The Bridge Player's Bedside Book (E-BOOK)

Item ImageThe Bridge Player's Bedside Book (E-BOOK)
by Tony Forrester
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256 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

The ultimate collection of bridge stuff, with something for everyone from the beginner to the expert. Humor, mystery, quizzes, history, biography - it's all here. Over fifty world-class contributors, including Eddie Kantar, Alfred Sheinwold, Ron Klinger, Phillip Alder, Albert Dormer, and many more. Illustrated throughout, including elegant Fougasse cartoons such as this one. From Tony Forrester's foreword: "It was time to put together a bridge book which is fun to read. Over the years, so few publications could be described as that. I searched high and low to find those articles which had appealed to me when I read them. The outstanding were memorable, because well-written and amusing bridge anecdotes are rare. Using my wife, Diana, as a guinea-pig - she plays very little bridge as such but does know a good story when she sees one - I sifted through thirty years of highly variable material. The result? In my view the best collection of entertaining and informative one-off pieces ever written. Not just fictional, but also many of the key hands and decisions that have shaped bridge history. Plus, for your own game, many tips and quizzes that will sharpen your edge. In short, a jolly good read!