobert Conot
July 196531Feature ArticleThis Is Bridge?R. Fred Canaday
July 196535Tournament ReportThe 1965 Intercollegiates: IIWilliam Root, Lawrence Rosler and Jeff Rubens
July 196544Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196548Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196552Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19653Feature ArticleBridge Week A Go-GoEdwin B. Kantar
August 196514Feature ArticlePleasant ReunionMarshall Miles
August 196519Tournament ReportNorth America vs. ItalyAlan Truscott
August 196532Feature ArticleIn Defense of the Italian Bidding SystemsSamuel Summerfield
August 196539Feature ArticleOn Playing with ExpertsRichard W. Marek
August 196542Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 196545Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196549Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 19653Feature ArticleA Jam SessionSam Fry, Jr.
September 19657Feature ArticleThe Moment of TruthBrooks Hughes
September 196511Feature ArticleMy Father's Son, The Bridge TeacherEdwin B. Kantar
September 196516Feature ArticleThe Bixby CupRobert Conot
September 196521Tournament ReportTrials for EuropeTannah Hirsch
September 196525Feature ArticleThe Clem Buser CoupRobert Stucker
September 196527Feature ArticleThe Charmer in the DelDaniel R. Howe
September 196529Tournament ReportNorth America vs. Italy, the Second DayAlan Truscott
September 196540Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
September 196543Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196548Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19653Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
October 196515Feature ArticleThe Case for Reese and SchapiroRixi Markus
October 196518Feature ArticleHands from ChicagoMarshall Miles
October 196524Feature ArticleCanape: Panacea For Bidding IllsLes Atchley
October 196528Tournament ReportDeauville: The Tournament of ChampionsHarold Franklin
October 196534Tournament ReportAmerica vs. Italy, the Last DayAlan Truscott
October 196544Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196548Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19653Feature ArticleA Therapeutic QuizEdwin B. Kantar
November 196511Feature ArticleThe Lebovic ConventionSammy Kehela
November 196513Feature ArticleSome Decisions from ChicagoBrooks Hughes
November 196519Feature ArticleOstend 1965--the Lighter SideTannah Hirsch
November 196523Tournament ReportNorth America vs. Italy: the FinaleAlan Truscott
November 196530Feature ArticleThe Defense Can't RestFrederick B. Turner
November 196538Feature ArticleIntroducing the Fantastic NotrumpRobert Stucker
November 196542Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196545Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
November 196549Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
December 19653Feature ArticleProposed Modifications of the Schenken SystemMarshall Miles
December 196510Feature ArticleThe Mistress Solvers' ClubBarbara Kachmar
December 196514Tournament ReportThe European Bridge ChampionshipsHarold Franklin
December 196519Feature ArticleCue-Bidding Below the Notrump Game LevelWilliam R. Becket
December 196522Feature ArticleDefense Against NotrumpRobert Conot
December 196529Feature ArticleMismanagement at the UnionBob Ewen
December 196533Feature ArticleIt's Really a Simple Game, Says My Friend JoeF. Lester Simon
December 196537Feature ArticleDig That Crazy ComputerJames F. Lee
December 196541Feature ArticleThe Fantastic Notrump: IIRobert Stucker
December 196547Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
December 196549Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 196552Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
January 19663Tournament ReportThe San Francisco TrialsAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 196616Feature ArticleAmerican Standard in the TrialsJohn Lowenthal
January 196624Feature ArticleBrief Review between SessionsMarshall Miles
January 196626Feature ArticleHow I Came Out Eighteenth and Eighteenth in San FranciscoBarbara Kachmar
January 196630Feature ArticleIdeas, Ideas!Edwin B. Kantar
January 196636Feature ArticleThe Court of Uncommon PlaysM. Bernard Goetz
January 196642Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IIRobert Conot
January 196647Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
January 196650Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
February 19663Tournament ReportThe San Francisco Open PairsFrederick B. Turner
February 196613Feature ArticleFinal Year for the Blue TeamCarl Alberto Perroux
February 196617Tournament ReportThe International Team TrialsMaury Genud
February 196625Feature ArticleWalter Mitty and the Old MaidBrooks Hughes
February 196629Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in South AmericaD. A. Berah
February 196632Tournament ReportThe 1965 Far East ChampionshipsThomas D. Butcher
February 196639Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IIIRobert Conot
February 196644Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 196650Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
March 19663Feature ArticleSome Changes in the Schenken SystemHoward Schenken
March 19668Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
March 196616Feature ArticleSome Days You've Got To Be LuckyBarbara Kachmar
March 196619Feature ArticleSignalsMarshall Miles
March 196625Feature ArticleEducated GuessesBrooks Hughes
March 196630Feature ArticleArtificial Notrump BidsMonroe Ingberman
March 196634Feature ArticleOh, Those Women!Robert Stucker
March 196636Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IVRobert Conot
March 196645Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
March 196647Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
March 196652Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
April 19663Feature ArticleTrump Suit SwindlesAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 196612Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the TrialsRon Garber
April 196617Feature ArticleTales of the RivieraMaury Genud
April 196625Feature ArticleThe Touch-Up ArtistsBarbara Kachmar
April 196629Feature ArticleTips for Experts OnlyDorothy Hayden
April 196632Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump: VRobert Conot
April 196639Tournament ReportThe Bermuda RegionalAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196642Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
April 196645Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
April 196650Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
May 19663Feature ArticleIs This Game for Real?Edwin B. Kantar
May 19669Feature ArticleThe World's Worst BiddersM. Harrison-Gray
May 196614Feature ArticleBridge TravelsDr. Julius Smith
May 196619Tournament ReportThe New England KnockoutsJohn Lowenthal
May 196624Feature ArticleCouped in Tel AvivTannah Hirsch
May 196628Tournament ReportThe Westwood SectionalRon Garber
May 196632Tournament ReportThe Riviera MastersMax Hardy
May 196637Feature ArticlePartner vs. KandlerJerene Cline
May 196642Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
May 196645Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
May 196649Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
June 19663Tournament ReportThe 1966 VanderbiltAlfred Sheinwold
June 196621Feature ArticleSome Chuckles from LouisvilleBarbara Kachmar
June 196625Tournament ReportThe National Open PairsJohn Lowenthal
June 196628Feature ArticleThat Tragic DayMichael H. Agranoff
June 196634Feature ArticleOddities from the NationalsMaury Genud
June 196638Feature ArticleBaltimore ChicagoDavid P. Barrett
June 196643Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 196647Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
July 19663Tournament ReportNorth America vs. Italy, the Early RoundsAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 196619Tournament ReportUps and Downs in St. VincentAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196630Feature ArticleThat's How the Ravioli RavelsEugenie Mathe
July 196635Feature ArticleIs the Weak-Two Too Weak?Tannah Hirsch
July 196638Feature ArticleHold that Limit RaiseJeff Rubens
July 196642Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
July 196645Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
July 196649Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
August 19663Tournament ReportWorld Pairs at AmsterdamTannah Hirsch
August 196612Feature ArticleNorth American Slam Bidding in St. VincentDavid A. Berah
August 196620Feature ArticleInto Each LifeGeorge T. Lay
August 196621Feature ArticleInteresting Hands from Bridge WeekMax Hardy
August 196628Feature ArticleThat "Idle" Fifth CardJean Besse
August 196632Feature ArticleThe Superior Third-Best LeadJames S. Kauder
August 196634Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
August 196637Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
August 196640Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
September 19663Tournament ReportUps and Downs in St. Vincent, IIAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196616Feature ArticleDeceptive Defensive Hold-UpsAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 196623Feature ArticleExtracuricular Activities of Los Angeles Bridge WeekRon Garber
September 196628Feature ArticleHands from Here and ThereFrederick B. Turner
September 196633Feature ArticleProgress!Marshall Miles
September 196636Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
September 196642Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
October 19663Tournament ReportThe 1966 Summer NationalsFred L. Karpin
October 196616Tournament ReportThe Spingold FinalsTannah Hirsch
October 196622Tournament ReportThe Intercity MatchMonroe Ingberman
October 196628Feature ArticleJournalist LeadsJournalist
October 196633Feature ArticleWhich Side Do You Take?Dr. Andrew Diosy
October 196635Bits and PiecesAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196638Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
October 196640Master Solvers ClubAlbert H. Morehead
November 19663Feature ArticleAlbert H. Morehead: 1909-1966
November 19665Feature ArticleAcol, Anyone?Edgar Kaplan
November 196611Feature ArticleA Westerner Picks the TrialsRon Garber
November 196614Bits and Pieces
November 196614Feature ArticleTest Your PlayMarshall Miles
November 196618Feature ArticleTrump Opening LeadsAlfred Shemwold
November 196627Feature ArticleVive la France!Edwin B. Kantar
November 196637Pro et ContraCharles H. Goren
November 196640Master Solvers ClubAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
December 19662Tournament ReportThe Great Las Vegas TournamentAlfred Sheinwold
December 196614Feature ArticleChallenge the Champs, A New Feature
December 196615PotpourriBrooks Hughes
December 196619Feature ArticleA Bas les FemmesDavid H. Lang
December 196621Feature ArticleDo You Really Think?Dorothy Hayden
December 196624Feature ArticleThe Red Herring QueenLee Hazen
December 196626Feature ArticleThe Roman Club SystemJason H. Floyd
December 196632Feature ArticleJudy over NotrumpJean Dryer
December 196634Bits and Pieces
December 196640Master Solvers ClubAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
January 19672Editorial
January 19674Feature ArticleThe Foster-Bourne Report
January 19678Feature ArticleWhy We WonTerence Reese
January 196717Feature ArticleClouds of WitnessAlan Truscott
January 196725Tournament ReportTrials Quiz
January 196726Tournament ReportTrials DiaryEdgar Kaplan
January 196736Challenge the ChampsRoth-Root vs. Schenken-Leventritt
January 196743Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 196746Bits and Pieces
January 196750Master Solvers ClubAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
February 19672Editorial
February 19674Tournament ReportThe Fall NationalsJohn Lowenthal
February 196710Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Fall Nationals
February 196710Feature ArticleTeachers Talk Quiz
February 196711Feature ArticleThe Moysian FitJeff Rubens
February 196717Tournament ReportTrials Quiz
February 196718Tournament ReportTrials DiaryEdgar Kaplan
February 196731Feature ArticleOh, That LeadD. A. Berah
February 196735Feature ArticleTeachers Talk featuring Charles Solomon and William Root
February 196738Challenge the ChampsSchenken-Leventfitt vs. Jordan-Robinson
February 196744Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 196746Bits and Pieces
February 196749Master Solvers ClubHoward Schenken
March 19672Editorial
March 19674Feature ArticleStep Responses to Forcing Opening BidsJournalist
March 19677Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the TrialsRon Garber
March 196711Feature ArticlePittsburgh ProblemsEdwin B. Kantar
March 196717Tournament ReportThe Fall Nationals, IIJohn Lowenthal
March 196723Feature ArticleThe Moysian Fit, IIJeff Rubens
March 196730Challenge the ChampsSchenken-Leventritt vs. Flint-Pender
March 196736Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 196740Bits and Pieces
March 196742Master Solvers ClubAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 19672Editorial
April 19673Tournament ReportWorld Championship Quiz
April 19674Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 19678Tournament ReportThe Sunday Times Invitation PairsHarold Franklin
April 196712Tournament ReportEurope's Most Exclusive TournamentVictor Mollo
April 196714Tournament ReportThe Riviera TournamentAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 196720Feature ArticleClubsMoneybags
April 196724Feature ArticleThe Moysian Fit, IIIJeff Rubens
April 196730Feature ArticleSnowboundBetty Kaplan
April 196732Challenge the Champs
April 196738Feature ArticleThe Biter BitJack Kroes
April 196739Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 196743Bits and Pieces
April 196748Master Solvers ClubAlan Truscott
May 19672Editorial
May 19673Tournament ReportThe Spring NationalsEdgar Kaplan
May 19678Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Spring Nationals
May 196710Feature ArticleSpring FanciesMaury Genud
May 196716Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, II
May 196719Feature ArticleDown the Rabbit HoleJeff Rubens
May 196727Challenge the Champs
May 196733Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 196736Bits and Pieces
May 196739Master Solvers ClubAlphonse Moyse, Jr.
June 19672Editorial
June 19676Tournament ReportThe 1967 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 196716Feature ArticleThe Most Beautiful Hands of the YearJose Le Dentu
June 196721Book Reviews
June 196722Tournament ReportThe West Coast Invitational TrialsEdwin B. Kantar
June 196728Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, III
June 196735Challenge the Champs
June 196741Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 196744Bits and Pieces
June 196747Master Solvers ClubHoward Schenken
July 19672Editorial
July 19674Tournament ReportWorld Championship DiaryJeff Rubens
July 196712Feature ArticleWhat's New with RothAl Roth
July 196716Challenge the Champs
July 196723Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, IV
July 196727Feature ArticleNever Put Off to TomorrowJeff Rubens
July 196727Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 1-D
July 196734Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 196737Master Solvers ClubAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 19672Editorial
August 19674Tournament ReportThe World Championship FinalsMonroe Ingberman
August 196715Tournament ReportWorld Championship Diary, IIJeff Rubens
August 196726Feature ArticleProblems of CoexistenceTerence Reese
August 196729Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, V
August 196733Feature ArticleWe Don't Use BlackwoodCarl Brett
August 196737Challenge the Champs
August 196743Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 196746Bits and Pieces
August 196749Master Solvers ClubAlan Truscott
September 19672Editorial
September 19674Tournament ReportThe World Championship Finals, IIMonroe Ingberman
September 196716Tournament ReportWorld Championship Diary, IIIJeff Rubens
September 196727Feature ArticleExtracting the StingTerence Reese
September 196730Feature ArticleThe Expert TouchBob Ewen
September 196735Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VI
September 196739Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 2-A
September 196740Challenge the Champs
September 196746Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 196748Bits and Pieces
September 196751Book Reviews
September 196752Master Solvers Club
October 19672Editorial
October 19674Tournament ReportThe 1967 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 19679Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 196713Feature ArticleExamples from Expo-LandTannah Hirsch
October 196718Feature ArticleRubber Bridge TournamentsAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 196721Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
October 196727Feature ArticleThe Hideous Hog Visits the StatesVictor Mollo
October 196732Tournament ReportThe Tournament of ChampionsHarold Franklin
October 196738Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VII
October 196742Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge WorId Standard Poll 2-B
October 196744Challenge the Champs
October 196750Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
October 196753Master Solvers Club
November 19674Tournament ReportThe 1967 Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 196713Tournament ReportThe Canadian Open TrialsSammy Kehela
November 196717Feature ArticleAn Evening in RomeMichael Ledeen
November 196721Feature ArticleAn International QuizPeter Boender
November 196724Feature ArticleDiamonds for Mrs. HuslebushJack Kroes
November 196727Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VIII
November 196733Challenge the Champs
November 196739Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
November 196742Bits and Pieces
November 196748Book Reviews
November 196749Master Solvers Club
December 19672Editorial
December 19674Feature ArticleThe QuestGeza Ottlik
December 196711Tournament ReportTrials Quiz
December 196713Tournament ReportTrials and ErrorsEdgar Kaplan
December 196727Feature ArticleBridge Word PuzzleBob Ewen
December 196730Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, IX
December 196735Challenge the Champs
December 196741Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 196743Bits and Pieces
December 196749Master Solvers Club
January 19682Editorial
January 19684Feature ArticleWin-A-Partner Contest
January 19686What's New In BridgeThe Negative Free BidAllen Van Gelder
January 19689Tournament ReportEuropean Championship Quiz
January 196811Tournament ReportThe 1967 European Championship
January 196816Feature ArticleA Little LearningTerence Reese
January 196819Feature ArticleA Quiz for PartnerMarshall Miles
January 196823Feature ArticleThe Moysian Fit, IVJeff Rubens
January 196828Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, X
January 196831Challenge the Champs
January 196837Bits and Pieces
January 196839Puzzle Corner
January 196840Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 196844Master Solvers Club
February 19682Editorial
February 19684Tournament ReportWay Down South in the Land of CottonTannah Hirsch
February 19689Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
February 196817Feature ArticleThe Moysian Fit, VJeff Rubens
February 196822Feature ArticleThe Best Hands of 1967Jose Le Dentu
February 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XI
February 196832Bits and Pieces
February 196835Puzzle Corner
February 196836Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 196838Challenge the Champs
February 196844Master Solvers Club
March 19682Editorial
March 19684Feature ArticleThe Win-A-Partner Contest
March 19688Tournament ReportThe Far Eastern ChampionshipPietro Forquet
March 196817Feature ArticleEchoes from the Far EastJose J. Reyes
March 196820Test Your PlayEdwin B. Kantar
March 196826What's New In BridgeA New Lead-DirectorSidney Mandell
March 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XII
March 196833Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 196837Puzzle Corner
March 196838Bits and Pieces
March 196842Challenge the Champs
March 196848Master Solvers Club
April 19682Editorial
April 19684Tournament ReportNorth American ScrimmageAlfred P. Sheinwold
April 19684Feature ArticleThe Six-Shooter, the Periscope, and the OddballTerence Reese and Albert Dormer
April 196818Feature ArticleA Bridge SafafiPeter Pender
April 196825Feature ArticleThe Omar Sharif Bridge Circus in HollandLeon Yallouze and Claude Delmouly
April 196830Bits and Pieces
April 196833Feature ArticleContinuous PerformanceEdgar Kaplan
April 196835Feature ArticleBridge Word PuzzleBob Ewen
April 196838Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIII: Responding to Weak Two-Bids
April 196842Challenge the Champs
April 196848Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 196851Master Solvers Club
May 19682Editorial
May 19686Tournament ReportSpringtime in New YorkJeff Rubens
May 196814Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 196817Feature ArticlePlay with an Expert Quiz
