Enhanced Precision

Item ImageEnhanced Precision
Fourth Edition
by Ron Beall
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204 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Enhanced Precision is a bidding system for the determined tournament player, designed to arrive at the best possible contract. It is an evolved system with many enhancements compared to standard systems, even standard precisions. The author notes: When I completed the third edition of Enhanced Precision, I believed (or at least hoped!) that it would be the final version. But many people made suggestions for improvements and I finally succumbed to writing what I now believe (or at least hope!) will be the ultimate system (knowing full well that there is no ultimate system). In addition to many improvements in the system itself, the fourth edition contains numerous examples of the system in action (in response to numerous requests for examples showing how the system works with real hands). Most of the concepts in this book can be applied to standard bidding systems. They are not confined to big club systems.