Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You (E-BOOK)

Item ImageThings Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You (E-BOOK)
by Dan Romm
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158 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Most bridge books ignore the fact that bridge is a game between opponents, simply teaching players how to strive for theoretical perfection in bidding and play. Dan Romm isn't interested in that - he's interested in winning, which is something he has done for more than forty years against the best players around. Romm also isn't very interested in tournaments - mostly he plays for money; he plays with and against world champions, and is a consistent winner. He treats bridge as a four-person competition, not as a one or two-person mathematical exercise. Psychology, deception, and misdirection are among a host of (legal!) tactics that the reader can learn to use himself, on the way to winning more often.