May 196819Feature ArticleProject HandicapVictor Mollo
May 196823Book Reviews
May 196825Feature ArticleThe Man in ChargeTerence Reese and Albert Dormer
May 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIV
May 196835Bits and Pieces
May 196840Feature ArticleMissed OpportunitiesJack Kroes
May 196842Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 196844Challenge the Champs
May 196850Master Solvers Club
June 19682Editorial
June 19685Tournament ReportVanderbilt Quiz
June 19687Tournament ReportThe U.S. Team in the VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 196820Feature ArticleInformatory DoublesJeff Rubens
June 196827Tournament ReportThe French TrialsJose Le Dentu
June 196833Feature ArticleProject Handicap, IIVictor Mollo
June 196839Tournament ReportThe Women's TrialsBetty Kaplan
June 196844Challenge the Champs
June 196850Master Solvers Club
July 19682Editorial
July 19683Feature ArticleAmly and the Red QueenErnst Theimer
July 196811Tournament ReportThe 1968 Italian ChampionshipPietro Forquet
July 196818Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XV
July 196822Feature ArticleExpert DefenseJ. R. Wignall
July 196824Challenge the Champs
July 196824Feature ArticleModern Informatory DoublesJeff Rubens
July 196830Bits and Pieces
July 196832Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 196840Master Solvers Club
July 196843Honor RollHonor Roll for March
August 19682Editorial
August 19684Tournament ReportItaly Does It AgainTony Trad
August 19685Tournament ResultsOlympiad Results
August 19687Feature ArticleThe Olympic Champions
August 196814Tournament ReportOlympic DiaryEdgar Kaplan
August 196822Book Reviews
August 196823Feature ArticleAndy and the Red Queen, IIErnst Theimer
August 196831Feature ArticleThe Five-Card FitDon Guerin
August 196834Feature ArticleThe New FrontierJeff Rubens
August 196841Bits and Pieces
August 196845Challenge the Champs
August 196851Master Solvers Club
September 19682Editorial
September 19684Tournament ReportThe Women's OlympiadDorothy Hayden
September 19689Feature ArticleYells that Got Yelled by ExpertsBarbara Kachmar
September 196814Tournament ReportItaly Does It Again, IITony Trad
September 196819Tournament ReportOlympiad Diary, IIEdgar Kaplan
September 196825Feature ArticleThe AcesMonroe Ingberman
September 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVI
September 196833Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 196838Challenge the Champs
September 196844Master Solvers Club
October 19682Editorial
October 19685Tournament ReportThe 1968 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 196813Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Summer Nationals
October 196813Tournament ReportThe Circus' American Tour
October 196814Feature ArticleSeeing is BelievingFred L. Karpin
October 196817Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of American Slam BiddingEd Manfield
October 196822Feature ArticleDaddy, How Do You Write a Bridge Column?Norman Jacobowitz
October 196826Feature ArticleMorning GloryTerence Reese
October 196832Bits and Pieces
October 196836Challenge the Champs
October 196842Master Solvers Club
November 19682Editorial
November 19684Feature ArticleGrazie, JuliusPietro Forquet
November 196812Feature ArticleDistributional ConsiderationsMarshall Miles
November 196816Feature ArticleThe Philosophy of American Slam Bidding, IIEd Manfield
November 196824Tournament ReportThe Deauville TournamentTerence Reese
November 196827Feature ArticleThe Roth Point-CountAlvin Roth and Jeff Rubens
November 196830Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest
November 196833Feature ArticleSophisticated Sequence
November 196840Book Reviews
November 196840Book ReviewsThree New Books
November 196842Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 3-A
November 196843Challenge the Champs
November 196849Master Solvers Club
December 19682Editorial
December 19684Feature ArticleAndy and the Red KingErnst Theimer
December 196810Tournament ReportThe Omar Sharif Bridge Circus Tour 68Giorgio Belladonna
December 196817Feature ArticleThe Wickle-Jar PinkleJeff Rubens
December 196824Feature ArticleMystery and ImaginationM. Harrison-Gray
December 196830Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest
December 196834Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 196836Bits and Pieces
December 196842Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 196845Challenge the Champs
December 196851Master Solvers Club
January 19692Editorial
January 19694Feature ArticleLast Chance Quiz
January 19696Tournament ReportThe Last Trials, IEdgar Kaplan
January 196919Test Your Play
January 196921Feature ArticleHomicide SqueezesGeza Ottlik
January 196925Feature ArticleThe Coup of AngelsJeff Rubens
January 196930Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 196934Challenge the Champs
January 196940Master Solvers Club
January 196955Post-Mortem
February 19692Editorial
February 19695Tournament ReportThe Fall NationalsJeff Rubens
February 19695Tournament ReportThe Last Trials, IIEdgar Kaplan
February 19697Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
February 196910Feature ArticleLast Chance Quiz
February 196923Feature ArticleThe Computer and IDorothy Hayden
February 196928Feature ArticleHand of the Year: A Hog's-Eye ViewVictor Mollo
February 196931Puzzle Corner
February 196932Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVII
February 196936Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 196938Bits and Pieces
February 196940Challenge the Champs
February 196946Master Solvers Club
February 196961Test Your Play
February 196962Post-Mortem
March 19692Editorial
March 19697Feature ArticleIn-and-Out ValuationJeff Rubens
March 196911Feature ArticleFirst BlowTerence Reese
March 196916Feature ArticleCollege Bridge in the Crystal BallAugust Boehm
March 196918Tournament ReportThe Ladies' Far East ChampionshipCarmen Tuason La Guardia
March 196921Feature ArticleNocturneFrederick B. Turner
March 196928Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest Results
March 196930Feature ArticleBalancing in Fourth SeatEdgar Kaplan
March 196933Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 196935Bits and Pieces
March 196939Challenge the Champs
March 196945Master Solvers Club
March 196960Test Your Play
March 196961Post-Mortem
April 19692Editorial
April 19693Feature ArticleThe French Team for RioJose Le Dentu
April 19696Feature ArticleHigh SeasonTerence Reese
April 196914Feature ArticleSet GameMike Ledeen
April 196918Feature ArticleTo Chase a DreamDorothy Hayden
April 196920Feature ArticleMayhem at the MayfairAlvin L. Roth
April 196924Puzzle Corner
April 196927Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 196929Bits and Pieces
April 196932Challenge the Champs
April 196939Master Solvers Club
April 196954Post-Mortem
April 196955Test Your Play
May 19692Editorial
May 19693Test Your Play
May 19694Feature ArticleTwenty Questions
May 19697Tournament ReportThe 1969 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
May 19698Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Spring Nationals
May 196928Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
May 196939Book Reviews
May 196941Bits and Pieces
May 196944Challenge the Champs
May 196951Master Solvers Club
May 196963Post-Mortem
June 19692Editorial
June 19694Feature ArticleThe Law of Total TricksJean-Rene Vernes
June 196911Tournament ReportThe 1969 Vanderbilt, II
June 196912What's New In BridgeTrump Asking BidsDaniel S. L. Wang
June 196915Feature ArticleThe Wild, Wild WestOlle Holmgren
June 196919Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest, II
June 196926Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVIII
June 196930Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 196932Bits and Pieces
June 196935Challenge the Champs
June 196941Master Solvers Club
June 196953Post-Mortem
June 196955Test Your Play
July 19692Editorial
July 19693Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Quizzes
July 19697Tournament ReportDisaster in RioEdgar Kaplan
July 196922Tournament ReportDavid and GoliathAlan Truscott
July 196934Feature ArticleFour Notrump RevisitedJeff Rubens
July 196939Challenge the Champs
July 196945Master Solvers Club
July 196962Test Your Play
July 196963Post-Mortem
August 19692Editorial
August 19697Test Your Play
August 19698Feature ArticleThe Dirty Dozen
August 196910Tournament ReportDisaster in Rio, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 196925Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
August 196930Feature ArticleSocial ClimberSam A. Smith
August 196933Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIX
August 196936Feature ArticleFour Notrump Revisited, IIJeff Rubens
August 196942Bits and Pieces
August 196943Book Reviews
August 196944Challenge the Champs
August 196950Master Solvers Club
August 196962Post-Mortem
September 19692Editorial
September 19694Feature ArticleThird Hand HighBob Ewen
September 19697Feature ArticleFive AcesJeff Rubens
September 196911Feature Article100 Honors
September 196912Tournament ReportDisaster in Rio, IIIEdgar Kaplan
September 196929Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
September 196933Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 196936Challenge the Champs
September 196942Master Solvers Club
September 196954Post-Mortem
September 196955Test Your Play
October 19692Editorial
October 19694Feature ArticleThe Moot Question
October 19696Tournament ReportThe 1969 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 196926Feature ArticleHelen Takes a HandAlfred P. Sheinwold
October 196931Feature ArticleJackie Plays "The System"Alphonse Moyse, Jr.
October 196935Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
October 196938Bits and Pieces
October 196940Challenge the Champs
October 196946Master Solvers Club
October 196962Post-Mortem
October 196963Test Your Play
November 19692Editorial
November 19695Test Your Play
November 19696Tournament ReportItaly Again!Paolo Frendo and Mike Ledeen
November 196910Feature ArticleClubs and DiamondsJess B. Cohen
November 196912Feature ArticleTen ImpsEdwin B. Kantar
November 196921Feature ArticleBridge on the MoonJeff Rubens
November 196931Feature ArticleVisual Problems of Playing BridgeJames R. Gregg, O.D.
November 196935Challenge the Champs
November 196941Master Solvers Club
November 196956Post-Mortem
December 19692Editorial
December 19694Test Your Play
December 19695Tournament ReportPlayoff Quiz
December 19697Tournament ReportInternational PlayoffEdgar Kaplan
December 196919Feature ArticleSecond Hand LowBob Ewen
December 196923Feature ArticlePin MoneyTerence Reese
December 196931Bits and Pieces
December 196934Book Reviews
December 196935Challenge the Champs
December 196941Master Solvers Club
December 196955Post-Mortem
January 19702Editorial
January 19703Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 19704Feature ArticleFish KillStephen R. Sandler
January 19708Feature ArticleTrump An Ace
January 197010Tournament ReportInternational Playoff, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 197024Feature ArticleBermuda ShortsRichard L. Frey
January 197027Feature ArticleScoring and Strategy
January 197032What's New In Bridge
January 197036Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197040Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197041Bits and Pieces
January 197043Challenge the Champs
January 197049Master Solvers Club
January 197063Post-Mortem
February 19702Editorial
February 19705Tournament ReportFrom Miami to StockholmEdgar Kaplan
February 19706Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
February 197012Feature ArticleMayhem at the Mayfair, IIAlvin Roth
February 197015Bridge MovieBridge Movie
February 197017Feature ArticleAn Opening Lead Hall of FameRobert Ewen
February 197022InterviewAn Interview with Benito Garozzo
February 197023Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197024Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 197026Bits and Pieces
February 197032Challenge the Champs
February 197038Master Solvers Club
February 197054Post-Mortem
March 19702Editorial
March 19705Tournament ReportUnder the Bright Lights
March 19706Feature ArticleOh Me! Oh My! Omar!Terence Reese
March 197016Feature ArticleA Record, I ThinkEdwin B. Kantar
March 197019Feature ArticleAndy and the Flying SaucerErnst Theimer
March 197028Puzzle Corner
March 197029Bits and Pieces
March 197034Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 197035Challenge the Champs
March 197041Master Solvers Club
April 19702Editorial
April 19704Feature ArticleOdd Leads From LengthJournalist
April 19708Feature ArticleTest Your Slam Judgment
April 19709Feature ArticleTwenty-Six SlamsEdgar Kaplan
April 197018Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197019Feature ArticleIt's All in the GameJeff Rubens
April 197023Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 197026Bits and Pieces
April 197032Challenge the Champs
April 197038Master Solvers Club
April 197053Post-Mortem
May 19702Editorial
May 19704Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 19706Feature ArticleFail-SafeH. W. Kelsey
May 19709Feature ArticleHow I Challenged the Champs and Made Them CryFrank Vine
May 197012Feature ArticleCover an HonorRobert Ewen
May 197015What's New In Bridge
May 197020Puzzle Corner
May 197022Bits and Pieces
May 197026Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 197030Bridge MovieBridge Movie
May 197031Challenge the Champs
May 197037Master Solvers Club
May 197050MSC Forum
May 197054Post-Mortem
June 19702Editorial
June 19704Tournament ReportTo Bid or Not to Bid
June 19705Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt FinalsEdgar Kaplan
June 197015Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Spring Nationals
June 197020Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197021Feature ArticleWeekend PlayersRichard L. Frey
June 197024Feature ArticleNew-Suit Bids Over Takeout DoublesJeff Rubens
June 197032Bits and Pieces
June 197034Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 197037Challenge the Champs
June 197043Master Solvers Club
June 197060MSC Forum
June 197063Post-Mortem
July 19702Editorial
July 19703Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 19704Rate Your Own Game
July 19706Feature ArticleHow I Abolished the Rule of Restricted ChoiceFrank Vine
July 19709Feature ArticleGullible's TravailsErnst Theimer
July 197014Feature ArticleBridgetteWaldemar von Zedtwitz
July 197019Puzzle Corner
July 197020Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197022Bits and Pieces
July 197026Challenge the Champs
July 197032Master Solvers Club
July 197048MSC Forum
July 197052Bridge MovieBridge Movie
July 197055Post-Mortem
August 19702Editorial
August 19703Tournament ReportStockholm DiaryEdgar Kaplan
August 197026Rate Your Own Game
August 197027Feature ArticleUpside-Down SignalsJournalist
August 197030Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 197035Bits and Pieces
August 197041Challenge the Champs
August 197047Master Solvers Club
August 197059MSC Forum
August 197061Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197062Post-Mortem
September 19702Editorial
September 19705Rate Your Own Game
September 19707Tournament ReportWorld Pairs Quiz
September 19708Tournament ReportThe 70 World Pairs ChampionshipEdwin B. Kantar
September 197016Bridge MovieBridge Movie
September 197017Tournament ReportStockholm Diary, IIEdgar Kaplan
September 197021Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197041Challenge the Champs
September 197047Master Solvers Club
September 197060MSC Forum
September 197063Post-Mortem
October 19702Editorial
October 19705Rate Your Own Game
October 19706Tournament ReportSeven Spingold Slams
October 19708Tournament ReportThe 70 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197017Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197023Feature ArticleDiamondsMoneybags
October 197027Tournament ReportThe 1970 World Pairs, IIEdwin B. Kantar
October 197034Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
October 197036Bits and Pieces
October 197039Challenge the Champs
October 197045Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard
October 197046Master Solvers Club
October 197060Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197061MSC Forum
November 19702Editorial
November 19705Tournament ReportInternational Team PlayoffEdgar Kaplan
November 197013Rate Your Own Game
November 197014Feature ArticlelebensohlGeorge A. W. Boehm
November 197017Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197019Feature ArticleAndy and the King of HadesErnst Theimer
November 197026Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
November 197035Bits and Pieces
November 197038Feature ArticleRegrettable LeadsPeter Pigot
November 197041Challenge the Champs
November 197047Master Solvers Club
November 197063Post-Mortem
December 19702Editorial
December 19705Rate Your Own Game
December 19706Feature ArticleFour Americans in DeauvilleJose Le Dentu
December 197013Tournament ReportInternational Team Playoff, IIEdgar Kaplan
December 197014Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197027Feature Articlelebensohl, IIGeorge A. W. Boehm
December 197035Bits and Pieces
December 197039Challenge the Champs
December 197045Master Solvers Club
December 197059MSC Forum
January 19712Editorial
January 19715Rate Your Own Game
January 19716Tournament ReportInternational Playoff FinalEdgar Kaplan
January 197121Feature ArticleThe Threepenny OperaEdwin B. Kantar
January 197123Tournament ReportRate Your Own Kibitzing
January 197126Tournament ReportThe 1970 European Championship
January 197132Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197135Bits and Pieces
January 197137Challenge the Champs
January 197144Master Solvers Club
January 197158Post-Mortem
January 197160Bridge MovieBridge Movie
January 197161MSC Forum
January 197162Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 19712Editorial
February 19713Tournament ResultsMajor Results Fall Nationals
February 19713Feature ArticleThree by FourEdgar Kaplan
February 197110Feature ArticleTake Your TimeJeff Rubens
February 197114Rate Your Own Game
February 197115Tournament ReportThe Australian TrialsDenis Howard
February 197118Tournament ReportThe 1970 World Bidding Contest
February 197122Feature ArticleBetter Late Than Never
February 197124Bits and Pieces
February 197129Challenge the Champs
February 197135Master Solvers Club
February 197151Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197152MSC Forum
February 197153Post-Mortem
March 19712Editorial
March 19714Feature ArticleFilling a GapEdwin B. Kantar
March 19719Feature ArticleHow I Discovered the Secret of the Blue TeamFrank Vine
March 197112Feature ArticleRepeat PerformanceMichael Ledeen
March 197116Tournament ReportThe South American ChampionshipsGabriel Chagas
March 197124Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197126Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 197127Bits and Pieces
March 197130Rate Your Own Game
March 197132Challenge the Champs
March 197138Puzzle Corner
March 197139Master Solvers Club
March 197152MSC Forum
April 19712Editorial
April 19714Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19714Feature ArticleNumber Quiz
April 19715You Be The Judge
April 197111Feature ArticleDefense Is Not All GuessworkKai A. Larsen
April 197115Feature ArticleThe Bridge ColumnistNorman Jacobowitz
April 197118Rate Your Own Game
April 197119Feature ArticleFilling a Gap, IIEdwin B. Kantar
April 197125Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 197128Bits and Pieces
April 197133Challenge the Champs
April 197139Master Solvers Club
April 197151MSC Forum
April 197153Post-Mortem
May 19712Editorial
May 19714Tournament ReportHow Would You Have Fared at the Mayfair?
May 19716Tournament ReportBlue MurderTerence Reese
May 197114Feature ArticleLong or Short?Dr. George Rosenkranz
May 197117Rate Your Own Game
May 197118Feature ArticleBridge Behind BarsOrval Swander
May 197122Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 197123Bits and Pieces
May 197129Challenge the Champs
May 197136Master Solvers Club
May 197155Post-Mortem
June 19712Editorial
June 19714Rate Your Own Game
June 19715Tournament ReportThe 1970 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 19716Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
June 197111Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197114Feature ArticleThe French Menace in TaipeiJose Le Dentu
June 197119Feature ArticleSound BiddingJeff Rubens
June 197124Bridge MovieBridge Movie
June 197125Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 197128Bits and Pieces
June 197131Challenge the Champs
June 197137Master Solvers Club
June 197153MSC Forum
June 197154Post-Mortem
July 19712Editorial
July 19713Rate Your Own Game
July 19714Feature ArticleA Gift from ChinaThomas M. Smith
July 197110Feature ArticleThree Strikes and DownFrederick B. Turner
July 197115Feature ArticleWhen Greek Meets GreekH. W. Kelsey
July 197118Feature ArticleWe Really Should Have WonMary I. Nees
July 197120Feature ArticleThe Immediate Jump ShiftCarl F. Cronemiller, Jr.
