Constructive Bidding 401 (E-BOOK)

Item ImageConstructive Bidding 401 (E-BOOK)
by Stephen Paul
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204 pages. E-book (PDF)

A two-book series that provides advancing partnerships a complete and consistent framework in the form of a bidding system for competition in stratified tournaments at higher levels. The first book emphasizes the importance of working with your partner, covering hand evaluation, opening bids and responses. Concepts of teamwork from the business world are presented in a bridge context with a number of partnership development exercises. Book Two begins with opener's rebids and progresses to slam bidding. The book finishes with a discussion on the strategy required for Matchpoints and IMPs. This convention-rich system can be simplified to meet the requirements of individual partnerships at any level. Developing partnerships can start with the basic system and then add to it with the understanding that everything will work seamlessly together. The system's bidding philosophy is to aggressively locate and bid game contracts. Bidding structures derived from that approach depend upon shape and high-card points to differentiate between types of bids. Patterned after a college textbook, concepts are presented, explained and then detailed in a tabular format. A summary and quiz following each major section develops the reader's understanding. The quizzes in both books contain more than 450 question and answers.