More Bidding Basics Workbook (YNM) (E-BOOK)

Item ImageMore Bidding Basics Workbook (YNM) (E-BOOK)
A Logical Approach To Bridge
Yes, No or Maybe
by David Glandorf
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101 pages. E-book (PDF)

Are you tired of learning/teaching bridge from a cookbook? Tired of memorizing how many points you need to bid this or that? Do you have trouble determining if you have a minimum, medium or maximum hand and what you are supposed to do if it fits in a particular category? Then Yes, No or Maybe is what you need--a series of three textbooks and companion workbooks for beginning bridge students. This workbook accompanies More Bidding Basics, in which the student learns about balancing, several conventions (Stayman, Jacoby transfers, negative doubles, fourth suit forcing, new minor forcing), strong opening bids, preemptive opening bids and overcalls, game tries, slam bidding (direct, Blackwood, Gerber, control bidding) and opening the bidding in third or fourth chair. The 'Yes, No or Maybe' philosophy is carried through into these somewhat advanced but what the author regards as still basic bidding scenarios. With regard to slam bidding, a new question is posed: "Do we want to be in a slam contract?"