July 197122Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197126Bits and Pieces
July 197130Challenge the Champs
July 197136Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Summary
July 197137Master Solvers Club
July 197152Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197153Post-Mortem
July 197154MSC Forum
August 19712Editorial
August 19714Rate Your Own Game
August 19715Tournament ReportAces UpEdgar Kaplan
August 197119You Be The Judge
August 197125Feature ArticleCornelius Coldbottom on DeceptionFrank Vine
August 197130Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 197131Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197132Bits and Pieces
August 197134Challenge the Champs
August 197140Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 197141Master Solvers Club
August 197153MSC Forum
September 19712Editorial
September 19714Feature ArticleThe Slams of TaiwanJeff Rubens
September 197113Rate Your Own Game
September 197120Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197122Tournament ReportBowl Game
September 197124Tournament ReportAces Up, IIEdgar Kaplan
September 197141Challenge the Champs
September 197147Master Solvers Club
September 197160Post-Mortem
September 197161MSC Forum
October 19712Editorial
October 19714Tournament ReportThe 1971 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197115Feature ArticleHe Who HesitatesTerence Reese
October 197119Feature ArticleThe Slams of Taiwan, IIJeff Rubens
October 197135Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
October 197137Bits and Pieces
October 197139Challenge the Champs
October 197145Master Solvers Club
October 197149Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197153Rate Your Own Game
October 197160MSC Forum
October 197163Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197164Post-Mortem
November 19712Editorial
November 19715Tournament ReportThe '71 Spingold FinalEdgar Kaplan
November 197114Rate Your Own Game
November 197118Feature ArticleOnly the Enemy Will Believe Your LiesJack Nessel
November 197120Feature ArticleTaiwan L.O.L.Eugenie Mathe
November 197122Feature ArticleAround the World with PrecisionDorothy Hayden
November 197126Puzzle Corner
November 197131Challenge the Champs
November 197137Master Solvers Club
November 197152MSC Forum
November 197154Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 19712Editorial
December 19714Tournament ReportPlayoff Semi-FinalEdgar Kaplan
December 197110Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197112Feature ArticleLast BoardRon Klinger
December 197118Rate Your Own Game
December 197119You Be The Judge
December 197125Bits and Pieces
December 197131Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 197135Challenge the Champs
December 197142Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 197143Master Solvers Club
December 197155MSC Forum
January 19722Editorial
January 19724Tournament ReportPlayoff FinalEdgar Kaplan
January 19727Rate Your Own Game
January 197210Feature ArticleTop SecretJess B. Cohen
January 197214Feature ArticleSeptember MournRonald M. Blau
January 197219Feature ArticleShuffling Quiz
January 197220How Would You Rule?
January 197226Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197230Bits and Pieces
January 197232Challenge the Champs
January 197238Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197239Master Solvers Club
January 197252MSC Forum
January 197253Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197254Post-Mortem
February 19722Editorial
February 19724Tournament ResultsMajor Results Fall Nationals
February 19725Feature ArticleBlue Team QuizJose Le Dentu
February 197211Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197212Feature ArticleFour-TrickerJeff Rubens
February 197218Tournament ReportThe 1971 European ChampionshipsRobert Stucker
February 197223How Would You Rule?
February 197227Rate Your Own Game
February 197228Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 197230Bits and Pieces
February 197233Challenge the Champs
February 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
February 197240Master Solvers Club
March 19722Editorial
March 19725Tournament ReportLas Vegas BluesEdgar Kaplan
March 197218Bridge MovieBridge Movie
March 197220Tournament ReportThe 1971 European Championships, IIRobert Stucker
March 197226Feature ArticleI'm in Great Form, PartnerGabriel Chagas
March 197230Bits and Pieces
March 197232Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197233Challenge the Champs
March 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 197240Master Solvers Club
March 197244Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19722Editorial
April 19722Feature ArticleThe Case Against AlertingFrank Vine
April 19729Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197210Tournament ReportLas Vegas Blues, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 197216Rate Your Own Game
April 197217Feature ArticleThe Terrible TenTerence Reese
April 197223You Be The Judge
April 197230Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 197234Bits and Pieces
April 197236Challenge the Champs
April 197242Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 197243Master Solvers Club
April 197247Puzzle Corner
May 19722Editorial
May 19723Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 19724Tournament ReportThe 1972 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
May 197215Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 197216Feature ArticleAndy and the Barn DoorErnst Theimer
May 197224What's New In Bridge
May 197228How Would You Rule?
May 197230Bits and Pieces
May 197232Rate Your Own Game
May 197233Challenge the Champs
May 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
May 197240Master Solvers Club
June 19722Editorial
June 19724Tournament Report72 Vanderbilt--the FinalEdgar Kaplan
June 19727Rate Your Own Game
June 197216Feature ArticleThe Taming of the WestSam Leckie
June 197218Feature ArticleSomething to Think AboutEdwin B. Kantar
June 197226Challenge the Champs
June 197232Post-Mortem
June 197233Feature ArticleThe Three QuestionsJean Besse
June 197236Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 197240Master Solvers Club
June 197245Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197253MSC Forum
July 19722Editorial
July 19724Tournament ReportWorl Mixed TeamsEdgar Kaplan
July 19728Feature ArticleSummer QuizH. W. Kelsey
July 197212Feature ArticleSolomon's Judgment
July 197215Rate Your Own Game
July 197217Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197218What's New In Bridge
July 197224Feature ArticlePersonality and Duplicate BridgeSeymour F. Kuvin, M.D.
July 197227Challenge the Champs
July 197233Bits and Pieces
July 197239Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197240Master Solvers Club
July 197253MSC Forum
July 197256Post-Mortem
August 19722Editorial
August 19723Rate Your Own Game
August 19724Tournament ReportMiami SummitEdgar Kaplan
August 197215You Be The Judge
August 197220Tournament ReportRound Thirty-NineAlfred P. Sheinwold
August 197232Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 197235Challenge the Champs
August 197241Master Solvers Club
August 197253Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197253Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 19722Editorial
September 19725Tournament ReportMiami Summit, IIEdgar Kaplan
September 197213Feature ArticleThe Mixed-Up PairsMatthew Granovetter
September 197217Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197218Tournament ReportOlympiad Semi-FinalsAlfred P. Sheinwold
September 197226Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197228Rate Your Own Game
September 197229Bits and Pieces
September 197232Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197233Challenge the Champs
September 197239Master Solvers Club
September 197240Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
October 19722Editorial
October 19725Tournament ReportMile-High SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197214Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197217Rate Your Own Game
October 197218Feature ArticleThe Olympiad as TheatreMichael Ledeen
October 197219Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197221Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197222How Would You Rule?
October 197231Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
October 197233Challenge the Champs
October 197239Master Solvers Club
November 19722Editorial
November 19724Tournament ReportPlayoff Semi-FinalsJeff Rubens and Edgar Kaplan
November 197221Feature ArticleThe Annual Bridge AwardsFrank Vine
November 197225Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197225Rate Your Own Game
November 197226Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197231Feature ArticleThe Fatal CommitmentJeff Isralsky
November 197234Challenge the Champs
November 197240Master Solvers Club
December 19722Editorial
December 19724Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 19725Feature ArticleShell GameJeff Rubens
December 19729Tournament ReportEuropean Junior ChampionshipPhillip Alder
December 197213You Be The Judge
December 197218Feature ArticlePolish PrecisionCarole and Jim Gobert
December 197222How Would You Rule?
December 197235Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197236Rate Your Own Game
December 197237Puzzle Corner
December 197238Bits and Pieces
December 197242Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 197244Challenge the Champs
December 197250Master Solvers Club
January 19732Editorial
January 19735Tournament ReportInternational Playoff FinalJeff Rubens
January 197320Rate Your Own Game
January 197321Feature ArticleThe Alcatraz CoupKit Woolsey
January 197325Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197326Tournament ReportThe ReisingerEdwin B. Kantar
January 197329Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197330Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
January 197331Challenge the Champs
January 197337Master Solvers Club
January 197338Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197352MSC Forum
January 197353Post-Mortem
February 19732Editorial
February 19733Rate Your Own Game
February 19734Tournament ReportPrecision in South AmericaGabriel Chagas
February 197315Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197317Feature ArticleAthletes as Bridge PlayersAlfred P. Sheinwold
February 197321Feature ArticleBridge Players as AthletesFrederick B. Turner
February 197323Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197324Feature ArticleNine-X False CardsJohn Boeder
February 197326Bridge MovieBridge Movie
February 197329Bits and Pieces
February 197330Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 197332Challenge the Champs
February 197338Master Solvers Club
March 19732Editorial
March 19736Rate Your Own Game
March 19737Feature ArticleThose CoupsRobert Gray
March 197313Feature ArticleBig Time BridgeGeorge A. W. Boehm
March 197318Feature ArticleSeven Against ThebesJeff Rubens
March 197324Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 197325What's New In Bridge
March 197331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197332Bits and Pieces
March 197337Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197339Challenge the Champs
March 197345Master Solvers Club
March 197360MSC Forum
March 197361Post-Mortem
April 19732Editorial
April 19733Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19735Tournament ReportThe Sunday Times PairsSam Leckie
April 19739Feature ArticleCornelius Coldbottom on Coming from BehindFrank Vine
April 197313Feature ArticleA Short QuizMarshall Miles
April 197316Feature ArticleAndy and the Undercover ManErnst T. Theimer
April 197319You Be The Judge
April 197325Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197325Puzzle Corner
April 197327Bits and Pieces
April 197329Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 197334Rate Your Own Game
April 197335Challenge the Champs
April 197341Master Solvers Club
April 197342Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
May 19732Editorial
May 19734Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 19735Feature ArticlePros and ContractsEdgar Kaplan
May 197319Feature ArticleThe Inverse Square Theory of RelativesNorman Jacobowitz
May 197322Rate Your Own Game
May 197323Feature ArticleUnusual FinessesRicardo Maria Argerich
May 197326Bits and Pieces
May 197328Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 197331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197333Challenge the Champs
May 197339Master Solvers Club
May 197353MSC Forum
May 197355Post-Mortem
June 19732Editorial
June 19733Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 19735Tournament ReportIn Spa, Spades Spell PiqueAlan Truscott
June 19739Feature ArticleThe Grosvenor GambitFrederick B. Turner
June 197314Feature ArticlePartner!Ernest Gruenfeld and Robert B. Ewen
June 197317Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197319How Would You Rule?
June 197327Bits and Pieces
June 197330Rate Your Own Game
June 197331Challenge the Champs
June 197337Master Solvers Club
June 197338Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 19732Editorial
July 19734Tournament ReportThe Aces TrumpedAlfred P. Sheinwold
July 197312Rate Your Own Game
July 197313Feature ArticleA Slam to RememberRobert Gray
July 197316Tournament ReportBrazil JournalJeff Rubens
July 197331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197333Bits and Pieces
July 197338Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197339Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197342Challenge the Champs
July 197348Master Solvers Club
July 197360Post-Mortem
August 19732Editorial
August 19739Feature ArticleBridge Is a Separatist GameFrank Vine
August 197312Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197313Tournament ReportBrazil Jourual, IIJeff Rubens
August 197325You Be The Judge
August 197330Bridge MovieBridge Movie
August 197332Rate Your Own Game
August 197333Bits and Pieces
August 197335Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197337Challenge the Champs
August 197343Master Solvers Club
September 19732Editorial
September 19734Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 19735Tournament ReportSpingold '73Edgar Kaplan
September 197315What's New In Bridge
September 197318Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Summer Nationals
September 197319Tournament ReportBrazil Journal, IIIJeff Rubens
September 197329Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197329Rate Your Own Game
September 197330Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197333Challenge the Champs
September 197339Master Solvers Club
September 197340Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197352Post-Mortem
October 19732Editorial
October 19733Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 19734Feature ArticlePrecision Meets PrecisionGabriel Chagas
October 19738Feature ArticleThe Spy Who Did No WrongErnst T. Theimer
October 197311Feature ArticleThe Deep NineEdgar Kaplan
October 197318Feature ArticleCaptain-CrewLaura Jane and Ed Gordy
October 197320How Would You Rule?
October 197325Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197328Rate Your Own Game
October 197331Bits and Pieces
October 197332Challenge the Champs
October 197338Master Solvers Club
October 197353Post-Mortem
November 19732Editorial
November 19733Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 19734Tournament ReportItaly Wins '73 European
November 197311Feature ArticleWhen the Breaks Are BadH. W. Kelsey
November 197314Feature ArticleThe Huddlers Strike BackFrank Vine
November 197318Rate Your Own Game
November 197319Tournament ReportThe Gold CupSam Leckie
November 197321Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197322Puzzle Corner
November 197323Bits and Pieces
November 197331Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
November 197334Challenge the Champs
November 197340Master Solvers Club
December 19732Editorial
December 19734Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 19735Tournament ReportPlayoff Semi-FinalsEdgar Kaplan
December 197315Feature ArticleThe Pause That RefreshesStephen White
December 197318Feature ArticleThe Ace of Spades WomanRobert Gray
December 197321You Be The Judge
December 197331Bits and Pieces
December 197335Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197336Rate Your Own Game
December 197337Challenge the Champs
December 197343Master Solvers Club
January 19742Editorial
January 19744Tournament ReportThe Playoff FinalEdgar Kaplan
January 197413Feature ArticleVine's Theorem ExtrapolatedDave Phelps
January 197418What's New In Bridge
January 197421Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197422How Would You Rule?
January 197427Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197428Rate Your Own Game
January 197429Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197431Puzzle Corner
January 197432Challenge the Champs
January 197438Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197439Master Solvers Club
January 197453Post-Mortem
February 19742Editorial
February 19747Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
February 197418How Would You Rule?
February 197419Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
February 197421Feature ArticleWe Are Still PursuingTerence Reese and Albert Dormer
February 197426Feature ArticleThe Eight of ClubsPeter Weichsel
February 197427Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197428Rate Your Own Game
February 197429Bits and Pieces
February 197432Feature ArticlePuzzle Corner Solution
February 197433Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197434Challenge the Champs
February 197440Master Solvers Club
March 19742Editorial
March 19745Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19746Tournament ReportThe Sunday Times PairsSam Leckie
March 197410Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
March 197413Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
March 197421Feature ArticleThe Curse of the Blue TeamFrank Vine
March 197425Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197427Bits and Pieces
March 197431Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197432Rate Your Own Game
March 197433Challenge the Champs
March 197439Master Solvers Club
March 197440Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 197453MSC Forum
March 197455Post-Mortem
April 19742Editorial
April 19743Rate Your Own Game
April 19744Feature ArticleR*A*T*SBetty Kaplan
April 19749Feature ArticleA Simple Suit CombinationCharles Blair
April 197410Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
April 197417Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
April 197420You Be The Judge
April 197427Bits and Pieces
April 197432Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197433Challenge the Champs
April 197439Master Solvers Club
April 197451Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 19742Editorial
May 19744Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 19745Tournament ReportVancouver VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
May 197411Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 197417Feature ArticleShort, AnywayEdwin B. Kantar
May 197420Feature ArticleThe Way It isGeza Ottlik
May 197428Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
May 197430Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 197432Rate Your Own Game
May 197433Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197435Challenge the Champs
May 197441Master Solvers Club
June 19742Editorial
June 19744Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 19745Tournament ReportVancouver Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 197414Feature ArticleArchie and the Bridge MachinesErnst Theimer
June 197421Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
June 197423Feature ArticleHero StoryOrval Swander
June 197425Bits and Pieces
June 197429Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197430Rate Your Own Game
June 197431Challenge the Champs
June 197437Master Solvers Club
July 19742Editorial
July 19743Tournament ResultsResults of the World's Championships
July 19744Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl FinalEdgar Kaplan
July 197414Tournament ReportThe Olympiad Open PairsAlbert Dormer
July 197419Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197420Rate Your Own Game
July 197421Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
July 197423How Would You Rule?
July 197429Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197430Bits and Pieces
July 197432Challenge the Champs
July 197438Master Solvers Club
August 19742Editorial
August 19744Feature ArticleHow I Won the Venice TrophyAlan Truscott
August 19749Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Final, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 197417Rate Your Own Game
August 197418Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
August 197420Feature ArticleThe Montreal RelayEric O. Kokish
August 197424How Would You Rule?
August 197430Bits and Pieces
August 197433Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197434Challenge the Champs
August 197440Master Solvers Club
August 197452MSC Forum
August 197453Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 19742Editorial
September 19743Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 19744Tournament ReportSpingold Seventy-FourEdgar Kaplan
September 19746Tournament ReportMajor ResuIts of Summer Nationals
September 197419You Be The JudgeFrank Vine
September 197423Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Final, IIIEdgar Kaplan
September 197433Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197434Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
September 197437Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197439Rate Your Own Game
September 197440Challenge the Champs
September 197446Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197447Master Solvers Club
October 19742Editorial
October 19744Tournament ReportSpingold '74 FinalEdgar Kaplan
October 197413Feature ArticleThe Two Red AcesRobert Gray
October 197415You Be The Judge
October 197422Feature ArticleOver My HeadJohn Swanson
October 197425Feature ArticleWhich Is Which?Fred L. Karpin
October 197431Challenge the Champs
October 197437Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197437Rate Your Own Game
October 197438Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197439Master Solvers Club
November 19742Editorial
November 19744Tournament ReportCapital PlayoffEdgar Kaplan
November 197413Feature ArticleThree Notrump?Edwin B. Kantar
November 197416Feature ArticleAce, King, Queen, JackRobert Gray
November 197423Feature ArticleThe Ultimate VisionDavid Lee Powell
November 197426Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197431Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
November 197433Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197434Rate Your Own Game
November 197435Challenge the Champs
November 197441Master Solvers Club
December 19742Editorial
December 19744Rate Your Own Game
December 19745Tournament ReportCapital Playoff, IIEdgar Kaplan
December 197420Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197421Book ReviewsFour New Books
December 197425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197431Feature ArticleControls in Balanced HandsDr. George Rosenkranz
December 197435Challenge the Champs
December 197441Master Solvers Club
January 19752Editorial
January 19754Rate Your Own Game
January 19755Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipTannah Hirsch
January 197512Feature ArticleBusy Bidder: Barry CraneRon Garber
January 197516Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197517Feature ArticleCONFIDr. George Rosenkranz
January 197521Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197522Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
January 197523Feature ArticleQueensRobert Gray
January 197528Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
January 197530Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197532Challenge the Champs
January 197538Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197539Master Solvers Club
February 19752Editorial
February 19754Feature ArticleWild Nights on the LidoMichael Ledeen
February 197513Feature ArticleAndy and the Queen of HadesErnst T. Theimer
February 197516Bridge MovieBridge Movie
February 197519Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197521Feature ArticleSUPERCONFIDr. George Rosenkranz
February 197525Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
February 197527Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197528Bits and Pieces
February 197532Rate Your Own Game
February 197533Challenge the Champs
February 197539Master Solvers Club
March 19752Editorial
March 19755Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19756Tournament ReportThe Super BowlEdgar Kaplan
March 197514What's New In Bridge
March 197518Tournament ReportWorld WarEdgar Kaplan
March 197527Bits and Pieces
March 197529Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197531Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197531Rate Your Own Game
March 197533Challenge the Champs
March 197539Master Solvers Club
March 197540Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 19752Editorial
April 19754Tournament ReportWorld War, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 197511Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
April 197518Tournament ReportThe Super Bowl, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 197527Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197528You Be The Judge
April 197535Rate Your Own Game
April 197536Challenge the Champs
April 197542Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197543Master Solvers Club
May 19752Editorial
May 19755Feature ArticleAnother StoryJean Besse
May 19757Tournament ReportThe Super Bowl, IIIEdgar Kaplan
May 197515Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
May 197522Bridge MovieBridge Movie
May 197524Tournament ReportWorld War, IIIEdgar Kaplan
May 197532Bits and Pieces
May 197533Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197534Rate Your Own Game
May 197535Challenge the Champs
May 197541Master Solvers Club
May 197542Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
May 197544Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 19752Editorial
June 19753Rate Your Own Game
June 19754Tournament ReportThe Aloha VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 19758Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
June 197510Feature ArticleDeuces WildJeff Rubens
June 197513Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
June 197521Feature ArticleFire!Robert Gray
June 197523Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 197527Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197528Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197529Bits and Pieces
June 197534Challenge the Champs
June 197540Master Solvers Club
July 19752Editorial
July 19756Tournament ReportThe Aloha Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 197511Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197512What's New In Bridge
July 197512Feature ArticleIdak and Wonder BidsRobert Crossley
July 197514Tournament ReportThe '75 Sunday Times Pairs:
July 197514Feature ArticleTemporary GloryAlan Sontag
July 197514Feature ArticleSome Sunday Times DealsDerek Rimington
July 197514Feature ArticleFantastic!Peter Weichsel
July 197514Feature ArticleA Sunday Times DreamSam Leckie
July 197520How Would You Rule?
