Kickback: Slam Bidding at Bridge (E-BOOK)

Item ImageKickback: Slam Bidding at Bridge (E-BOOK)
Second Edition
by Robert Munger
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80 pages. E-book (PDF)

Expert Slam Bidding for Everyone. Until now, the Kickback convention has been the purview of the expert community. This book makes Kickback accessible to all tournament players for the first time. The author starts by explaining why Kickback is easier to use and more efficient than Roman Keycard Blackwood. The book addresses such vital issues as setting the trump suit, which strain to use to ask for key cards, the King Ask, the Queen Ask and Control Bidding. Also included are advanced topics such as showing a useful void, Six-Ace Kickback and Exclusion Kickback. A final chapter gives a simple version of the Third-Round Control Ask, vital for top-flight grand slam bidding. With many examples and twelve quizzes - two of them for partners to practice Kickback together - Kickback gives the reader the experience and confidence to use the convention effectively at the table. Experience and feedback from readers have prompted this revised edition. Highlights include: Chapter 4, The Queen Ask, has been expanded and reorganized, including enhanced discussion of "0314" and "1430" responses. This edition includes a description of the Grand Slam Non-Force, as Jeff Rubens calls it. More examples, especially ones where the trump suit is not spades. More discussion and examples of "substitution." Summaries at the end of several chapters. There only a few changes to the Kickback convention itself. When clubs are trumps, after 4?-4?, 4? (Queen Ask), Teller can bid either 4NT or 5? to deny holding the trump queen. After 4K-5K, showing two key cards and an unspecified void, the next step up (5K+1) asks for the void, and 5K+2 is the Queen Ask. Simplified method of showing kings when either player has a void.