Eddie Kantar Teaches: Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge (E-BOOK)

Item ImageEddie Kantar Teaches: Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge (E-BOOK)
by Eddie Kantar
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240 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Kantar's two-book series on Bridge Defense ( Modern Bridge Defense and Advanced Bridge Defense) won an ABTA Book of the Year Award in 1999. This new book addresses a more popular topic, using a similar approach. While not a comprehensive treatment of declarer play at bridge, this book deals with specific topics exhaustively, and will be invaluable to the improving player: finesses (when and how to take them, and equally importantly, when to avoid taking them), endplays, eliminations, issues with entries, suit establishment, and counting. Designed to be used by bridge teachers, or by students learning on their own, this book like its predecessors contains a host of features that help the student to grasp the material: clearly laid-out concepts, margin notes, practice hands, chapter-end quizzes, key-point summaries at regular intervals, and an index.