July 197524Feature ArticleDo You Lead Trumps?Petcr Pigot
July 197525Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197526Rate Your Own Game
July 197527Feature ArticleA Short But Subtle QuizJim Stein
July 197529Puzzle Corner
July 197530Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
July 197532Bits and Pieces
July 197535Challenge the Champs
July 197541Master Solvers Club
July 197553Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 19752Editorial
August 19755Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 19756Feature ArticleDeceptive DefenseKenneth Lebensold
August 197510Feature ArticleGuys and The DollJohn Wignall
August 197515How Would You Rule?
August 197520Bridge MovieBridge Movie
August 197523Feature ArticleThe Man From MarsJeff Rubens
August 197528Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
August 197531Feature ArticleThe Fatal QuestionErnst Theimer
August 197533Bits and Pieces
August 197535Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197536Rate Your Own Game
August 197537Challenge the Champs
August 197543Master Solvers Club
August 197553Post-Mortem
September 19752Editorial
September 19755Rate Your Own Game
September 19756Tournament ReportThe '75 European Championship
September 197513Feature ArticleAutumn QuizH. W. Kelsey
September 197513Feature ArticleEuropean TournamentSteen Moller
September 197513Feature ArticleBrighton BellesTerence Reese
September 197515Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197516Puzzle Corner
September 197517Feature ArticleWithout a FlickerPeter Gould
September 197522Tournament ReportCaribbean ChampionshipD. A. Berah
September 197525Feature ArticleFluctuating OddsEdgar Kaplan
September 197526Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197527Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197528Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
September 197532Bits and Pieces
September 197533Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
September 197534Challenge the Champs
September 197540Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197541Master Solvers Club
October 19752Editorial
October 19754Rate Your Own Game
October 19755Tournament ReportMiami SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197512Feature ArticleA Few Secondary SqueezesHenry H. Rich
October 197516Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
October 197517You Be The Judge
October 197524Bits and Pieces
October 197525Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197526Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197531What's New In Bridge
October 197531Feature ArticleA Disciplined DiamondL. S. Torkelson
October 197531Feature ArticleConstructive Two-BidsLynn Harris
October 197534Challenge the Champs
October 197540Master Solvers Club
November 19752Editorial
November 19753Rate Your Own Game
November 19754Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
November 197512Feature ArticleA Pipe Dream?Barnet J. Shenkin
November 197515Feature ArticleArchie's Bridge LectureErnst T. Theimer
November 197518What's New In Bridge
November 197518Feature ArticleThe Negative RedoubleDavid J. Weiss
November 197518Feature ArticleForcing Major RaisesMarshall Miles
November 197518Feature ArticleGadgets for the Forcing Club SetOrval Swander
November 197524Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
November 197526Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197531Bits and Pieces
November 197533Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197535Challenge the Champs
November 197541Master Solvers Club
December 19752Tournament ReportPlayoff in Palo AltoEdgar Kaplan
December 197513Feature ArticleLightner Would Be De-LightedMax Sapire
December 197515Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
December 197519Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197520Feature ArticleOdd BridgeKenneth Lebensold
December 197523Feature ArticleOne Man's MeatErnst T. Theimer
December 197525Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197531Bits and Pieces
December 197534Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 197535Rate Your Own Game
December 197536Challenge the Champs
December 197542Master Solvers Club
January 19762Editorial
January 19765Feature ArticleThe Deep Six
January 19766Tournament ReportPlayoff in Palo AltoEdgar Kaplan
January 197617Feature ArticleAdjustments in Journalist LeadsJournalist
January 197627Feature ArticleColdbottom on Practical BridgeFrank Vine
January 197630Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197631Feature ArticleOver My ShoulderTerence Reese
January 197633Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197633Rate Your Own Game
January 197634Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197635Challenge the Champs
January 197641Master Solvers Club
February 19762Editorial
February 19763Tournament ReportHeavyweight Title--15 RoundsEdgar Kaplan
February 197616Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
February 197617Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
February 197623Feature ArticleClub KnaveBob Ewen
February 197624Feature ArticleSpecial PrizeRobert Gray
February 197627Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197627Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197629Bits and Pieces
February 197632Rate Your Own Game
February 197633Challenge the Champs
February 197639Master Solvers Club
February 197640Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 19762Editorial
March 19764Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19765Feature ArticleLater Leads Against NotrumpJournalist
March 197613Feature ArticleI Was a Winner in a Loser's GameOrval Swander
March 197619Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197620Rate Your Own Game
March 197621What's New In Bridge
March 197627How Would You Rule?
March 197636Challenge the Champs
March 197642Master Solvers Club
April 19762Editorial
April 19764Rate Your Own Game
April 19765Feature ArticleRoshomonFrank Vine
April 19769Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the EditorGeorge A. W. Boehm
April 197611Feature ArticleWho Killed Elwell?Robert Darvas and Geza Ottlik
April 197612Feature ArticleThe Fish That Got AwayErnst T. Theimer
April 197617Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197619Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
April 197627Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197628Feature ArticleLater Leads Against NotrumpJournalist
April 197632Bits and Pieces
April 197635Challenge the Champs
April 197641Master Solvers Club
May 19762Editorial
May 19764Tournament ReportKansas City VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
May 197617Feature ArticleLater Leads Against Suit ContractsJournalist
May 197621Rate Your Own Game
May 197622Feature ArticleRorschach TestOrval Swander
May 197624You Be The Judge
May 197626Tournament ResultsSpring Nationals Major Results
May 197631Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197632Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 197633Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 197635Challenge the Champs
May 197642Master Solvers Club
June 19762Editorial
June 19764Tournament ReportSlammed by LanciaRon Klinger
June 19767Feature ArticleThe Well-Rounded Game
June 19768Tournament ReportKansas City VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 19769Rate Your Own Game
June 197620Feature ArticleLater Leads Against SuitsJournalist
June 197627Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197628Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197629Feature ArticleDr. Downone, Bridge PsychiatristOtto Feuer
June 197632Bits and Pieces
June 197635Challenge the Champs
June 197641Master Solvers Club
July 19762Editorial
July 19763Tournament ReportThe Bermuda BowlEdgar Kaplan
July 197614Feature ArticleAll at SeaVictor Mollo
July 197618Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
July 197623Feature ArticleThe Gadget MakerOrval Swander
July 197626Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197628Bits and Pieces
July 197633Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197633Rate Your Own Game
July 197634Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197635Challenge the Champs
July 197641Master Solvers Club
August 19762Editorial
August 19763Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 19764Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 19765Tournament ReportOlympiad: The Last DayEdgar Kaplan
August 197618Feature ArticleHe Who Holds the Long SuitFrank Vine
August 197622Feature ArticleHauntedSteve Gregory
August 197624Tournament ReportBermuda BowlEdgar Kaplan
August 197629Rate Your Own Game
August 197635Challenge the Champs
August 197641Master Solvers Club
August 197642Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 19762Editorial
September 19767Feature ArticleThe Match That Never WasJeff Rubens
September 197614Feature ArticleMidnight DefenseJames S. Kauder
September 197616What's New In Bridge
September 197620Tournament ReportBermuda BowlEdgar Kaplan
September 197630Bits and Pieces
September 197633Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197634Rate Your Own Game
September 197635Challenge the Champs
September 197641Master Solvers Club
September 197653Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 19762Editorial
October 19764Tournament ReportThe Spingold of '76Edgar Kaplan
October 19765Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 19767Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197617Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
October 197619Rate Your Own Game
October 197619Feature ArticleLetter from an Editor
October 197620You Be The Judge
October 197625Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197631Book Reviews
October 197633Challenge the Champs
October 197639Master Solvers Club
November 19762Editorial
November 19766Feature ArticleDeceptive CardsH. W. Kelsey
November 197619Tournament ReportThe Spingold of '76Edgar Kaplan
November 197621Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
November 197622Rate Your Own Game
November 197623Feature ArticleNot So Random ChoiceErnst T. Theimer
November 197625Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197626Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197631Bits and Pieces
November 197633Challenge the Champs
November 197639Master Solvers Club
December 19762Editorial
December 19763Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 19764What's New In BridgeTransfers, the Next Frontier
December 197616Feature ArticleD-i-r-e-c-t-o-r!Orval Swander
December 197618Feature ArticleBridge In PolandMarcin Sar
December 197622Feature ArticleThe Limits of ArtificialityFrank B. Casey
December 197623Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
December 197625Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197625Puzzle CornerJeffrey C. Halle
December 197626Rate Your Own Game
December 197631Bits and Pieces
December 197635Challenge the Champs
December 197641Master Solvers Club
January 19772Editorial
January 19776Tournament ReportThe Blue Ribbon FinalsKit Woolsey
January 197710Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
January 197714Feature ArticleAndy and the Black JackErnst T. Theimer
January 197716Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
January 197723Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197724Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197725Feature ArticleThe Forest for the TreesTerence Reese
January 197727Rate Your Own Game
January 197728Bits and Pieces
January 197732Challenge the Champs
January 197738Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197739Master Solvers Club
February 19772Editorial
February 19775Tournament ReportThe Road to ManilaEdgar Kaplan
February 197714How Would You Rule?
February 197719Feature ArticleThe Way It IsGeza Ottlik
February 197724Feature ArticleStill, Small VoiceMatt Ginsberg
February 197726Bits and Pieces
February 197729Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197730Book Reviews
February 197732Challenge the Champs
February 197738Master Solvers Club
February 197742Rate Your Own Game
February 197747Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19772Editorial
March 19773Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19774Tournament ReportThe Road To ManilaEdgar Kaplan
March 197713Feature ArticleMore a Showdown Than a Show-UpTerence Reese
March 197715Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197716Feature ArticleDo the Odds Change?John D. McGervey
March 197722Bridge MovieBridge MovieH. W. Kelsey
March 197723Rate Your Own Game
March 197724Feature ArticleTrophy TimeFrank Vine
March 197727Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
March 197729Bits and Pieces
March 197734Challenge the Champs
March 197740Master Solvers Club
April 19772Editorial
April 19777Rate Your Own Game
April 19778Tournament ReportThe Road To ManilaEdgar Kaplan
April 197719Feature ArticleNear NeighborsTerence Reese
April 197724What's New In Bridge
April 197731Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197732Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197733Bits and Pieces
April 197734Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
April 197736Challenge the Champs
April 197742Master Solvers Club
May 19772Editorial
May 19774Tournament ReportFreeway To ManilaEdgar Kaplan
May 197711Tournament ReportAftermath
May 197714Feature ArticleAdjustmentsRobert Gray
May 197717Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
May 197718Rate Your Own Game
May 197719Feature ArticleCountMoneybags
May 197721Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197722You Be The Judge
May 197728Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 197729Bits and Pieces
May 197732Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 197735Challenge the Champs
May 197741Master Solvers Club
June 19772Editorial
June 19774Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 19775Tournament ReportPasadena VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 197711Tournament ResultsSpring Nationals Major Results
June 197721Feature ArticleHelp!Bill Mcwilliams
June 197723Feature ArticleGetting Out of NotrumpJohn D. McGervey
June 197727Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197728Puzzle Corner
June 197729Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
June 197731Bits and Pieces
June 197733Rate Your Own Game
June 197734Challenge the Champs
June 197740Master Solvers Club
July 19772Editorial
July 19774Tournament ReportPasadena VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
July 197716Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the EditorGeorge A. W. Boehm
July 197719Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
July 197720Rate Your Own Game
July 197721Feature ArticleA Salt Lake SolutionRon Gerard
July 197723How Would You Rule?
July 197728Feature ArticleDetective Division
July 197729Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197731Bits and Pieces
July 197733Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197734Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197735Challenge the Champs
July 197741Master Solvers Club
July 197742Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 19772Editorial
August 19779Feature ArticleHigh-Level BridgeEd Manfield
August 197713Feature ArticleBeat the Swiss!Jean Besse
August 197717Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
August 197718Rate Your Own Game
August 197719Feature ArticleTheme and VariationsJohn Lowenthal
August 197722Feature ArticlePoint TakenDavid Brown
August 197724Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197725Bits and Pieces
August 197731Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 197733Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197735Challenge the Champs
August 197741Master Solvers Club
September 19772Editorial
September 19774Feature ArticleThe BetJeff Rubens
September 197713Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197714Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197715Tournament ReportThe Grand NationalEdgar Kaplan
September 197728What's New In Bridge
September 197733Book Reviews
September 197734Rate Your Own Game
September 197735Challenge the Champs
September 197741Master Solvers Club
September 197747Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 19772Editorial
October 19773Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 19774Tournament ReportChicago SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197718Feature ArticleThe BetJeff Rubens
October 197725Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197726Rate Your Own Game
October 197731You Be The Judge
October 197737Challenge the Champs
October 197743Master Solvers Club
November 19772Editorial
November 19775Tournament ReportChicago SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 197713Rate Your Own Game
November 197716Feature ArticleThe BetJeff Rubens
November 197731Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197731Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197732Bits and Pieces
November 197733Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
November 197734Puzzle Corner
November 197735Book Reviews
November 197735Challenge the Champs
November 197741Master Solvers Club
December 19772Editorial
December 19778Rate Your Own Game
December 19779Feature ArticleFrom the Commentary BoxTerence Reese
December 197713Tournament ReportThe 1977 European ChampionshipPierre Schemeil
December 197718Feature ArticleThe BetJeff Rubens
December 197731Bits and Pieces
December 197733Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197734Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197735Challenge the Champs
December 197741Master Solvers Club
January 19782Editorial
January 19785Tournament ReportThe 1977 Bermuda BowlEdgar Kaplan
January 197811Rate Your Own Game
January 197817Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197818Bits and Pieces
January 197820Feature ArticleA Level Too HighDavid Greenwood
January 197822Feature ArticleThe BetJeff Rubens
January 197833Challenge the Champs
January 197839Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197840Master Solvers Club
February 19782Editorial
February 19787Feature ArticleOpening UnderleadsDick Cummings
February 197810Tournament ReportThe 1977 Bermuda Bowl, IIEdgar Kaplan
February 197818Rate Your Own Game
February 197819Feature ArticleDirty HarryJess B. Cohen
February 197823What's New In Bridge
February 197827Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 197828Bridge MovieBridge Movie
February 197830Bits and Pieces
February 197833Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197833Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 197835Challenge the Champs
February 197841Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
February 197842Master Solvers Club
March 19782Editorial
March 19784Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19785Feature ArticleHigh-Level Bridge, IIEd Manfield
March 19789Tournament ReportThe 1977 Bermuda Bowl, IIIEdgar Kaplan
March 197817Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197818Rate Your Own Game
March 197819Feature ArticleAn Oscar for the Coldest BottomVictor Mollo
March 197822How Would You Rule?
March 197828Feature ArticleShowing Good SuitsMarshall Miles
March 197831Bits and Pieces
March 197835Challenge the Champs
March 197841Master Solvers Club
April 19782Editorial
April 19788Tournament ReportThe Blue Ribbon FinalsSteven Bloom
April 197818Feature ArticleThe Pain Factor (The Art of Losing)Matthew Granovetter
April 197822Feature ArticlePuppet Stayman RevisitedKit Woolsey
April 197825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197826Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 197827You Be The Judge
April 197833Bits and Pieces
April 197835Rate Your Own Game
April 197836Challenge the Champs
April 197842Master Solvers Club
May 19782Editorial
May 19784Feature ArticleThe Secret to Finishing SecondRobert Lipsitz
May 19787Tournament ReportThe '76 Olympiad--PairGeorgiana Gates
May 197810Feature ArticleAdroitly SinisterEric O. Kokish
May 197813Feature ArticleCompound Squeezes IllustratedFook H. Eng
May 197817Feature ArticleAn Australian ToenoteJeff Rubens
May 197819Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197820Rate Your Own Game
May 197821Puzzle Corner
May 197821Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
May 197823Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 197824Bridge MovieBridge Movie
May 197826Bits and Pieces
May 197831Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
May 197833Challenge the Champs
May 197839Master Solvers Club
June 19782Editorial
June 19787Rate Your Own Game
June 19789Tournament ReportThe Houston VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 197815Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197823Feature ArticleDestroy These Hands With MeEric O. Kokish
June 197825Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
June 197827Feature ArticleCompound Squeezes IllustratedFook H. Eng
June 197831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197833Challenge the Champs
June 197839Master Solvers Club
July 19782Editorial
July 19786Tournament ReportHouston Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 197817Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197818Feature ArticleExtended PlobJohn Swanson
July 197821Feature ArticleThe Grosvenor GambleKit Woolsey
July 197825How Would You Rule?
