Master of Bridge Psychology

Item ImageMaster of Bridge Psychology
Inside the remarkable mind of Peter Fredin
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by Jeppe Juhl • Peter Fredin
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240 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Sweden's Peter Fredin is notorious for making bids and plays that no one else would even think of, but are often brilliantly successful--as well as being entirely logical once he explains his thinking. This may be the funniest bridge biography you will ever read. Peter Fredin of Sweden won the 2009 European Pairs championship, and is a multiple medalist in events at the world level. His style and approach to bridge owe more to psychology than to the mathematics of the game, something that often lands him in unusual situations at the table. Being one of the world's best card players, he can generally find a way to extricate himself. Danish journalist Jeppe Juhl, a close personal friend of Fredin, has collected some of Fredin's best and worst moments into a book that offers superlative entertainment for any bridge player. "My recurring nightmare is that Peter is sitting both on my left and on my right..."--Bob Hamman