Test Your Bridge Play Vol. 2

Item ImageTest Your Bridge Play Vol. 2
by Eddie Kantar
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234 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Become a better declarer - and Eddie Kantar promises it will be relatively painless! The problems in this book are not for experts - they are, however, for anyone whose ambition is to become a better bridge player. The problems involve the everyday cardplay maneuvers you have to master if you are going to improve as a declarer. As you work through this book, you will encounter more than one example of each theme - endplay, avoidance play, etc. This is intentional - it is important to recognize these situations, and by the end of the book you will be able to do just that. You are making progress if you get a problem wrong the first time a theme appears, but spot it the next time it comes around. And if you have a friend who consistently goes down in cold contracts, you could not do him/her a better favor than to give them a copy of this book.