Why You Lose At Bridge

Item ImageWhy You Lose At Bridge
by S. J. Simon
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160 pages. Paperback.

Reprint of the classic. Win more consistently with the skill you already possess by following this simple advice. A wealth of common sense, philosophy, and how to attain the best result possible. PART ONE: YOUR TECHNICAL GAME: 1. The Points You Lose "Ignoring The Odds"; 2. The Points You Lose Playing the Dummy; 3. The Points You Lose in Defense; 4. The Points You Lose "Bidding"; 5. The Points You Lose NOT Doubling. PART TWO: YOUR PSYCHOLOGY: 6. Your Battlefield; 7. Dont Teach Your Partner; 8. Half a Loaf; 9. They Cant Fool Me!; 10. FixedBy Palookas!; 11. The Logic of Luck; 12. A Rubber at the Club. "There isn't the shadow of a doubt in my mind that even the more experienced player, following these precepts, will win more." -Charles Goren