Planning in Suit Contracts (TYBT) (E-BOOK)

Item ImagePlanning in Suit Contracts (TYBT) (E-BOOK)
Test Your Bridge Technique Series
by David Bird • Tim Bourke
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104 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Short and full of practical examples, each book takes the reader through the most important aspects of card-play Reese introduced the 'over the shoulder' approach to describing bridge hands in this classic book, and it was an immediate success. In this book, the reader can follow the thought processes of an expert through the bidding and play of many fascinating hands. First published in 1960, it is now back in print after being unavailable for a number of years. Where appropriate, play is examined from the point of view both of declarer and defenders. Full of quizzes and chapter reviews, these award-winning books will also reinforce the bridge concepts you learn. At this price, what bridge player could stand not to have all twelve?