2-Over-1 Game Force

Item Image2-Over-1 Game Force
by Audrey Grant • Eric Rodwell
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238 pages. Paperback.

This book covers the basics of Two-Over-One Game Force, a popular variation of Standard American bidding methods. The reader is shown how a small modification can make it easier for the partnership to: Get to the best game contract and explore the possibility of slam. It also describes how using a response of 1NT as a forcing bid can improve the partnership results, even on partscore hands. The book is filled with helpful features such as summaries, quizzes, and carefully constructed sample deals at the end of each chapter. Additional practice deals give the reader an opportunity to become more familiar with each of the concepts introduced in Two-Over-One Game Force. The Chapters are entitled: Introduction to Two-Over-One Game Force; The Forcing 1NT Response; Rebids by opener and Responder; The Choice Between Game and Slam