Polish Club 2020: Expert (E-BOOK)

Item ImagePolish Club 2020: Expert (E-BOOK)
by Krzysztof Jassem
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316 pages. E-book (PDF)

The motto of the Polish Club 2020 Expert system is: 'Bid aggressively with an offensive hand, keep quiet with a defensive hand.' Non-vulnerable one-level light openings and responses are introduced here. But the main merit of the Polish Club, i.e. to 'keep an eye on the total strength of the bidders', is still preserved. In comparison to other versions of Polish Club (including Polish Club 2020 Standard), the meaning of the 2C opening has been changed. The Precision approach has been dropped, and replaced by the major two-suiter. This treatment, added to weak two-suited openings, makes the system?s two-level openings very aggressive. And this brings IMPs and matchpoints! The list of useful additional conventions in uncontested and competitive auctions is richer than in any other version of the Polish Club system. Some novel ideas (such as Cheap Transfer) are universal enough to be applied in any bidding system. Translated by Tomek Brus.