Strong Club, Unbalanced Diamond (E-BOOK)

Item ImageStrong Club, Unbalanced Diamond (E-BOOK)
by Bruce Watson
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234 pages. E-book (PDF)

The basis for the system described in this book was first suggested by Marshall Miles in My System: the Unbalanced Diamond. The core of SCUD is the same as in Miles' book; that is, strong club, unbalanced diamond, five-card majors and a weak notrump. However, author Bruce Watson felt that the original treatments for the 2C and 2D openings needed to change. In addition, he wanted to use transfer responses to the strong club but retain the negative 1D response. And the end product had to comply with the Open Chart of the ACBL, so it could be played in all but restricted games. SCUD will appeal to any partnership interested in learning a very effective bidding system that is fun to play. Or, whether you currently favor a strong club or a more natural approach, you may find a treatment in SCUD that you can graft on to your favorite system.