Heroes, Icons and Scandals (E-BOOK)

Item ImageHeroes, Icons and Scandals (E-BOOK)
by Barnet Shenkin
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226 pages. E-book (PDF • EPUB • MOBI)

Bridge was always a hot topic in the Shenkin household. Barnet's father, Louis, as a member of the British Bridge League Executive, oversaw the investigation into cheating allegations against Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro in 1965. Louis Shenkin left a treasure trove of papers in his files that have now been brought to light by the author. The BBC picked up this story in 2014. In Heroes, Icons and Scandals, Shenkin examines scandals in tournament bridge concerning highly paid professional players and world champions. He provides behind-the-scenes accounts of the cheating scandals in Bermuda and Buenos Aires involving Reese, Schapiro and the Italian Blue Team, as well as those from the last decade that were uncovered through video evidence and hand analysis. An investigation held by the Court Arbitration of Sport cost of hundreds of thousands of Euros to the European Bridge League. The author uncovers a critical mistake missed by the high-priced sports attorneys. Twenty years ago, Barnet Shenkin's book Playing with the Bridge Legends gave its readers a fascinating insight into what it is like to play with and against the best in the game. In some ways this book is a sequel to that one--it focuses on the great characters in the history of bridge, focussing also on the great characters in the history of bridge, including chapters on Culbertson, Belladonna, Garozzo and Zia. Like his first book, Shenkin draws on his own experiences at the very top of the game. The reader joins the author at the table, gaining a sense of exactly how it feels to 'play with the bridge legends'.