A Complete System for the Tournament Bridge Player (E-BOOK)

Item ImageA Complete System for the Tournament Bridge Player (E-BOOK)
by Tugrul Kaban
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233 pages. E-book (PDF)

This book is designed as a ready-made complete system for the tournament player. The system framework is 2/1, which is laid bare in the first part of the book. Then comes the author's choice of conventions and methods to cover all practical aspects of bidding and carding, taking each part of the convention card in turn. Some of the conventions suggested are outside the mainstream such as Muiderberg, Rubensohl and Questem, to name a few. Included are the author's own version of transfer responses to 1 Club and his structure for overcalling opponents' 1NT opener. There are also many user-friendly smaller gadgets for competitive bidding situations. The book comes with ready-made convention cards (WBF, ACBL and EBU versions) together with 20-page supplementary notes which serve as a handy summary of the entire system discussed in the book. A complete approach indeed!