July 197831Book Reviews
July 197831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197832Rate Your Own Game
July 197833Challenge the Champs
July 197839Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 197841Master Solvers Club
August 19782Editorial
August 19784Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 19785Tournament ReportFinal Final in New OrleansAlan Truscott
August 197814Feature ArticleDetective DivisionGeza Ottlik
August 197819Feature ArticleAsking and Trump-Asking BidsEdwin B. Kantar
August 197826Rate Your Own Game
August 197827Bits and Pieces
August 197831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197832Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
August 197833Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
August 197835Challenge the Champs
August 197841Master Solvers Club
September 19782Editorial
September 19783Tournament ReportThe Rosenblum CupEdgar Kaplan
September 197812Feature ArticleHigh-Level Bridge, IIIEd Manfield
September 197816Feature ArticleParadise LostDavid Brown
September 197818Feature ArticleThe Two-StepJeff Rubens
September 197820Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197825Rate Your Own Game
September 197826Puzzle Corner
September 197828Bridge MovieBridge Movie
September 197830Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197833Challenge the Champs
September 197839Master Solvers Club
October 19782Editorial
October 19783Rate Your Own Game
October 19784Feature ArticleThe 49th Anniversary AwardsJohn Kelly Karasek
October 19787Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 19788Tournament ReportThe Rosenblum Cup, IIEdgar Kaplan
October 197818You Be The Judge
October 197824Bits and Pieces
October 197825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197826Book Reviews
October 197831Feature ArticleThe Deep EightJohn D. McGervey
October 197835Challenge the Champs
October 197841Master Solvers Club
November 19782Editorial
November 19785Tournament ReportCanadian SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 197814Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197815Feature ArticleAnte-Meridiem Post-MortemsFrank Stewart
November 197816Rate Your Own Game
November 197819Feature ArticleTest Your Partner's Dummy-PuttingRon Gerard
November 197821Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197822How Would You Rule?
November 197831Bits and Pieces
November 197832Book Reviews
November 197833Challenge the Champs
November 197839Master Solvers Club
November 197840Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 19782Editorial
December 19788Feature ArticleDebate with Ron Klinger and Jeff Rubens
December 197812Rate Your Own Game
December 197817Tournament ReportThe Grand NationalEdgar Kaplan
December 197825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197826Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197831Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
December 197832Feature ArticlePlay On Words
December 197836Challenge the Champs
December 197842Master Solvers Club
January 19792Editorial
January 19795Rate Your Own Game
January 19796Feature ArticleBy A NoseDavid Berah
January 197910Feature ArticleMixed Bridge in the MenagerieVictor Mollo
January 197913Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 197914Feature ArticleThe Zero DefenseKit Woolsey
January 197919Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the Editor, IIIGeorge A. W. Boehm
January 197922Bits and Pieces
January 197929Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
January 197930Puzzle Corner
January 197931Feature ArticleSolution To Play On Words
January 197932Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
January 197933Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 197935Challenge the Champs
January 197941Master Solvers Club
February 19792Editorial
February 19795Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 19796Tournament ReportBlue Ribbon BattleEdgar Kaplan
February 197911Rate Your Own Game
February 197913Feature ArticleReward ReapedMatt Ginsburg
February 197915Puzzle Corner
February 197916Feature ArticleImp OddsKit Woolsey
February 197921What's New In Bridge
February 197925Bits and Pieces
February 197930Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 197931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 197933Challenge the Champs
February 197939Master Solvers Club
February 197940Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 19792Editorial
March 19796Tournament ReportPlayoff Semi-FinalEdgar Kaplan
March 19799Rate Your Own Game
March 197917Puzzle Corner
March 197918Feature ArticleCyrano De BlackwoodFrank Vine
March 197922Tournament ReportBlue Ribbon Battle, IIEdgar Kaplan
March 197928Bits and Pieces
March 197929Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 197931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 197933Challenge the Champs
March 197939Master Solvers Club
March 197939Feature ArticleSolution To "Moysian Delight"
April 19792Editorial
April 19795Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19796Feature ArticleHigh-Level Bridge, IVEd Manfield
April 197910Tournament ReportPlayoff Semi-Final, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 197924You Be The Judge
April 197931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 197933Book Reviews
April 197934Challenge the Champs
April 197940Master Solvers Club
April 197944Rate Your Own Game
May 19792Editorial
May 19794Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 19795Tournament ReportVirginia VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
May 197915Puzzle Corner
May 197917Feature ArticleBrother Luke's ParrotDavid Bird
May 197919Rate Your Own Game
May 197920Feature ArticleHigh-Level Bridge, VEd Manfield
May 197923Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 197924How Would You Rule?
May 197932Bits and Pieces
May 197934Challenge the Champs
May 197940Master Solvers Club
June 19792Editorial
June 19794Feature ArticleUpside-Down SignalsKit Woolsey
June 197910Feature ArticleInclined To ErrorFrank Stewart
June 197914Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 197915Tournament ReportVirginia Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 197924Bits and Pieces
June 197925Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
June 197931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 197932Rate Your Own Game
June 197933Challenge the Champs
June 197939Master Solvers Club
July 19792Editorial
July 19795Tournament ReportCavendish Quiz
July 19797Tournament ReportThe Cavendish Invitational PairsKit Woolsey
July 197915Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 197917Feature ArticleThe Four-Four DilemmaEdwin B. Kantar
July 197921Feature ArticleWhich Way Is It?Matt Ginsburg
July 197925Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 197925Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
July 197927Bits and Pieces
July 197932Book Reviews
July 197933Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
July 197935Challenge the Champs
July 197941Master Solvers Club
July 197946Rate Your Own Game
August 19792Editorial
August 19794Feature ArticleSmall TalkRyszard Baranowski
August 19798Rate Your Own Game
August 197910What's New In Bridge
August 197915How Would You Rule?
August 197917Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 197923Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
August 197924Bits and Pieces
August 197929Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 197932Challenge the Champs
August 197938Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 197939Master Solvers Club
September 19792Editorial
September 19795Rate Your Own Game
September 19796Tournament ReportThe Grand NationalEdgar Kaplan
September 197920Feature ArticleAnother Kind of Bridge DetectiveFrank Vine
September 197924Feature ArticleAction DoublesKenneth Lebensold
September 197927Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 197928Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 197929Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 197930Book Reviews
September 197931Challenge the Champs
September 197937Master Solvers Club
September 197951MSC Forum
September 197952Post-Mortem
October 19792Editorial
October 19793Feature ArticleGolden AnniversaryJeff Rubens
October 197921Rate Your Own Game
October 197923Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 197924Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 197925Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 197934Challenge the Champs
October 197940Master Solvers Club
November 19792Editorial
November 19794Tournament ReportLas Vegas Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 19795Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 197913Rate Your Own Game
November 197918Feature ArticleRequiem For a Bridge WriterAllan Falk
November 197923Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 197924You Be The Judge
November 197934Challenge the Champs
November 197940Master Solvers Club
December 19792Editorial
December 19795Tournament ReportRollercoaster in RioEdgar Kaplan
December 197910Rate Your Own Game
December 197913Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 197917Feature ArticleThe Congratulatory JackDavid Weiss
December 197920Feature ArticleBrilliancies and Blunders at LausanneTerence Reese
December 197925Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 197931Bits and Pieces
December 197935Challenge the Champs
December 197941Master Solvers Club
January 19802Editorial
January 19805Tournament ReportRollercoaster In Rio, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 19806Rate Your Own Game
January 198015Tournament ReportExtra InningsJeff Rubens
January 198024How Would You Rule?
January 198026Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 198031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198033Challenge the Champs
January 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198040Master Solvers Club
February 19802Editorial
February 19804Feature ArticleTriads
February 19806Tournament ReportTriangular TrialsJeff Rubens
February 19808Rate Your Own Game
February 198016Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 198017Feature ArticleConfessions Of A McKenney WidowSusan Brooks
February 198018Feature ArticleThat Idle Fifth RevisitedEd Manfield
February 198022Tournament ReportRollercoaster in Rio, IIIEdgar Kaplan
February 198032Bits and Pieces
February 198033Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198033Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
February 198035Challenge the Champs
February 198041Master Solvers Club
February 198052MSC Forum
March 19802Editorial
March 19805Tournament ReportPairs ChampionshipEdgar Kaplan
March 19809Rate Your Own Game
March 198016Feature ArticleColdbottom on SportsmanshipFrank Vine
March 198022Tournament ReportTriangular Trials, IIJeff Rubens
March 198029Bits and Pieces
March 198031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198031Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 198034Challenge the Champs
March 198040Master Solvers Club
April 19802Editorial
April 19803Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19804Potpourri
April 198010Tournament ReportPairs Championship, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 198022What's New In Bridge
April 198027You Be The Judge
April 198033Book Reviews
April 198033Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198034Rate Your Own Game
April 198035Challenge the Champs
April 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 198041Master Solvers Club
May 19802Editorial
May 19808Tournament ReportPairs Championship, IIIEdgar Kaplan
May 19809Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 198013Rate Your Own Game
May 198020Feature ArticleNailedEric O. Kokish
May 198023Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198024Feature ArticleTen GuessesJohn Lowenthal
May 198029Feature ArticlePreemptive StrategyAugust Boehm
May 198031Bits and Pieces
May 198037Challenge the Champs
May 198043Master Solvers Club
June 19802Editorial
June 19806Tournament ReportSan Joaquin Valley VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 19807Rate Your Own Game
June 198018Feature ArticleThe Falworth MicrofilmAllan Falk
June 198025Feature ArticleWhat's Old In BridgePedro C. Cabral
June 198026Feature ArticleDown the StretchFrank Stewart
June 198028Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 198031Book Reviews
June 198031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198033Challenge the Champs
June 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 198040Master Solvers Club
July 19802Editorial
July 19804Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood (RKC)Edwin B. Kantar
July 198011Tournament ReportThe Fresno Five
July 198012Tournament ReportSan Joaquin Valley Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 198020How Would You Rule?
July 198023Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198026Feature ArticleComputer-Assisted BiddingJim Cole
July 198027Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 198028Challenge the Champs
July 198034Master Solvers Club
July 198040Rate Your Own Game
August 19802Editorial
August 19805Tournament ReportCalcutta DiaryJohn Lowenthal
August 19809Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198010Tournament ReportCavendish IndividualKit Woolsey
August 198013Rate Your Own Game
August 198014Feature ArticleUltimate IndignityJeff Aker and Josh Parker
August 198017How Would You Rule?
August 198020Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
August 198025Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IIEdwin B. Kantar
August 198030Book Reviews
August 198033Challenge the Champs
August 198039Master Solvers Club
September 19802Editorial
September 19804Tournament ReportCanadian Teams ChampionshipsEric O. Kokish
September 198012Feature ArticleSeeing Through a Glass--DarklyRingwood
September 198016Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IIIEdwin B. Kantar
September 198021Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 198021Feature ArticlePractical PuzzlingJeff Rubens
September 198024Book Reviews
September 198027Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198028Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
September 198030Bits and Pieces
September 198036Challenge the Champs
September 198042Master Solvers Club
September 198048Rate Your Own Game
October 19802Editorial
October 19806Tournament ReportTrying For 500
October 19807Tournament ReportMorehead TrophyEdgar Kaplan
October 198013Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198014Feature ArticleI Hate the QueenTony Sowter
October 198016Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IVEdwin B. Kantar
October 198017Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 198020Feature ArticleTheatre of the AbsurdJeff Rubens
October 198026Book Reviews
October 198031Feature ArticleA Question of PlayTerence Reese
October 198033Challenge the Champs
October 198039Master Solvers Club
October 198053MSC Forum
October 198053Rate Your Own Game
November 19802Editorial
November 19806Tournament Report80 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 198014Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space PrincipleJeff Rubens
November 198017Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
November 198018Rate Your Own Game
November 198018You Be The Judge
November 198020Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 198025Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198027Challenge the Champs
November 198040Master Solvers Club
December 19802Editorial
December 19804Tournament ReportThe Olympiad FinalEdgar Kaplan
December 198016Bits and Pieces
December 198018Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198019Feature ArticleTwenty Years AfterAlan Truscott
December 198023Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space Principle, IIJeff Rubens
December 198031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198031Rate Your Own Game
December 198032Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 198033Challenge the Champs
December 198039Master Solvers Club
January 19812Editorial
January 19814Tournament ReportComing Through For RyeEdgar Kaplan
January 198111Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 198118Feature ArticleKnockoutPeter Winkler
January 198122Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
January 198124Book Reviews
January 198125Rate Your Own Game
January 198128Bits and Pieces
January 198131Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space Principle, IIIJeff Rubens
January 198135Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198136Challenge the Champs
January 198142Master Solvers Club
February 19812Editorial
February 19814Tournament ReportComing Through For Rye, IIEdgar Kaplan
February 198112Rate Your Own Game
February 198113Feature ArticleWhat's the Problem?Frank Vine
February 198116Tournament ReportDutch TreatAlan Truscott
February 198124Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
February 198125Bits and Pieces
February 198126Book Reviews
February 198128Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space Principle, IVJeff Rubens
February 198131Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198132Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 198133Challenge the Champs
February 198139Master Solvers Club
March 19812Editorial
March 19815Feature ArticleA Chip of ChinaRon Klinger
March 19817Feature ArticleMasterpoint HuntingGene Prosnitz
March 19819Rate Your Own Game
March 198110How Would You Rule?
March 198115Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space Principle, VJeff Rubens
March 198118Tournament ReportDutch Treat, IIAlan Truscott
March 198126Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
March 198128Bits and Pieces
March 198132Book Reviews
March 198133Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198134Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 198135Challenge the Champs
March 198141Master Solvers Club
April 19812Editorial
April 19815Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19816Feature ArticleA Mole's-Eye ViewPeter Burrows
April 19818Rate Your Own Game
April 19819Potpourri
April 198113Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 198114Feature ArticleA Psychiatric QuizFrank Stewart
April 198119Book Reviews
April 198121You Be The Judge
April 198127Feature ArticleThe Useful-Space Principle, VIJeff Rubens
April 198131Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198134Challenge the Champs
April 198140Master Solvers Club
May 19812Editorial
May 19814Feature ArticleDeceptive Defense, IIKen Lebensold
May 19818Tournament ReportThe Not-The-Sunday-Times TournamentJeff Rubens
May 198112Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 198113Feature ArticleThe Falworth PapersAllan Falk
May 198117Feature ArticleIndividual TournamentsHarry Shearer
May 198123Feature ArticleExclusion BlackwoodRon Gerard
May 198126Rate Your Own Game
May 198127Bits and Pieces
May 198129Book Reviews
May 198130How Would You Rule?
May 198133Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198134Challenge the Champs
May 198140Master Solvers Club
June 19812Editorial
June 19814Feature ArticleThe New Laws of Rubber BridgeVictor Mollo
June 198110Tournament Report81 Model VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 198119Rate Your Own Game
June 198123Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
June 198125What's New In Bridge
June 198129Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198130Book Reviews
June 198132Challenge the Champs
June 198138Master Solvers Club
June 198142Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 19812Editorial
July 19815Rate Your Own Game
July 19816Tournament ReportCompeting in the Vanderbilt
July 19817Tournament Report81 Model Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 198117Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198118Feature ArticleSpecific Trump Cue-BidsIan McCance
July 198119Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 198121Feature ArticleKeep Winners, Throw LosersPatrick Jourdain
July 198124Feature ArticleThe Useful-Imp PrinciplePhillip Martin
July 198126Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
July 198127Puzzle Corner
July 198128Bits and Pieces
July 198132Challenge the Champs
July 198138Book Reviews
July 198139Master Solvers Club
July 198153MSC Forum
August 19812Editorial
August 19815Tournament ReportThe Canadian National TeamsEric O. Kokish
August 198115Feature ArticleRavingsFrank Stewart
August 198117Feature ArticleBridge Over Poland's CrisisMarcin Sar and Roman Krzemien
August 198120Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
August 198121Feature ArticleThe Appeals Committee
August 198124Book Reviews
August 198127Bits and Pieces
August 198129Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198131Challenge the Champs
August 198137Master Solvers Club
August 198139Rate Your Own Game
August 198143Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 19812Editorial
September 19815Rate Your Own Game
September 19816Tournament ReportThe Grand NationalJeff Rubens
September 198111Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 198113Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198114What's New In Bridge
September 198120Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, II
September 198126Feature ArticleCzechoslovakia's Unluckiest PlayerRussell Hill
September 198129Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
September 198130Bits and Pieces
September 198132Book Reviews
September 198134Challenge the Champs
September 198140Master Solvers Club
October 19812Editorial
October 19815Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 19816Feature ArticleWould You Have Done Better?Terence Reese
October 198110You Be The Judge
October 198114Puzzle CornerPaul Lukacs
October 198116Feature ArticleTheatre of the Absurd, IIJeff Rubens
October 198123Book Reviews
October 198126Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 198131Rate Your Own Game
October 198132Challenge the Champs
October 198138Master Solvers Club
November 19812Editorial
November 19814Tournament ReportBoston SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 19817Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 198120Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
November 198121Feature ArticleReverse FlanneryResponder William Schramm
November 198122Feature ArticleIn TrainingJeff Rubens
November 198131Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198131Rate Your Own Game
November 198132Book Reviews
November 198135Challenge the Champs
November 198141Master Solvers Club
December 19812Editorial
December 19813Tournament ReportBoston Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
December 198112Feature ArticleThe Hand That Never WasRon Gerard
December 198113Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198114Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 198115Feature ArticleThe Relay ConceptKit Woolsey
December 198117Rate Your Own Game
December 198118Bits and Pieces
December 198121Book Reviews
December 198122Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, III
December 198132Challenge the Champs
December 198139Master Solvers Club
January 19822Editorial
January 19825Tournament ReportBowls Of RyeEdgar Kaplan
January 198211Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 198215Feature ArticleClap HandsDavid Brown
January 198218Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
January 198221Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198222Bits and Pieces
January 198223Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198223Rate Your Own Game
January 198224Feature ArticleSome Roads Lead to VictoryJoseph Silver
January 198229Book Reviews
January 198231Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, IV
January 198236Challenge the Champs
January 198243Master Solvers Club
February 19822Editorial
February 19825Feature ArticleSmarty PantsEric O. Kokish and Joe Silver
February 19829What's New In Bridge
February 198212Tournament ReportBowls Of Rye, IIEdgar Kaplan
February 198223Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198224Rate Your Own Game
February 198225Feature ArticleA Smooth Duck in New YorkRichard Crawford
February 198226Feature ArticleStillbornRon Klinger
February 198228Bits and Pieces
February 198230Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
February 198231Book Reviews
February 198233Challenge the Champs
February 198242Master Solvers Club
February 198245Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 19822Editorial
March 19824Tournament ReportBowls Of Rye, IIIEdgar Kaplan
March 198213Feature ArticleDefense QuizMarshall Miles
March 198214Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
March 198217Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, V
March 198222Book Reviews
March 198223Feature ArticleB. Jay and the BearBrian Glubok
March 198226How Would You Rule?
