25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

Item Image25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
2nd Edition - Revised and Updated
by Barbara Seagram • Marc Smith
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192 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

It doesn't take long before beginning bridge players want to know more about bidding systems, and especially about conventions. Even social players are usually keen to add a few choice gadgets to their bidding arsenal. Here 25 basic conventions and treatments are carefully explained, and the reader is shown how they can fit into standard bidding methods. Each section ends with a summary chart as well as a self-quiz to ensure that the concepts are understood. Since publication in 1999, 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know has sold more than 300,000 copies in six languages, becoming a much-valued learning tool and reference for everyone from social players to those who regularly spend time at their local bridge club. But bridge has changed in the last twenty-odd years. It is time, therefore, to update this modern classic so that today's players can stay current. This new edition has been thoroughly updated, while retaining the approach and features that made the original so popular. Each convention in the book has been carefully revised to reflect its use in today?s game. Students are now universally taught to play transfers in response to a strong notrump opening, and the new edition reflects that change in several ways. Three chapters (Landy, Grand Slam Force and Ogust responses to Weak Twos) have been dropped completely in favor of Bergen Raises and the DONT and Meckwell defenses to 1NT. We welcome David Bird, co-author of a follow-up book, 25 More Conventions You Should Know, as a contributor of three chapters to this new edition of the original book.