Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You (E-BOOK)

Item ImageSecrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You (E-BOOK)
by Cathy Hunsberger
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172 pages. E-book (PDF)

You thought bridge was going to be eternally glorious, didn't you? Suddenly, out of the blue, you're going crazy! Confusion reigns supreme. Every partner is an expert with a barrage of new conventions. You are beset on every side with questions you fear to ask. * Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You explores the bumpy, and exciting, journey a bridge player takes on the road from beginner, to intermediate, to the unlimited glory that awaits somewhere down the line. Undoubtedly, you will recognize part of your own journey. You will discover you were never alone as you suffered the constant ups and downs that proliferate in pursuit of this great game. * With a humorous slant that delights, Secrets offers insights into such questions as: How do you find a partner? How do you keep a partner? Should you play with your spouse? Should you hire a pro? What happens when you get bridge burn-out? Find the answers here.