Tips on Cardplay

Item ImageTips on Cardplay
Mike Lawrence Bridge Tips
by Mike Lawrence
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309 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Twenty years ago, Mike Lawrence published a series of short booklets for intermediate players, entitled Topics on Bridge, with advice on various aspects of bidding and card play. Long unavailable, this material has now been revised, updated, and republished in three anthology volumes, each comprised of about ten of the original booklets. The topics here include: Defense, including opening leads, signaling and third hand play, declarer play including endplays, simple squeezes, loser on loser plays, and timing. There is also a general discussion of the mistakes we all make in cardplay but need to avoid. Lawrence is acknowledged as one of the two or three best writers in the world for intermediate players, and there will be a ready audience for this series in its new format.