Trick One (E-BOOK)

Item ImageTrick One (E-BOOK)
The Right First Move
by David Bird
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225 pages. E-book (PDF)

A huge percentage of failing contracts go down because declarer did not play optimally on the first trick. Similarly, countless contracts are allowed to slip through because the defender in third seat made the wrong play. With 125 instructive deals, David Bird covers all aspects of the first card played from dummy, the first move by the defender in third seat and the card chosen by declarer from his hand. Parts I and II contain chapters on declarer play - with topics such as Avoidance Play, Winning in the Right Hand, Blocking the Defenders' Suit, Setting up a Squeeze, Deceptive Play and Setting up an Endplay - and defense - with topics including Unblocking, Managing Defensive Entries, Deception, Signaling and Disrupting Declarer's Plan. Parts III and IV contain 44 problems, with each solution triggered by a necessary play at trick one. Perfect your cardplay at trick one and you will be difficult to beat!