Close Encounters: Bridge's Greatest Matches Book 2 (2003-2017)

Item ImageClose Encounters: Bridge's Greatest Matches Book 2 (2003-2017)
by Eric Kokish • Mark Horton
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318 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Close Encounters is a two-book series that describes some of the most memorable bridge matches of the last fifty years. It features titanic struggles for World Championship and National titles, involving the greatest players from North America and Europe. There are amazing comebacks, down to the wire finishes, overtime victories, and insights into what it takes to win a match against determined opponents and into how the game has changed over the last half century. Book 2 starts with Italy's losing a world title in bizarre fashion on the final board, and ends with the USA's nail-biting 2-IMP victory over France in Lyon in 2017.