Item ImageImprove Your Play At Trump Contracts (*ON SALE*)
by Ron Klinger
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $9.97  You Save: 50%
128 pages. Paperback.

Following the successful Improve Your Declarer Play at Notrumps, Ron Klinger shows how to make the most of your assets in trump contracts. When to cross-ruff and many more topics are covered to make you a better declarer and make that extra trick or two to give you a top score. . . . read more.

Item ImageJacoby Transfers (PYB) (*ON SALE*)
Practice Your Bidding Series
by Barbara Seagram • Andy Stark
List Price: $7.95  Discount Price: $3.97  You Save: 50%
68 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

With these handy little books, you can: Learn a new convention, or extend your knowledge of it; Learn and practice by yourself using the unique quiz format; Practice with your partner using the specially selected sample hands, and compare your results with the recommended auctions. . . . read more.

Item ImageMajor Suit Raises (*ON SALE*)
by Andrew Garnett
List Price: $15.95  Discount Price: $7.97  You Save: 50%
107 pages. Paperback.

Major Suit Raises will teach you how to show three-card junk, invitational, and game-forcing raises as well as four-card preemptive, mixed, limit, game-forcing raises, all in or out of competition. You will also learn how to show four-card raises as the opener all while describing the strength of your hand accurately. You will learn how to count support points, Wolff Signoff, opener and responder . . . read more.

Item ImagePower Up Your Bridge Game (*ON SALE*)
by Eldad Ginossar
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $9.97  You Save: 50%
184 pages. Paperback.

The 30 Lessons in this book cover different aspects in bridge, including: card play, partnership bidding, useful conventions, hand evaluation, competitive auction tactics, and matchpoint consideration. Many of the lessons discuss basic topics, but the content is not at a basic level. The emphasis throughout is on "thinking bridge" rather than memorizing. The author's teaching philosophy and his . . . read more.

Item ImageRichelieu Plays Bridge (*ON SALE*)
by Robert F. MacKinnon
List Price: $17.95  Discount Price: $8.97  You Save: 50%
240 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

From the author of Samurai Bridge, this bridge novel is set in 17th century France. Through the medium of fictional bridge games, we see the politics and intrigue of the French court play out, and follow Cardinal Richelieu's career as he becomes the queen's confidant and the real power behind the throne. The bridge is deftly woven into the everyday life of the culture we are observing, so that it . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Golden Rules for Rubber Bridge Players (*ON SALE*)
by Julian Pottage
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $9.97  You Save: 50%
144 pages. Paperback.

Rubber bridge is the world's most widely played social game. This book shows, in a series of clearly expressed rules, how bidding and play in rubber bridge differs from duplicate bridge. Whether you want to win more often or simply enjoy your playing more, this is the book for you. . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Rabbi and the Weaker Sex (*ON SALE*)
Kosher Bridge 2
by David Bird • Ron Klinger
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $9.97  You Save: 50%
128 pages. Paperback.

Formerly published as Kosher Bridge 2, the cast returns in splendid form and the Rabbi, kindly and considerate, maintains an essential balance between the hilariously warring factions and the excellence of the bridge ensures that readers will be properly instructed while being immoderately entertained. IF you did not read the first book you can start with this one--you will come back for more! . . . read more.

Item ImageTwo Over One in a Nutshell (*ON SALE*)
by Dee Berry
List Price: $9.95  Discount Price: $4.97  You Save: 50%
70 pages. Spiral bound.

Designed for quick and easy access to the most popular bridge system of the 21st century, 2/1 In A Nutshell offers easy guidelines to key parts of the system, including brief summaries of conventions necessary to 2/1 and modern bridge. All possible sequences and conventions are not included but the careful reader will learn to open the bidding, respond, and rebid effectively. Special cases are sp . . . read more.

Item ImageWhat You Must Know About Transfers (*ON SALE*)
Number 13
Secrets to Winning Bridge Series
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $9.95  Discount Price: $4.97  You Save: 50%
24 pages. Booklet.

This is definitely one of the most important and most popular conventions in modern bridge. As soon as the player who opens 1NT bids responder's suit, opener is assured of becoming declarer if that suit becomes trump. Opener usually has the stronger hand, so the majority of his side's assets will be concealed from the opponents. That can't be bad. In addition, the use of transfer bids allows open . . . read more.

Item ImageWhat's Your Call? (*ON SALE*)
The Bridge Player's Handbook of Basic Bidding
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $23.95  Discount Price: $11.97  You Save: 50%
224 pages. Paperback.

This book helps intermediate players improve their valuation skills and provides a sound bidding foundation. Focusing more on judgment than on system, the author utilizes a question-and-answer format, with quizzes and short tutorials. Each chapter discusses a different stage of the auction, from the opening bid onwards. The author presents his views on key issues, followed by a series of problems . . . read more.