Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge (E-BOOK)

Item ImageGaining the Mental Edge at Bridge (E-BOOK)
by Kim Frazer
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182 pages. E-book (PDF)

The Inner Game of Bridge. Bridge players spend countless hours working on bidding conventions and cardplay techniques, yet give little attention to the mental side of the game. Maintaining focus and concentration, dealing with nerves, and other issues are largely ignored. In this book, Kim Frazer--an Olympian, winner of gold medals at three consecutive Commonwealth Games and an Australian international bridge player--has adapted the mental techniques that brought her success in shooting and explains in simple terms how to use these at the bridge table. Just like Kim's sport of target shooting, a loss of concentration in a bridge event can cost you a win. No matter your standard and irrespective of whether your errors are caused by distractions, nerves or other non-technical factors, this book offers simple, practical techniques to improve your mental approach to the game, allowing you to enjoy your time at the bridge table even more.