Shades Of Grey (E-BOOK)

Item ImageShades Of Grey (E-BOOK)
A Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery
by Ken Allan
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200 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

The members of the Pemberton Bridge Club, along with the wickedly funny Jay's Nest bridge columns, were first introduced in Ken Allen's debut novel, Deadly Endplay. This sequel addresses something worse, for the bridge players, than a mysterious death - the growing suspicion that someone in their midst is systematically cheating. When retired policeman Dan Cogan begins to investigate, he finds himself confronting such issues as: Is there a clear distinction between dubious ethics and cheating? Can you prove cheating from hand records? And if you can, what should the consequences be? Finally, why do people cheat at duplicate bridge, a game that offers no monetary rewards? There are no easy answers - only shades of grey.