If I Only Had a Heart (E-BOOK)

Item ImageIf I Only Had a Heart (E-BOOK)
by Alex Adamson • Harry Smith
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224 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Fictional bridge clubs, from Victor Mollo's Menagerie to the monks of David Bird's St. Titus Abbey, are familiar backdrops for writers. Perhaps therefore it's surprising that no one has gone 'over the rainbow' before. It's not a surprise, though, to find that everyone in Oz is a keen bridge player, even the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. The Lion is as cowardly a player as you would expect, and the witches of all flavors are deliciously wicked. The Wizard himself, of course, is a visitor from Down Under. Some of these stories have appeared in BRIDGE magazine, and in AUSTRALIAN BRIDGE, but all are collected here in book form for the first time. Bill Buttle's illustrations add to the fun.