Test Your Bidding Against the Experts

Item ImageTest Your Bidding Against the Experts
by Danny Roth
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264 pages. Paperback.

There are a number of areas in bidding in which players at all levels demonstrate room for improvement. This includes bridge experts, whose (mis)bidding of actual hands constitutes the 140 problems in this book. Each chapter starts with 10 thematically linked bidding problems. In each case, you will be told where you are sitting and the conditions of play; any relevant conventional bidding and other information will be clearly explained. The problems are then repeated with a discussion of recommended answers ranked from a "perfect 10" downwards. Keeping score will help you assess how you are progressing through the book. You will need to recognize which type of problem is being illustrated and show how to handle it. My most important requirement is that you understand what you are doing rather than make a bid because "some expert told you to do so." That understanding represents the difference between the winning and the losing player. Enjoy your journey!