March 198229Feature ArticleLaunch TimeAugust Boehm
March 198233Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198233Rate Your Own Game
March 198234Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 198235Challenge the Champs
March 198241Master Solvers Club
April 19822Editorial
April 19823Feature ArticleI've Strained My CredulityAlan Truscott
April 19826Feature ArticleWednesday the Rabbi Played BridgeFrank Vine
April 19829Feature ArticleI've Got a SecretEd Manfield
April 198212Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VI
April 198218Feature ArticleWhat Do You Lead?Morris E. Clark
April 198220Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
April 198221Bits and Pieces
April 198223Book Reviews
April 198224You Be The Judge
April 198231Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 198232Rate Your Own Game
April 198233Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198235Challenge the Champs
April 198241Master Solvers Club
May 19822Editorial
May 19827Feature ArticleThree Times Three
May 19829Tournament ReportSpring at the FallsEdgar Kaplan
May 198223Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198224Feature ArticleAn Updated Bridge GlossaryJared Johnson
May 198226Feature ArticleThe Chancellor's CupDavid Bird
May 198227Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 198229Potpourri
May 198233Book Reviews
May 198235Challenge the Champs
May 198241Master Solvers Club
May 198246Rate Your Own Game
June 19822Editorial
June 19825Tournament ReportSpring at the Falls, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 198218Feature ArticleAfter a Simple Major OvercallWilliam Schramm
June 198222Feature ArticleImmaterial SqueezeRichard Clinite
June 198223Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VII
June 198224Rate Your Own Game
June 198229Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198230Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 198231Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
June 198232Challenge the Champs
June 198238Master Solvers Club
July 19822Editorial
July 19825Feature ArticleThe Great Charles River Grudge MatchPeter Winkler
July 19828Feature ArticleWho's Really Behind the Cards?Dale Maxwell
July 198211Feature ArticleDiaboliqueRingwood
July 198212Feature ArticleAfter a Simple Major Overcall, IIWilliam Schramm
July 198215Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VIII
July 198221Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
July 198222Book Reviews
July 198224Bits and Pieces
July 198229Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198229Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
July 198231Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 198232Challenge the Champs
July 198242Master Solvers Club
July 198242Rate Your Own Game
July 198253MSC Forum
August 19822Editorial
August 19824Tournament ReportSong of AlbuquerqueJeff Rubens
August 198213Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
August 198215Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
August 198216What's New In Bridge
August 198222Bridge MovieBridge Movie #16Frank Stewart
August 198223Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, IX
August 198227Feature ArticleSluffing and RuffingSidney Lorvan
August 198228Book Reviews
August 198229Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198231Rate Your Own Game
August 198231Feature ArticleThe Grand Slam FarceNorma Sands
August 198232Challenge the Champs
August 198239Master Solvers Club
August 198242Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 19822Editorial
September 19823Puzzle Corner
September 19824Tournament ReportSouthwest SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
September 19829Rate Your Own Game
September 198220Feature ArticleColdbottom: On Being TrustworthyFrank Vine
September 198222Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
September 198223Feature ArticleGame-Force Relays After One NotrumpRon Klinger
September 198224Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
September 198228Feature ArticleSimple RelayEd Manfield
September 198231Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198232Book Reviews
September 198234Challenge the Champs
September 198241Master Solvers Club
October 19822Editorial
October 19824Tournament ReportSouthwest Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
October 198215Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198215Rate Your Own Game
October 198216Feature ArticleOne Imp
October 198218Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
October 198221Feature ArticleFour C's
October 198223Feature ArticleBrother Aelred's Winning LineDavid Bird
October 198231Challenge the Champs
October 198237Master Solvers Club
November 19822Editorial
November 19827Feature ArticleTripletonJeff Rubens
November 198215Feature ArticleNorth of the Master Solvers' ClubFrank Vine
November 198217Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
November 198218Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
November 198219Book Reviews
November 198221You Be The Judge
November 198231Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198232Rate Your Own Game
November 198233Challenge the Champs
November 198239Master Solvers Club
December 19822Editorial
December 19824Tournament ReportThe Rosenblum CupEdgar Kaplan
December 198216Feature ArticleA Child of An Idle BrainFrank Stewart
December 198220Book Reviews
December 198222Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, X
December 198231Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198233Challenge the Champs
December 198239Master Solvers Club
December 198243Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
December 198248Rate Your Own Game
January 19832Editorial
January 19834Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
January 19835Tournament ReportRosenblum Cup, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 198317Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198317Rate Your Own Game
January 198318Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XI
January 198323Book Reviews
January 198326Feature ArticleGray's ElegyCharles Gray
January 198328Feature ArticleProbability IllusionsEmmett Keeler
January 198332Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198333Challenge the Champs
January 198339Master Solvers Club
February 19832Editorial
February 19834Tournament ReportRosenblum Cup, IIIEdgar Kaplan
February 198312Feature ArticleThe Bet--Part IIFrank Vine
February 198316Potpourri
February 198320Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
February 198321Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198322Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
February 198323Feature ArticleChallenge Yesterday's ChampsM. Larochelie and E. Kokish
February 198324Rate Your Own Game
February 198330Book Reviews
February 198332Challenge the Champs
February 198338Master Solvers Club
March 19832Editorial
March 19833Tournament ReportTrials for StockholmEdgar Kaplan
March 198316Feature ArticleA Much Needed WestCarl Hudecek
March 198317Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
March 198319Feature ArticleThe Computers Are ComingDaniel Hossard
March 198321What's New In Bridge
March 198325Bits and Pieces
March 198329Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198331Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
March 198332Challenge the Champs
March 198338Master Solvers Club
March 198346Rate Your Own Game
April 19832Editorial
April 19834Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
April 19835Tournament ReportTrials for Stockholm, IIEdgar Kaplan
April 198314Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Match-Winning BoardDavid Bird
April 198317Feature ArticleA Paul Lukacs Album
April 198319Bits and Pieces
April 198324Book Reviews
April 198325You Be The Judge
April 198331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198332Challenge the Champs
April 198338Master Solvers Club
April 198345Rate Your Own Game
May 19832Editorial
May 19834Feature ArticleOh! Calcutta!Zia Mahmood
May 19839Feature ArticleRubensohlBruce Neill
May 198313Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198315Feature ArticleBridge At BatMichael B. Huston
May 198316Bridge MovieBridge Movie #17
May 198318Feature ArticleThe MasterNorma Sands
May 198319Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XII
May 198323Challenge the Champs
May 198329Potpourri
May 198333Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
May 198335Feature ArticleSon Of Bridge World Standard
May 198337Rate Your Own Game
May 198338Book Reviews
May 198339Master Solvers Club
June 19832Editorial
June 19835Tournament ReportWaikiki VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 198314Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
June 198317Feature ArticleChallenge the Champs StandardWood Studenmund
June 198319Feature ArticleRelays for Standard BiddersG. Rosenkranz and A. Truscott
June 198322Book Reviews
June 198323Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XIII
June 198324Rate Your Own Game
June 198327Feature ArticleThe Anticipatory OvercallJim Wood
June 198329Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198330Test Your PlayPaul Lukacs
June 198331Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll, II
June 198332Challenge the Champs
June 198338Master Solvers Club
July 19832Editorial
July 19833Rate Your Own Game
July 19834Swiss MatchSwiss Match I
July 19835Tournament ReportWaikiki Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 198310Test Your Play
July 198316Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll III
July 198318Feature ArticleTales of the Novice GameFrank Stewart
July 198319Book Reviews
July 198325Bits and Pieces
July 198329Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198330Challenge the Champs
July 198336Master Solvers Club
July 198353MSC Forum
August 19832Editorial
August 19834Feature ArticleHead MolePeter Burrows
August 19837Feature ArticleBalloon BidsKrishin H. Bhavnani
August 19839Feature ArticlePointed PreemptsJerold A. Fink
August 198311Potpourri
August 198316Bridge MovieBridge Movie #18
August 198319Feature ArticleUsing the RulesWilliam D. Cole
August 198320Bits and Pieces
August 198322Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
August 198323Feature ArticleFive ChancesPhillip Martin
August 198326Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XIV
August 198329Book Reviews
August 198331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198331Rate Your Own Game
August 198332Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll IV
August 198334Challenge the Champs
August 198340Master Solvers Club
August 198345Test Your Play
September 19832Editorial
September 19836Swiss MatchSwiss Match II
September 19838Test Your Play
September 198310Tournament ReportEast and WestEdgar Kaplan
September 198319Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198321Rate Your Own Game
September 198333Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Poll, V
September 198333Feature ArticleCapp/1MXMike Cappelletti
September 198334Challenge the Champs
September 198340Master Solvers Club
October 19832Editorial
October 19835Tournament ReportSpingold in Jazz CityEdgar Kaplan
October 198313Feature ArticleLimit Jump-Shift RebidsWilliam Schramm
October 198318Feature ArticleBridging the GapLinda Hemphill
October 198320Bits and Pieces
October 198321Challenge the Champs
October 198331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198332Book Reviews
October 198336Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
October 198337Master Solvers Club
October 198342Rate Your Own Game
October 198348Test Your Play
October 198353MSC Forum
November 19832Editorial
November 19834Tournament ReportSpingold in Jazz City, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 198313Feature ArticleThose Were the Days, My FriendFrank Vine
November 198317Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll VI
November 198319Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
November 198320You Be The Judge
November 198326Test Your Play
November 198331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198332Rate Your Own Game
November 198333Challenge the Champs
November 198339Master Solvers Club
December 19832Editorial
December 19835Tournament ReportRound 14Edgar Kaplan
December 198313Test Your Play
December 198321Rate Your Own Game
December 198322Bridge MovieBridge Movie #19
December 198324Feature ArticleThe Man Who Knew Too MuchMel Colchamiro
December 198325Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll VII
December 198331Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198332Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
December 198333Challenge the Champs
December 198339Master Solvers Club
January 19842Editorial
January 19847Swiss MatchSwiss Match III
January 19848Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XV
January 198420Test Your Play
January 198424Rate Your Own Game
January 198425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198427Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Polls VIII and IX
January 198429Challenge the Champs
January 198435Feature ArticleDid Einstein Play Bridge?David Brown
January 198438Bits and Pieces
January 198441Master Solvers Club
February 19842Editorial
February 19843Tournament ReportStockholm Semi-FinalsEdgar Kaplan
February 198411Feature ArticleLast StrawJeff Rubens
February 198416Book Reviews
February 198417Bits and Pieces
February 198421You Be The Judge
February 198427Pro et ContraOswald Jacoby
February 198431Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198431Test Your Play
February 198432Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll X
February 198433Challenge the Champs
February 198439Master Solvers Club
February 198442Rate Your Own Game
March 19842Editorial
March 19845Tournament ReportStockholm Semi-Finals, IIEdgar Kaplan
March 198413Rate Your Own Game
March 198416Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XVI
March 198419Test Your Play
March 198422Feature ArticleA Foul-Weather QuizRon Gerard
March 198423Book Reviews
March 198427Feature ArticleLast Straw, IIJeff Rubens
March 198431Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198432Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll XI
March 198434Challenge the Champs
March 198440Master Solvers Club
April 19842Editorial
April 19843Tournament ReportSame Old StoryEdgar Kaplan
April 19847Test Your Play
April 198415Rate Your Own Game
April 198419Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, I
April 198429Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll XII
April 198430Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
April 198431Bits and Pieces
April 198432Book Reviews
April 198433Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198434Challenge the Champs
April 198440Master Solvers Club
May 19842Editorial
May 19844Swiss MatchSwiss Match IV
May 19845Tournament ReportSame Old Story, IIEdgar Kaplan
May 198423Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, II
May 198431Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
May 198433Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198433Rate Your Own Game
May 198434Book Reviews
May 198435Challenge the Champs
May 198441Master Solvers Club
May 198445Test Your Play
June 19842Feature ArticleEnjoyable MisunderstandingsVictor Mollo
June 19844Tournament ReportSame Old Story, IIIEdgar Kaplan
June 198411Test Your Play
June 198412Rate Your Own Game
June 198415Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XVII
June 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, III
June 198425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198428Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
June 198429Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Follow-Up Poll, I
June 198430Feature ArticleTwo New Suit-Combination PlaysArthur Ramer
June 198431Book Reviews
June 198432Challenge the Champs
June 198438Master Solvers Club
July 19842Editorial
July 19845Test Your Play
July 19846Tournament ReportVanderbilt in San AntoneEdgar Kaplan
July 198416Rate Your Own Game
July 198417Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, IV
July 198422Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
July 198423Potpourri
July 198425Book Reviews
July 198426Bits and Pieces
July 198428Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Follow-Up Poll, II
July 198431Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198431Puzzle Corner
July 198433Challenge the Champs
July 198439Master Solvers Club
August 19842Editorial
August 19845Tournament ReportVanderbilt in San Antone, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 198413Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, V
August 198416Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard Follow-Up Poll, III
August 198418You Be The Judge
August 198424Rate Your Own Game
August 198425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198425Test Your Play
August 198426Book Reviews
August 198427Bridge MovieBridge Movie #20
August 198435Challenge the Champs
August 198441Master Solvers Club
September 19842Editorial
September 19843Rate Your Own Game
September 19844Swiss MatchSwiss Match V
September 19848Test Your Play
September 19849Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198417Tournament ReportBattle For SeattleEdgar Kaplan
September 198423Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VI
September 198428Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Summary
September 198430Bits and Pieces
September 198432Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
September 198434Challenge the Champs
September 198440Master Solvers Club
October 19842Editorial
October 19844Tournament ReportBattle For Seattle, IIEdgar Kaplan
October 198412Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
October 198413Feature ArticleThe Money GameRonald M. Blau
October 198417Bits and Pieces
October 198419Book Reviews
October 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VII
October 198425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198426Rate Your Own Game
October 198431Challenge the Champs
October 198438Master Solvers Club
November 19842Editorial
November 19843Puzzle Corner
November 19844Feature ArticleMemories of the BaronPrince Joli Kansil
November 19846Tournament ReportHooks and Crooks--The '84 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 19849Tournament ResultsMajor Results of the Summer Nationals
November 198416What's New In Bridge
November 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VIII
November 198425Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198425Test Your Play
November 198431Book Reviews
November 198432Challenge the Champs
November 198438Master Solvers Club
November 198442Rate Your Own Game
December 19842Editorial
December 19843Feature ArticleThe Instruction of Brother JamesDavid Bird
December 19847Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
December 19848Feature ArticleConfession Is Good for the SoulB. Jay Becker
December 19849Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198410Potpourri
December 198413Test Your Play
December 198416Feature ArticleNo FrillsFrank Stewart
December 198419Rate Your Own Game
December 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, IX
December 198424Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198426Feature ArticleShort and PerfectCharles Coon
December 198431Book Reviews
December 198438Master Solvers Club
January 19852Editorial
January 19854Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
January 19855Swiss MatchSwiss Match VI
January 19858Test Your Play
January 19859Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198510Rate Your Own Game
January 198511Feature ArticleSingle or Double?Roger Pies
January 198517Feature ArticleThe H-FactorJeffrey Selbst
January 198520Feature ArticleThe Weaker-Minor PrincipleEd Manfield
January 198522Bits and Pieces
January 198525Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanMartin Hoffman
January 198526Feature ArticleThe Majority RulePhillip Martin
January 198531Book Reviews
January 198533Pro et Contra
January 198535Challenge the Champs
January 198541Master Solvers Club
February 19852Editorial
February 19854Tournament ReportKnockout in SeattleEdgar Kaplan
February 19855Rate Your Own Game
February 198511Test Your Play
February 198517Feature ArticleContradicted ChoiceRobert Stone
February 198519What's New In Bridge
February 198521Book Reviews
February 198523Feature ArticleBrother Aelred's Mysterious AssignmentDavid Bird
February 198526You Be The Judge
February 198531Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198532Challenge the Champs
February 198538Master Solvers Club
March 19852Editorial
March 19853Tournament ReportKnockout in Seattle, IIEdgar Kaplan
March 198518Feature ArticleThe Frozen SuitJeffrey Isralsky
March 198521Feature ArticleCrazy EightsStephen E. Cooper
March 198522Feature ArticleThree Vanderbilt ProblemsPhillip Martin
March 198523Rate Your Own Game
March 198525Test Your Play
March 198526Feature ArticleColdbottom In Front of the CommitteeFrank Vine
March 198530Book Reviews
March 198533Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198534Challenge the Champs
March 198540Master Solvers Club
April 19852Editorial
April 19853Tournament ReportKnockout in Seattle, IIIEdgar Kaplan
April 198513Puzzle CornerHoward Sard
April 198517Rate Your Own Game
April 198518Test Your Play
April 198518Feature ArticleBuried TreasureGeza Ottlik
April 198520Bridge MovieBridge Movie #21Ron Gerard
April 198522Feature ArticleWho Is the Goat?Anne B. Motroy
April 198523Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198524Feature ArticleEquals to the TaskRobert Stone
April 198530Bits and Pieces
April 198533Challenge the Champs
April 198539Master Solvers Club
May 19852Editorial
May 19855Swiss MatchSwiss Match VII
May 19857Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198512Rate Your Own Game
May 198516Feature ArticleThe NewlywedsMarshall Miles
May 198519Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
May 198520Book Reviews
May 198521Feature ArticleTwo-Suited Jump ShiftsJ. Dan Duke
May 198522Feature ArticleMatchpointsPaul Kramer
May 198524Feature ArticleThe Eighth HoleFrederick B. Turner
May 198527Feature ArticleTigress At the TableRixi Markus
May 198528Feature ArticleAlphabet SoupGerald Plevin
May 198529Feature ArticleHow To Prolong the Right RubbersDr. J. Eichenlaub
May 198531Bits and Pieces
May 198534Challenge the Champs
May 198540Master Solvers Club
May 198541Test Your Play
June 19852Editorial
June 19855Puzzle CornerCharles M. Pelleg
June 19855Tournament ReportLe VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
June 198511Test Your Play
June 198517Rate Your Own Game
June 198523Feature ArticleI, RobertFrank Stewart
June 198526Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
June 198527Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
June 198528Book Reviews
June 198529Bits and Pieces
June 198531Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198532Challenge the Champs
June 198538Master Solvers Club
July 19852Editorial
July 19854Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 19855Tournament ReportLe Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
July 19859Test Your Play
July 198513Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198514Feature ArticleOnce Upon A Time In CognitoMatt Zebell
July 198517Feature ArticleThe Choice of Games Cue-bidEd Manfield
July 198521Feature ArticleA Quiz from the Fast LaneJ. Silver and E. Kokish
July 198523Rate Your Own Game
July 198527Challenge the Champs
July 198533Feature ArticleBrother Paulo's Biltcliffe CoupDavid Bird
July 198536Bits and Pieces
July 198539Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
July 198539Feature ArticleTigress st the TableRixi Markus
July 198540Feature ArticleAnother Two-Diamond OpenerMike and Vicki Erickson
July 198541Master Solvers Club
August 19852Editorial
August 19855Feature ArticlePaulaMatthew Granovetter
August 198511Tournament ReportTribulationsEdgar Kaplan
August 198513Test Your Play
August 198521Rate Your Own Game
August 198524You Be The Judge
August 198530Book Reviews
August 198531Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198532Feature ArticleSecond-Round Count SignalsMoshe Cooper
August 198533Bits and Pieces
August 198534Challenge the Champs
August 198540Master Solvers Club
September 19852Editorial
September 19853Swiss MatchSwiss Match VIII
September 19859Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
September 198511Rate Your Own Game
September 198513Test Your Play
September 198514Tournament ReportTribulations, IIEdgar Kaplan
September 198531Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198532Feature ArticleCoping With Lead-Directing DoublesWilliam Schramm
September 198533Book Reviews
September 198535Challenge the Champs
September 198541Master Solvers Club
October 19852Editorial
October 19854Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 19857Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
October 198515Book Reviews
October 198516Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
October 198517Feature ArticleThe Mozart ConventionFrank Vine
October 198521Feature ArticleMore RelaysGeorge Rosenkranz and Alan Truscott
October 198526Test Your Play
October 198531Challenge the Champs
October 198535Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198537Master Solvers Club
October 198541Rate Your Own Game
November 19852Editorial
November 19856Rate Your Own Game
November 19858Test Your Play
November 19858Tournament ReportLas Vegas Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 198520Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Good NewsDavid Bird
November 198523Feature ArticleCliff Over One ClubDave Cliff
November 198523Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
November 198524Feature ArticleOld Church, New PewMel Colchamiro
November 198526Feature ArticleControl-Showing RebidsA. Shochet and J. Adkins
November 198531Book Reviews
November 198533Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198534Challenge the Champs
November 198541Master Solvers Club
December 19852Editorial
December 19854Feature ArticleBridge for Brownie PointsJohn E. Eichenlaub, M.D.
