The Amazing Queen

Item ImageThe Amazing Queen
Winning With Your Queens
by Clement Wong
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156 pages. Paperback.

Written by a former captain of the Hong Kong Team and long-time bridge columnist, this is the first bridge book on winning by skillful bidding and play surrounding the queens--from queen camouflage to queen sacrifice (both real and sham) to queen defense--inspired by the author's 1993 Bols Tip of Queening your Defence. Covers bidding, declarer play, opening leads and responses, exit cards, entries, and defense with strong trumps. Clear, to-the-point analyses of nearly 100 hands, many played by international experts. "One of the most original and most interesting publications of recent years." --Jan van Cleeff, IMP Bridge Magazine "A collection of entertaining deals in which queens play a critical role in the bidding, play or defense...The defensive examples are especially striking." --Paul Linxwiler, ACBL Bridge Bulletin