Wanna Play Bridge The 2/1 Way?

Item ImageWanna Play Bridge The 2/1 Way?
by Kathy Rolfe
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193 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

This book can be used as an absolute beginner book, teaching the 2/1 bridge bidding system from the start. Use just Chapters 1-5 to teach children as young as 6! They can learn how to play before they are ready to learn how to bid. Older than 9, kids can move right along with adults into learning the bidding system. The book can also be used by a novice player who has the mechanics down but who still needs help with bidding structure and playing tips as well as scoring. Those players can start with Chapter 6. If you already play a good game of Standard American but want to switch to 2/1 then you should start at Chapter 11. If you already know 2/1 but don?t know a couple of other conventions needed when responding to an opening bid of a major suit, then perhaps you just need Chapters 14 and 15. There are dozens of deals for practicing both bidding and play. Use the book the way that suits you best!