Bridge Entry Techniques (E-BOOK)

Item ImageBridge Entry Techniques (E-BOOK)
by David Bird
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214 pages. E-book (PDF)

The Essence of Bridge Planning. This book is packed with techniques and tips on the subject of entry management, both for declarer and the defenders. A clear understanding of this topic is vital when the dummy goes down and you stop to plan your campaign. Part I contains 69 instructive deals on entries from declarer's point of view. The featured topics include: creating entries, destroying entries, finesse entries, sacrifice entries, ducking, holding up, blocking, unblocking, overtaking, avoidance play and forcing the defenders to assist you. Part II contains 43 deals where the defenders use similar techniques on their own behalf: maintaining communication, creating and destroying entries, blocking, unblocking, hold-ups, preventing a duck, overtaking honors, entry coups, Morton's Fork and avoiding an endplay. Part III contains 24 entry problems for declarer, followed by 16 problems for the defense.