What's Your Line? (E-BOOK)

Item ImageWhat's Your Line? (E-BOOK)
100 Instructive Bridge Problems
by David Bird
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206 pages. E-book (PDF)

Fine-Tune Your Cardplay. This collection of 100 problems features instructive deals that have appeared in David Bird's bridge columns over the past few years. The author has aimed to present problems that will give you a good chance of finding the solution. They illustrate a wide range of card-play techniques. Each problem is presented in two-hand format on a righthand page, with the solution and full deal overleaf. In addition, you will find a large number of 'Bidding Tips' and 'Points to Remember'. If you fail to solve a problem the first time, this is no cause for concern. By reading the solution and clearly written explanation, you will have a greater chance of handling a similar situation the next time you meet it at the table.