A Good Game of Modern Bridge

Item ImageA Good Game of Modern Bridge
(You Too Can Play)
by Ron Klinger
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272 pages. Paperback.

Bidding methods come and go, but the ones that work stay. The popular style of bidding today is quite a bit removed from that of the 1960s, 1970s and even the 1980s. While high card values are still very important, today there is far more emphasis on shape. That affects your decision whether to open or not and your choice of rebid. In general bidding is far more competitive than it was thirty years ago. This is so whether it is pre-empting, overcalling or doubling for takeout. In this book you will find the methods and conventional bids which reflect current standards. The first half will enable the club player to glide comfortably into modern practice. The second half contains more sophisticated approaches suitable for the advanced player and perhaps even for the expert. Adopt those that suit you. (For Standard American Players)