Standard Modern Precision (E-BOOK)

Item ImageStandard Modern Precision (E-BOOK)
Second Edition
by Daniel Neill
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204 pages. E-book (PDF)

Play the System National Champions Play. Over the last 20 years a consensus bidding system among American national champions has been chosen and is now the lingua franca for hundreds among the pro circuit, top junior players and strong tournament players. This book will introduce you to the system, called Standard Modern Precision (or SMP), with lots of examples, quizzes and real-life hands bid by actual world champions. Part 1 covers the basics, and provides a working knowledge of the system so you can start playing and winning right away. A partnership may choose to continue on to Part 2 (The Full System) or Part 3 (Optional Gadgets). Also included are step-by-step instructions for setting up hands to practice on Bridge Base Online and a cheat sheet for reference when bidding. It's time to start winning with the high-octane system that more tournament players are using, just like the pros.