Scotland's Senior Moment (E-BOOK)

Item ImageScotland's Senior Moment (E-BOOK)
by Harry Smith • Alex Adamson
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270 pages. E-book (PDF)

Do you ever expect to play in a world bridge championship? The 2012 Scotland Senior team surprised many by qualifying. The story of how they got to Bali, and what happened to them once they got there, makes for fascinating reading. "A wonderful tale--the best underdog story since the Jamaican Bobsled Team. A must-read for any bridge player who wants to see what it is like to play in a world championship.--Mike Passell "The authors give the reader a real sense of what is happening behind the scenes. I was left with the very nostalgic thought, "Wish I was there.""--Barnet Shenkin This book covers aspects of playing in a world championship in a way that I have not read elsewhere, so it is that rarity these days, an original idea.--Brian Senior