The Complete Book On Takeout Doubles (E-BOOK)

Item ImageThe Complete Book On Takeout Doubles (E-BOOK)
Revised and updated
by Mike Lawrence
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312 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

The definitive book on the oldest--and most useful--convention in bridge, the takeout double. Originally published in 1994, this book quickly became recognized as a 'must-read' for any would-be bridge expert, and has never been out of print. Now, almost twenty years later, the author has revised and updated the text to take into account modern developments in competitive bidding, one of the most rapidly changing parts of the game, not least in the new and varied uses of doubles. Anyone who is at all serious about improving their game needs to own a copy of this book. Ron Andersen's comment on the original edition: "Everything you need to know about takeout doubles is in this book. My only criticism is that it is long overdue."