December 19857Feature ArticleInsight Quiz
December 19858Feature ArticleInsight On ZiaPhillip Alder
December 198512Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198514Feature ArticleWilfred Cue-BidsBill Runnagen
December 198517Rate Your Own Game
December 198518Feature ArticleSeven UpJosh Parker and Jeff Aker
December 198521Feature ArticleHigh Tech DoublesJerold A. Fink
December 198522Feature ArticlePlaying With the Big BoysRobert Stone
December 198531Test Your Play
December 198532Book Reviews
December 198533Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198534Challenge the Champs
December 198540Master Solvers Club
January 19862Editorial
January 19863Swiss MatchSwiss Match IX
January 19865Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 19867Test Your Play
January 198611Rate Your Own Game
January 198616Feature ArticleSudden DeathKit Woolsey
January 198624Challenge the Champs
January 198630Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Rescue MissionDavid Bird
January 198633Feature ArticleGrand DealsSteven Bloom
January 198637Feature ArticleConstructive AuctionsWilliam Schramm
January 198638Bits and Pieces
January 198639Master Solvers Club
February 19862Editorial
February 19863Tournament ReportChampionships in BrazilEdgar Kaplan
February 19869Test Your Play
February 198620Feature ArticleTriple DummyStephen E. Cooper
February 198621Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
February 198622Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
February 198623Bits and Pieces
February 198625You Be The Judge
February 198626Rate Your Own Game
February 198630Book Reviews
February 198631Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198632Challenge the Champs
February 198638Master Solvers Club
March 19862Editorial
March 19864Tournament ReportChampionships in Brazil, IIEdgar Kaplan
March 19865Rate Your Own Game
March 198613Feature ArticleThe Cut-Off CoupJeffrey Isralsky
March 198615Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198616Feature ArticleBooboos, Bungles and BidsRon Klinger
March 198621Feature ArticleLegislators in OppositionDerek Rimington
March 198626Challenge the Champs
March 198632For Experts Only
March 198633Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
March 198634Bits and Pieces
March 198635Feature ArticlePositive Declarer PlayT. Reese and J. Pottage
March 198637How Would You Rule?
March 198639Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
March 198640Master Solvers Club
March 198641Test Your Play
April 19862Editorial
April 19864Feature ArticleCountering Obstructionist MethodsJeff Rubens
April 19867Feature ArticleSuit-Preference EchoMarty Lavine and Peter A. Loeb
April 19869Feature ArticleTwo Suit CombinationsJulian Pottage
April 198610Book Reviews
April 198612Tournament ReportChampionships In Brazil, IIIEdgar Kaplan
April 198619Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198628Rate Your Own Game
April 198630Bits and Pieces
April 198633Challenge the Champs
April 198640Master Solvers Club
April 198641Test Your Play
May 19862Editorial
May 19863Swiss MatchSwiss Match X
May 198613Feature ArticleCountering Obstructionist Methods, IIJeff Rubens
May 198614Test Your Play
May 198616Rate Your Own Game
May 198618Book Reviews
May 198619Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198621Tournament Report16 Years LaterEdgar Kaplan
May 198629Feature ArticleHandling Major Two-SuitersJosh Parker
May 198634Challenge the Champs
May 198640Master Solvers Club
June 19862Editorial
June 19863Feature ArticleCave-In At The Cavendish Quiz
June 19864Feature ArticleCave-In At The CavendishJosh Parker
June 19867Feature ArticleCountering Obstructionist Methods, IIIJeff Rubens
June 19868Rate Your Own Game
June 198611Test Your Play
June 198614Tournament Report16 Years Later, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 198622Book Reviews
June 198623Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198624Feature ArticleThe Abbot's RiposteDavid Bird
June 198629Feature ArticleTigress at the TableRixi Markus
June 198630Bits and Pieces
June 198631Challenge the Champs
June 198637Master Solvers Club
July 19862Editorial
July 19864Feature ArticleBidding Over Preempts--Your OwnMel Colchamiro
July 19868Rate Your Own Game
July 19869Feature ArticleBridge in the Small TimeWill Beall
July 198613What's New In Bridge
July 198616Feature ArticleColdbottom Played ProFrank Vine
July 198619Book Reviews
July 198620Feature ArticleA 100-Mile HandHarry Ross
July 198622Test Your Play
July 198624Potpourri
July 198626For Experts Only
July 198627Feature ArticlePositive Declarer PlayTerence Reese and Julian Pottage
July 198629Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198629Puzzle CornerVery CarelessDonald R. Woods
July 198631Challenge the Champs
July 198637Master Solvers Club
August 19862Editorial
August 19864Tournament ReportCanadian Team ChampionshipGlen Ashton
August 19865Rate Your Own Game
August 19867Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 19868Feature ArticleLast RoundRon Klinger
August 198619You Be The Judge
August 198627Book Reviews
August 198628Feature ArticleSupercrashW. D. Bannion
August 198629Feature ArticleDefense In DepthMartin Hoffman
August 198630For Experts Only
August 198632Challenge the Champs
August 198639Master Solvers Club
August 198643Test Your Play
September 19862Editorial
September 19863Tournament ReportGrand National Teams 86Edgar Kaplan
September 19867Test Your Play
September 198610Book Reviews
September 198611Swiss MatchSwiss Match XI
September 198620Rate Your Own Game
September 198621Feature ArticleThe Irony and the EcstasyJoseph Silver and Eric Kokish
September 198625Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198626Bits and Pieces
September 198630Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
September 198631Feature ArticleThe Bic Cue-BidArian E. Shochet and James Adkins
September 198631Feature ArticleAn Average BoardJohn E. Sheehan
September 198634Challenge the Champs
September 198640Master Solvers Club
October 19862Editorial
October 19866Tournament ReportToronto SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 198619Test Your Play
October 198622Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Kind ThoughtDavid Bird
October 198625Feature ArticleTwo-Notrump Overcalls: TransfersJosh Parker
October 198626Book Reviews
October 198630Book NewsBook News For 1986
October 198631Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198631Rate Your Own Game
October 198632Fifty Years Ago
October 198633Challenge the Champs
October 198639Master Solvers Club
November 19862Editorial
November 19863Tournament ReportToronto Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 19867Fifty Years Ago
November 19869Rate Your Own Game
November 198616Feature ArticleCrazy About BridgeRobert Stone
November 198621Feature ArticleTeam TestTerence Reese
November 198624Book Reviews
November 198624Feature ArticleA Special Game TryJosh Parker
November 198625Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198626Test Your Play
November 198631Challenge the Champs
November 198637Master Solvers Club
December 19862Editorial
December 19864Tournament ReportRosenblum Cup 86Edgar Kaplan
December 19865Rate Your Own Game
December 198611Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198619Fifty Years Ago
December 198621Feature ArticleThe Pleasure FactorMatthew Granovetter
December 198623Feature ArticleCinderellaJeff Rubens
December 198626Bits and Pieces
December 198631Book Reviews
December 198632Challenge the Champs
December 198638Master Solvers Club
December 198646Test Your Play
January 19872Editorial
January 19873Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIIMarshall Miles
January 19875Rate Your Own Game
January 19877Fifty Years Ago
January 198713Tournament ReportRosenblum Cup, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 198727Feature ArticleA Simple SequenceEdwin B. Kantar
January 198730PotpourriAn All-Around DealWilliam R. Cantrall
January 198732Book Reviews
January 198733Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198734Challenge the Champs
January 198740Master Solvers Club
January 198748Test Your Play
February 19872Editorial
February 19875Feature ArticleAlpwater Quiz
February 19876Rate Your Own Game
February 19877Feature ArticleWater, Wenches and WarblesPhillip Alder
February 198711Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198712Fifty Years Ago
February 198713Tournament ReportThe 1986 IntercollegiatesJeff Rubens
February 198715Feature ArticleThe Tracer BidKrishna Vahalia
February 198717Bits and Pieces
February 198722You Be The Judge
February 198728Test Your Play
February 198729Challenge the Champs
February 198735Master Solvers Club
March 19872Editorial
March 19873Feature ArticlePlain and FancyJeff Rubens
March 198712Book Reviews
March 198713Feature ArticleWhat Happened?Frank Stewart
March 198718Feature ArticleCue-Bid SplinterRichard J. Mydloski
March 198719Fifty Years Ago
March 198719Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198720Bits and Pieces
March 198722Feature ArticleThe Salvation of Abbot HugoDavid Bird
March 198726Bridge MovieBridge Movie
March 198727Rate Your Own Game
March 198728Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 198730Feature ArticleLazard TransfersSidney Lazard
March 198731Challenge the Champs
March 198737Master Solvers Club
March 198739Test Your Play
April 19872Editorial
April 19875Feature ArticleMatters of RuffingJournalist
April 19879Feature ArticleThe Balancing Negative DoubleMark Buchignani
April 198711For Experts Only
April 198713Feature ArticleNot-So-Instant ReplayJohn Lowenthal
April 198717Feature ArticleThe Bridge Whirl
April 198727Challenge the Champs
April 198734Bits and Pieces
April 198735Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198736Book Reviews
April 198737Fifty Years Ago
April 198738Master Solvers Club
April 198743Rate Your Own Game
April 198753Test Your Play
April 198753Feature ArticleThe Captain's HatMike Cappelletti
May 19872Editorial
May 19873Tournament ReportThe '87 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan and Phillip Alder
May 198715Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIII
May 198718Fifty Years Ago
May 198722Test Your Play
May 198724Rate Your Own Game
May 198727Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198728Feature ArticleTransfers After Two-Notrump RebidsRichard J. Mydloski
May 198729Book Reviews
May 198730For Experts Only
May 198731Bits and Pieces
May 198732Challenge the Champs
May 198738Master Solvers Club
June 19872Editorial
June 19873Tournament ReportThe '87 Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 198713Feature ArticleParking Lot RedoublesJerold A. Fink
June 198714Feature ArticleThe Forgotten SqueezeDon Kersey
June 198716Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Good ViewDavid Bird
June 198720Feature ArticleSaharaGene Benedict
June 198721Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198721Test Your Play
June 198722Rate Your Own Game
June 198723Feature ArticleMaximum PainH. E. Fuller
June 198725Book Reviews
June 198727Bits and Pieces
June 198730Fifty Years Ago
June 198731Challenge the Champs
June 198737Master Solvers Club
July 19872Editorial
July 19873Test Your Play
July 19873Tournament ReportTeam TrialsEdgar Kaplan
July 19879Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 198713Rate Your Own Game
July 198717Feature ArticleA Falsecarding SituationMarek Kosmulski
July 198721Tournament ReportThe 12-Board PlayoffPhillip Alder
July 198726Feature ArticleMorgan Two DiamondsDavid Morgan
July 198727Feature ArticleA Choice of SqueezesH. E. Fuller
July 198729Book Reviews
July 198731Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198732Fifty Years Ago
July 198733Challenge the Champs
July 198739Master Solvers Club
August 19872Editorial
August 19875Tournament ReportTeam Trials, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 19879Test Your Play
August 198715You Be The Judge
August 198721Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198723Rate Your Own Game
August 198723Feature ArticlePower PreemptsPhillip Alder
August 198724Feature ArticleFor Bad Players OnlyPamela and Matthew Granovetter
August 198726Fifty Years Ago
August 198727Bits and Pieces
August 198730Book Reviews
August 198732Challenge the Champs
August 198738Master Solvers Club
September 19872Editorial
September 19873Tournament ReportGrand National TeamsEdgar Kaplan
September 19878Feature ArticleSunday the Rabbi Played WellRon Klinger
September 198710Test Your Play
September 198711Tournament ReportCannes-ing the FrenchPhillip Alder
September 198715Feature ArticleCast Thy BreadHarry Ross
September 198716Feature ArticleHungarian Goulash
September 198719Feature ArticleYet Another SohlWilliam Schramm
September 198720Book Reviews
September 198721Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
September 198722Bridge MovieWhere Credit Is DueRon Gerard
September 198723Fifty Years Ago
September 198724Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIV
September 198727Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198733Rate Your Own Game
September 198735Challenge the Champs
September 198741Master Solvers Club
October 19872Editorial
October 19873Tournament ReportBaltimore SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
October 19879Test Your Play
October 198713For Experts Only
October 198715Rate Your Own Game
October 198715Feature ArticleThe Defense RestsRobert Stone
October 198717Feature ArticleThe Seventy-Percent SolutionLarry Cohen
October 198722Fifty Years Ago
October 198723Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198724Book Reviews
October 198725Feature ArticleA Single-Dummy ExerciseHenry Bethe
October 198731Challenge the Champs
October 198737Master Solvers Club
November 19872Editorial
November 19874Tournament ReportBaltimore Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
November 198711Test Your Play
November 198717Feature ArticleThe Three R'sNorman Roshel
November 198718Feature ArticleMasters and MistressesVictor Mollo
November 198719Book Reviews
November 198720Tournament ReportThe 35th European ChampionshipsPhillip Alder
November 198726Fifty Years Ago
November 198731Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198732Challenge the Champs
November 198738Master Solvers Club
November 198744Rate Your Own Game
December 19872Editorial
December 19873Tournament ReportEuropean Championship DiaryTerence Reese
December 19876How Would You Rule?
December 198710Pro et Contra
December 198711Feature ArticleUsing the Opponent's PlanAlan Schwartz
December 198712Bits and Pieces
December 198717Feature ArticleTwo Endplays on the Same TrickDon Kersey
December 198718Fifty Years Ago
December 198718Feature ArticleStudies In PerspectivePhillip Martin
December 198720Rate Your Own Game
December 198722Tournament ReportThe Cavendish Invitational PairsPhillip Alder
December 198725Book Reviews
December 198731Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198732Test Your Play
December 198733Challenge the Champs
December 198739Master Solvers Club
January 19882Editorial
January 19882Tournament ReportChampionships In JamaicaEdgar Kaplan
January 19887Tournament ReportVenice Cup Teams
January 19887Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Teams
January 19889Fifty Years Ago
January 198819Rate Your Own Game
January 198822Swiss MatchSwiss Match XV
January 198825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198833Test Your Play
January 198834Feature ArticleJ / WDoug Jacobs and Steve Williamson
January 198834Feature ArticleThe Spearfish RelayRolland R. Reid
January 198835Feature ArticleDoubly Restricted ChoiceAlvin Levy
January 198836Challenge the ChampsBoyd-Robinson vs. Sowter-Bethe
January 198842Master Solvers Club
February 19882Editorial
February 19883Tournament ReportChampionships In Jamaica, IIEdgar Kaplan
February 198810Fifty Years Ago
February 198817Rate Your Own Game
February 198818Feature ArticleFirst Suit ForcingDavid Morgan
February 198819Test Your Play
February 198820Feature ArticleThe Last ThreeGlen Ashton
February 198822Book Reviews
February 198824Bits and Pieces
February 198826You Be The Judge
February 198831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198832Challenge the ChampsSowter-Bethe vs. Meckstroth-Rodwell
February 198838Master Solvers Club
March 19882Editorial
March 19884Tournament ReportChampionships in Jamaica, IIIEdgar Kaplan
March 198815Test Your Play
March 198818Feature ArticleSide-Suit SignalsJeffrey Sapire
March 198820Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Warm WelcomeDavid Bird
March 198824Feature ArticleSohl SatisfyingGlenn Mcintyre
March 198825Bits and Pieces
March 198828Book Reviews
March 198829Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198830Fifty Years Ago
March 198831Challenge the ChampsMeckstroth-Rodwell vs. Martel-Truscott
March 198837Master Solvers Club
March 198845Rate Your Own Game
April 19882Editorial
April 19884Tournament ReportThe 1987 IntercollegiatesJeff Rubens
April 198810Feature ArticleThe First 20 YearsPaul Kramer
April 198813Test Your Play
April 198814For Experts Only
April 198815Feature ArticleNot Merely For ExpertsRon Gerard
April 198817Feature ArticleThe Kentucky ClubBill Molett
April 198818Puzzle Corner
April 198818Feature ArticleNemesisMichael Schneider
April 198820Bridge MovieDouble DuckKit Woolsey
April 198822Book Reviews
April 198824Bits and Pieces
April 198825Rate Your Own Game
April 198829Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198830Fifty Years Ago
April 198831Challenge the ChampsMartel-Truscott vs. Westra-Leufkens
April 198837Master Solvers Club
May 19882Editorial
May 19883Tournament ReportShuffle OffEdgar Kaplan
May 19889Test Your Play
May 198817Feature ArticleCommon ThemeFred Gitelman
May 198819Feature ArticleExtended FlanneryWilliam Schramm
May 198821Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVI
May 198825Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198826Rate Your Own Game
May 198831Fifty Years Ago
May 198834Challenge the ChampsWestra-Leufkens vs. Meyer-Le Royer
May 198840Master Solvers Club
June 19882Editorial
June 19884Tournament ReportShuffle Off, IIEdgar Kaplan
June 198813Rate Your Own Game
June 198817Test Your Play
June 198822Feature ArticleOpener's ReversesPeter A. Pender
June 198824Feature ArticleReverses, Another ViewNorman Kay
June 198826Feature ArticleDexter Plays DefenseWill Beall
June 198829Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198830Fifty Years Ago
June 198831Challenge the ChampsMeyer-Le Royer vs. Schoenborn-Edgar
June 198837Master Solvers Club
July 19882Editorial
July 19882Tournament ReportSix the Hard Way
July 19883Tournament ReportTrials of the Memphis SevenEdgar Kaplan
July 19888Feature ArticlePlace the AceEric Leong
July 19889Rate Your Own Game
July 198821Test Your Play
July 198825Feature ArticleLiberalized Leaping MichaelsMike Cappelletti
July 198827Book Reviews
July 198829How Would You Rule?
