Introduction And Card Play Basics (YNM) (E-BOOK)

Item ImageIntroduction And Card Play Basics (YNM) (E-BOOK)
A New Way To Learn Bridge
Yes, No or Maybe
by David Glandorf
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211 pages. E-book (PDF)

Are you tired of learning/teaching bridge from a cookbook? Tired of memorizing how many points you need to bid this or that? Do you have trouble determining if you have a minimum, medium or maximum hand and what you are supposed to do if it fits in a particular category? Then Yes, No or Maybe is what you need--a series of three textbooks and companion workbooks for beginning bridge students.This is a series of three textbooks and companion workbooks for beginning bridge students. The series uses a logical paradigm for making bidding decisions by formulating two basic questions: 'Do we have a fit in a major suit?' and 'Do we want to be in a game contract?' All partnership bidding after an opening bid or intervention is guided by the answers (Yes, No or Maybe) to these questions and some fundamental bidding guidelines. Introduction and Card Play Basics covers the mechanics of the game, a little bridge history, scoring, hand valuation and preferred contracts, along with the basics of declarer play and defense. No real bidding is included here but MiniBridge or a variant is used for sample and practice deals. The Yes, No, Maybe bidding concepts are introduced for the determination of preferred contracts.