Kantar for the Defense Volume 2 (E-BOOK)

Item ImageKantar for the Defense Volume 2 (E-BOOK)
An Eddie Kantar Bridge Classic
by Eddie Kantar
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204 pages. E-book (PDF)

Think Defense: Multiple world champion Eddie Kantar's popular bridge column, Kantar for the Defense, has run in The Bridge World for almost fifty years, challenging players to defeat the contract in a variety of situations. Now available once more in print, Kantar for the Defense Volume 1 and Volume 2 are a collection of the best of these columns, offering the reader 100 practical defensive problems in each volume. Kantar invites his reader to direct every play towards the goal of beating the contract in a variety of hands, bringing focus on counting tricks, points and distribution. Problems range from an intermediate to semi-advanced level and knowledge of basic card combinations is assumed. Each book concludes with a complete list of themes for its 100 problems.