July 198830Bits and Pieces
July 198831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198832Fifty Years Ago
July 198833Challenge the ChampsSchoenborn-Edgar vs. Travis-Lusk
July 198839Master Solvers Club
August 19882Editorial
August 19884Tournament ReportTrials of the Memphis Seven, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 19885Test Your Play
August 198813Rate Your Own Game
August 198817Fifty Years Ago
August 198818Bits and Pieces
August 198820Feature ArticleLast 6 and Last 55James M. Leonard
August 198821Feature ArticleAt Second GlanceFrank Stewart
August 198824You Be The Judge
August 198829Book Reviews
August 198831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198832Challenge the ChampsTravis-Lusk vs. Nisar-Munir
August 198838Master Solvers Club
September 19882Editorial
September 19883Tournament ReportTrials of the Memphis Seven, IIIEdgar Kaplan
September 198819Rate Your Own Game
September 198821Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVII
September 198828Fifty Years Ago
September 198832Feature ArticleOSTOTNis Graulund
September 198833Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198833Test Your Play
September 198834Feature ArticleA Paradox, A ParadoxAlan Truscott
September 198835Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Turner-Carroll
September 198841Master Solvers Club
October 19882Editorial
October 19883Tournament ReportTrials of the Memphis Seven, IVEdgar Kaplan
October 198811Rate Your Own Game
October 198811Test Your Play
October 198814Feature ArticleFollow-UpMike Cappelletti
October 198816Feature ArticleOne-Way StreetRoger Stern
October 198821Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Sundelin-Flodqvist
October 198830Book NewsBook News For 1988
October 198832Fifty Years Ago
October 198833Book Reviews
October 198835Master Solvers Club
November 19882Editorial
November 19882Tournament ReportThe European CarouselPhillip Alder
November 19886Feature ArticleThird-and-Lowest, Or Fourth?Edwin B. Kantar
November 198813Feature ArticleTwo-Notrump Asking-bidsWilliam Schramm
November 198815Tournament ReportTrials of the Memphis Seven, VEdgar Kaplan
November 198818Fifty Years Ago
November 198822Rate Your Own Game
November 198823Puzzle CornerSmall SwitchHoward Sard
November 198826Test Your Play
November 198831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198832Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Dodd-Habegger
November 198838Master Solvers Club
December 19882Editorial
December 19883Tournament ReportOlympiad in VeniceEdgar Kaplan
December 19885Test Your Play
December 19887Rate Your Own Game
December 198817Feature ArticleTwo-Way CheckbackPhilip M. Cowan
December 198818Fifty Years Ago
December 198819Feature ArticleTwo Defensive ProblemsAlan Schwartz
December 198821Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gu-Zhang
December 198831Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198832Feature ArticleThe Garden of Bright ImagesBarry Rigal
December 198835Master Solvers Club
January 19892Editorial
January 19893Tournament ReportOlympiad in Venice, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 198913Feature ArticleSex MarathonAlan Truscott
January 198914Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVIII
January 198919Fifty Years Ago
January 198924Feature ArticleThe Back RelayMark Buchignani
January 198925Book Reviews
January 198928Bits and Pieces
January 198930Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
January 198931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 198932Test Your Play
January 198933Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gu-Zhang
January 198933Rate Your Own Game
January 198939Master Solvers Club
January 198952Post-Mortem
February 19892Editorial
February 19893Tournament ReportOlympiad in Venice, IIIEdgar Kaplan
February 198919You Be The Judge
February 198925Feature ArticleA Maximization ProblemRon Halstad
February 198926Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gordon-Gordon
February 198932Fifty Years Ago
February 198933Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 198933Tournament ResultsMajor Fall National Results
February 198934Book Reviews
February 198935Feature ArticleThe Manchester CandidateMel Colchamiro
February 198936Rate Your Own Game
February 198937Master Solvers Club
February 198938Test Your Play
March 19892Editorial
March 19893Tournament ReportOlympiad in Venice, IVEdgar Kaplan
March 19899Test Your Play
March 198915Rate Your Own Game
March 198919Tournament ReportThe 1988 IntercollegiatesJeff Rubens
March 198925Fifty Years Ago
March 198928Feature ArticleGoldilocks and the Three BearsDon Kersey
March 198929Feature ArticleCoping with CompetitionD. L. H. Morgan
March 198930Book Reviews
March 198931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 198933Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Cayne-Burger
March 198939Master Solvers Club
April 19892Editorial
April 19893Tournament ReportSex and the SpingoldJeff Rubens
April 198915Tournament ReportOlympiad in Venice, VEdgar Kaplan
April 198923Feature ArticleWhat's the Problem?Cameron French
April 198924Feature ArticleA Suit CombinationPhillip Martin
April 198928Fifty Years Ago
April 198929Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 198930Feature ArticleCash and SwitchRichard Aronson
April 198931Bits and Pieces
April 198932Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Deas-Palmer
April 198932Rate Your Own Game
April 198938Master Solvers Club
April 198946Test Your Play
May 19892Editorial
May 19894Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIX
May 19899Rate Your Own Game
May 19899Test Your Play
May 198914Tournament ReportSex and the Spingold, IIJeff Rubens
May 198921Bits and Pieces
May 198922Feature Article24 In the Time Of 16Larry Cohen
May 198923Feature ArticleDefense By EliminationBarry Rigal
May 198926Bridge MovieSwedish Bridge MovieAnders Wirgren
May 198928Tournament ReportOlympiad in Venice, VIEdgar Kaplan
May 198929Fifty Years Ago
May 198933Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 198934Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Deas-Palmer
May 198940Master Solvers Club
June 19892Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
June 19892Editorial
June 19892Feature ArticleRidiculous Report
June 19896Feature ArticleThree Buried TreasuresDon Kersey
June 19897Bits and Pieces
June 198910Feature ArticleThree Times the ValuePhillip Alder
June 198911Book Reviews
June 198913Rate Your Own Game
June 198916Tournament ReportSex and the Spingold, IIIJeff Rubens
June 198927Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 198927Test Your Play
June 198928Fifty Years Ago
June 198929Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Rebattu-Kreyns
June 198935Master Solvers Club
July 19892Editorial
July 19894Tournament ReportThe 1989 VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
July 19897Fifty Years Ago
July 198911Rate Your Own Game
July 198915Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 198918Feature ArticleEyelashJeff Rubens
July 198929Feature ArticleStaid BiddingBarry Rigal
July 198930Bits and Pieces
July 198930Test Your Play
July 198931Book Reviews
July 198932Feature ArticleThe Three R's RevisitedNorman Roshel
July 198933Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 198934Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Eisenberg-Rotman
July 198940Master Solvers Club
August 19892Editorial
August 19897Tournament ReportThe 1989 Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
August 19899Test Your Play
August 198918You Be The Judge
August 198921Fifty Years Ago
August 198925Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 198926Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Woolsey-Manfield
August 198932Feature ArticleBetter You Than MeDon Kersey
August 198935Rate Your Own Game
August 198936Feature ArticleA Rubensohl ApplicationPaul Van Rijckevorsel
August 198937Book Reviews
August 198939Master Solvers Club
September 19892Editorial
September 19893Feature ArticleSimple Switch, IIHoward Sard
September 19895Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
September 19897Rate Your Own Game
September 19898Swiss MatchSwiss Match XX
September 198913Test Your Play
September 198919Fifty Years Ago
September 198920Tournament ReportA Berth For PerthEdgar Kaplan
September 198921Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 198925Feature ArticleOh, Well Done!Barry Rigal
September 198932Feature ArticleUnkind OfferTerence Reese
September 198933Feature ArticleHess Cue-BidsWilliam C. Beall
September 198934Challenge the ChampsLorer-Deleva vs. Karlaftis-Kannavos
September 198940Master Solvers Club
October 19892Editorial
October 19894Tournament ReportA Berth for Perth, IIEdgar Kaplan
October 19895Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
October 198914Feature ArticleThe LatestJon Shuster
October 198915Rate Your Own Game
October 198915Feature ArticleOne Point TwoSidney Lorvan
October 198918Book ReviewsComputer Products
October 198921Challenge the ChampsKarlaftis-Kannavos vs. Woolsey-Manfield
October 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
October 198931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 198932Feature ArticleMajor-Suit Raise StructuresSteve Beatty
October 198934Fifty Years Ago
October 198935Master Solvers Club
October 198937Test Your Play
November 19892Editorial
November 19893Feature ArticleRidiculous Continuation
November 19897Feature ArticleOne More DefenseKit Woolsey
November 19898Tournament ReportBerth for Perth, IIIEdgar Kaplan
November 198913Test Your Play
November 198922Book ReviewsComputer Products, II
November 198925Fifty Years Ago
November 198925Puzzle CornerAnother Simple SwitchRichard Stearns
November 198926Rate Your Own Game
November 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
November 198931Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 198932Bits and Pieces
November 198933Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Lewis-Arledge
December 19892Editorial
December 19895Tournament ReportSpingold '89Edgar Kaplan
December 19897Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
December 198912Feature ArticleThe Balanced Hand PrincipleD. L. H. Morgan
December 198915Feature ArticleGood News, Bad NewsJosh Parker
December 198916Rate Your Own Game
December 198917Feature ArticleBridge Arguments ClassifiedDave Caprera
December 198920Book Reviews
December 198923Bits and Pieces
December 198924Fifty Years Ago
December 198925Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
December 198931Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Terraneo-Fucik
December 198937Master Solvers Club
December 198939Test Your Play
January 19902Editorial
January 19905Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
January 199014Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXI
January 199015Test Your Play
January 199016Feature ArticleVariations on a Theme
January 199024Fifty Years Ago
January 199025Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 199027Feature ArticleCatfeetPaul Van Rijckevorsel
January 199028Feature ArticleCrack SignalsKees Schaafsma
January 199030Feature ArticleArtificial Intelligence: Grosvenor RevisitedCharles Firke
January 199031Book Reviews
January 199033Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Fallenius-Lindkvist
January 199039Master Solvers Club
January 199040Rate Your Own Game
February 19902Editorial
February 199010Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IIIEdgar Kaplan
February 199015Feature ArticleTwo-Way Raises of OvercallsWesley Adamczyk
February 199016Feature ArticleArt of the PossibleBarry Rigal
February 199017Feature ArticleHeroDan and Linda Friedman
February 199020You Be The Judge
February 199026Book Reviews
February 199027Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
February 199028Fifty Years Ago
February 199029Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Otstavel-Sula
February 199035Master Solvers Club
February 199037Test Your Play
February 199041Rate Your Own Game
March 19902Editorial
March 19902Feature ArticleRidiculous Conclusion
March 19908Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IVEdgar Kaplan
March 199015Test Your Play
March 199017Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Bluhm-Bramley
March 199023Feature ArticleCard CombinationsEdwin B. Kantar
March 199025Rate Your Own Game
March 199026Feature ArticleIt's in the MailCameron French
March 199029Potpourri
March 199036Book Reviews
March 199036Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
March 199037Master Solvers Club
April 19902Editorial
April 19904Tournament ReportAntipodean BowlEdgar Kaplan
April 199012Rate Your Own Game
April 199014Feature ArticleCard Combinations, IIEdwin B. Kantar
April 199017Test Your Play
April 199019Fifty Years Ago
April 199021Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
April 199022Feature ArticleRe-Q-'Em for the MassesDave Caprera
April 199025Bits and Pieces
April 199029Feature ArticleHonor Leads Against NotrumpMarshall Miles
April 199031Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Bluhm-Bramley
April 199037Master Solvers Club
May 19902Editorial
May 19903Test Your Play
May 19904Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IIEdgar Kaplan
May 19907Fifty Years Ago
May 199011Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
May 199017Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
May 199020Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXII
May 199029Rate Your Own Game
May 199031Challenge the ChampsBluhm-Bramley vs. Shuman-McCallum
May 199036Feature ArticleTwo For OneGeoff Booth
May 199038What's New In BridgeVariable Leads
May 199039Book Reviews
May 199040Master Solvers Club
June 19902Editorial
June 19903Tournament ReportThe 1989 Venice CupEric O. Kokish
June 19907Rate Your Own Game
June 19909Feature ArticleBridge News
June 199014Feature ArticleAnother ClashYang Guo-Zhu
June 199015Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IIIEdgar Kaplan
June 199021Feature ArticleSimulation: A Critical LookDave Caprera
June 199025Book Reviews
June 199028Fifty Years Ago
June 199029Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 199029Test Your Play
June 199029Feature ArticleKantar for the DenseEdwin B. Kantar
June 199030Challenge the ChampsBluhm-Bramley vs. El Ahmady-Sadek
June 199036Master Solvers Club
July 19902Editorial
July 19904Tournament ReportThe Venice Cup FinalEric O. Kokish
July 19906Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
July 199010Feature ArticleBlocking and UnblockingAnders Wirgren
July 199011Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
July 199015Rate Your Own Game
July 199016Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IVEdgar Kaplan
July 199021Challenge the ChampsEl Ahmady-Sadek vs. Lazard-La Noue
July 199021Test Your Play
July 199027Bits and Pieces
July 199030Feature ArticleFive Tricks To GoFred Barnes
July 199032Feature ArticleNot Merely For ExpertsRon Gerard
July 199034Bridge MovieA Quick Slam from SacramentoEric Leong
July 199036Book Reviews
July 199038Feature ArticleFor Rusinow PlayersDouglas Doub
July 199039Master Solvers Club
July 199044Fifty Years Ago
August 19902Editorial
August 19907Test Your Play
August 19908Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, VEdgar Kaplan
August 199013You Be The Judge
August 199018Tournament ReportThe Venice Cup Final, IIEric O. Kokish
August 199025Fifty Years Ago
August 199028Bits and Pieces
August 199028Feature ArticlePartial CreditRobert Stone
August 199029Feature ArticleMatchpoint TeamsAllen L. Tan
August 199031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
August 199031Feature ArticleMystery ConventionWilliam J. Nucker
August 199033Challenge the ChampsEl Ahmady-Sadek vs. Bethe-Gwozdzinsky
August 199039Master Solvers Club
August 199041Rate Your Own Game
September 19902Editorial
September 19903Tournament ReportTexas VanderbiltEdgar Kaplan
September 19907Test Your Play
September 199014Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXIII
September 199015Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
September 199016Rate Your Own Game
September 199024Fifty Years Ago
September 199025Feature ArticleB. Jay Becker: An AppreciationJeff Rubens
September 199031Feature ArticleShared ExperiencesJ. P. Rocafort
September 199034Book Reviews
September 199035Challenge the ChampsBethe-Gwozdzinsky vs. Passell-Lair
September 199036Feature ArticleAvoiding a PitfallDon Kersey
September 199041Master Solvers Club
October 19902Editorial
October 19903Tournament ReportTexas Vanderbilt, IIEdgar Kaplan
October 199011Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Woolsey-Manfield vs. Mitchell-Granovetter
October 199017Feature ArticleSeven ClubsBart Bramley
October 199019Fifty Years Ago
October 199022Feature ArticleWhite Snow and the Dwarf SevensAlbert Benjamin
October 199023Feature ArticleSqueeze En PassantDon Kersey
October 199025Book Reviews
October 199026Bits and Pieces
October 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
October 199031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
October 199032Feature ArticleB. Jay Becker: An Appreciation, IIJeff Rubens
October 199033Rate Your Own Game
October 199037Master Solvers Club
October 199038Test Your Play
November 19902Editorial
November 19904Tournament Report90 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
November 199013Book Reviews
November 199015Feature ArticleChoosing the ImpossibleMorton Davis
November 199018Test Your Play
November 199019Tournament ReportThe 1990 Canadian National TeamsEric O. Kokish
November 199023Fifty Years Ago
November 199024Feature ArticleB. Jay Becker: An Appreciation, IIIJeff Rubens
November 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
November 199031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
November 199033Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Bill & Rozanne Pollack vs. Bergen-Cohen
November 199039Master Solvers Club
November 199043Rate Your Own Game
December 19902Editorial
December 19904Tournament Report90 Spingold, IIEdgar Kaplan
December 19908Bridge at the Classical ClubMargaret M. Willis
December 199011Feature ArticleThe Blind SpotDon Kersey
December 199019Feature ArticleAnother TransferLyle Poe
December 199020Feature ArticleDream Or Reality?Wang Jianhua
December 199021Challenge the ChampsPassell-Lair vs. Nippgen-Rohowsky
December 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
December 199031Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
December 199032Fifty Years Ago
December 199033Book Reviews
December 199034Bits and Pieces
December 199036Master Solvers Club
December 199040Test Your Play
December 199049Rate Your Own Game
January 19912Editorial
January 19914Tournament Report90 SpingoldEdgar Kaplan
January 19917Kantar for the DefenseEdwin B. Kantar
January 199115Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXIV
January 199116Rate Your Own Game
January 199118Test Your Play
January 199124Fifty Years Ago
January 199125Challenge the Champs
January 199131Feature ArticleA Useless Jump Made UsefulMichael Ranis
January 199132Bridge MovieShowdown at the Last Chance SaloonRon Gerard
January 199134Feature ArticleExpert Thinking ExplainedJohn Torrey
January 199137Book Reviews
January 199139Master Solvers Club
February 19912Editorial
February 19914Tournament ReportSwiss TeamsEdgar Kaplan
February 19917Test Your Play