Pathways to Better Bridge Defense (E-BOOK)

Item ImagePathways to Better Bridge Defense (E-BOOK)
by Danny Roth
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184 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Become a better defender! So you tend to get dealt very bad hands. I know exactly how you feel! But, facing the facts of life and recognizing that it is not your fault, you are going to have to accommodate this failing and improve your defense. It's a hard part of the game; even in international competitions, the standard of defensive play is, to put it kindly, modest. Yes, you will get plenty of reports of brilliancies involving spectacular switches, deceptions, unblocks and discards of honors. But for every one of those, there are countless others in which the display would disgrace any beginners' class. I am going to assume that you are a regular club or tournament player who knows the basics of defense but who comes unstuck when it comes to situations where you have to work the hand out in detail. This book will help you to improve dramatically in this area.