New Frontiers For Strong Forcing Openings (E-BOOK)

Item ImageNew Frontiers For Strong Forcing Openings (E-BOOK)
by Ken Rexford
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172 pages. E-book (PDF)

Ken Rexford's first book, Cuebidding at Bridge: A Modern Approach, took on the topic of Italian cuebidding, primarily in the context of a 2/1 Game Force system. However, he noticeably skipped the topic of cuebidding after a string two club opening. With this new book, we now know the reason, and his answer to the Big Problem. * This book describes an exciting new approach, using TWO strong openings (two clubs and two diamonds) to define PATTERN, in such a way that you can actually describe both opener's and responder's hands effectively, and even cuebid intelligently. In many ways this approach is even better than Precision! * Could you imagine agreeing spades at the two-level after a normal two club opening? How about having no problems with 4-4-4-1 hands, or hands with both minors? Ken Rexford's method let's you do that and much more, allowing you to use cuebidding, relays and pattern bidding on strong hands as effectively as Precision players, but in the context of what is essentially a normal 2/1 GF or Standard system.