Clues from the Bidding at Bridge (E-BOOK)

Item ImageClues from the Bidding at Bridge (E-BOOK)
by Julian Pottage
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160 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Defenders invariably base their strategy on declarer's bidding. Yet so often declarers fail to return the compliment: they flail away without a thought of what the defenders have or have not done. Just one bid from an opponent may tip off declarer to the winning play - perhaps warning of a bad break or that a finesse is doomed. When the defenders have made several bids the declarer may be able to make spectacular double-dummy plays. The problems in this book all contains situations where an astute declarer can listen to the bidding, or lack of it, and derive information critical to the success of his contract. This book was originally published in 1990, and in this new edition is substantially revised and expanded.