Roman Keycard Blackwood: The Final Word (E-BOOK)

Item ImageRoman Keycard Blackwood: The Final Word (E-BOOK)
Fifth Edition
by Eddie Kantar
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244 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

This is the fifth (and according to the author, the very last - but don't hold your breath!) edition of what is acknowledged to be the definitive book on a convention that every serious player uses. Completely revised and updated from the previous version, this newest version contains even more leading-edge ideas, and is full of examples, quizzes and practice hands. A must for the tournament player. Includes, among many other features: Why you should play 1430 and 3014 RKB responses, and when; The extensions of RKB: the queen ask, the specific king ask, and more; How to handle voids, as asker or responder; RKB in minor-suit auctions; 60 practice hands for you to bid with your favorite partner. This is the only book that explains every facet of one of the most popular conventions in modern bridge.