Bridge At The Enigma Club (E-BOOK)

Item ImageBridge At The Enigma Club (E-BOOK)
by Peter Winkler
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184 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Robert Tischman is just looking for a game of bridge, but when a mysterious woman persuades him to partner her in a two-session event at the Engima Club, he gets much more than that. This is a book that can be enjoyed on several levels: 1) as a fun read with lots of great bridge deals; 2) as a glimpse of what the game might be like if technology were applied to it with more imagination; 3) as an exposition of the author's ideas on encrypted bidding and encrypted signals - bids and plays where, in full compliance with the Laws of Bridge, partners can exchange information that cannot be deciphered by their opponents. Consumer warning: these methods, though fascinating and ingenious, are illegal in many bridge jurisdictions.